Monday, December 13, 2010

What are we going to do without him? So, sorry.

Deepest sympathies to Ambassador Holbrooke's family, friends and colleagues.

His passing is sincerely tragic.  He leaves a huge void in the USA State Department and the USA efforts in some of the most turbulent lands on Earth.

We will all miss him. 

A remarkable career to secure the nation he loved.

Thank you, Richard.

"Tonight America has lost one of its fiercest champions and most dedicated public servants," Clinton said, confirming the death at age 69 of a troubleshooter that the Obama administration named as its main diplomat for the conflict in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  (At the title, please.)

Boner has a lot of reasons to cry. Both he and Beck can't 'handle it.'

...We (click title to entry - thank you) watched a clip of Boehner crying, then Boehner cried again when Leslie Stahl asked him about crying. Stahl took him to the bar he used to work at as a child. She didn't mention the apartment Boehner rented (still rents?) from a lobbyist who represented the restaurant industry and lobbied Republicans to oppose minimum wage increases.
And oddly, the name "Jack Abramoff" never came up once! (I know, that was like a billion years ago, we can't expect our journalists to still care.)
The man who heroically hand-delivered money from tobacco lobbyists to Republican members on the floor of the house is presented as a sensitive family man....

I mean give me a break.  If he can't handle the job, then resign and go home.  He can't see 'little children' at SCHOOLS where they are all getting an ENFORCED education without crying? 

...Emotionally, (click here) crying is often our “temperature light”. When we live under a lot of emotional, social, and personal pressure from jobs, family, money, relationships, etc. — we are emotionally stressed and running hot. Like the auto, it doesn’t take much to start a crying spell. These frequent and uncontrollable crying spells are high stress indicators and warnings. Like the temperature light in the auto, frequent crying spells tell us we are emotionally operating under a lot of stress....

It is an "Anxiety Disorder."

If there is any prohibiton to the new Health Care Reform at all, it is due to the fact a Public Option is mandatory to any private offering.

It might just be that the courts will have to order a public option be an intricate aspect of the new health care reform laws, because, where federal authority has used the Commerce Claus 'historically' is in regard to Medicare. 
Needless to say the court issuing the opinion in Virginia is a "W" appointee.  Henry Hudson does not have the authority to over rule precendent in regard to TRADITIONAL roles for the federal government in regard to health care.  He could have been PROGRESSIVE and relieved the higher courts of the burden, but, he rather cause political chaos.  He won't succeed in doing that because there are already federal mandates for Medicare and Medicaid.  This health care reform is 'missing' the PUBLIC OPTION and therefore 'understates' the urgency of implimenting such health insurance.

What Hudson has done is OPT for 'State Rights' in regard to 'insurrance' rather than addressing the PARTICULAR clouts of 'health insurance.'  Previous to pasasge of the current law the tenents were put through constitutional measures and passed the test.

The fact that Hudson did not stand in the way of implementation while the law is 'on appeal' is because he already knows there is a basis for the law.  He's just being a jerk and deciding to rule with tradition rather than being prudent to the needs of a nation.

It is my opinion the brevity of the need for insuring the nation while citing the gross malpractice of 'corporate' insurance companies which have caused the deaths of Americans will order to bring the law into compliance the people of the USA will have to be offered a Public Option along side the private offerings simply because the corporate health insurance carriers have IN FACT carried out 'homicidal' decisions regarding the well being of Americans, including children.  Why the CEOs aren't up on charges given the completely obvious infraction to laws of Manslaughter it beyond my understanding.  They chose to allow people to die to collect greater profits for their companies.  If that isn't manslaughter than I don't know what is. 

So, in that light, the law is probably going to be stated to have to offer Americans a public option in addition to the private health care industry offering.  The evidence just points in that direction.

The Hudson dialogue, if allowed to stand, could be a threat to Medicare.