Monday, June 21, 2010

Actions speak louder than words. Senator Kyl needs an ethics review for his lies about the President. It goes to prove that Republicans are a 'regime' that cannot be trusted.

Kyl took advantage of a private meeting with President Obama to 'set up lies' to defame his Presidency.  President Obama cannot meet with Republicans alone from today forward.  They are not trustworthy and the nation knows it.  They use words to manipulate not communicate.

...Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona told a Tea Party gathering in North Phoenix, Ariz., on Friday of his recent private meeting with Obama in the Oval Office. Kyl, the Senate's second-ranking GOP leader, said he pressed Obama to secure the border against illegal immigrants....

The Republicans are evasive in their commitment to citizens while they use power to benefit Wall Street.  That is simply the truth.  They apologize to oil companies that don't belong anywhere near the borders of the USA and now this.  It never stops.  They scream liar at the State of the Union Address and this is simply an extension of the same hatred of the Preasident.

Barack Obama meets Mexican leader

Page last updated at 01:45 GMT, Tuesday, 13 January 2009
Mexico's violent drugs war, immigration and trade have dominated talks between US President-elect Barack Obama and Mexico's President Felipe Calderon.
Monday's meeting in Washington DC was Mr Obama's first with a foreign leader since his election in November.
His transition office said the talks highlighted the importance of the relationship between the US and Mexico....

Obama: Mexico drug war ‘sowing chaos’

U.S. president signals he won't seek reinstatement of assault weapons ban news services

updated 7:15 p.m. ET, Thurs., April 16, 2009
MEXICO CITY - Acknowledging a Mexican drug war that is "sowing chaos in our communities," President Barack Obama signaled Thursday he will not seek the reinstatement of a U.S. assault weapons ban but instead step up enforcement of existing laws against taking such weapons across the border....


Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release August 10, 2009
Cabanas Cultural Center
Guadalajara, Mexico

11:15 A.M. (Local) 
PRESIDENT CALDERÓN: (As translated.) Ladies and gentlemen, representatives of the media, national as well as international. The leaders from the United States, Canada and Mexico have completed two fruitful workdays for the benefit for our co-nationals. The leaders for North America share the vision and insight for the regional community that is safe, secure, and competitive, that can face successfully the challenges of the present and the future.
We coincide in pointing out that in an age marked by globalization, the challenges can only be overcome jointly -- thus the importance of keeping the dialogue, trust and cooperation amongst our three countries. Americans, Canadians, and Mexicans have reiterated that the values upon which our societies are founded are democracy, freedom, justice, and respect of human rights.

Our three nations have reiterated our decision to combat in the struggle of the transnational organized crime in order to bring about more security to our communities. The struggles we have led in Mexico for the rule of law and the security of our Mexican people forces us to stop the traffic of weapons and of money that go from north to south that strengthen and nourish organized crime gangs. The notion of responsibility, co-responsibility, accountability, the exchange of information, and the building of our institutions should be the guidelines for our cooperation....

Bomb Damages US Consulate in Mexico
04/10/10 08:27 PM
MEXICO CITY — An attacker threw an explosive device over the wall around the U.S. consulate in the border city of Nuevo Laredo, breaking windows and startling employees inside but causing no injuries, the U.S. Embassy said Saturday.

The attack, which took place about 11:30 p.m. Friday, is under investigation, embassy spokesman Claude Young said.
Young said the consulate and the consular agency in the border town of Piedras Negras would be closed Monday pending a review of security measures.
Mexican federal prosecutors in the capital said they were reviewing evidence from the scene, including video feeds from security cameras at the consulate.
Nuevo Laredo, across the Rio Grande River from Laredo, Texas, and other cities have seen increased violence in recent weeks as powerful Mexican drug cartels battle over control of lucrative trafficking along the border.
U.S. State Department employees in the area had not been victimized until last month. That's when gunmen separately chased down and killed an American woman who worked at the U.S. consulate in Ciudad Juarez along with her husband in their SUV and another man married to a Mexican consulate worker in a similar vehicle. All three had been at the same party....

Mexico gunmen kill three American consulate members
REUTERS, Mar 15, 2010, 03.01am IST
MEXICO: Gunmen in the drug war-plagued Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez killed two Americans and a Mexican linked to the local US consulate, an attack US President Barack Obama said "outraged" him.
An American woman working at the consulate in Ciudad Juarez, just over the border from El Paso, Texas, and her US husband were fatally shot by suspected drug gang hitmen in broad daylight on Saturday as they left a consulate social event, US and Mexican officials told Reuters.
A Mexican man married to another consulate employee was killed around the same time in another part of the city after he and his wife left the same event, a US official said....

President Obama to send more National Guard troops to U.S.-Mexico border
By Michael D. Shear and Spencer S. Hsu
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, May 26, 2010
...President Obama will deploy 1,200 National Guard troops and request an extra $500 million to secure the Mexican border, his administration said Tuesday, a move dismissed by Republicans as insufficient to win their cooperation on an overhaul of the nation's immigration system.
By reinforcing the 340 Guard members already monitoring border crossings and analyzing intelligence, the initiative echoes 2006's Operation Jump Start, in which President George W. Bush devoted 6,000 guardsmen to a two-year commitment in support of the Border Patrol....

Previous to the President's inauguration, President Obama has been sincerely concerned regarding the fluid border between Mexico and the USA.  From before his inauguration he has sought a relationship with Mexican leadership to solve the problems of that border.

There is absolutely NO  BASIS for the statements by Kyl from Arizona, whom's state currently is being reviewed by the US Justice Department for a suit against the laws they pass for the purpose of political fervor.  Laws that violate human rights as well as citizens' civil rights.

It is completely obvious the Republicans are doing NOTHING to resolve the issues of the USA in regard to illegal immigration and the movement of weapons across the border from the USA into Mexico.  They are USING the issue for NOTHING but political maneuvering and fiscal support of their cronies. 

President Obama moved USA troops into place after the USA Consolates were attacked and had NOTHING to do with bargaining for comprehensive immigation reform, yet, the OUT OF TOUCH Republican Regime sought to ridicule the legitimate actions of a deeply concerned President. 

They are adversarial to this President for all the "W"rong reasons and they are obstructing appropriate legislation the nation needs.  They are hostile entities to the government and nothing sort of it.  Their demeanors are OUT of LINE with the facts and their ethics are grossly out of step with reality.

Consumer awareness - How does this stuff get made and on the market? As a joke it isn't very funny either !

A Light Saber?

I don't think so !

...The device - with a beam 1,000 times stronger than sunlight on the skin - is touted by makers as "the most dangerous laser ever created"....


UNISYS Water Vapor Satellite show a Midwest that could receive severe weather today and a hurricane attempting to form near Venezuela. Click for 12 hour loop.

Don't take my word for it.  The Accuweather forecast for the Midwest:

More severe storms capable of producing tornadoes will target the Plains and the Midwest through tonight. During the day, some communities from Iowa to Illinois and eastern Montana to West Texas will get hit by these potentially damaging and life-threatening storms.

Today's Severe Storm Threat
Severe storms will shift east across Iowa, southern Wisconsin and Illinois today, while another round of severe weather will unfold this afternoon and evening over the High Plains, from eastern Montana and North Dakota southward to New Mexico and West Texas.

The Pole Satellites are not doing well today, but, Earth is a hot planet. The heat transfer systems into Antarctica are huge extending all the way to equator, especially noted in the Pacific north of Australia.

Summer Solice, beginning of the real hurricane season, June 21, 1020 at 11:28 AM

20,000 people attended traditional gatherings at Stonehedge.

The weather at Glacier Bay National Park (crystal wind chimes) is:

Local time :: 3:10 AM ADKT (GMT -08)
Lat/Lon :: 58.8° N 137.0° W
Elevation :: 33 feet
Temperatures :: 48 F
Conditions :: Scattered Clouds
Windchill :: 47 F
Humidity :: 87%
Dew Point :: 45 F
Wind :: 4 mph from the South
Pressure :: 30.06 inches (steady)
Visibility :: 10 mph
UV :: 0 out of 16
Clouds :: 6000 ft above ground level

Alaskans Celebrate Midnight Sun
June 19, 2010

For people who live near the Arctic Circle, summer days get so long that nighttime almost disappears. So, if you were living in Nome, Alaska, you'd live through an eye-popping 22 hours of daylight Saturday. To get a sense of what it's like to live with nearly constant daylight, host Guy Raz speaks with Nome resident and tour operator Richard Benneville.

Coldest day of the year in Antarctica with longest hours of darkness.

Current Conditions across the continent show a high of 34 F on the Peninsula and a low of -93 at Vostok at the highest point of the ice.  (click here)

Winds range from calm to Northeast at 69 mph, and conditions range from clear to snow.