Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Confronting the hate is not appropriate. Confronting the fear is where we can help other Americans the most.

Seeking exclusion of a religion is unconstitutional in the USA.

The experience of Anwar al Awlaki is about as close as it comes to outlawing a religion. He is a learning experience or should I say he should be a very important learning experience for the USA.

The New York Times did an extensive timeline regarding this man.

Type ‘‘Anwar al-Awlaki’’ (click here) into YouTube’s search bar, and you get 40,000 hits. Most of them bring up the earnest, smiling face and placid voice of the first American citizen to be hunted and killed without trial by his own government since the Civil War. Here is Awlaki on what makes a good marriage; on the nature of paradise; on Jesus Christ, considered a prophet by Muslims; on tolerance; on the holy month of Ramadan; and, more quirkily, on ‘‘obesity and overeating in Islam.’’ Here is Awlaki, or Sheikh Anwar, as his many admirers still call him, easily mixing Quranic Arabic with American English in chapters from his 53-CD series on the life of the Prophet Muhammad, once a best seller among English-speaking Muslims....

He was an American and had unrestrained hate not entered his life he might have been a great American Muslim leader. The hate that entered his life was not simply social where he could turn off his laptop and end the idiocy, it was formal and structured hate. It was 'in his face' hate.

A man this well educated and coming from a family that loved him and raised him to be loving is a sincere reason to reexamine all the issues surrounding his life and death and the death of his son. And we have. Those who saw that small glimmer of 'what the heck happened here' has asked all the right questions and have come to all the right conclusions.

When South Carolina voters want to eliminate an entire religion from the borders of the USA, it is not a joke; it is an extension of exactly what happened with Anwar al Awlaki. 

He became a very profound danger to the USA. He was an American exposed to incredible hate and pressure and he decided he was no longer a citizen of this country because he could not resolve the difference between his faith and his treatment in his country of birth.

He left the USA and without a second thought began to council other American Muslims online. He turned his estrangement by his homeland into a reason to end the power of the USA. He no different than any of the others that have sought to bring down the 'great power' of the USA failed. It cost him his life and that of his son, however, he had no understanding his son would meet the same fate. 

His actions in counseling other Muslim Americans is what haunts me more than anything else about his life. He is a martyr today. He is esteemed today. He is still with us today. And his identity and the fact he was a holy man carries a great deal of brevity in the world of terrorists. Americans should realize their ambivalence of the American Muslim community and it's love of this country and respect for diversity is inappropriate. The ambivalence is completely in inappropriate. They are no different than any other American. 

The faith is an Abrahamic faith and holds respect for life and love of peace at the center of it's teachings. Unfortunately, there are criminals in the world that are Muslim and turn to some of the TEXT of the holy book as an exclusive invitation to kill innocent people.

We have witnessed the cruelty of these international terrorists and their demand for civilized infrastructure to address the violence and chaos they cause within our lives. The lives of innocent individual people. 

It is completely wrong to politicize a religion and allow that level of demand of control to exist in the USA dialogue. That dialogue will provide a platform as a legitimate statement of American priorities. 

Fear is a terrible thing. It exists all too often in the USA. It is palpable among some people and it is legitimate when they reference events that have been attributed to international criminals. They can't understand how a text of a holy book can carry such brevity of violence. When engaged I remind them the Crusades of the middle ages were conducted from text of a holy book.

Anwar al Awlaki is not a sinner or a saint. He is however an example of America at it's worst. We all need to remember that when we provide any reference of a hostile dialogue. Any dialogue should not contain violence and end the hate. We need to resolve fear and not deal with the hate. That is what was at the heart of the terrible treatment in the USA of Anwar al Awlaki and could easily happen again.

When people openly state there should be an end of a religion in the USA there is fear at the heart of those statements. It is the fear that needs dialogue and a platform, not the expression of hate itself.

The Late Justice Scalia?

I had to search my heart about his death. He is one of nine people that touch Americans lives, including mine. I think I have a right to express my thoughts about him.

As far as an autopsy I accept the family's decision to forego an autopsy. They love him and know him and have direct contact with his doctors on a regular basis and I accept their decision.

As far as the actions in Texas, it is my first time hearing about the legal structure in West Texas and it concerns me. I think Texas plays fast and loose with unexpected death.

We all know about the right to die and there is usually an extensive medical record leading up to those decisions in the USA. We expect the news that a loved one has passed because of a long standing medical condition. It hurts just as much, but, it is expected. This is different.

Setting aside this was Justice Scalia. I am very surprised there are such loose standards for unexpected deaths. I don't feel comfortable with it. I think it allows to many questions and this is a death, not an injury or a hunting accident; this is a death.

So, in the case of Justice Scalia, whom I believe has been a very colorful character from the bench, I defer completely to the family. But, I also think his death raises important questions. 

I wish his family complete peace with his passing. He is a great man and there should be undeniable respect for him in the history of the USA.

I wanted to know if the ASEAN Summit would provide stability and promotion of peace to international waters. Who knows?

As usual, the press showed no interest in the topic at hand or the policies being developed. The press is rude and have no interest in the ASEAN countries and any pending tensions. The media in the USA will become interested, however, when tensions lead to greater problems with brinkmanship to war, then the media will have greater interest to play a part in their rating race.

So, when tensions explode in the Pacific and Americans are astounded by those tensions existing at all will be more than willing to 'go to guns' because they feel threatened. The only press coverage of ASEAN related to the next Supreme Court judge with absolutely no mention of the late Justice Scalia, except by President Obama. The press focused on THEIR ratings priorities in demanding more information about a Supreme Court nomination not yet made.

It is embarrassing after a SUMMIT to watch a press conference where there is no interest by the press of the Summit and it's members.

This is one of the moves by China that has been troubling for some months now. Will it be solved by the ASEAN Summit? Who knows, the media could not care unless there are military exchanges and death.

November 8, 2015
By Wendell Minnick Taiwan — China’s deployment o(click here) f the more advanced J-11BH/BHS fighter aircraft to Woody Island, revealed in photographs released via online Chinese-language media websites in late October, underscores how seriously the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) is taking its claims to the South China Sea.
The placement of advanced fighter aircraft on Woody Island, located in the Parcel archipelago, extends China’s fighter aircraft reach an additional 360 kilometers into the South China Sea from the PLAN air base located on Hainan Island.
The new location could prove troublesome for US surveillance aircraft, such as the EP-3 Aries and the P-8 Poseidon, that fly through the area on a regular basis. In 2001, a collision between a Chinese fighter and EP-3 resulted in the death of a Chinese fighter pilot and the forced landing of the EP-3 on Hainan Island. In 2014, a Chinese fighter harassed a P-8 in the vicinity of Woody Island, which followed with a strong verbal protest by the Pentagon....

TPP and the South China Sea are not cohesive and peaceful partners.

President Obama stated the very essence of what I have been pointing to about TPP; in that there are already regional organizations that can deal with trade. TPP is not necessary and should be ended as soon as it is implemented.

President Obama spoke about setting up hubs of trade to better facilitate it. What else needs to be done? Nothing. The organization of ASEAN does not need to divide up it's capacity to promote each country's economic strength and fluidity.

It has been my understanding of ASEAN that TPP will only complicate trade with the organization of countries. There are only four members of ASEAN engaging TPP and that alone sets up more difficult standards for non-participating countries. Why do it? He invited other countries of ASEAN to join the TPP. It makes no sense and will compromise their standing with other international strengths and countries.

Rancho Mirage, Calif.
By Jeff Mason

President Barack Obama (click here) gathered with leaders from Southeast Asia on Monday to strengthen trade ties and form a common stance over the South China Sea in a summit that the White House hopes will solidify U.S. influence in the region.
Obama, who leaves office next year, has championed a foreign policy pivot to Asia during his presidency and is determined to present the United States as a Pacific power.
His meeting with leaders from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was aimed at cementing that legacy.

"This reflects my personal commitment, and the national commitment of the United States, to a strong and enduring partnership with your 10 nations," he said at the start of the two-day summit at Sunnylands, a California resort....
China is not a member of TPP. It doesn't need to be a member of TPP. And to indicate the USA is now involved with ASEAN in a way that brings tension to the South China Sea is a worry. The entire focus of the Pacific of the USA has been a worry since it started. These countries need alliances with trading partners that can strengthen their economy and provide paths to peace that are long lasting providing security for their economies and people. Having the USA seek to bring about TPP, which creates different standards within ASEAN is not a peaceful purpose.

I have stated from the beginning, the USA's focus on the Pacific will create tensions that do not belong in the Pacific. There would be complaint after complaint about islands that have no purpose besides extending a country's boundaries. Those extending boundaries doesn't even bring purpose with them. There needs to be stability in the Pacific, but, it is not going to be resolved by tensions, it will be resolved by UN negotiations that enforce international waters and provide economic purpose in maintaining those international waters. TPP is not a peaceful or purposeful trade agreement and causes more problems than it solves.

Did the Bush stimulus do anything except pay the bills for one month? That is the same thing.

President Obama stimulated a dead economy with the Recovery Act in 2009 with a bolus of cash to the people. But, that bounce in the economy was sustained with tax reductions in the FICA tax. When the FICA tax reduction ended due to economic growth the big box stores started to grown, because, that was millions every week removed from the economy.

China is trying to build a middle class to sustain economic viability. Bolus of cash into a Chinese economy is to stimulate a bounce so people begin to move into a better quality of life. China is a communist country. The government provides housing and infrastructure. Until the current manufacturing structure in China pays a GOOD wage, the Chinese monetary issues will continue to spin chaos in the global economy. No trade agreement is going to correct it. As a matter of fact the trade agreements make it worse because it cuts in the the middle class income in the USA.

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump has absolutely nothing to do with the global recession.

February 11, 2016
By Raul de Frutos
...In commodities, (click here) a bubble formed on hopes that China's rapid growth would feed an ever-expanding appetite for raw materials. Moreover, in 2008, China launched a huge $586 billion economic stimulus plan, leading to higher demand for commodities and, therefore, rising prices. But prices weren't reflecting real growth, either. They were inflated as fake demand was created on the construction of excessively extravagant government buildings and uninhabited "ghost cities" in China....

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are responsible for the Wall Street problems.

Wall Street's problems are due to the over leveraging and extensive investment in China.

Young people find purpose in Flint, Michigan.

February 15, 2016
By Elizabeth Suarez
The Ohio State Department of Athletics (click here) is hosting a bottled-water drive until Thursday evening to provide clean drinking water for the community of Flint, Michigan, in response to their public water crisis.
The idea for the drive began when Joy Cheek, assistant coach of the women’s basketball team, reached out to Caleb Clark, assistant director of fan experience and promotions for OSU athletics, after the women’s team played in Ann Arbor on Jan. 21.
“She asked if it would be possible to do something like this and donate some water to Flint,” Cheek said.
The collection effort kicked off at the men’s hockey game against Minnesota on Friday, and it will continue throughout the week. Fans can donate bottled water at the men’s basketball game against Michigan on Tuesday from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. outside the Schottenstein Center at the Northwest Rotunda....

February 16, 2016

Rolling Meadows, Ill. (AP) — A volunteer association (click here) of plumbing products manufacturers has donated hundreds of faucets and other supplies to Flint, Michigan.
The (Arlington Heights) Daily Herald reports that Plumbing Manufacturers International of Rolling Meadows provided the fixtures in response to Flint's drinking-water crisis, in which high levels of lead have been found. A team of nearly 470 plumbers from local unions installed the faucets, supplies and water filters....
The USA military is administered from the US Defense Department, NOT, the Force For Freedom Department.

The US Defense Department is not a 'force' it is comprised of human beings, not disposable soldiers.

Any political figure STUCK on the USA military and find entitlement for his personal identity has issues. 

This is the USA. Does the government care about the people? From incarceration to a heating planet, do Americans matter?

Americans are not human beings to their government. They are objects of incarceration, victims of violence, those stranded in 'nowhere' because of severe weather and in need of services such as education. But, even when in need of services such as education, the government rather give the money to private industry than actual improvement of lives of Americans.

We are objects and classified for the purpose of expediency.

February 16, 2016
Six weeks after her arrival at Rikers Island, (click there) an argument over who should clean a jailhouse shower sent Candie Hailey to solitary confinement - known as "the bing."
It was the first time, but it would not be the last.
A month later, records show, she cursed and spit at a guard and resisted when she was put in a hold. Ninety-five days in the bing. She later got 70 days for cursing at an officer, splashing the guard with toilet water and refusing to stop. Among other infractions: fighting (40 days), disrespect of staff (30 days) and blocking her cell window (15 days).
Of her first 29 months in jail, Hailey served about 27 alone in a 6-by-10-foot cell, with a bed, a toilet and a few books to pass the time. When she did go outside, it was just for one hour in 24. And she had yet to be tried for any crime, let alone convicted.
At least eight times in the course of her more than three-year incarceration, she would be taken to the hospital after suicide attempts in solitary that included trying to swallow hair remover product, pills and the chemicals inside an instant ice pack, banging her head on a wall and trying to electrocute herself by putting a phone cord in her cell's toilet....

...Hailey's month-long trial last May ended with a verdict of not guilty. Hailey was free to return to the Bronx....

..."I would say I've been through hell and back," she said. "My soul died but my body is alive."...

This just gets more bizarre.

February 16, 2016
UNISYS Water Vapor Satellite of north and west hemisphere (click here for 12 hour loop - thank you)

Winter Storm Olympia (click here) will continue to produce hazardous travel conditions as it spreads snow and ice through the East into Tuesday. The storm has caused multiple accidents across North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania due to icing, while up to a foot of snow has piled up in the Appalachians. Over the weekend, Olympia brought snow to the Midwest, resulting in several multi-vehicle accidents....

That is an enormous area of land to be effected by ONE STORM.

That air mass is twisting. A twister the length of the east coast of the USA. It occurred on the 15th at 0530z. 

February 15, 2016
By Harold Gater

Emergency management officials (click here) in Mississippi say Monday's storm system caused damage in at least 20 counties, including minor injuries at a mobile home that was destroyed in Lincoln County, the Associated Press reported.

Thunderstorms in the central and southern parts of the state damaged buildings including a K-12 school in Wesson where students were attending class. Mississippi Department of Education spokeswoman Patric Guilfoyle says two gymnasiums and a library were most heavily damaged, but no students were reported injured.

A gas station and some homes were damaged in Sylvarena in Smith County....

February 16, 2016
UNISYS Enhanced Infrared Satellite of north and east hemisphere (click here for 12 hour loop)

The pinwheel has turned into a structure. The heat exchange hasn't resolved yet. There is still a need to move water vapor off the ITCZ.

Spring is a little over a month away and the direct solar rays are moving north. 

Solar Ray Clock (click here)

The day on this solar clock is February 17, 2016. The water vapor structure is due to increased heat from the direct solar rays moving north.
Ben Carson (click here) is the only candidate that ever came close to besting Donald Trump since he has lead the Republican primaries.

It doesn't matter whether the voter is Democrat or Republican, as a country, we don't accept lies as a funny part of politics. We aren't laughing anymore.

The Republican electorate doesn't know who the candidates are. Rubio is a robot. Carson is oppressed and victimized. Cruz is an unknown potential because of his birth status. Kasich is a mimic except where he tapes into angry voters tired of the nonsense. Bush has is pathetic and out of money. Donald Trump is rock solid in his pledge to be a man they can trust with the future. This is not rocket science. Trump is unafraid of the establishment.