Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Secretary Clinton joins Secretary Gates and Admiral Mullens in concern over National Debt,..." makes us appear weaker..."

Following a speech today, Secretary Clinton stated the current National Debt tends to inhibit the activities of the USA when it comes to acting in our own behalf and it makes the USA appear to be weaker internationally.  Secretary Clinton never stated any assistance to foreign areas was ever in question.

Clinton Says Obama Foreign Policy Beginning to Yield Dividends (click title to entry - thank you)

David Gollust | State Department
08 September 2010

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the Obama administration's foreign policy strategy of rebuilding alliances and applying so-called soft power is beginning to yield dividends.  But Clinton warned that mounting government debt is beginning to erode U.S. power abroad.  

Progress report

Clinton's address to the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington amounted to a foreign policy progress report, a year and a half into the Obama administration.

She said the administration's approach of rebuilding traditional alliances and acting multilaterally, as opposed to the Bush administration's reliance on military power is beginning to show dividends.

Clinton declared that U.S. global leadership remains essential and that the United States "can, must and will" lead in the new century, even if it must do so in new ways.

Perceived threats

But in a question and answer session, Clinton also acknowledged that U.S. national security and global influence are being threatened by a debt burden she blamed on Bush-era unfunded tax cuts and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan waged on borrowed funds.

"It undermines our capacity to act in our own interests and it does constrain us where constraint may be undesirable," said Clinton. "And it also sends a message of weakness internationally.  It is very troubling to me that we are losing the ability to not only to chart our own destiny, but to have the leverage that comes from this enormously effective economic engine that has powered American values and interests over so many years."...

This was a provoked attack. Just so it doesn't happen again anywhere.

While this seems spontaneous, it is not.

BOZEMAN, Mont., Sept. 8, 2010

Vegas Lion Attack Caught on Tape by Honeymooners  (click title to entry - thank you)

Animal Turned on a Trainer; He Escaped Close Call; Newlyweds Got It All on Video

(CBS)  Most couples never forget their honeymoon.

But Titus and Drew Ellis have a special reason theirs will always stand out.

The newlyweds, who live in Montana, were in Las Vegas on Sept. 1, and decided to check out the lion habitat at the MGM Grand Hotel.

Titus was videotaping the lions and their two trainers, when all of a sudden one of the lions lunged at one of the trainers.

A struggle ensued, and he managed to free himself with the help of his colleague.

Titus and Drew told "Early Show" co-anchor Harry Smith what it was like to witness the attack: 

At the beginning of the video it is noted the lions were calm and not the least bit interested in anyone else.  Either of the lions never moved to any aggression toward the first trainer.

It was only after the second trainer entered the 'territory' of the two lions that the male felt threatened.  The First Trainer was never in danger.  The Second Trainer was a threat because he was not 'accepted' into the pride.  The male lion was naturally protecting its territory which included in 'the pride' a female and the First Trainer. 

The First Trainer was instrumental in calming the lion as he was an accepted member of 'the pride' and had 'influence.'   

The female acted 'in influence' against the male when the First Trainer reacted to stop the aggression.  Between the female and the First Trainer, the male clearly received the 'signal' he was inappropriately moving against a potential 'pride member.'  The male has his 'own self will' and while he broke from his aggression, he clearly felt threatened and apprehensive about the Second Trainer's presence.

If the appearance of the Second Trainer was better 'introduced' and he was 'accepted' by 'the pride members' this would never have been an issue.

If hotels are going to have live animal exhibits they should have handlers and caretakers for those animals whom know what they are doing !  None of these animals should be adversely effected by this incident.