Wednesday, April 17, 2013

After witnessing profound heroism among the citizens of the USA in Boston. My life was full of cowards today in Washington, DC.

What happened to the heroes of the talking filibuster?

Where was Rand Paul this time?

Mitch McConnell once again cowed behind a filibuster.

And Harry Reid. My, my, Harry. You failed the country. The filibuster could have been tamed at the beginning of this Congress and you cowed away from it.

The Congress has become a joke. It cannot get the business of the country done and it is destroying our democracy. The Congress doesn't deserve to walk among the people of this country.
CNN is creating their own news. They were doing it yesterday. Fran Townsend is probably the worst. She is hoping to create that "911 Feeling." She introduces the words al Qaeda in to any discussion as often as she can. Why news personnel want to terrify the country is beyond me, it is grossly unethical.

The entire Ricin thing is everyday stuff in Washington, DC. I haven't heard confirmation by the FBI yet. Ricin is fairly common place. It has to be ingested. 

The news agencies lying to the public are seeking sensationalism. CNN has done this before. They are getting so shrill they simply aren't credible anymore. FOX is the same way, they scream 'run, run, run' and worry about it later. I guess adrenalin 'hooks' their viewers to the screen. That must be a real sense of pride. "We terrify our LOYAL viewers."

The public should station Truth Sniffing Dog at CNN and FOX.

Townsend, Cheney are known to lay down cover for Right Wing Extremism. They'll scream al Qaeda rather than admit their electorate are very dangerous people.

These are the remaining definitions

Senator Ted Cruz did a very silly thing, he tried to back up Senator Jeff Flake and cover his OWN corrupted and corruptible tracks.

Senator Cruz stated, "...If you list your gun on Craigslist it will be considered a commercial sale...." Right. That is exactly correct. However, the rest of Senator Ted Cruz's dialogue and his tone is one of injustice. In other words, these are simply nice people selling on Craigslist and the government should not treat them as if selling commercially while demanding the purchaser have a background check.

I hope everyone sees what a huge gap that is when selling weapons in the USA. Craigslist is bringing together strangers to sell to other strangers. Now, those strangers might be nice people, but, no one knows that. The strangers may be Straw Purchasers for al Qaeda. Hello?

S. 649 has tried to create a SPECIAL place for Private Sales. Private Sales between people that know each other. Not Private Sales that are actually a commercial enterprise. Selling on Craigslist is a commercial venture. It is dealing with the public in general. Craigslist chronically has disclaimers to tell those that list with them there could be real problems when they are involved as a seller and/or a buyer. Craigslist makes no promise the buyers are 'good people' with 'good backgrounds.'

Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Jeff Flake are engaged in corruption in their engagement of the public. They are 'doing the business' of the NRA and not the business of the people. They are wrong. They are acting to protect criminals. They are allowing criminality to exist in the laws of the USA. We should be outraged and justifiably so. We are paying these Senators a lot of money to conduct the business of the people and protect them from harm. I remind The Supreme Court has already spoken. There isn't anything else to understand. 

Senators Cruz and Flake are protecting the criminality of selling unconstitutional weapons in the USA.

I am not going to race through these amendments. I am going to discuss what needs to be discussed all along the way. I want all those that come to read this understand how wrongful the ideas and thinking are in relation to these dangerous machines in the USA.

[[Page S2599]]
       ``(XIII) DPMS Tactical Rifles. (below)
DPMS is a company (click here) Realizing this is a company that produces nothing but tactical rifles, it is obvious why they invest heavily in the NRA as a propagandizer and lobby.
       ``(XIV) Heckler & Koch MR556. (below) - These monsters are for sale online at "Tombstone Tactical" (click here). They sell for $3295.00 plus $25.00 shipping.

       ``(XV) Olympic Arms. (below is an example of their brand name on an assembly section of one of their weapons.)
``(XVI) Remington R-15 rifles. (below - everyone knows Remington ammunition, but, they also make weapons like this one.)
``(XVII) Rock River Arms LAR-15. (below)

``(XVIII) Sig Sauer SIG516 rifles. (below)
       ``(XIX) Smith & Wesson M Rifles. (below) Smith and Wesson list them as M&P rifles now. The M designation is M16, etc. M is for military.

M&P™ 15 Sport

The new M&P15 Sport™ rifle joins Smith & Wesson’s popular line of M&P15 semi- automatic Modern Sporting Rifles. The M&P15 SPORT™ is a perfect choice for the Modern Sporting Rifle enthusiast.
1.6-Position Collapsible Stock *
2.Magpul® Folding MBUS
3.Forged Integral Trigger Guard
4.High Temperature Polymer Handguard
5.30-Round Magpul® PMAG® Magazine
6.Adjustable A2 Front Sight
7.Flash Suppressor Compensator *
``(XX) Stag Arms AR rifles.(below) Stag Arms is a deceptive name and emblem.
``(XXI) Sturm, Ruger & Co. SR556 rifles. (click here)
Piston Driven Performance is gas operating reloading (click here). It sounds more glamorous when it is stated as performance.
``(iii) Barrett M107A1. (below)
``(iv) Barrett M82A1.(below)
``(v) Beretta CX4 Storm.(below)
``(vi) Calico Liberty Series.(below - LibertyIII with mags note the speed loader below!)
The Calico weapons are very high capacity of upwards of 100 rounds. The PROFILE / SILHOUETTE is very deceptive. Most Americans think of large capacity guns as having high capacity clips. These are high capacity clips that bring the profile to a slim weapon EASY TO HANDLE. Calico are more affordable than one might think. They sell for between $650.00 to $1100.00. The strange looking round thing that fits at the top of the gun is where the 'speed loader' places the bullets. Then the round clip rotates and drops the bullets into the chamber. Average people don't have a chance with these weapons. This entire dynamic supported by corrupted Senators is completely outside the dynamic of legal. This weapon is basically a machine gun.

``(vii) CETME Sporter.(below)
``(viii) Daewoo K-1, (below) The other weapons created by Daewoo are the same deadly design. Retractable stock, short barrel, etc.
K-2, Max 1, Max 2, AR 100, and AR
110C. There is a Maxi for sale online for $1705.99.(click here) DAEWOO MAXI 223 RIFLE SBR The number 223 after the name MAXI refers to bullet size. Below are variety of caliber .223 Remington compared to .308 Winchester. Of course the SBR designation is Short Barrel Rifle.
Continued in a following entry. Thank you.

S.Amdt 711 to S. 649

One thing to remember about this bill is the fact nearly all the mayors of large cities wants this violence to stop. They want the federal government to get involved and stop the interstate trafficking of these weapons.

This is not a minor issue for most of the states of this country. 30,000 violent deaths per year within out own borders is a major event. This is serious and the Senate Republicans can't back this knowing the mayors of this country are expecting help with their problems. Problems they can't solve themselves.

If Mayor Bloomberg could stop the trafficking, violence and deaths himself, he would do it. He is upset about the "Big Gulp," okay? He would end this if he could it himself. I don't buy that this is not possible as Senators such as McConnell, Flake and Cornyn believe. I don't believe those lies for a minute and Bloomberg is a Republican. You want to talk about corruption. All one has to do is look to the Senate Republicans and their bended knee to the NRA. They don't care about anything except their cronies and the monies for their elections. That is the kind of country we want? I don't think so.

S.Amdt. 711 (click here)

These are still definitions in the Assault Weapon Ban bill.


Section 921(a) of Title 18 is where definitions are found to empower the law. Language is important in law. Words on paper matter when the law is well written without loopholes. Senator Feinstein is an excellent legislator.

This is where I left off.

(a) In General.--Section 921(a) of title 18 (click here), United States Code, is amended--
``(V) Poly Technologies AK47 and AKS (click here for example - I think the initials of AKS and SKS are the same dynamic.)
This is the paraphernalia being sold to create military style weapons of guns never designed to be so. One might ask why this technology exists, why not by another gun? Guns are expensive, these options make the guns as deadly as the ones purchased but at a lower cost. It is another form of unconstitutional exploitation of the American citizen for profits. These technologies are also dangerous. Why? Because they have to be installed by the gun owner themselves. There is a high chance of error that can cause the gun to operate outside it's designed safety range. These technologies need to be outlawed. They are dangerous by the very nature of their designs.
``(ii) All AR types, including the following:
This article in "The National Review" lists all the guns banned in this bill. They are all deadly weapons that gives criminals advantage over citizens. The National Review called the S.Amdt 711, AWB 2.0. That is very cute. Unnecessary, but, very cute. We are so lucky in the USA to be treated to news reporting intended to entertain as an ad for anger. So, very lucky. Malpractice. Yes it is.
The new proposal addresses (click here) this by banning more157, to be precise. They are: Rifles...Pistols...Shotguns (the automatic variety or the ones enhanced to be used in murder of people only),...Belt-fed semiautomatic firearms:
Belt Fed Semiautomatic firearms. Unreal. Let me find  a picture of one. This weapon is LEGAL within the borders of the USA. Hello? No one in the USA can prepare for war within a civilized nation. This is outrageous and the Senate Republicans are saying "We support it."
Banning these weapons are CONSTITUTIONAL. This is the nightmare the ATF has to deal with and can't do a darn thing about. Why? Because the Republicans allowed The Assault Weapons Ban to expire.
``(I) AR-10. (below - click to enlarge.)
``(II) AR-15. (below) Hello Kitty. Would a child reach for this if they saw it. They would think it was a toy. What the heck is this mess? The weapon would be outlawed under this amendment.
``(III) Armalite M15 22LR Carbine. (below) - Clarification on the term carbine. It refers to barrel length. It is a category of gun shorter than a rifle or musket. I covered this before. The shorter the barrel the more the design is for killing at close range.
Below is the Armalite Website. (click here) Look at that gun. It telescopes everywhere. A work of art. It is a piece of work alright. The size of the scope. Those scopes are used by trained military assassins. It is probably night vision. There are Swat Teams that don't have that gun. The weapon is a AR-30A1. It is not an M15. My god. These guns lack conscience. They might be the best thing going on a battlefield, but, that is the limit for this technology. This is tragic. Seriously tragic in the USA.
``(IV) Armalite M15-T. (below)
``(V) BarrettREC7 (below) How special. Ammo with the name of the gun on it.
``(VI) Beretta AR-70. Below is a real treat. A Beretta AR-70 machine gun for sale on the internet $18,995.00. (click here)  I always wanted one for an ashtray, didn't you?
``(VII) Bushmaster ACR. (below) It is a military weapon.
The Bushmaster ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle) (click here) will initially be offered in 5.56 NATO, available for law enforcement and civilian purchase second quarter 2008. This release will be followed by military ACR versions in the 3rd quarter of 2008.
Everyone knows because the USA allows the sale of these weapons to the public they are among the nasty weapons to Mexico and other countries where there are rebels, including Africa and countries like Mali. This is simply just wrong.
This is the BUSHMASTER site. It states "JUSTICE FOR ALL" - That is a lie. These weapons create dangers that remove the entire understanding of Justice for All. These weapons are better named "Vengeance for some" (click here)
``(VIII) Bushmaster Carbon 15. (below is the Bushmaster Carbon 15 SBR) SBR is Short Barrel Rifle. I already wrote about the use of short barreled rifles. Here is it manufactured without paraphernalia to make it more deadly. It comes from the manufacturer to the store intact and ready to kill.
``(IX) Bushmaster MOE series. In the ACR reference above I noted a merger of sorts that would begin "MAGPUL" in the picture with Bushmaster ACR. This is the accessories that are not factory issue with order. They are installed not as 'after factory' issue, but, incorporated into the manufacturing of these weapons. 
MAGPUL website (click here) 
``Bushmaster XM15 (below)
``(XI) Colt Match Target Rifles. (2 photos below) Short barreled rifles. It is just their name, that's all. Colt knows the strategy of the NRA. In the Heller decision was the statement that if there is a USE for a rifle in sport it could not enter under gun control. Well, back in the day of Heller, there were these monstrosities on the market in the number and voracity they exist today. But, what the NRA did was to pose a dynamic to the gun manufacturers that support the NRA about how to market these horrible machines. The NRA basically stated, that if every gun manufactured had a 'sporting' ideology attached to it, it would fall under constitutional law. That is the tail waging the dog. That is not what Justice Scalia said or meant.
So, what "Colt" has done here is enamor the name of the rifle to reflect "Match Target." It is manipulation of the law of the USA. This is a prime example of the tail wagging the dog allowed to exist because of very misguided and corrupt political pressure.

``(XII) DoubleStar AR rifles. (below)
(below is an AR15) This is the ad that accompanies it. The AR-15 has come a long way, as evidenced by the Doublestar Star-15 7.62x39. This little rifle is an excellent choice for anything from inexpensive plinking to hunting deer-sized game at reasonable range.
This is more of the propaganda surrounding these weapons, but, the ad clearly states ' reasonable range.' In other words this is not an optimal hunting rifle. It can only address hunting at 'reasonable range.' These guns go for about $700.00 used. Any hunter is not going to purchase a rifle like this. It does not address hunting in reality. Why would I, as a hunter, seek to purchase a gun that was not optimally designed for the best outcome? Why would I, as a hunter spend minimally $700.00 on a rifle that would not achieve my goal. This is nonsense. This propaganda is about selling weapons that are not constitutional.
The next section of the Amendement begins here and I'll cover it in the next entry. It is still definitions.
[[Page S2599]]
       ``(XIII) DPMS Tactical Rifles.
       ``(XIV) Heckler & Koch MR556.
       ``(XV) Olympic Arms.

Amendments to S. 649 continued from previous entries with bipartisan support, yet obstruction exists.

S. 649 (click here)

There are two related bills from the House of Representatives. There is no reason to believe S. 649 would fail in the House given the clear indication this bill, if law, would withstand a constitutional challenge.
The two related bills are:

H.R.955 - Hadiya Pendleton and Nyasia Pryear-Yard Stop Illegal Trafficking in Firearms Act of 2013 (click here)

H.R.359 - Center to Advance, Monitor, and Preserve University Security Safety Act of 2013 (click here)

There is BIPARTISAN support for these house bills. HR. 359 have two Republican co-sponsors. US Representative Frank R. Wolf and Representative Frank A. LoBiondo are the co-sponsors for a constitutionally valid bill in the House.

These bills were read on this blog. The bills from the House have already been incorporated into S. 649. If these bills don't pass, it is pure unadulterated corruption oppressing the will of the people of the USA. There is no constitutional basis to vote against any of these bills by either the House or Senate.

S. 649 now has additional Amendments S.Amdt. 711 through S.Amdt. 724. Of the 14 Amendments, seven are sponsored by Republicans, two by Marco Rubio. They are all going to be read. So there is plenty of bipartisan interest and reasons to move the bill forward. The only reason this is not occurring is Republican obstructionism.

Today MINORITY Leader Mitch McConnell stated there is plenty of reason to believe there is still danger in the USA. I could not agree more, so why he is leading obstruction to S. 649?

Embedded with the NRA

The Senators in bed with the NRA need to have ethics investigations. ALL OF THEM.

The Supreme Court just ruled to uphold the gun control measures of New York State. What else does anyone need to understand?

I have many times criticized Chief Justice Roberts, but, I have to admit he and his court, including Justice Scalia, acted heroically before the vital Senate vote. Don't let these Justices down. Please.

We know for a fact that Private Sales are moving to the internet to find a wider purchase power. That means Private Sales are no longer Private Sales. The manipulation of smooth talking NRA embeds are already hacking away at the firm legislation to stop this level of danger from American lives.

I could not believe my ears when Jeff Flack stated, "...but, the Private Sales are listing on the internet so they would then be open to background checks, therefore I can't back the legislation in the Senate."


If that is not AN ATTEMPT at the slickest language in the political universe than I don't know what is. Basically, "Jeff Flack the Corrupted and Corruptible" said that once a Private Sale is declared it ALWAYS has the protections of being a private sale.


When a person discovers selling privately is not cutting the mustard then selling commercially on the internet might be their answer; that gun seller is no longer selling privately and certainly not selling to JUST RELATIVES, FRIENDS OR NEIGHBORS. 

A single gun seller can be a commercial seller if they choose. The idea because a seller TRIED to sell privately and then changed to a commercial method of selling stays 'exclusive' to a Private Status is manipulation of the law. Jeff Flake is a very corrupted politician and he does not care about anything but his cronies. There isn't anything else to understand here. Nothing.

A commercial sale is a commercial sale because it is carried out in commercial venues. Internet sales are commercial sales. 

Private sales are those taking place outside the definition of commercial. That means the sales are occurring between people that know each other or affiliated with each other in a way that operates outside the commercial venues. No, the Private Seller is not selling on the internet. The internet is a commercial enterprise.

How many people sell through E-Bay? How many people sell through Amazon? Average everyday people selling STUFF. Those are commercial enterprises, all of a sudden Jeff Flake is stating those are as good private as sales simply because ONE person is selling from that venue.


Jeff Flake is a liar, manipulator and sold his soul to the NRA to manipulate power from a USA Senate seat. All these Senators need ethics investigations.

What do we know today about the explosions in Boston.

We know we lost three wonderful people. A child, a beautiful lady and a dedicated graduate Chinese student. We first loved them and now we miss them deeply. Their loss is our loss.

We know the number of critical patients went from 17 to I believe it is 25 today. There is a reason for that and that doesn't mean these people are in danger of dying. If I may? Two of the critical are children. I don't want to raise false hopes, but, children usually do well once hospitalized after trauma.

The bombs that went off carried the most force of the explosion where human legs were in the way. Legs are large extremities that carry a significant amount of blood and BODY FLUID in their physiology. There are many reasons for a patient being in critical condition and some may be for head injuries, but, for those that suffered LARGE extremity trauma there is a lot going on with the physiology of the entire human body.

As soon as these folks began to lose blood there was a SHIFT IN BODY FLUIDS happening. The body fluids in other body tissue, interstitial, extracellular and intercellular. The human body maintains it's physiology through a process called hemodynamics. That means the fluids in the human body are kept in balance. That includes vitamins, minerals and the components, even genetic building blocks, are all harbored within the fluid balance of the human body. Starting to get the picture?

All of a sudden that hemodynamic balance was shattered by the rapid loss of blood in the circulatory system of the human body. It is why it is best to use tourniquets on seriously injured arms and legs. It stops the loss of blood, but, it also stabilizes the hemodynamics (fluid balance - ready for this word - osmolality) of the human body.

There are very large blood vessels in the legs. What has occurred with some of the seriously injured people that has placed them in critical care units is a loss of fluid balance. There was loss of phosphorus and potassium out of the cells. There is more magnesium in the blood content than in other tissues where it is needed. In many ways the fluid balance of the body is a defense against dying. As blood loss occurs the other places where body fluids exist shifts to increase circulatory fluids in support of the remaining blood to deliver vital oxygen.

When these shifts occur, there are changes in the chemical content in the cells of the body. All that balance has to be returned. The doctors taking care of these folks are basically staving off devastating SHOCK to the body. But, they can be successful even though the body is self-imploding. They are pushing back against the very mechanism that provided survival to date. I am optimistic at this point the people in critical care will survive. We know for a fact the longer a patient is in critical care the greater chance of their survival and recovery. We all need to remain vigilant to recovery of all these people and our communities. It is important.

Now about the bombs.

The remains of a pressure cooker that the FBI says was part of one of the bombs that exploded during the Boston Marathon.

How silly is this idea, huh? Now every kitchen with a pressure cooker is a potential bomb. But, stop to think about it. When a person uses their pressure cooker isn't there mindfulness the darn thing can become dangerous. Right? A pressure cooker is not like a whistling tea kettle that can be put on the stove top and left alone to let a person know it is time to stop the heating of the contents. A person using a pressure cooker has to be careful about what is occurring with the COOKER. This is not an ordinary pot, is it?

Pressure cookers are a CAST METAL construction. What does that mean? It means it is created by pouring metal into a mold. There are no seams in the metal. It can withstand large amounts of pressure before it explodes. So, when the explosions occurred, in Boston, the 'ENERGY' of the explosion was concentrated in a particular direction. The explosion was directed through the weakest part of the construction of the cooker. The energy of explosion would FIRST direct itself between the lid and body of the cooker. Why is that more interesting then a pipe bomb? Because of the shrapnel inside. The tiny nails and pellets would receive greater VELOCITY when the energy of the explosion was DIRECTED rather than SCATTERED.

This bomb was meant to not only cause concussion (an unexpected and changing force), but, to wound and wound in a fatal way. The shrapnel was more important than the concussion in this case. The creators of these bombs wanted to fatally wound and kill people and not destroy buildings. The creator of these bombs knew exactly the bomb they wanted and how to create it. There are suppose to be many more dead in Boston than there is today. 

When the Good Samaritans ran into the explosion rather than running away they literally put their lives ahead of their safety. They didn't know if there would be more bombs with timers set differently to explode as the rescuers saved lives. Some of these Good Samaritans were our National Guard. Selfless and dedicated. They are profound heroes and I mean that will every definition available. They should be recognized for their bravery. They could easily have been dead as well if the bombers were more maniacal. 

It was their bravery that saved lives by the very seconds they saved in stopping the blood from rushing from the bodies they found.

If nothing else, remember this; the bombers were determined to kill. The concussion of the bomb was suppose to be a secondary consideration. The concussive force was not important at all. That didn't matter. The bleeding mattered. People were suppose to bleed to death before they could be saved. By chance Boston was prepared with magnificent people in their streets determined to ACT to save lives and protect the people of the USA. The preparedness of the city to receive these patients was well practiced and it paid off. Every hospital practice these drills. The hospital staff was dedicated beyond any doubt that off-duty was completely a luxury and not granted. One wonders why hospital personnel have stress in their lives; well now the nation understands.

I cannot understate the idea that events where many people gather should be protected and please leave backpacks elsewhere rather than bring them to the event. The Boston Marathon was CHOSEN because it was a HUMAN POTENTIAL event where people gather to celebrate the human potential. Elite runners are rewarded, but, the Boston Marathon goes on until the last runner crosses the finish line. It is a human potential event that is the life blood of quality of life of us all.

Think about what is more important at such events; the quality of life we live or the convenience of a backpack. 

Be aware and be safe. Please. Leave the backpacks at home.

The Unconstitutional Senators. Bought and Paid for.

...“Friendship (click here) is one thing, saving people’s lives — especially first-graders’ — is another,” Kelly said at a news-maker breakfast hosted by theChristian Science Monitor. Kelly was referring to December’s mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., in which 20 children and six adults were killed....

This is Gabe Zimmerman. When he was alive he was the Congressional Aide to Representative Gabby Giffords. Yesterday, a room in the US Capital was dedicated in his name. Rightfully so. A young billiant man was shot down in the prime of his life during a constituent gathering in Arizona. It was the same gathering Representative Giffords was attending, along with a judge and a child.
Yesterday US Senator Jeff Flake danced on the grave of Gabe Zimmerman. He attended the room dedication. Just before he attended the dedication and at the height of the tragedy in Boston he announced he would move to obstruct the vote of the gun bill coming to the Senate floor today. The people of the USA does not need manipulative puppets of the NRA, they need legislators that actually care about them and their Constitutional Rights to live while attending Congressional Gatherings to move their country forward.
The NRA Political Victory Fund (click here)Did you know that you have the ability to help the media present more accurate and less skewed coverage of the gun control issue?
Jeff Flakes Senate Seat was purchased by the NRA. While proving to be the single largest campaign donor to the US Senate race, the NRA also provided their own ad campaign and money poured into the Flake campaign from other donors.
Story by Christopher ConoverJanuary 22, 2013

...The NRA spent about $37,000 on one U.S. Senate (click here) and six congressional candidates and $2,722 in eight Arizona legislative races last year, according to campaign finance statistics.

The Arizona secretary of state's office reports that the only Southern Arizona candidates to receive NRA donations were Rep. David Gowan, R-Sierra Vista, and former state Sen. Frank Antenori, R-Vail....

Jeff Flake was bought by the NRA. He did as he was told by the NRA and the other corrupt Senators and that was to deceive the people of the USA by pretending he would stand with Congresswoman Gabby Giffords for needed gun legislation while voting in complete obstruction of the vote for the bill. He is at the very least is a corrupted hypocrite. The American people need their constitutional rights returned to them by electing honest and decent people to government.
The only reason the NRA is successful in selling dangerous guns on the streets of the USA is because they buy legislators. The laws these legislators stand behind are unconstitutional. The Supreme Court just ruled New York State has every right to strict gun laws that protect the people. The RHETORIC of the NRA is a lie. The Constitutional Rights of the Second Amendment do not guarantee the dangerous weapons on the streets of the USA. 
REGARDLESS OF THE VOTE TODAY, the reading of the Amendments to the S. 649. The people of the USA will come to understand the lies of the NRA and the good people that legislation within the US Constitution. 

Harvard Grad Senator Ted Cruz called Senator Feinstein a misinformed legislator at a committee meeting. He did that knowing the bill Senator Feinstein was completely CONSTITUTIONAL. Ted Cruz lied that day. He lied to the his constituency in Texas. He was bought by the NRA and demonstrated his willingness to undermine the USA Constitution by opposing constitutional gun regulation. 

That is true for McConnell, Cornyn and all the USA Senators determined to obstruct the constitutional vote on the S. 649 and all it's amendments. These legislators are corrupt and have demonstrated they are willing to be corrupt to be elected. They are in office illegitimately through lies to their constituents. It is time to end this disaster in our government.