Friday, August 27, 2010

There may be an opportunity being missed in Pakistan. Location, location, location.

A man waits to transport his furniture on a rudimentary ferry service, made of tyre inner tubes and bamboo bound together, across the Swat River at Kanju in Pakistan's Swat Valley, August 26 2010, after the worst floods in decades destroyed local bridges.  Photo: Reuters

The Pakistani need to be encouraged to leave their 'tribal lands' that will never be the same.  They don't understand this isn't their future.  Organized tent cities in areas known to be safe from extremists need to be available for the refugees.  They won't have a future on the lands they call their homeland.  They have to start again, but, there is no one to direct them in the best direction to lands that can be home to them.

There has to be a way to secure these people and ALLOWING THE DISARMED into the organized tent cities may be the best way of stopping the violence of the Taliban. 

Bulgaria's EU aid commissioner worried by risk of epidemic, chaos in flood-hit Pakistan  (click title to entry - thank you)

The situation in Pakistan is likely to get worse before it gets better, European Commissioner for International Co-operation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response Kristalina Georgieva told an August 27 2010 news conference on her return from the flood-hit country.
Her visit had been to express the solidarity of the European people and to see how best to deploy the assistance from the European Union, Georgieva said.

She met the country's prime minister, foreign minister, those heading the disaster response effort and representatives of NGOs and aid agencies, as well as multilaterals such as the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank.
Georgieva, who is to report to EU commissioners and the European Parliament next week, described the devastation as "terrible".
Difficulties in assistance were compounded by security concerns, and some territory being inaccessible. She reiterated the UN's call for further helicopters to deliver assistance....

I would think the USAID organization could REQUIRE the distribution of supplies are based upon whether or not the people receiving them are disarmed and secure to remain safe.  I don't know why ALL international aid isn't requiring 'disarmed' citizens to be recipients of their aid, including places like Darfur.  There are suppose to be Peace Keepers.  The areas receiving aid at any corner of the world can't even guarantee the safety of Peacekeepers. 

Wrong camp?
Dawn Editorial

Friday, 27 Aug, 2010
...When it takes the form of a torrent, water blurs all divides. This is what the floods have done in Pakistan. The deluge has brought to the fore a mosaic of organisations working for the rescue and rehabilitation of the flood affected.
Among them is Jamaatud Dawa which has drawn international condemnation for its alleged role in terrorism. Reports from the flooded districts indicate that the group is very active in providing relief. The US, which had led calls for a ban on Jamaatud Dawa for its alleged involvement in the 2008 attack in Mumbai, is now said to have firsthand information of the group’s efforts in the flood relief camps. In Sukkur on Wednesday, US Agency for International Development administrator Rajiv Shah was taken to a camp which witnesses said worked under the banner of Falah-i-Insaniyat Foundation, the group’s offshoot. The US embassy has denied the report, clarifying that the camp Mr Shah visited was run by the government....

No matter how unrealistic 'disarmed and safe' camps might seem, it should be a high priority to at least try. 

Who is the world saving? 

They need weapons? 


Empty bellies don't need guns to secure their meals.

It seems to me that armed emcampments 'complicate' the distribution of aid.  Yes? 

South Pakistan floods displace a million in 48 hours  (click link below for video.)

27 August 2010
Last updated at 18:12 ET

Fresh flooding in southern Pakistan has displaced almost a million people in the past 48 hours, the UN has said.
In Sindh province, 70% of the 300,000 residents of the town of Thatta have been forced to flee to safer areas after the Indus river burst its banks.
The BBC's Orla Guerin reports on the evacuation of the town of Thatta in Sindh province.

It is my belief every citizen of any distressed country does not 'the right' to US AID.  Citizens willing to be safe and secure by disarming any camp for their women and children do deserve the aid we send.  Under no circumstances should aid be distributed to warlords and armed factions.  Absolutely not.  Gratitude is a new venue for receiving aid.  It is not a right and is provided at expense to other nations.  In exchange for the aid, the citizens in distressed countries should show gratitude by being willing to be peaceful and providing safe and secure camps.  No free ride for extremists.

Thank you Former President Jimmy Carter. Evidently, Democratic Presidents know how diplomacy actually works with North Korea.

Former President Carter is a magnificent example of a Great American.  He and his spouse have remained vital and active within the diplomatic world since leaving office. 

Carter leaves Pyongyang with U.S. citizen

They are safely home.

Aijalon Gomes, Freed By N. Korea, In U.S. With Jimmy Carter

by Frank James

U.S. citizen Aijalon Gomes who had been imprisoned in North Korea for seven months for illegally entering the reclusive communist state, returned to his native Boston Friday, accompanied by former President Jimmy Carter who won his release.
Gomes, appearing thin, tired but relieved, arrived in the U.S. by private jet and was greeted by family members, some of whom held small American flags.
As family members huddled around and took turns hugging him, Carter stood off to the side and watched, a smile on his face.
Gomes' return marked the end of an odyssey that began when the man, a teacher of English in South Korea, crossed into the north from China for reasons that remain unclear.

Former President Carter has been extremely instrumental in many venues internationally, including, the Middle East and Cuba.  He frequently speaks about the potential of human dignity that overcomes hatred and voids in understanding. 

Americans in South Korea have to stop causing such outrageous issues.  The world knows there is poverty in North Korea, but, if the diplomacy is to work to bring about a "Peace Peninusla" near China and Russia it can't continue to be complicated by border crossings.

We all know the poeple of North Korea are needy.  They were severely compromised when the Bush White House insisted on cutting off oil supplies to the North.  That act didni't bring about any pressure to resolve the issues of 'The Koreas.'  That act only hurt the very citizens we seek to help when doors finally open between these two countries that have been separated by The Cold War over fifty years ago.

The entire Brinkmanship of North Korea was instilled over fifty years ago.  This is the year 2010.  We have a wonderful President in the USA that has set high standards for peace and non-proliferation.  This is a perfect time for Kim to reach beyond the Cold War of decades ago to open the border between the two Koreas to unite families and allow people to come to North Korea to help improve the life styles of the North Koreans. 

If the two Presidents of the Koreas can find 'in roads' to end the suffering of their own people when longing for family and friends then why can't the rest of the world? 

It seems fairly obvious to me that 'trust' between these two countries can happen.  The entire mess of 'power struggles' over nuclear potential is such a ridiculous agenda for both these countries and for the USA.  We don't want it.  We don't want nuclear war. 

I believe Kim knows peace and non-proliferation is a venue that can open potential for growth for both the Koreas while honoring their borders.  The reason this hideous dynamic continues is because the Pacific is still 'in play,' and it should not be.  There is One China Policy.  There is hope for Non-Proliferation and nuclear disarmament between the USA and Russia.  The entire dynamic that Kim became 'used to' really has melted away except on the Korean Peninsula. 

It's time to end this silliness and allow the North Koreans contact with the people of the South and to encourage trade and cultural exchange.  There should be students from North Korea attending South Korean universities to begin a change in paradigm for the future in a 'balance' of power that provides for better health and well being to the people of both countries.
Kim can do this.  He truly should.

27 August 2010

...In a message marking the first-ever International Day against Nuclear Tests (click title to entry - thank you), which is observed on Sunday, Mr. Ban stressed that “a world free of nuclear weapons is achievable,” adding that there had been important progress in 2010....

"The Mall" is a great lawn where memorials stand and people gather for important demonstrations.

Unfortunately, that seems to apply to PLUTOCRATS.  The Hollywood performances compliments of the Murdock media really seem to be appropriate.  Media services aren't citizens, regardless, of their power to contribute to political campaigns.

My understanding is the scheduled 'gathering' is to defame a Great American by a media service.


At any rate, this is nothing more than a way to 'shake up' the country on a 'sensitive' topic for the PURE, UNADULTERATED purpose of raising ratings for their media circus. 

The best way to defeat this mess is to ignore it. 

 I mean there isn't anything important happening and I am confident it is to 'upstage' the President of the United States of the USA whom is an African American.  Seems clear to me it is an act of hostility toward minorities.

The Germans don't allow political campaigning at the Brandenburg Gate.  Why can something like this happen at all.  This isn't about any Great American, it is about defaming a minority leader that gave his life for the cause of Civil Rights.  I think the use of The Mall is really bizarre in this case.

Have a better day.