Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Morning Papers" - Its Origins

The Rooster

Elin Woods should be pleased at her husband's defense of her dignity.

After years of 'being above any media fray,' the truth finally came to roost. I congratulate Elin for being a strong woman and not allowing the 'pressure of fame and wealth' to cloud her loyalty to her marriage.
She remained clear minded and upheld her own dignity when the scandal broke. She allowed her husband to find his way and then joined him to conquer the failures that marred his image. I am sure her heart was broken. But, I have nothing but admiration for her in being willing to work through this difficult to try to keep her family together. I am sure her children were in the forefront of any of her decisions. Regardless of how she would resolve the issues with Tiger, her children would still need a good and decent father. She did the right thing for them.
Many have a great deal of affection for Tiger Woods and it is my hope he can reach beyond this low point in his life to succeed in his marriage, as a father, return to the profession he loves and live a life with a marriage that can sustain.
I wish them both well.
The next few months will be trying in the public arena and Tiger was right to spend it with his family. It is obvious he values his wife and children above all else and as the media plays out their defamation game at one level or another, he is correct to be with Elin to see her through all the difficulty in returning to a happy marriage with this new start. I am sure she has wholeheartedly forgiven her husband. It is the intense focus that will have to abate somewhat. Newly healed wounds are sometimes delicate to such scrutiny.
He was right to surround himself with good friends. Difficult moments in life require the support of many caring people. I believe he did it well. I felt he was not only impressive as a husband, but, inspiring to his humility. If Elin can forgive him there is no reason why everyone else can't.
I wish him luck in his return to 'the greens.'

Are lawyers EVER held responsible for being SLICK?

...The internal report (click here) also faulted then-Attorney General John Ashcroft and then-Criminal Division chief Michael Chertoff for not scrutinizing the memos and recognizing their flaws, but the report did not cite them for misconduct....
This is horse hockey. Who is Holder trying to fool? This is nothing less than the GOOD 'OLE BOYS CLUB.
I don't think so.
Prosecute it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nonfeasance is the Republicans FAVORITE legal game. They use it all the time in political plays.

"Oops, I forgot."

"Gee, I didn't know."

The USA Justice Department doesn't recognize 'a strategy' to circumvent the law? Get over it !

Either Holder is going to stop the corrupt or he'll be viewed as part of it !

The longer the Health Care Insurance Reform remains unresolved the more potential cities will face insolvency.

The Republicans cannot continue to say NO. They are practicing politics with the operations of cities across the country. The mayors need relief from increasing health care costs to maintain operational budgets. If Republicans continue to be the Party of NO, there is no one that can say they aren't incompetent.

...Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was expected today to announce the elimination of several municipal departments to help the city cope with a growing budget deficit.
The move, which will be detailed at an afternoon news conference, comes on the heels of the City Council's call for the elimination of 4,000 positions to help cut into the city's shortfall.
The council voted Thursday to instruct "all departments and offices of the city, including elected offices, to expedite the elimination of 4,000 positions by any means necessary, including layoffs." The vote did not offer any exclusions for the police and fire departments, which Villaraigosa has opposed cutting.
The 4,000 positions must be identified within 45 days and scheduled for elimination as of July 1, the beginning of the next fiscal year.
In a news conference following the vote, City Council President Eric Garcetti said, "These are tough choices, but we have to live within our means."
Councilwoman Jan Perry said "as devastating as the current situation is, the possibility of insolvency is worse."...

The longer the Republicans postpone health care insurance reform, the worse the circumstances of the economy becomes. More workers outside of the tax base increases the 'exponential' growth of failure.'

Ritter proposes new cuts in budget (click here)
Gov. Bill Ritter announced Thursday he will submit a new proposal to the Joint Budget Committee to rebalance the state’s 2010-11 budget.
The proposal cuts another $340 million in general funds from the 2010-11 budget Ritter submitted last November. The new cuts bring the total in general fund cuts for 2010-11 to $1.3 billion, on top of $2.2 billion in cuts to the 2009-10 budget. The re-balancing plan for 2010-11 is based on new revenue shortfall figures from the December 2009 Legislative Council revenue forecast.
The budget cuts include an $18 million reduction to the Department of Corrections, primarily based on reduced caseload, Ritter said. That reduction is due to success in recidivism programs, improved parole services and fewer cases coming in. Ritter, a former district attorney, said normally in recessions crime goes up as do prisoner populations. However, “this recession has defied the trend,” he said....

The reason the Great Recession has defied the trend normally seen in crime is because the unemployed has been well supported through efforts in unemployment. The Democratic Congress can take credit for protecting Americans from becoming desperate in desperate times. There is a lot more to governing than simply a budget.

Professor Phil Jones successfully defends his data.

IT IS CALLED, 'Statistically Significant.' I don't expect the Religious Right or the USA Republicans to understand that.
Just as a side note. There are no planes or buildings in the Arctic to interfer with any data. Dah.
E - How confident are you that warming has taken place and that humans are mainly responsible? (click title to entry - thank you)
I'm 100% confident that the climate has warmed. As to the second question, I would go along with IPCC Chapter 9 - there's evidence that most of the warming since the 1950s is due to human activity.