Friday, April 04, 2014

Jeb Bush is going to run. He might be the "Romney" candidate. The one with 24 percent with each primary.

The RNC usually has a royal hierarchy in it's decision in running Presidential candidates, so Jeb Bush is due. In this article George Will sees the party being a problem to the nomination, but, that isn't the only hurdle he faces.

Let's put it this way, Jeb will be cognizant of his speech regarding the 47% and a security troop that runs the credentials of every person that comes in contact with donors, but, the fact he is still a "Romney Like" candidate is all too obvious. His sugar friends in Florida speaks for itself. 

Posted: Thursday, April 3, 2014 12:00 am 
Updated: 4:49 am, Thu Apr 3, 2014.
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"...It would not be a moral failing (click here) for Bush to decide against enduring the marathon gantlet of presidential politics. He will not, however, have the nomination handed to him on a silver salver. And the nomination fight would be especially bruising because Bush has been admirably forthright, but certainly impolitic, about two divisive issues — immigration and the "Common Core" national education standards for grades K through 12...."

I also believe Chris Christie will be right behind Jeb Bush through the entire GOP primaries. But, what do I know, I picked Michigan State.


Maybe Israel doesn't need the military help anymore and Palestine the assistance from Europe and the USA.

Palestine has the right to be recognized by the United Nations. The USA backs Israel unconditionally, but, how can this country justify oppression of a Palestinian nation? It can't. It has long been decided Palestine was to be a legitimate nation. If Israel doesn't recognize Palestine, why would it expect to recognized by other nations as well?

Apr 4, 2014 11:48 AM ET

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry(click here) said he’ll consult with President Barack Obama on whether to continue Middle East peace talks, as Israelis and Palestinians sparred over who’s responsible for the latest impasse.

“Regrettably in the last few days both sides have taken steps that are not helpful,” Kerry said in Morocco before his flight back to the U.S. at the end of a regional tour. “There are limits to the amount of time and effort that the United States can spend if the parties themselves are unwilling to take constructive steps,” he said. “So it’s reality check time.” 

It was Kerry’s most pessimistic statement since he brought the sides together last July for negotiations that were supposed to produce a peace accord this month. Instead, Israelis and Palestinians are caught up in increasingly acrimonious exchanges that threaten even Kerry’s scaled-down target of keeping the talks alive beyond the end of April.... 

To recognize there is a Palestine nation, it means there has to be borders Israel doesn't violate anymore. If Israel cannot recognize the Palestine nation and a right to define it's borders with incursions by Israel, then there isn't hope for peace. Palestine cannot go on forever without a definition to it's nation.

The United Nations has a right to a resolution to define Palestine. The USA should not veto such a resolution. There are ways to address the lack of cooperation by Israel. 

The United Nations needs a resolution that defines the Palestinian borders, it's people, it's culture and it's economic base including water resources. It then needs to be enforced and possibly by sanctions against Israel.
DENVER (AP) Denver's mayor (click here) (Mayor Michael B. Hancock) will visit Amsterdam next week partly to learn about marijuana regulation in the country that led the way in pot liberalization.

The city announced Thursday that Michael Hancock and other officials plan to meet with representatives of Amsterdam's municipal government during a trip mainly focused on economic development.

The Netherlands recently has taken a harder line toward marijuana, including banning tourists from visiting coffee shops where pot is sold. Amsterdam still allows tourists in the shops but has been closing ones near schools.

Denver is the capital of Colorado, which recently became one of two U.S. states that have legalized recreational marijuana.

Blinded by discrimination.

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Authorities in Kiev (click here) have routinely ignored evidence in the case of sniper shootings on the Maidan, while suggestions of probes into the matter never came from official channels, Russian FM Lavrov said.

Part of the agreement signed by President Yanukovich and the leaders of the Ukrainian opposition, involved the prospect of a joint investigation into the events of February 20 and what preceded them, Mr Lavrov told journalists following a meeting of the foreign ministers of the Commonwealth of Independent States. 

However, "those who seized power tore it up" and "forgot about issues like stopping radical elements and disarming armed groups," he said. 

Those who fought at Independence Square were amnestied, but calls for investigations are suddenly appearing six weeks later, the FM continued. 

Independent experts have been giving their analysis of sniper activity, their tactics and their positions, but this has all been ignored, Lavrov said in an answer to why Moscow was less enthusiastic about investigating Kiev than it was Crimea.... 

Russia likes to point a finger at Kiev. But, what they forget is that Kiev is surrounded by hostile oligarch militias. They were militias provided for by Yanukovych and have the Ukraine people trapped with threats to their lives all the time. Yanukovych disarmed the national military so that any other leader than himself had no national security. No other leader could move against Russia if it decided to come across the border. No other leader had the capacity to protect the people unless the local militias were called on. It was clever enough, wasn't it? Yet. That aspect to the Ukraine's reality is not important. Only the so called militants in the Maidan are the problem.

There is a lot more to the Ukraine's problems than what happened at the Maidan. Russia turns a blind eye regarding Yanukovych because it doesn't fit into the narrative of Russian nationalism. 

Published on Mar 15, 2014
Militia Donabassa (click here) today at the entrance to Donetsk (on Volnovakha) blocked the movement of Ukrainian military columns.Records events that occur in Ukraine. 

GM hasn't got the right idea about this. Safety is not about being marginal.

The key chain to the left is less than average weight for most key rings. If a car company doesn't design their vehicles for the times they are being purchased then the company is not designing a good car.

There is an entire culture regarding key rings in the USA.

Key rings are personal jewelry. They are used to express interests and used by other commercial enterprises as advertisements. If a car company doesn't understand it's responsibility in knowing their consumer it is failing marketing as well as safety.

One of the first driving lessons I received from my father was about the key chain. That is no lie. He told me it was not a good idea to carry a lot of stuff on a key chain and not for the reasons the Chevy Cobalt failed. My Dad said, "If you put too much weight on your key chain it will cause wear in the ignition switch over time. As a result the amount of 'stuff' on my key ring is limited to what is necessary, but, it is not JUST THE KEY TO THE CAR.

This is pure negligence of it's customer by GM. Then to think when GM realized the deaths this was causing and didn't EVEN CORRECT IT is unthinkable. There was a time in the USA when recalls were devastating news. Today, it SOP. What happened? The customer isn't worth it anymore?

How did Ebola escape? Three cases so far in Mali.

April 4, 2014 at 11:00 AM
Africa’s wrestling with a new Ebola outbreak.  (click here) We’ll look at what’s happening, and the efforts to keep this from going global.

There’s always Ebola somewhere in Africa.  The fear, panic, comes when it jumps from the wild to humans.  Ebola is fierce and deadly.  Terrible hemorrhaging and then, swiftly, almost certainly, death.  Touch the fluids and you’re in trouble too.  Family and healthcare workers, first in line for deadly danger.  Right now in West Africa, Guinea, Ebola has come out of the boondocks and into the capitol city of two million.  Epidemic is the word.  France is on alert for spread.  Canada’s had a scare.  Guinea is struggling.  This hour On Point:  the new Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and where it goes.


Russia pulled out it's foreign minister to NATO. This may have something to do with it.

1 April 2014

We, the Foreign Ministers of NATO, (click here) are united in our condemnation of Russia’s illegal military intervention in Ukraine and Russia’s violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. We do not recognize Russia’s illegal and illegitimate attempt to annex Crimea.  We urge Russia to take immediate steps, as set out in the statement by the NATO-Ukraine Commission, to return to compliance with international law and its international obligations and responsibilities, and to engage immediately in a genuine dialogue towards a political and diplomatic solution that respects international law and Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders. We support the deployment of an OSCE monitoring mission to Ukraine....

The military in the Crimea wants Russian citizenship. That would let them leave, at least. But, then they face a dual citizenship registration and tax. The call for Russian citizenship is most likely affiliated with the statement by Yanukovych stating he wants the Crimea to be part of the Ukraine.

It is going to be interesting as to how the Crimea, especially the Tartars, handle balloting for the upcoming elections. The occupying forces may not allow ballot boxes or election machines into the Crimea.

The Tartars are attempting to create an independent state completely because they want private ownership of the Mosques and religious schools back. This movement by Russia is really not going well. This is the type of problem that exists when an independent nation is not developed but instead kidnapped. 

Yes, kidnapped. I don't believe for one minute Russia intended to do anything except drive elections and put Yanukovych back into power. The Crimea is part of the election strategy. It is now an official election promise. Make me king and I'll bring home the Crimea. It is a massive use of power for control. Russia probably doesn't care about the Crimea at all really. Step one: Take the Crimea. Step Two: Hold the Ukraine people responsible for repaying the money back in leases for the Crimean port. Step Three: Intimidate the Ukrainians with troops on their border posed to invade when they didn't reelect Yanukovych. No one sees that? Corruption. Pure unadulterated ruthless corruption for control. Deaths don't matter in this game, preferable even.


...Islyamov, (click here) who was delegated to his current post by the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars, said two Crimean Tatar representatives are working on the draft of the Constitution

“We want our interests to be taken into account [by the Constitution],” Islyamov said adding that in general the Constitution should answer interests of all residents of Crimea, no matter what nationality they belong to.

According to Ukrainian state statistics service data, as of late 2013, Crimean Tatars accounted for 12.1%, Russians for 58.5%, Ukrainians for 24.3%, Belarusians for 1.4% and Armenians for 1.1% of the Crimean population....

85 years of polluting and investors cheers at the multi-billion settlement as they feared it would be worse.

As a result of the settlement, (click here) U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier adjourned the trial before it was set to begin on Monday, to allow court proceedings to focus on the environmental penalties that BP, Anadarko Petroleum, Triton Energy and Transocean may face as a result of violating the Oil Pollution and Clean Water Acts.

The petroleum industry is among the most corruption corporations in the world. Nothing stops them from using their money to corrupt governments and rob nations of their natural resources while leaving their pollution to clean up. 

In the case of Triton Energy's payment for their stunts in Indonesia was nothing. These companies don't even feel the pain, but, because it sounds like a lot of money to most the settlements are considered an achievement. I guarantee if I looked into any of the settlements I could find a lot of 'side effects' of the pollution that was never included as the petroleum industry's responsibility.

Published: February 28, 1997 

The Triton Energy Corporation,(click here) an international oil and gas development company based in Dallas, agreed yesterday to pay $300,000 to settle Federal charges stemming from bribes that a subsidiary paid to Indonesian Government officials in 1989 and 1990.

The unusual complaint was brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission, which contends that Triton officials not only made payments that violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, but also falsified their records to make the bribes appear to be routine business payments.

Six former company officials, including a onetime Triton president, were named in the civil suit filed in United States District Court in Washington or in a related administrative proceeding. All but one settled with the S.E.C. and, like Triton, neither admitted nor denied the commission's charges. The remaining official, Richard L. McAdoo, a former vice president of Triton Indonesia who was named in the civil suit, intends ''to assert his innocence of any wrongdoing and to contest the charges,'' his lawyer, Henry Putzel, said....

Anadarko Petroleum is a defendant in the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster. They are dumpers that have set precedent for other companies like Duke Energy. At one point their dumping polluted Lake Mead. It was decades before all the effects of their dumping was cleaned up. As far as I am concerned, this settlement is nearly appropriate. 85 years of dumping to have the taxpayer clean up the mess.

By Nick Brown
Thu Apr 3, 2014 7:57pm EDT
(Reuters) - Energy company Anadarko Petroleum Corp(click here) agreed on Thursday to pay more than $5 billion to clean up areas across the United States polluted by nuclear fuel, wood creosote and rocket fuel waste that caused cancer and other health problems.

The agreement resolves a long-running lawsuit against the Kerr-McGee energy and chemical company, which Anadarko bought in 2006. The case was brought by a trust representing the U.S. government, 11 state governments, Indian tribes and individuals.

The trust was seeking cleanup costs at more than 2,000 sites nationwide. It was also seeking payment for claims from more than 8,000 people who said their exposure to Kerr-McGee's wood treatment plants in Avoca, Pennsylvania and Manville, New Jersey caused cancer, which in some cases led to death.

"If you are responsible for 85 years of poisoning the earth, you are responsible for cleaning it up," the U.S. Attorney for Manhattan, Preet Bharara, said at a news conference announcing the settlement....

The original liabilty was expected to be 3 to 4 times higher than this. For as egregious the offenses of this industry, the fines should send their stocks into the 'penny stock' column. Ask me what I care.

Dec 13, 2013 12:01 AM ET

Anadarko Petroleum Corp. (APC) (click here) and its Kerr-McGee unit acted improperly in the 2005 spinoff of Tronox Inc. and may have to pay as much as $14 billion related to environmental cleanup and health claims, a judge ruled.
Anadarko plunged 9.3 percent in after-hours trading, cutting its market value to $38 billion. The judge's ruling yesterday weighed how much money can be recovered from a successor to a polluting company, even after bankruptcy has ostensibly cleaned the slate of obligations. The company said it expects to appeal the ruling. 

The case stems from Kerr-McGee’s spinoff of its chemicals business and old environmental liabilities as Tronox beginning in 2005. About three months after that transaction was completed, Anadarko offered to buy Kerr-McGee’s oil and natural gas assets for $18 billion. 

Burdened by environmental debts, Tronox filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and sued Anadarko and Kerr-McGee the same year. A nonjury trial was held before U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Allan Gropper in Manhattan in 2012...