Monday, October 26, 2015

There is a reason the student wouldn't leave the classroom. The officer has a history of violence.

There are more and more videos that show African Americans taking a direction to insure their lives. There is a problem here. African Americans, especially men, are finding it necessary to do what they can to prevent death. That is the options open to them these days. Find a way to survive an interaction with an officer or die.

A student made this video. There was more than one student to make a video of the interaction. These videos are in ANTICIPATION of wrongful threat to the student. This is also Columbia, South Carolina. The stress in that state due to the absolute destruction by Joaquin is complicating all sorts of issues. 

But, what is seriously an issue is the fact the videos exist at all. These students, there is more than one, knew something was coming. That speaks eons to the relationship this officer has with the students. 

What topics are being discussed by African American youth? Survival on a day to day basis? No other ethnicity is having that discussion on a regular basis. 

The accosting of African Americans by police is creating a deficit of safety for them. If I can refer to Sandra Bland as an example. She did nothing to bring on the very wrongful handling of her when stopped for a turn signal. The officer escalated the interaction by asking her all sorts of questions. The verbal interaction between she and the officer became punitive at his insistence. It is verbal interaction that is bringing on the assault by police officer 'in the name of the law.' There are good law abiding people that speak to an officer and end up dead.. Officers need to respect the people more than they look to find fault with words. 

There is a memory I have from years ago. I had taken a trip outside the USA for professional purposes. I was on my way home. I had some pumice rocks, volcanic rocks in my Carry On that were determined to be contraband by the TSA. I had already gone through Customs without issue. I was happy. I was on my way home. I had met peers. New peers. I had made friends. I had accomplished everything I set out do accomplish when I first embarked on this trip. I had my passport. I was doing everything right and all of a sudden I had a TSA agent in my face.

She told me the rocks were not allowed in the passenger cabin and I had to return to the check in desk to put them in my luggage. The rocks were in my Carry On because they were delicate. They were light in weight and easily crumbled with little effort. I had packed them carefully and put them in my carry on. They were important to me.

When the TSA officer told me I had to put them in my other luggage my heart sank to my feet and I tried to explain to her how it was a poor decision to put them inside luggage. I offered to provide proof of professional status. It all was completely rejected. And suddenly I was surrounded by four TSA agents over absolutely nothing.

I literally put my hands up and stated I would do as DEMANDED. I had to return to the desk, they had to find the luggage and I transferred the rocks into that piece of luggage. I returned to the security area and then boarded the jet. 

The point is this. The officer had no compassion for me. She had these rigid rules to enforce and I was not a person. I was an unlawful entity.

I hadn't realized I was judged and I was judged a terrorist at the point when I said my first word to her. I was polite, but, it didn't matter. She ORDERED me to behavior in a particular way and I didn't not immediately do so. That is ridiculous. I was not at all in the space she was in. 

I was more a threat than I should have been and I was going to get on a jet to home. I wasn't in a car carrying out everyday activities with excitement in my heart about my new job and my new start in life. I was far more a threat when it is all reasoned out then Sandra Bland was ever a threat to that officer when she didn't use a blinker to change lanes on a completely empty street.

Police officer's BEHAVIOR have become completely hideous when they are carrying out their job. The officer simply should have swallowed any words HE PERCEIVED AS DISRESPECTFUL, given her a summons and went on his way. There was no reason to escalate the circumstances. 

Dare I say the TSA officer in Boston was an African American woman and I am a Caucasian?

Whatever assessment officers are carrying out to determine when a person is inappropriate to require more intervention beyond a summons has to change. Officers are not BEHAVING correctly in carrying out their jobs. THEY are escalating the behavior and not the citizens. That SENSITIVITY needs to end. They can't continue to shoot every African American because of their own fears. 

The officers are overreacting and this is a student under the age of 18 years old. What did that classroom learn? They sure weren't centered on the subject or the next test they would face on that subject. 

When does this change?  When will African Americans be safe in their own bodies?

The Brennan Center for Justice has a new initiative.

Law Enforcement Leaders (click here) to Reduce Crime and Incarceration. Launched on October 21st, the group brings together over 130 top police chiefs and prosecutors from all 50 states to call for an end to mass incarceration. Their message to the country is clear: we must reduce imprisonment, and law enforcement knows from experience that we can do so while keeping down crime.

Law Enforcement Leaders is a project of the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, spearheaded by our Justice Program Director Inimai Chettiar. The group launched last week at a widely covered press conference in Washington, D.C, and met with President Obama at the White House.

We believe this new, perhaps unexpected voice can help push forward momentum to urgently address our criminal justice crisis. You can sign up for future newsletters at or follow it on twitter at @lawleadgroup.
"Beliefs" (click here)

The Seventh Day Adventist are really nice people. A girlfriend of mine practices that sincere devotion of Christianity. She is and always has been about children and their outcomes. Very devoted person. She had three children herself and was married. They practice their worship on Saturday. So they right there in practice of their religion as the Jewish faith. They aren't strange or a worrisome idea of Christianity. They are no different than anyone practicing Christianity. They love God. It's legal and their children wonderful young people.

For that matter most other denominations of Christianity have Saturday worship.  

There is one thing that bothered me though. The Seventh Day Adventists belief the mentally challenged on Earth don't have a redeemable soul to reach heaven. I don't know it is just her, but, it bothered me. I never heard that within Christianity before I met her. There maybe sincere differences.  

Differences in religious standards never prevented me from being friends with her or others. I don't judge people that way. 

As a matter of fact, the church has great assets. They have a camp for children and young people.

Talking about red meat... has been known to cause cancer for a long time. This is the WHO  providing this warning. I look forward to the WHO issuing warnings about tobacco and high fat diets. 

Carcinogenesis. 2003 Oct; 24(10): 1683–1690. 
Published online 2003 Aug 1. 
PMCID: PMC2754080

Meat and cancer: (click here) haemoglobin and haemin in a low-calcium diet promote colorectal carcinogenesis at the aberrant crypt stage in rats

Fabrice Pierre, Sylviane Taché, Claude R Petit, Roelof Van Der Meer, and Denis E Corpet*

High intake of red meat, but not of white meat, is associated with an increased risk of colon cancer. However, red meat does not promote cancer in rodents. Haemin, added to low-calcium diets, increases colonic proliferation, and haemoglobin, added to high-fat diets, increases the colon tumour incidence in rats, an effect possibly due to peroxyl radicals. We thus speculated that haem might be the promoting agent in meat, and that prevention strategies could use calcium and antioxidants. These hypotheses were tested in rats at the aberrant crypt foci (ACF) stage at 100 days. F344 rats (n=124) were given an injection of azoxymethane and were then randomised to 11 groups fed with low-calcium (20μmol/g) AIN76-based diets, containing 5% safflower oil. Haemin (0.25, 0.5 and 1.5μmol/g) or haemoglobin (1.5 and 3 μmol haem/g) was added to five experimental diets, compared to a control diet without haem....

Regular check ups are a good idea and have proven to work in saving lives.

...In 1998, (click here) Darryl Strawberry listened to his wife and went to the doctors to get checked out. What was revealed was a grapefruit sized tumor on his colon. Immediately thinking the worst, Darryl nearly expected death. 

Surgery was immediately required and thus Strawberry’s season for the Yankees came to an abrupt halt. The doctors got to work and did their best to remove all of the tumor. Following surgery, Darryl struggled with six months of chemo-therapy. Doctors told Strawberry that if he could stay clear of cancer for five years that he would be in the clear. Just as all seemed to be going well with his recovery, the cancer returned in 2000. Darryl was nauseated with the thought of needing surgery again and going through more chemo. It was ultimately the thought of having his kids grow up without a father, that kept him fighting and wanting to live.

Darryl Strawberry is alive today and doing well. He has been cancer free since 2000 and is having his chance to see his children grow up and become young adults themselves. Doctors credited the fact that he was a professional athlete to him still being alive....

In case the WHO is looking for a spokesperson to help drive detection and treatment. In the USA this is a regular procedure to treat and save lives.

New York Yankee outfielder Darryl Strawberry, (click here) who was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1998 and underwent chemotherapy, said Friday his cancer has resurfaced. 

“Right now, I have some physical issues that I have to deal with,” Strawberry told reporters when leaving a meeting with his probation officer in Florida. When asked whether he meant his cancer had returned, Strawberry said, “Yes.” 

Strawberry was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1998 and underwent surgery and chemotherapy. In January, he said a test showed his colon was free of cancer.
Now a CT scan suggests the cancer has spread to lymph nodes, and Strawberry will undergo more tests next week, said his agent, Eric Grossman....

No one was sacrificed in Benghazi. That is simply wrong.

Every effort was made to save lives in Benghazi. The late Ambassador Stevens was valued by the USA. He was known to be an exceptional person in relation to the USA State Department. 

I find it unfortunate Patricia Smith is used as a tool by the political right wing. 

She and Chris Stevens and his family and friends, including his coworkers, have always had the respect and sympathy of the USA State Department and the people of this country. 

There isn't anything else to learn about the attacks in Benghazi.

Ben Carson is equating abortion to slavery.

Abortion and contraception is a woman's issue and I don't believe men are experts on the subject. They are not experts on pregnancy, either.

I don't know where Mr. Carson gets the idea he is an expert on either abortion or slavery. But, the analogy is very interesting.

Women will become slaves and men slavers to the womb if they do not have options. Women will continue being second class citizens if Mr. Carson has his way.

I am not convinced abortion will ever end in the USA. But, the country has done incredible work to minimize it.
In the bible the blacks are referred to as the children/people of Ham (click here) (or as Hamites). Africa is the 'Land of Ham (Khem)'. Consider analogies in biblical lingo, "the Children of Israel", the 'Land of Shem' etc,. Ham is the ancient Egyptian word for Africans.

The duration was long in the recent Afghanistan earthquake. This is an office in India.

The range of the Afghanistan earthquake is felt over a large area. The physical geography is easily noted in the small map. It is a mountainous region.

USGS (click here)

Kabul — A magnitude-7.5 earthquake (click here) hit northeastern Afghanistan on Monday, killing at least 72 people there and in neighboring Pakistan.
"More [deaths] are expected," the Pakistani province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's Chief Minister Pervez Khattak told state TV about three hours after the incident. At least 48 deaths were confirmed there, along with 554 injuries. 

The victims also included around 12 girls who died while trying to flee their school in Afghanistan, a official told NBC News. Some of them were crushed in a stampede. Twelve more deaths were confirmed throughout the country.
Landslides were reported and some of the affected regions could not immediately be contacted, authorities said.

No laughing about well known private citizens being elected to office.

Guatemala City, Oct 25 (Reuters) - Jimmy Morales, (click here) a former TV comedian who has never held office, swept to power in Guatemala's presidential election on Sunday after milking public anger over a corruption scandal that deepened distrust of the country's political establishment.
The 46-year-old Morales overwhelmingly beat center-left rival and former first lady Sandra Torres in a run-off vote despite his lack of government experience and some policy ideas that strike many as eccentric.
The headquarters of Morales' center-right National Convergence Front (FCN) party erupted in celebration as official returns showed he had nearly 69 percent support in a landslide victory....

The return of the average person. Power belongs to everyone. 
Do I understand the quote of the day yesterday came from Republican candidate Ben Carson. Basically neurosurgeons are high energy folks.


I hope not because who wants a neurosurgeon with high energy if he is in someone's cranium.

No, thank you.

Neurosurgeons need to be steadfast in their resolve for a person that has disease in their cranium. High energy? I think Ben Carson is a very nice man who has high ambitions for himself. I think his temperament has been what it is. He is calm and quite.  That is a good thing.

I'll tell you what. If Ben Carson comes out with his policies and talks about how that returns greatness to America I'll consider him interested in the people. He needs to be interested in the people, not just rhetoric.

A book about the US Constitution worries me. It is right wing propaganda. There are many on the political right that wants a Constitutional Convention.

I don't think so.
Morning Papers 

The Rooster


October 26, 2015
By Robert Pear

Washington  — Tens of thousands of people (click here) with modest incomes are at risk of losing health insurance subsidies in January because they did not file income tax returns, federal officials and consumer advocates say.

Under federal rules, anyone who receives an insurance subsidy must file a tax return to verify that the person was eligible and received the proper amount of financial assistance based on household income.

When the federal insurance marketplace opens for the third enrollment season next Sunday, users will see a new question: “Did your household file a 2014 tax return and reconcile any premium tax credit you used?”...

"Good NIght, Moon"

Full Moon

13.2 days old

97.1 percent lit

"Happy Hour" has come to space.

23 October 2015
By Ellie Zolfagharifard

Comet Lovejoy (click here) is living up to its name by releasing large amounts of alcohol and sugar into space.
The discovery marks the first time ethyl alcohol - the same type that you might find in a Martini - has been seen in a comet.
It adds to evidence that comets could have been a source of the complex molecules necessary for the emergence of life on Earth....