Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Costner Oil - Water Separation Machine should be deployed first where the oil is only now arriving.

There might be half a chance to stop the deteriorating Gulf Coast if the oil is interceded by such a technology.

Preparing for hurricane season was never like this. Tyvek suits distributed to Louisiana First Responders. Click title to entry. Thank you.

What happens to the people stuck between the two fences in Arizona? Do they know there is an opening some place else? Who gives them directions?

Local rancher Glenn Spencer stands by a vehicle barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona. (Courtesy of American Border Patrol)

Pat Shannahan/ The Arizona Republic

Border fences like this one may help deter illegal immigration, but no measures are an absolute deterrent.

Mr. Krentz's death had nothing to do with politics.  He got in the way of an illegal crossing, even if by accident.  Illegals, in some instances, carry guns evidently.  If that is the case and they come armed then what indeed is this?

By Daniel B. Wood, Staff writer / March 31, 2010
Los Angeles

The killing of Arizona rancher Robert Krentz has prompted the state’s governor, its most influential senator, and its farming community to say that Washington is not doing enough to prevent illegal immigration and secure the border with Mexico.

Mr. Krentz was found Saturday, fatally shot and slumped over in his all-terrain vehicle, which still had its lights and engine on. Law enforcement officials tracked footprints from the scene back to the border, raising speculation that the killer is an illegal immigrant....

The Political Right can blame the political Left and so on, but, no one is going to stop illegal immigration. 

The answer is to solve Mexico's problems.  We don't have this issue with Canada.  It is the poverty and now FAMILY that drives them north across the USA border. 

I don't see anything stopping this, not even a poor economy.

The only thing that changed since time beginning in that region 'of the continent' is the USA border and the right of the USA to expand West.  Nothing else has changed.  Basically, the white man fought for the right to occupy the land and claim land rights and mineral rights.  The people have always moved back and forth across that border. 

Illegals were always considered welcome as cheap labor for centuries.  Now, because the political right of the USA decided they want their southern border secured that is going to make it happen.

Mexico ruling party: Federal police for elections

By MARK STEVENSON (AP) – 10 hours ago
MEXICO CITY — The leader of President Felipe Calderon's conservative party said Saturday he wants federal police to patrol 14 Mexican states that are holding local elections this year.
National Action Party leader Cesar Nava charged that state governors from the old ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party are planning to use local police in favor of their candidates.
"Recent history shows us that some PRI governors are preparing to use police to make it easier to round up voters for their party and impede the free movement of our supporters," Nava said at a gathering of his party's leadership in Mexico City.