Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Pete Rouse needs to stay on as the President's Chief of Staff. The last thing we need is MORE Wall Streeters close to President Obama.

Pete Rouse, the interim Chief of Staff to President Obama after Rahm went placed his bid for Chicago Mayor, has lead the Democrats through a historic 'lame duck' session as no one else could.  Regardless of the Right Wing rhetoric stating the President is 'out of touch' with the business sector, that is the furthest thing from the truth.  There have been TOO MANY Wall Streeters within this administration and I am glad they are leaving.  I don't care if Daley was a Clinton Administration favorite.  He is working for Morgan now and has been 'on the inside' to one of the most corrupt banking scandals in history.  He knew what was going in internally when Paulson was pulling all the strings and I believe Daley is the worst choice President Obama could ever make.  It will hurt him politically and eveyrone knows it. 

Daley should probably be investigated along with every other 'insider' during the banking scandal of 2008 before they even let in the front door of the White House.

Has everyone completely lost their sense of what happened? 

Sperling.  Just wha the nation needs, another Geither.  President Obama can do better than this.  I would think there are many African Americans as equally if not better qualified that would love to bring a fresh outlook to the economic challenge this White House faces.

Where is the advise of Vernon Jordan when you need it?

I know all that is occuring with wildlife deaths seems wacko, but, there are reasons for this stuff, so I intend to continue to follow it.

...Several dozen blackbirds were also found scattered around the yard of a Kentucky resident. (click title to entry - thank you)
Three populations of dead birds in three different states and no one has any answers yet.

As long as there is a global concern, let's look at it.

When examining ANY forensic trama event with wildlife the first thing to consider is SPECIES. 

I am not saying all these events are unrelated, I am saying they are different species.  For example, small/juvenile menhaden in Maryland have a long history of succumbing to toxic algae.  The event in Kentucky, Arkansas and Louisiana are primarily inland and different than the rest of the 'global kills.'\

FRESH WATER vs. SALT WATER  -  Huge difference when it comes to even 'metabolic issues.'  Okay?  But, if this is FREQUENCY related and it was emitted by Earth through let's say 'magma movement' it could be global.  I am going to get into what needs to be examined for 'frequency' deaths in a minute.

Dead birds in Louisiana; dead fish in Maryland, Brazil and New Zealand  (click here)

January 4th, 2011 7:45 pm ET

...He said it was too early to connect the Arkansas bird deaths to those in Louisiana, noting testing is being done and “…it could be a week or more before the results come back.”
The Daily News reports that Maryland is now looking into massive fish deaths in Chesapeake Bay.
Dawn Stoltzfus, director of communications with Maryland’s Department of the Environment, said “We are seeing small/juvenile menhaden, croaker, spot fish dead, in very large fish kills… The numbers are estimated in the hundreds of the thousands at this point.”
Additionally, the Parana Online reports that 100 tons of dead fish, mainly sardines, were found on the beaches of Paranagua, Brazil Sunday. They have also begun to appear on the coasts of Pontal do Pontal do Parana, Guaraquecaba, and Antonina.
Furthermore, a ‘carpet’ of dead snapper has appeared on a New Zealand beach, according to the New Zealand Herald. On Tuesday, the New Zealand’s Ministry of Fisheries announced an investigation into the hundreds of dead snapper that washed up at Little Bay and Waikawau Bay. Fishery officials deemed the fish unsafe to eat and are investigating the mass deaths....

There are some toxicology reports to be added to 'the list' to be looked into regarding the 'inland deaths of birds and fish in the USA'.  From here on it is a process of elimination to determine the cause of deaths.

There is a rodenticide that could be involved as well.  Sodium fluoroacetate. (click here)  I ran across it in a veterinary toxicology article.   The reason I keyed in on this is because it absorbed through the skin, found in natural settings and triggered by thyroid levels resulting in tissue damage and death of the heart and lungs, among the brain.  I am not saying the brain component is important as the birds are stated to have internal bleeding that is the cause.  This will make more sense in a minute.

The problem with wildlife autopsies is that they sometimes don't look for the real the wildlife died in relation to the IMPORTANCE of the species unless it has a 'status' of threatened or endangered.  None of these species are 'classified.'  The IMPORTANCE of the autopsies in regard to these 'mass deaths' when the government performs them is mostly based in 'protecting humans' from poison or dangerous 'substances.'  Tangible stuff.  All that is important but leaves the mystery UNSOLVED because it stops there.

I am going to depart from the discussion of toxicology to introduce the 'concept' of frequency. 

Frequency is a wave.  An oscillation.  Okay.  Radio, television and all that mess are transmitted on frequency.  If 'waves of energy' or 'frequency' were not a matter of physics none of that 'including' electricity would be possible.

Does anyone remember the 'brain explosion' of the chess player a few years ago?  It was caused by a RARE phenomena that increased the 'electirical' activity in the brain.

...Anatoly Martinenko, (click here) famed neurologist and expert on the human brain who did the autopsy on the brilliant chess expert. "It is a condition in which the circuits of the brain become overloaded by the body's own electricity....

Electrical activity happens in the body of any living organism.  Electrical activity has frequency.  Okay?  Here comes the 'Twilight Zone.'  Ready?

The heart of any living being has an electrical system that runs on 'body chemistry.'  In the human body it is 'induced' by a sodium-potassium pump.  The sodium-potassium pump is ION exchange.  Biochemistry, this isn't that exotic.  Sodium has a - (negative) 1 (one) charge and potassium as a + (positive) 1 (one) charge and move across a membrane composed of other elements.  I am not getting into this, if one wants to examine the chemical period table do it on your own.  The electrical system in the human body is known as 'The Nervous System.'   Let's just leave it there.

The point is that 'biochemistry' of any living organism uses properties of elements to produce its own electricity and it uses efficiently to operate organs such as the RELIABLE heart.

What happens when the electricity of the heart is interrupted with an energy / frequency wave from an outside source in Red Wing Blackbirds and Drum Fish?  What happens when any species is hit with a 'frequency / energy' wave from an outside source?  No matter the species, no matter the country?

That is what needs to be answered to assist in the INVESTIGATION and whether or not it relates to human health in any way.

What I DON'T KNOW right now, is what the 'physical forensics' shows of the 'area of bleeding' of the fish and Red Wings and Starlings.  Okay, the animals bleed internally, but, why?  Anti-coagulant, toxin (natural or synthetic) or 'outside shock' (energy wave). 

I believe it is important to understand the source of the trauma.  No government entity should be able to say they simply can't identify it.  It leaves questions open to any potential human impacts and whether or not there is a greater understanding that will lend to scientific understanding in other measures of nature that may or may not benefit humans.


The current Republican majority in the House is a populous movement. It demends on 'outside' influences to win victories.

Last night on "The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell" Mark Meckler was on a panel.  He was the funniest of the panelists during the debate in that he was trying out his new 'stick.'  (click here)

During his entire presentation he mimicked President Obama.  You know 'imitation.'  Something like one would find on a comedy show.

He used the gestures that people with President Obama's 'sense of humor' would recognize.  His smile and gregarious mannerisms. 

Meckler probably has a 'stick' for every audience he appears before.

Nice try, Meckler.   Next time try being NORMAL.

The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell


Aired on Tuesday, Jan 04, 2011 (1/4/2011) at 06:00 PM

00:02:25Joining me now are tennessee republican congressman phil roe, democratic congressman peter welsh of vermont, adam green, co-founder of the progressive change campaign committee, and mark mekler, co-founder of the tea party patriots.

Gallagher coined as another Limbaugh. Let's hope he improves the IQ of the audience.

...A feud of sorts (click here) erupted between the two, and when Lynch discovered that Gallagher's real name is Michael P. Smelstor,...
Mike Gallagher (click here) (AKA “The Smellster”) is one of the least evolved human beings I’ve come across in the national media. A man who does not seem to actually think, but just react to things (in a predictable and ham-handed partisan manner). And when he’s not scripted well, his program can really go off the rails....

Conservative Talk Radio; sensationalism is their game, facts are secondary.

..."We are delighted (click title to entry - thank you) to begin the New Year by announcing a new affiliate partnership with one of America's truly great radio stations, WOR in New York City," said Greg Anderson, President of SRN. "WOR and Mike Gallagher are a natural fit; both are proven radio winners with a love affair with New York City. We look forward to helping build on the already impressive and longtime success achieved by Rick Buckley, Jerry Crowley and the entire WOR Radio team."

Jerry Crowley, Vice President & General Manager of WOR-AM, added, "Mike is a superb broadcaster with a real sensitivity for the issues surrounding New York. Since he will be broadcasting from our studios at 'ground zero' much of the time, Mike will have the unique advantage of commenting on our local issues that have National implications. The Gallagher show will air between the newly extended time frame of The John Gambling show 6-10a and the Joan Hamburg show 12n-2p."...

Glenn Beck dropped by New York's WOR radio station over poor ratings, replaced by Mike Gallagher

Tuesday, January 4th 2011, 7:42 AM Bye, bye Glennie.
WOR (710 AM), one of the city's two biggest talk radio stations, said this morning it is dropping Beck's syndicated show as of Jan. 17 and replacing him with a familiar New York name: Mike Gallagher.
"The reason is ratings," said WOR program director Scott Lakefield. "Somewhat to our surprise, the show wasn't getting what we wanted."

Murdoch's Media Circus 'bet' still pays off to the millionaires and billionairs of the GOP.

...Many substantial donations (click here) from the hedge fund executives escaped public notice either because they were made late in the campaign (and therefore weren’t reported until after the election) or were funneled through third-party groups, obscure “joint fundraising committees” and newly created political nonprofits that are not required to disclose donors.
The net effect has been to give the hedge funds important new allies at a time they are fending off regulations mandated by the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill and an aggressive Justice Department investigation into insider trading....

Issa is grasping at straws by investigating everything he can all at once on ANY WHIM that seems to lead to a faux 'pot of gold' at the end of the rainbow to attempt to BEAT THE Obama Justice Department to the punch.  In other words, the corrupt ISSA and GOP wants to either intimidate and/or 'implicate' the Obama Administration and/or Democrats on ANY 'hint' of faux impropriety to protect their cronies and win victories to return their power without interruption.

Wall Street is 'holding on' rather well until the improbable task is completed.

Make no doubt, ISSA is as corrupt as they come.  He is spending plenty of money FOR NO REASON to prove it.

The Drama Queens of the House will have a nostaligic read of the USA Constitution while interjecting the Amendments where applicable.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte, (click title to entry - thank you) R-6th, will lead a reading of the U.S. Constitution on the House floor beginning at 10:30 a.m. Thursday.

The reading will reflect the new House Republican leadership's commitment to hold true to the fundamental principles upon which the country was founded, and will help set the tone for the 112th Congress, according to Goodlatte....

This is PURE politics and nothing more.  The 'Histronic' Republicans will try to inject 'the constitutionality' of ANYTHING  at every turn.  They aren't doing the nations business, they are conducting their own political campaign from the beginning of the session.

There is no use to calling the Senate into session until everyone has gotten all the histronics out of the way.

All it is is nostalgia. 

The LAWS that govern the USA line ROOMS in the Library of Congress, rooms of State Capital Libraries and SHELVES of local libraries.

There is NO SENSE of invoking some kind of PROOF of constitutionality into every law that is written and voted on because there are huge dynamics that play into CONSTITUTIONAL law, not JUST the 'words.'  SIMPLETONS.  We have simpletons sitting in the majority of the House of Representatives.


The Repuglicans want to ADD more paper to The Paperwork Reduction Act to have every legislation reflect the constitutionality of the document.  THAT in and of itself is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

The LEGISLATIVE majority of Repuglicans are attempting to eliminate the Judiciary as a check and balance to the laws of the USA.

I wish there were competent people left in the Right Wing, but, alas all there are are Drama Queens.

It would seem as though Prop 8 is essentially DEAD.

...The 9th Circuit (click title to entry - thank you) judges are weighing an appeal of a federal judge's finding last August that Proposition 8, which bars same-sex marriage in California, violates the constitutional rights of gay people to equal protection. The appeal was filed by the ballot-measure group, which is represented by private attorneys.
U.S. Supreme Court opinions have doubted the authority of ballot-measure proponents to step in and defend measures in federal court that state authorities decline to defend.
One especially relevant U.S. Supreme Court opinion stemmed from a case originating in Arizona, where ballot measure proponents attempted to defend an English-only law that state officials refused to defend against a federal constitutional challenge....

A "Proposition" is a measure voted on by the electorate.  Once it is passed into law the STATE has the authority to enforce it.  If the law is challenged in a court of law and defeated it is up to the STATE to decide the MERITS of the appeal.  If the STATE decides the costs and outcomes are adverse to any appeal then the propositon is defeated. 

A 'citizen group' is NOT the State and cannot bring suit.  It is precedent because the 'citizen group' ONLY has the authority to bring the issue to ballot.  A citizen's group is NOT a sovereign entity.

Federal Legislation is needed to insure PRIVACY rights of cell phone users.

...The Supreme Courts of California and Ohio (click title to entry - thank you) have come down on opposite sides of the question of whether police need a warrant to search an arrested person’s cellphone. California may be perceived as the tech savvy state thanks to playing host to Silicon Valley, but when it comes to how the law applies to technology, its analysis is rather simplistic. In an opinion issued Monday, California’s court said, “No warrant needed,” equating a cell phone with a pack of cigarettes — Hmmmm. Cell phones are addictive, I suppose — referencing a Supreme Court decision that allowed police to search a cigarette package in an arrested person’s pocket that turned out to contain heroin.
Ohio’s court, on the other hand, ruled in December 2009 that a cell phone is more like a laptop, holding vast amounts of personal information and thus subject to greater privacy protections — namely, a warrant for searching it....

A "Crackberry" IS a laptop. 

No different than an iPAD would be.

More dead Birds now in Louisiana

I think I have something, but, it will take additional investigation. It is related to 'frequency' and DIET.

The USGS has reported there have been 16 such incidents in 30 years regarding Red Wing Blackbirds.  I ran across a study that states (which makes complete sense that birds and especially flocks of birds would 'sense' a meal at a distance).  The study states 'starlings' have the same response.  It is SPECIES RELATED.

How this may relate to Drum Fish isn't clear yet, but, I bet it is.

ABSTRACT: (click title to entry - thank you) We examined the feeding behavior of red-winged blackbirds (Agelaius phoeniceus) and European starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) on ears of corn (Zea mavs) artificially infested with corn earworms (Helicoverpa zea). In 30-minute aviary tests, redwings and starlings directed 39 to 79% more feeding responses to ears of corn with worms than to ears without worms but they damaged the same proportion of ears with and without worms. In 3-hour aviary tests and a field evaluation, birds damaged more ears with worms than without worms. In spite of more feeding responses directed to ears with worms, the overall damage (number of kernels eaten by birds) was similar in both groups of ears in aviary tests. Our findings indicate that earworms can influence feeding behavior by redwings and starlings on ears of corn. The results generally support the hypothesis that by reducing insect populations in cornfields, one can make the fields less attractive to birds. Also, because redwings and starlings actively sought earworms in corn ears, these abundant birds have the potential for reducing populations of these insect pests in cornfields.

This study was conducted to determine if species of birds could be used to combat insect populations in corn.  The application could be used for other crops, but, if birds could be attracted to eating 'pests' it would save monies on chemicals and solve problems.

The odd circumstances about these occurrences which are reported to have happened in Kentucky, Arkansas and Louisiana all involved specific species of primarily one bird.  The occurrence in Louisiana introduced the fatalities of Starlings. 

See, if it were weather related it would have involved more than one or two species of birds.  It would have resulted in a variety of not just birds but other small mammals like squirrels or chipmunks falling out of trees and the like.  At least that is my opinion.  As a trained and certified Wildlife Rehabilitor I know it happens in that way.   At any rate, if the weather was too turbulent for birds it would be have been more than one primary species and a 'happened upon' second species.  Weather turbulence is NOT that species specific.  That is what had me going to find out what exactly this was.

Now, why I am concerned is this.

There has to be a 'vector' of some kind that was ingested by the Red Wing Blackbirds in sufficient enough numbers to cause high levels of anti-coagulant in their blood.  It is not only species related, it is also dose related.   The vector has to be some kind of insect that might be flying at the same altitudes as the Red Wings and Starlings.  The reason the birds are eating them is because of a 'frequency' (wave length of sound).  The Red Wings and Starlings are 'picking up' the frequency that tells them it is meal time.

Considering this is in primarily southern states TO DATE, the vector has to be a native of the southern environment.

I doubt, although the possibility exists, that the frequency itself is the culprit.  Frequency can do damage to living tissue and that is what needs to be investigated.  If the Red Wings and Starlings have ingested something that attracted them, that is 'safer' to other fauna than if it was the frequency itself that was the culprit.

What makes me believe it is 'the frequency' that might be causing tissue damage is the Drum Fish.  There is the possibilty a swarm of insects could have caused the same tissue damage to the Drum Fish at the location in Arkansas, but, it is even more a possiblity if it is the 'frequency' that is the culprit.

I sincerely believe there needs to be a further investigation to the cause of the deaths of the fish and the birds to come to a conclusion.  Not just for the sake of ornathologists and their knowledge of bird behavior and death.  Which they would want to know anyway to realize what causes large 'die offs' of birds to avert such incidents in 'extinction potential,' but, to know EXACTLY what the frequency is that attracted these birds and/or fish and what exactly about the frequency caused their deaths.

There is something to this and USGS needs to investigate it.  I am not crying wolf here.  We have industry in thsi country that is regularly disrupting land masses to extract methane gas.  They are disrupting the 'craton' with very dangerous chemicals and techniques.  We know that Earth and rock can release frequencies.  Earthquakes ARE frequencies.

I wan tot know that the HELL is going on ! 

I am curious about something.  What is the circumference of the entire area where the dead birds have been found and are the Drum Fish at the epicenter?  Not all frequency is heard by human ears.

The DISTANCE from Beebe, Arkansas to Gilbertsville, Kentucky is approximately 300 miles.  The distance from Beebe, Arkansas to Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana is 350 miles.  The FISH KILL of the Drum Fish (whcih are BOTTOM FEEDERS) IS IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS MESS.

USGS needs to test for any 'energy wave' release from the area where the Drum Fish died.  Not necessarily were found, but, where they died.