Tuesday, November 09, 2010

On this blog it was noted early in President Obama's administration the 'cost of living,' better known 'officially' as The Consumer Price Index (CPI - not the security company) was negative.

The OFFICIAL definition according to The Labor Department whom tracks it is: 

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a measure of the average change over time in the prices paid by urban consumers for a market basket of consumer goods and services.

It is 'correct' to be concerned about the cost of living.  The truth of the matter is that there are many things at play in this recovering economy that impacts the cost of the goods we use.

The most profound reality which impacted the CPI of recent years is the economic crash of 2008.  A great deal of turbulence in the market place resulted in low demand for goods, with the exception of groceries.  But, the type of groceries purchased changed for MANY people.  As a result the abundance of goods and the ABILITY of people to pay for goods caused the market to react in a way that reduced the cost of most if not all goods.

The 'idea' that profound inflation will occur is all the more eminent with the 'money glut' produced by the Bernanke Bailout, or as some put it Bernanke Stimulus, of which I am hearing will be in excess of $900 billion.  Basically, $1 trillion US.  To underestimate the impact on the CPI by this impending inflation is completely irresponsible.  It isn't as though the USA economy, or for that matter, the global economy for that matter is fully recovered.  As a matter of fact, the glut of housing and the slow growth of the NEW PARADIGM is causing a very delicate economy.  That is why I find the Bernanke Bailout is more irresponsible than at all necessary.  It was a political expectation of the Fed following the election and not at all prudent.

The last thing ANYONE needs now is an inflationary escalation that will cut the purchasing ability of those RETURNING to the work force in new capacities that probably aren't paying what they at one time received.  Therefore, citizens of the USA might begin to breath a little easier about the future when acquiring a new job and seeing a future in their new expertise and competency, but, they are STILL recovering from the huge economic disaster of two years ago.  They aren't ready to pay higher prices and more than likely aren't ABLE to do it.

The FED is acting hostilely and/or in ignorance to consumers and in fool-hearty purpose to Wall Street providing liquidity that will never interpret into jobs. 

The CPI is the most widely used measure of inflation and is sometimes viewed as an indicator of the effectiveness of government economic policy. It provides information about price changes in the Nation's economy to government, business, labor, and private citizens and is used by them as a guide to making economic decisions. In addition, the President, Congress, and the Federal Reserve Board use trends in the CPI to aid in formulating fiscal and monetary policies.

The Bernanke Bailout is going to be a disaster when consumers are finding their dollars are not 'making ends meet.'  Already we are seeing huge increases in commodities and that DIRECTLY impact the CPI. 


There you have it.  A Republican seeks liquidity as an election celebration and the American consumer PAYS FOR IT !

CORRUPTION with a capital C.  The people least able to afford it ALWAYS pays for their poor insight to their manipulated and propagandized reality.

...The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) (click title to entry - thank you)  increased 0.1 percent in September on a seasonally adjusted basis, the U.S  Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 1.1 percent before seasonal adjustment.

Increases in food indexes and another rise in the gasoline index contributed to the all items seasonally adjusted increase this month. Four of the six major grocery store food group indexes increased in
September as the food index posted its largest increase since October 2008. The gasoline index rose again in September, leading to a third consecutive increase in the energy index despite a decline in the
index for household energy....

That increase of 0.1 is high for the Obama economy.  Truly.  It will be alarming to realize it isn't going to remain benevolent due to the indulgence of the 'needs of the rich,' otherwise known as WEALTHFARE.

Do I understand that "W" has a book out? Yes? Let's get few things straight.

To begin this was a biography APPROVED and exploited by "W."  It is not written by a historical account in the context of his time and place in history.  In other words, there aren't historical academicians writing all this bulloney.

THEN, he has laced it with EXCUSES for the FAILINGS of HIS administration.

What is the slogan of the Republican Party?  "ACCOUNTABILITY." 


He has BLAMED his STAFF for the FAILINGS that are his. 

I  DON'T  THINK   SO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is exactly the point actually.  "W" purposely surrounded himself by incompetents because otherwise government would actually be valueable ot the electorate and they would want government RATHER  THAN wealth merchants in charge of the country's business.

Do I believe he was a good and benevolent President?

You have got to be joking, NO !

Do I believe he was competent?  He already ADMITTED his staff was unable to do their jobs.  What do you think?  NO !

The LESSON to be learned from "W'"s book is that it is important to have clearly competent people surrounding the President, the American people have a COMPETENT President to make those decisions and government OF BY AND FOR the people is vital to the 'integrity' of the citizenry of the USA.

One of the reasons the House Repuglicans will be holding hearings is to AGAIN dummy down the infrastructure of the government and call is deficiit spending.

The Bush/Repuglican Plutocracy has evicerated the protections of the USA of its people.  The most stark reality is the BP Gulf Oil Disaster.  Recently it was learned the pay scale to government inspectors is sadly lacking.  Not only that, but, basically the petroleum industry has 'bought off' the competent inspectors and left behind those that have little competency and/or experience.  As a result those retied are being asked to return to their profession to teach and inspect to 'bring the USA inspectors' back up to speed.  THAT is corruption and it was instituted by the petroleum industy with the 'blinders on' by the Repuglican majorities and their COMMITTEE LEADERSHIP.  It may be that the USA Coast Guard is the best place for these inspectors, within their ranks, with enhanced pay to give incentive to entering the Coast Guard to pursue this profession.  It is a thought.  It will work with the full brevity of the USA military and its Joint Chiefs.

Drilling regulator wants higher pay for inspectors


The head of the U.S. agency responsible for inspecting offshore oil rigs says he wants to raise salaries and hire retired industry engineers to boost the competency of a staff that has been blamed for missing key problems with BP's failed drilling operation in the Gulf....

...But many recruits could be lured away by more lucrative jobs with oil and gas companies.

For example, a petroleum engineer working for the government in New Orleans will make between $57,408 and $147,857 a year, depending on experience and level of education. The oil and gas industry can offer much more, with U.S. salaries rising as high as $340,000 for experienced engineers, according to a survey by the Society of Petroleum Engineers....

...Meanwhile, the BOEM is searching for retired engineers who may be interested in government service after a career with Big Oil.

"There may be a pool of people who made good money in the industry, and now they see all the important issues that we're dealing with," he said. Maybe "they now want to give something back."...


It's amazing what the media and people say about the President, isn't it, Georgie?