Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Puerto Rico is our territory in the USA. Negligence of the people there is a human rights violation.

The WHO and UN needs to act with the CDC to prosecute the human rights violation the US House lead by, oh, what's his name, Ryan. Paul Ryan. Put his name on a document with the authorizations to the World Court and don't delay.

Local mosquito transmission of Zika virus infection (Zika) (click here) has been reported in Puerto Rico. Local mosquito transmission means that mosquitoes in the area are infected with Zika virus and are spreading it to people.

This level of hatred by Ryan and his US House is typical these days. Everything is always political. Well, it is time for Paul Ryan to grow up. There are people at real risk for heinous health conditions. Enough.

There is no excuse for these idiotic priorities. The same Speaker of the House approves billions upon billions into trillions on the F35 jet fighter and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. There is no excuse for NOT funding both Ebola and Zika.

This Speaker and House rather kill than heal. This time they are killing the wellness of infants. The Republicans claim to be Pro-Life, there is no indication of that.

Get on with it.

May 30, 2016

Orange County, Fla. — The Zika virus (click here) has already taken a toll on Puerto Rico’s tourism industry, now international publications are warning Florida could be next.
Some tourists on International Drive told Channel 9’s Nancy Alvarez they’ve been warned about the Zika virus, while others said they’ve never heard of it.
Visitors from Argentina said they heard about the virus when they arrived at the airport in Miami a week ago.
Kami Kallio told Eyewitness News she was warned about the virus back home in Spain.
“It’s all over the news,” Kallio said.
There are signs more tourists may have Zika on their minds as the busy travel season approaches.
In Puerto Rico, where more than 1,100 cases have been reported, tourism officials said hotel reservations have been canceled; it adds up to $28 million in lost revenue....

I'll tell you how moronic (and you will of course excuse the language) this asshole Ryan is. When the problems beset Puerto Rico to the point of collapse beyond any recovery the USA will have to respond and take action to end the suffering.

GET ON WITH IT. This is not a minor problem and I cannot imagine what it is to live in Puerto Rico and have this nightmare staring you in the face moment to moment. These mosquito are out and about during daytime. There is no relief from this. It is time to assist Puerto Rico and end the DANGER and not the SUFFERING of the future.

Paul Ryan might even understand the FACT, if the USA Government acts today it will cost less than if picking up the pieces afterward. Sometimes the CDC, UN and WHO just has to talk their plutocratic language. Don't leave it out, I am sure the World Courts will be appreciative of the real reason Ryan and the rest of the Republicans can't seem to identify humanity.

There is no choice in choosing between the funding for Eboli and Zika, they are equally as heinous. No one human being is more important than another. If anything Eboli is more heinous than Zika. The USA government has become a danger to it's own citizens.

The Trump University Documents

I hope the judge didn't compromise the proceedings by releasing documents because that is a problem for any appeal by the plaintiffs. If the Trump organization believes their position was compromised because the documents were released they may have a reason to appeal.

That said:

How many of the Trump University enrollees actually are participating in the lawsuit. How many students attended and graduated and how many didn't graduate? Are those filling the lawsuit people that graduated? Would they feel comfortable coming forward to speak to the media? Are there people who benefited from their enrollment?

The reason for the request of the numbers is to determine the percentage of successful candidates compared to other similar learning venues. We have had a great number of unsuccessful schools in the USA that received federal funds for tuition. Not all those schools delivered on jobs/success.

There probably are graduates that have done well. By releasing the documents their position may be compromised. There is also the issue that the curriculum will be duplicated by others. TU's (Trump University) brand is about the exclusivity of the curriculum. 

The definition of success by the Trump University is important as well. I think statistics are important simply because it clarifies the claims by people who obviously feels they weren't served well by their enrollment. 

The reason to conceal the documents may not have come from Donald Trump, but, his lawyers. I am assuming he listens to lawyers. Perhaps not. The proceedings were not reported by the media as if there were hearings, so I have to assume the dialogue regarding this Trump enterprise is taking place between the lawyers and the judge and not necessarily in open court.

Congratulations to the Washington Post for taking the lead on this issue. I hope the public will be satisfied with the media's coverage. 

There is no way of knowing for sure what the backlash will be regarding this, if I were a candidate I'd be cautious about the rhetoric. But, that is me. I believe in the truth and I think it is prudent to have the court come to a conclusion before espousing any lessons from this episode of the Trump enterprise.

The GI Bill has to be reviewed for modernization.

The GI Bill has objections to it's success. This is an interesting article in the New York Times yesterday. It addresses issues that should be among the public, including veteran advocacy groups, to demand clarification of the educational opportunities for men and women who have served.

The very online universities that provide worthless graduation certificates are the larger part of the providers in the GI Bill program.

May 30, 2016
By Alexander McCoy

My six years in the Marine Corps (click here) taught me the importance of learning the basics. When the Marines teach a young recruit to shoot, they don’t skip parts of the training. Whether you have never touched a gun in your life or grew up hunting every weekend, the Marines drill you in how to steady your sights, master your breathing and control recoil. Every recruit is taught and then tested in the fundamentals of marksmanship before he or she advances in basic training.College education shouldn’t be any different....
...But among some colleges, the A.C.E.’s dubious guidelines have effectively created a race to the bottom. Low-quality colleges, predominantly online and for-profit, which would otherwise be violating federal law by relying too heavily on federal student aid dollars, have a financial incentive to recruit veterans, whose benefits count as nonfederal funding thanks to a legal loophole. The A.C.E.’s credit recommendations provide these colleges with justification to offer easy credit, encouraging veterans to enroll with advertising that says their transfer credit policies are veteran-friendly. Unwary veterans are often attracted by the promise of a shortcut to a degree, without realizing that receiving a partial education will cripple them when they apply for graduate school or private-sector jobs....

There is advocacy for the veterans and the GI Bill, but, is it well informed advocacy, because the GI Bill should be providing real jobs for veterans, not empty promises. What GI Bill are advocacy groups actually backing?

February 9, 2016
By George Altman

The House of Representatives on Tuesday (click here) approved a bill that would cut, by half, the housing stipend for children of service members going to school with transferred Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits.
The reduction, which would not apply to benefits already transferred or transferred within 180 days of the bill becoming law, was included to pay for other aspects of the legislation, according to a spokesman for the House Veterans Affairs Committee.
The bill, passed on a voice vote, includes measures on veterans health care, jobs and transition out of the military.
But the sharp reduction in the housing stipend, often one of the most valuable parts of the Post-9/11 GI Bill, has generated some pointed criticism and split military and veterans advocacy groups....

Opponents to those Congressmen and Congresswomen that have voted for this addition to the budget should not receive their seats back in Congress. The vote to limit the stipends is only one aspect of the GI Bill. The entire law that supports veterans into a better quality of life through education has to be reworked and made MEANINGFUL.

Right now the stipends is the only part that is direly important, but, the long term return on the very educations veterans are receiving under the GI Bill is in question. Advocates and universities should be working together to bring better outcomes for the veterans. This online mess has to end and for those disabled veterans without transportation they need to be reassured there is a reasonably good paying job waiting for them and not an empty destination for their graduate certificate.
The Democratic Party is not over. That should be evident when Secretary Clinton is leaving for California after raising money in New York. She hasn't got California cliched. That validates the Sanders' campaign claims.

I think Secretary Clinton has a real chance to win Sanders' voters without violating their ideals. She should find one issue they want and propose how it would pass a Congress and how it will fail. Making headway into any subject requires a Congress that sees the advantage for bill passage. Currently, the President is obstructed over immigration reform. How does the numbers in Congress have to change to pass reform and she see a possibility to pass a bill with the current Congress?

Hillary has to deliver. How is she going to do that. The truth on that issue is a strong and realisitic platform. That's my opinion.

Donald Trump states the press should be ashamed of themselves for raising doubt about the monies raised for veterans. He states currently the initiative has raised over $6 million dollars which $1 million was Donald Trump alone. He said all the monies are spent, but, groups have to be vetted. He states he received a letter from a man that received $100,000. He does not believe a private effort to raise monies has to disclose individual groups : "22 Kill" is a group receiving $200,000, "The veteran canine corp, Inc. received $75,000," etc. 

I think Donald Trump is legitimate about these monies. He is not a fool. 

When Donald Trump begins his national campaign against whoever is running every one of these groups will come out to endorse him on behalf of the veterans they serve. Tell me this man doesn't know what he is doing. 

The Libertarian candidate, former Governor Gary Johnson, was on NPR today. He is an interesting person and slices through the both sides of the aisle. He is not a flip-flopper. When asked if he would change his views to benefit extreme right wing agendas he simply restated the policy he already presented. He is someone a voter can believe, trust and knows where he stands on policy. Libertarians absolutely know what their votes mean

Liberty has a meaning and value. Gary Johnson does not waiver from it. He doesn't play with words and their meaning. 

Governor Gary Johnson has always been a fringe candidate. He and the Libertarian Party are excited about the funding they are receiving. It should be interesting, but, the Libertarian Party needs to keep the people that drink too much off the stage! 

Trickle down economics is a myth.

The Republicans lost their base because they lied to them in order to win elections and did nothing but make their lives worse. The most impoverished people in the USA are in red states.

The Values Voter has money and previously pushed their demands for religious based (social conservativism) government. The religious right ONLY provided guidance to be in God's graces and nothing more. The red states have the worst socioeconomic problems and are handed a Bible to resolve them.

Those behind Donald Trump want real relief from their economic disaster under Republican leadership. They don't want to be lied to anymore and if Trump takes them for granted when he is nominated he'll lose them as quick as the establishment Republicans.

Republicans focus on the wealthy in trickle down economics. Hello?

The very best example of how Republicans make their myth real is to dance to their victory on a Democratic established economy; "W" destroyed the Clinton surplus, declared an illegal and immoral war in Iraq and the economy was moving toward a crash the entire eight years. Every bill from 2001 to 2006 in the Congress was a spending bill.

Weren't those 'economic stimulus' great!

The American people paid for their own bailout in the way of government spending after the Clinton surplus was gone. The last breath of the growing recession was the crash of 2008. It initially was noted as starting in 2006. In 2006 the Democrats took the majority in Congress because the Great Recession was being felt in the country and people realized the Republican promises were lies. This was five years after 911 and the wars were realized to be wrong and losing legitimate grounds.

The Levantine Sea surrounds Cyrus and is believe to be where EgyptAir 804 found it's last destination.

The greatest depth of the Levantine Sea is 4384 meters is found in the Pliny Trench, about 80 km south of Crete. The Levantine Sea stretches over an area of 320,000 km2. The northern part of the Levantine Sea between Cyprus and Turkey is called Cilician Sea.

4384 meters is a 14383.2 feet depth. That translates into 2.72 miles. It is time to retrieve the black boxes without excuses.

31 May 2016
By Guardian staff

Egyptian authorities (click here) have confirmed a distress signal was received from EgyptAir flight 804 when it crashed in the Mediterranean with 66 people on board.
A US official from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) also said an emergency beacon was picked up by satellites minutes after the airliner disappeared from radar on 19 May as it flew from Paris to Cairo, according to reports.
A posting on Egypt’s State Information Service website said investigators had “received satellite reports indicating receiving an electronic distress call from the plane’s emergency locator transmitter (ELT)”. The co-ordinates were being used to narrow down the search area, the statement said....