Saturday, April 11, 2015

Doesn't Oklahoma have liberal gun laws? A 9mm is hardly straw purchase.

Was Mr. Harris on parole or something? I find this entire scenario more than a little odd. A parole violation? Why was this man singled out for a sting operation?

For a face to face transaction (FTF) (click here) Joker has it right, don't be afraid to give them a recept if they want one, that can be as easy as a hand written note with date, serial number and your contact info.

If the gun is registered to you then don't be afraid to ask for a recept with their personal contact info.

(in Oklahoma we don't register guns we just have to do the brady background paperwork if you are buying a gun from an FFL holder)

I deal in guns both as a buyer and seller and in Oklahoma you can sell as a private citizen to anyone that you are sure is over 21 and don't suspect they are a fellon.

If you want to sell to someone in another city it is not difficult either, you can ship a shotgun or rifle to anyone in Oklahoma through UPS or Fed-ex without paperwork The exception is a pistol and you need to ship that to an FFL holder.

Outside of Oklahoma you need to have an FFL holder ship to another FFL holder and have your buyer pick it up from them, Any gun shop has an FFL license and most will ship, most on this form ship cheap.

Give me a PM with what you want and what you have and I may be able to take your guns in on trade for the one you want. 

Under Oklahoma law a license would be required for 'carry and/or concealed carry.' But, if Mr. Harris was bringing a gun to a location to sell it, there is no crime there.

Under Oklahoma gun control laws a permit is required to carry or conceal. (click here)

Inadvertent mistakes. Indeed.

I am sorry, but, while the officer stated he was about to release a taser on the suspect, they had already caught Mr. Harris. Basically, there was no need for the taser either. Mr. Harris was killed because of carelessness and over use of force. It is very obvious. There is no phenomena within that video and the only high stress voice I heard was that of Mr. Harris when he realized he'd been shot. His first aid and transport should have been immediate. There was a car right there. 

I would think with the officers feeling so badly about the mistake and realizing Mr. Harris was bleeding moving him to an emergency room would be better. I can under understand when an officer realizes what a terrible circumstance the suspect is facing, the car was right there. What kind of first aid is in the petrol cars, because what ever it is, is not sufficient for this type of aggressive policing. Mistake or no mistake an unarmed Black man is dead again. 

Selling a 9mm pistol is a crime. He was wrong to do it. But, it should have never cost him is life. 

Mr. Harris was already under the control of police when he was shot.

April 11, 2015
By Corey Jones

...The video shows (click here) a deputy reaching out to take down Harris, who Jim Clark said was running with the characteristics of holding a gun. He continued to struggle on the ground with deputies and ignore their commands, Jim Clark said.

“He was absolutely a threat when going down” because deputies believed him to be armed and he hadn’t been searched yet, Jim Clark said.

Bates exited his vehicle with a pepper ball gun in his left hand and a firearm in his right. Bates saw an opportunity to shock Harris in his upper right shoulder, Jim Clark said, and thought that he had holstered his handgun and drawn his Taser when he fired.

After Harris was shot, deputies can be seen in the video subduing him by using neck and head pressure points.

Tulsa County Sheriff’s Capt. Billy McKelvey said the deputies were not aware that he had been shot, having not heard the round. As soon as they realized he was wounded, they rendered aid and radioed for paramedics and firefighters, McKelvey said.

Investigators later learned that Harris was unarmed.

The Sheriff’s Office placed weapons identical to the ones Bates had on a table for examination.

McKelvey, a certified firearms instructor, explained that the Taser and the .38-caliber pistol were both equipped with laser sights. When gripping either one, the laser is activated, he said, also noting that the two have similar weights. The handgun weighs 11.4 ounces, while the Taser weighs 12.6 ounces.

There would be no difference in feel in a high-stress situation, McKelvey said. Bates’ Taser was kept on the front of his utility vest, and his gun holster was on his right hip.

“He made an inadvertent mistake,” McKelvey said....