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There are a few hate groups (click here) within reach of Madison. Most are housed in Milwaukee.

March 26, 2016
By Don Terry
Before he allegedly robbed a bank, (click here) stole a pickup truck, killed a man and then got into a shootout that left him and a young state trooper dead in small town Wisconsin on Tuesday, Steven Snyder was reportedly a racist skinhead with ties to the National Alliance (NA), once the best organized and most dangerous neo-Nazi group in the country.
In 1996, when Snyder was 19, he was part of a group of skinheads, armed with pipes and baseball bats, that attacked a group of blacks and Latinos at their home in Fond du Lac, Wis., according to a Milwaukee television station...

January 16, 2007
Eighty-seven-year-old Theodor Junker (click here) says he doesn't want any trouble. The retired farmer and ex-Waffen SS soldier just wants to tend quietly to his Hitler memorial, which lies off a single-lane gravel path deep in the woods of southern Wisconsin.
But trouble is what he got in August, when five carloads of neo-Nazis pulled onto his property to pay respects to Junker and his shrine. Junker, who emigrated to the United States from Germany in 1955, does not yet have a zoning permit to host "large events" as defined by the county and was summarily fined $2,000 for allowing about 25 members of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement (NSM) to gather at his memorial. According to the court judgment, the money will be returned if Junker does not violate zoning regulations within the next year....
The Libertarians. The former Ron Paul supporters are actually really great people. They are steadfast and nothing anyone says against them will hold water. They have studied their US Constitution and dedicated their love of their country to the understanding they carry as their own. They are very passionate about their beliefs. I think they are great. Their stubbornness is due to their love of country, not about standing alone as uniquely political. 

No one should dismiss them as irrelevant. They won't go away. They are convinced they hold the truth about the country's precious documents. I think that is fine. Not only fine, but, important. I think their understanding of the beginnings of this country is important and they should not change.

Some of my best friends love tatoos.

17th Annual Tatoofest (click here)

31 March - 03 April 2016

There is a variety of interests (click here)

Artist from your Favorite Tv Shows Epic Ink, TattooNightmares, Inkmaster, Tattoo Titans. Tattoo Contests After Parties, Miss Tattoofest Contest Winner to be painted by Dave Nestler Worlds Number Pinup Artist in the World. Sideshows and new for this year Comicfest in the same building 2 great shows one price.

Get to know the "Sea Shepard Conservation Society" (click here)

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is a non-profit marine conservation organization whose mission is to end the slaughter of wildlife and destruction of habitats in the world’s oceans. Our work is dedicated to protecting our clients — the many, diverse species of wildlife that live within the ocean’s eco-systems — from the tiny plankton to the great whales.
Sea Shepherd uses innovative, non-violent, direct-action tactics to investigate, document, and take action when necessary in order to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas.
By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately balanced ocean eco-systems, Sea Shepherd works to ensure their survival for future generations. As Sea Shepherd Founder, Captain Paul Watson says, “If the oceans die, we die!” It really is that simple.
Sea Shepherd has grown to the point where we are no longer just an organization, we are now a movement of passionate individuals around the world who care about conserving, protecting and defending our oceans. Sea Shepherd does what others can’t, or won’t.

Tatoos are very personal. They are body art. They are often a self expression and personal ideology, however, having a tatoo does not indicate criminality or social pariah.
I think very little of those that attempt to victimize any person because of their body art without a conversation about it.
It is interesting to engage a person about their ideologies and invite them to understand mine. It is all legal and there should be no campaign to defame people interested in living their lives expressing their personal choices in body art. Closing them off from all others only leaves them stranded and that is very Un-American.

I thought we already covered the personal choices some people make when they hate and how open mindedness makes them approachable to find a different reality.

Anonymous is working for the GOP? Really?

I thought all you guys were in jail. That isn't the Chinese undercover, is it? The Republicans have to work out their own problems. There was an ad today for Ted Cruz about the murder of a boy by an illegal alien. Ted Cruz states he approves of the message. That is new for Cruz. Before today, he was playing both sides of the aisle. The ad appeared because one of the messages Donald Trump carries is about the American deaths caused by illegal aliens. The GOP has to work this out for themselves. The Republican elite take their voter base for granted. 

2008 didn't just hit the Democrats. Imagine an electorate with a President in the White House that didn't have his hand on the economy and allowed it to collapse. The former US Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. Paulson was asked to serve after John Snow resigned. I remember the debate in the news. They worked very hard to remove Snow and place Paulson in office. The signs of 2008 were already showing in 2006. What did Paulson do? He went to China. He was in China more often, with his best Chinese smile, than he was in his government office. 

The GOP has a lot to learn about this country and we are all tired of having them learn it at our expense. This is their fight.

Today, I heard a report of how companies left NYC after 911. What did Donald Trump do? He sent 500 employees to the cities rescue efforts to help. That matters.

Of all people Mitt Romney actually thinks he is somebody. Look where he made his millions! He put Americans out of work. He has no room to talk.

March 18, 2016
By Claire Zillman
Earlier this week the hacker group Anonymous (click here) declared “total war” on GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, calling his behavior “deeply disturbing.”
On Thursday, Anonymous started to follow through on that promise, reportedly posting personal information about Trump online. Most of it was already public, like his birthday, his place of birth, and his legal counsel, but there were a few tidbits that had been private, namely his (alleged) social security number and the number to his cell phone,according to USA Today....

Ever since she visited with President Obama and First Lady Michelle, life has taken an interesting turn.

March 15, 2016
By Adrianne M. Haney

First, (click here) she danced at the White House with President Obama and the First Lady. Then she turned 107 years old. Now, she's broken out her boogie shoes again to dance and do tricks with some of the Harlem Globetrotters.
On Tuesday, Virginia McLaurin met up with Moose Weekes and Zeus McClurkin of the iconic basketball team at the Roots Public Charter School in Washington D.C. where the woman (still!) volunteers.
"I didn't think I'd ever get the chance to meet them, but I always watched them, and I used to try to do what they do with the ball, but it didn't work," she told media at the event....

Welcome to the power structure of the USA, Trump family.

This is status quo for people that are within the power structure of the USA. There is always at least one campaign office attacked during elections. This is a bit early, but, the GOP isn't interested in talking kindly about their Tea Party candidate.

I apologize to Eric. It happens, ya know? It is part of the political realities these days. No one expects Eric to defy odds or be brave. It is okay to feel vulnerable and confide in friends and family. I am sorry this happened to you, it should not have.

March 18, 2016
By David Caplan, Aaron Katersky and Megan Keneally

The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force (click here) in New York is leading the investigation into a letter containing a suspicious white powder that was sent to one of Donald Trump's sons.
The task force has also teamed up with the Secret Service, the Postal Inspector and the NYPD.
A preliminary field test of the powder sent to Eric Trump's New York City apartment Thursday indicated the substance did not appear hazardous, according to the source who was briefed on the matter.
The NYPD confirmed to ABC News it responded to a call at Trump Parc East, a high-end residential building on Central Park South, but the department did not identify the recipient of the letter as Donald Trump's 32-year-old son, who has an apartment in the building. (The Trump Organization source, however, confirmed the letter was indeed sent to the real estate mogul's son's apartment.)
The NYPD said, "At approximately 7:15 p.m., the NYPD responded to a residential building at 100 Central Park South to investigate a report of a suspicious letter received by a tenant. The letter has been removed and is being examined by law enforcement authorities. No injuries have been reported in connection with this incident."...

There is some talk about Bergdahl having a personality disorder.


The American public has absolutely no idea to the degree of mental health issues manifest in the military. Personal disorders are everywhere. The one personality disorder that manifests most frequently in crime is Borderline Personality Disorder.

October 18, 2007 NIMH-funded (click here) researchers recently reported that roughly nine percent of? U.S.adults have a personality disorder as defined by the fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM-IV. Many people with personality disorders were also found to have co-occurring major mental disorders. These findings are from the first nationally representative survey of the prevalence of personality disorders and were published in the September 2007 issue ofBiological Psychiatry....

The most current DSM is DSM-V. (click here) Public or Academic libraries have it in their reference section.

This new edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5(tm)), used by clinicians and researchers to diagnose and classify mental disorders, is the product of more than 10 years of effort by hundreds of international experts in all aspects of mental health. Their dedication and hard work have yielded an authoritative volume that defines and classifies mental disorders in order to improve diagnoses, treatment, and research. 

Go Belgium.

The dogs they are asking to find the terrorists are not German Shepards.

The Belgian Malinois (click here) (pronounced MAL-in-wah) is a medium-size Belgian shepherd dog that at first glance resembles a German Shepherd DogMalinois are shorthaired, fawn-colored dogs with a black mask. They are one of four types of Belgian herding dogs, and have been shown in the U.S. as a separate breed since 1959.

They are very intelligent dogs. 

March 18, 2016
Kim Hjelmgaard and Doug Stanglin
Salah Abdeslam, (click here) the main fugitive from November's Paris terror attack, was shot and captured Friday in a raid by police on a Brussels suburb, according to French and Belgian officials.
Abdeslam was wounded in the knee in the operation, according to the deputy mayor o Molenbeek where the raid took place. He said he had received confirmation of Abdeslam's capture from the Belgian federal prosecutor’s office.
Ahmed El Khannouss told The Associated Press that police were still searching for one person who was holed up in a house....        

One last thought.

E. meningoseptica might be self limiting if it has a short life and expends all its energy on replication. In other words, the replication is it's only function regardless of how lethal it is. It might not have a food source at all which means there is no way into it's biology to end it's life. The focus then has to be the cell membrane.

Pressure treatment of organisms

We know a hot planet will provide opportunity for microscopic organisms for many reasons. Normal pressure on Earth (air pressure, PSI or the British equivalent) can provide suppression of mutation. It is conceivable that any MINOR change in air pressure on a hot planet will provide a new HABITAT for these same organisms or give rise to others.

I am impressed by all the new organisms finding their way to the surface of the human immune system.

When investigating environments where these organisms have erupted, such as the Zika Forest, include atmospheric pressure as part of the organism's identity. It will pay off in the long run.

I would say expose them to weightless environments, but, that would be foolish and simply provide danger to the astronauts. The investigation can be done on Earth in research facilities.

Atmospheric temperatures on Earth change with elevation, but, so does the temperature.

I am going to take a lunch break. 

The USA has to address the relationship it has with the companies that reside within it's borders.

I didn't set out to make this point, but, it occurred to me how important it is for some companies to be on a list of national security concerns.

This is Sandoz.

...By offering a broad portfolio (click here) of high-quality affordable medicines, Sandoz also contributes to the stability of healthcare systems worldwide, providing significant savings that can be used for the funding of costlier novel therapies, thus encouraging continued pharmaceutical innovation. In this way, Sandoz represents a key pillar of the overall Novartis strategy of offering an all-inclusive range of medicines to patients, physicians and healthcare providers along the entire healthcare spectrum. Novartis is currently the only company with a leading global position in both patent-protected and generic pharmaceuticals, allowing Sandoz to benefit from the cross-divisional flow of specialist technical, clinical and regulatory expertise....

The idea a vital company to global and national security can simply wander off the map to follow profits by cutting operating costs in another country is ridiculous.

This is more than American jobs, it is about how we support humanity including Americans. Sandoz is highly technical and demands excellent professional employees, but, it makes the point. It isn't just about bailing the companies out and then having a right to tax their exit; it is about the company, the products and the vital importance they play to global and national security. 

ie: GM. They retooled for WWII. No one would consider GM a company they could do without for their jobs, but, the potential to implications in national security extends beyond the products on the market.

There needs to be a relationship with companies that provide such dynamics to the USA and it's economy. Stability has to be at play. 

CEOs do not operate on the best interests of countries and employees. They are threat to company stability and the role that company plays to national and global security.

Orphaned vaccines is a prime example of the failure of government.

Aggressive medicine rather than symptomatic application.

Were the victims of Elizabethkingia meningoseptica immune suppressed? If yes, were they on immune suppressing medications?

Challenges in the laboratory diagnosis of this organism complicate a true understanding of its role in disease. Difficulties in culture, including variable (strain-dependent) growth on MacConkey agar (1) and misidentification on some automated laboratory platforms (4,7), contribute to diagnostic challenges. 

It needs a new agar. PROTEINS only. Then take the proteins away.

Forget mass spec, run it through an electron microscope. Get ABSOLUTE diagnosis and not just the best guess. WHAT DOES THE DAMN THING LOOK LIKE!!!!!!!

By the time all the guess work is done, the person is dead. Get over it. SPEND THE BUCKS. Any university and the NIH of all places would be happy to help. There needs to be a protocol to prevent the spread of the organism. The NIH should develop the protocol for the electron microscope. THE BEST way is to use the same one over and over and then terminally disinfected with pressure every time it is used.

Patient support. The body systems have to receive support similar to that of septic shock. Be prepared for the worst to happen. Keep their blood pressure under control. Put in Triple Lumens at the very least, but, it would be better to monitor cardiac output as well. Expect them to collapse and prevent it at first instance. Those measures can always be backed off minute by minute in an intensive care setting. Medicine doesn't usually invoke extreme measures until a patient manifests those symptoms. I think these patients should be supported from the beginning.

The cascade of failure under septic shock is too late to apply measures to save the patient. With such plasma infusion should begin with first understanding of it's positive diagnosis.

Ask Sandoz (click here) for any research on iGg serum that would have antibodies known to attacks similar infections.

I think that is it for now. I am sure everyone at NIH has thought about this anyway.

Oh, fever. Cooling blankets, but, everyone knows that.

Also, DIALYSIS water if kidney support is necessary. USE STERILE WATER ONLY. Acute failure can occur, but, it will reverse if the people live through it.

"Time for Trump"

No one asked Donald Trump to run for the presidency. This is his time. Sarah Palin has endorsed him. This has very little to do with Hillary Clinton.

The act of listening is one of the safest, (click here) most clichéd strategies in Washington. Candidates embark on public relations-friendly “listening tours.” Committee members nod as experts testify. Congressional leaders sit through sessions with frustrated members, rope-a-doping their party’s most spirited lawmakers by responding to tirades with an open ear.

The strategy is exactly what Speaker John A. Boehner gave his conference Wednesday, telling Republicans to wait and see what the Senate delivers on the Department of Homeland Security funding bill before gathering their pitchforks....

There is a party that grew out of the 2008 collapse of the GOP. Donald Trump has been disgusted with the Republican candidates that can't win and he decided to lead the party to leadership. There is nothing suspicious about that. I think everyone was surprised and OBVIOUSLY no one in media, the public sector or The Party itself bothered to realize who the Tea Party is and who their supporters are.

The GOP is NOT going to blame this on Hillary Clinton. No one recruited Donald Trump.

Trump has invested plenty in the GOP, including being a sponsor of CPAC. Enough speculation. He believes he would be throwing good money after bad in this election. He has a right to assert his political voracity to run for office. He has been asked to run for President of the USA by his supporters for the last two if not three campaigns. Losing is losing and he believes he can win. Who knows, it might just happen. No one thought he could get this far.

He is an American, self funded and that alone is fresh air for the Republican Party. More and more I am hearing, "...but, he is talking about issues that are real...." And this isn't just Republicans saying that. 

Since 2008, EIGHT YEARS AGO, the American middle class is disappearing. The Americans in poverty has never been higher than after 2008. The people that had good paying jobs before 2008, are now working two and three jobs in order to replace that income. Their issues HAVE TO TAKE PRECEDENT to this election. How much more are Americans expected to shoulder for Wall Street?

Donald Trump is treated as if he is alone and the entire GOP is against him. That is not the case. He has allies. They are not minor people in the world.
March 17, 2016
Lansing, Mich. (AP) — Health officials (click here) have confirmed that a western Michigan resident died after contracting a bloodstream infection matching a Wisconsin outbreak.
The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services says Thursday that it was notified March 11 by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the match. The person was an older adult with underlying health conditions.
Wisconsin officials say 17 people with infections caused by Elizabethkingia (ee-LIZ'-ah-beth-kin-GEE'-ah) bacteria have died since November and that the outbreak is the largest recorded in published literature.
The bacteria is common in the environment, but rarely causes infections.
CDC spokeswoman Melissa Brower says "it shouldn't be assumed" the person from Michigan had been to Wisconsin because the states are in the same geographic region.

From the CDC website, thElizabethkingia meningoseptica is affiliated with what is called a nosocomial infection. A nosocomial infection is a hospital acquired infection. Evidently, the lungs are involved. Patients in critical care units can be on life support including ventilators. Ventilators are part of the surgical suite as well. General anesthesia requires ventilator support of the patient.

Elizabethkingia meningoseptica (click here) is an infrequent colonizer of the respiratory tract; its pathogenicity is uncertain. In the context of a 22-month outbreak of E. meningoseptica acquisition affecting 30 patients in a London, UK, critical care unit (3% attack rate) we derived a measure of attributable morbidity and determined whether E. meningoseptica is an emerging nosocomial pathogen. We found monomicrobial E. meningoseptica acquisition (n = 13) to have an attributable morbidity rate of 54% (systemic inflammatory response syndrome >2, rising C-reactive protein, new radiographic changes), suggesting that E. meningoseptica is a pathogen. Epidemiologic and molecular evidence showed acquisition was water-source–associated in critical care but identified numerous other E. meningoseptica strains, indicating more widespread distribution than previously considered. Analysis of changes in gram-negative speciation rates across a wider London hospital network suggests this outbreak, and possibly other recently reported outbreaks, might reflect improved diagnostics and that E. meningoseptica thus is a pseudo-emerging pathogen.

...The outbreak in the UK was from water sources. Water faucets. Get rid of the crusty mess that occurs. FIRST take swabs for nosocomial infection and then clean them mercilessly. If the lab swabs show the organism REPLACE THE FAUCETS....

Outbreaks have been linked to hospital water sources in adult critical care units (8,13); these outbreaks have been suggested to be attributable to the tolerance exhibited by Elizabethkingia species to such environments.

Ventilators should be cleaned with BOTTLED STERILE WATER and surgical cloths along with the chemicals that sanitize the ventilator ONLY! Ventilator sterilization has to be reviewed. If there is heat applied then the organism has become resistant to the heat and a different temperature may have to be employed OR temperature and ADDED PRESSURE.

No cutting corners because some damn CEO demands it. If that is what is giving this organism opportunity the CEO needs to be fired!

gram-negative nonfermenting obligate aerobe

Nonfermenting means it doesn't use the body's sugars to grow.

This is a strange one and borders on the environment of a fungus. However, this obligate aerobe doesn't use sugars to grow. We are in trouble. It is a mutant determined to survive in an environment no matter what. I don't know if that departure from consuming sugars is an enhancement to treatment or deterrent. Fungus are some of the worst infections a human being can get and evidently, this thing is as virulent as it's cousin. 

The lungs are rich with oxygen and nutrients and water. The respiratory organisms are exceptionally dangerous. One might recall SARS.

Typical medicines minocycline, rifampin, SXT, and quinolones. Typical food carbohydratesfats, and proteins. Carbohydrates and fats produce sugars in metabolism. Proteins???

Starve the damn thing. Remove the amino acids from it's environment and see if it grows.

The President of the Senate needs to address the Senate. It urgently needs his guidance.

? The Biden Rule ?

Joe, the moral content of the Senate has been sacrificed for politics. It is time to use the power afforded the President of the Senate to address the 100.

...Although (click here) the President pro tempore’s powers are limited and not comparable to those of the Speaker of the House, as the chamber’s presiding officer, he is authorized to perform certain duties. For example, he may decide points of order (subject to appeal) and enforce decorum in the Senate chamber and galleries. 

Early in the nation’s history, some Presidents pro tempore appointed Senators to standing committees. While they no longer do so, election to the office is considered one of the highest honors bestowed by the Senate, and Presidents pro tempore are traditionally accorded a somewhat larger salary and allowances for staff....

Melanie Campbell is still waiting for the questionnaires she sent to Republicans as well as Democrats. The Democrats have already recognized and honored her with an answer.

Melanie Campbell (click here)

March 18, 2016
By Cherri Gregg

Philadelphia (CBS) — The National Coalition of 100 Black Women’s (click here) annual luncheon is inspired by a legend.
Madam C.J. Walker was the first American woman to become a self-made millionaire.
Born in 1867 in Louisiana, she invented hair care products for African American women, building an empire while giving back at levels unheard of during her time.
“Her story is synonymous with our organizational agenda and our mission,” says Robyn Younger, president of the National Coalition of 100 Women, Pennsylvania Chapter.
The group’s annual Madam C.J. Walker Luncheon and Economic Empowerment Seminar draws more than 700 attendees from across the region....

I think if President Obama made a choice of a black woman for the Supreme Court he might be surprised at the movement he would have received in his final months of office to confirmation. I have nothing against Chief Judge Garland. Republicans are calculating a time line to confirmation of Judge Garland. That is not healthy for the country and the wrath they would have received regarding a black woman nominee would have cost them their jobs.
Joseph E. di Genova (click here) is running the hate machine behind the Clinton emails. The emails came out of headlines so now he personally is on C-Span to reignite the hate machine.

He has no respect for her and can only see one thing, charging Hillary Clinton with a crime based in the ONE thing no other Secretary of States had, a private server. Tie a rock around it and through it and her off the bridge.

He sees absolutely no virtue with the former Secretary. He doesn't believe she should be in government and never should have. 

Enough. We have had enough of the hate Clinton political action committees.

Hillary Clinton is an attorney and doesn't need his insight to live her life!

It is no different than the hate campaigns about President Obama during his administration. The hate machine is focused on Hillary Clinton now and if that is any indication, she has an easy path to the White House.


The State of Michigan has a Rainy Day Fund that has yet been tapped to meet the need. The Flint River is still the source for Flint in the face of new pipes being laid by the efforts of the Mayor and Council.

Snyder needs to resign.

March 17, 2016
By Abby Goodnough Time and again, (click here) Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan acknowledged in a tense congressional hearing Thursday that he had been aware of complaints about the drinking water in Flint, including from news reports his aides had emailed him. Yet he had accepted assurances, he said, that the problems were not severe....

Liar!!!!!!! He provided bottle water to his state offices because of the poison in the Flint water.

Prime Minister Netanyahu have Israel on a course of it's own demise.

The news day is about 20 minutes old and every cable channel is already yelling about stopping Trump. Really?

March 18, 2016
By Tracy Connor

An American man (click here) described as an ISIS defector says he made a "bad decision" to follow a young woman to Iraq — and claims he left ISIS because he doesn't share the terror organization's views....

According to this man who left Virginia, USA to join Deash, there are fighters for this genocidal regime from every ethnicity around the world.

...Khweis, the American-born son of Palestinian immigrants in Virginia, spoke calmly and even smiled as he described his odyssey.

He said he left for Europe in December and wound up in Turkey where he met an Iraqi girl who said she was from Mosul....

The Palestinian conflict with Israel is a common thread with many American defectors. The killer on the military base in Texas had roots to Palestine. Israel isn't interested in settling a peace with the Palestinians and that has to be one of the highest priorities in USA middle east policy. Falling into fear and war resultant from that fear, for the USA, is the worst possible path for USA foreign policy. Israel has to come to the peace table. End of discussion.

March 18, 2016

UPDATE: The University of Sydney has released a statement justifying the decision to cancel the booking for the talk but reversing the initial decision. It reads:
In the course of a regular screening process, campus security was alerted to the fact that Mr Abunimah did not yet have a valid visa. As a result, the event was cancelled.
As Mr Abunimah now has a valid visa, the event can proceed as planned
The University is an institution deeply committed to free speech and open debate, and we welcome all those on campus who wish to engage in public discourse.
Just two days after a prominent Palestinian-American journalist was finally granted a visa from the Australian Government after lengthy and unexplained delays, the University of Sydney has cancelled one of the public events he was to speak at, also without explanation....

This is common practice by The West. Emad Burnat, the filmmaker of "Five Broken Cameras" came to the USA to attend the Academy Awards where he was nominated. (click here) and was simply stopped in Los Angeles. A Saudi-Pakistani fiance can enter the USA without any concern to go on to kill Americans and her husband in the process, yet Palestinians that come to the USA are corned, detained and require intervention by others in order to enter the country. Speak the word Palestinian and watch what happens next.

The USA is rightfully the ally of Israel, but, it should never be it's co-conspirator to kill Palestinians and remove them from their land.

20 January 2016
Sadly, 2016 has begun much like 2015 ended (click here) – with unacceptable levels of violence and a polarized public discourse across the spectrum in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory.
Stabbings, vehicle attacks, and shootings by Palestinians targeting Israeli civilians – all of which I condemn --  and clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces, have continued to claim lives.
But security measures alone will not stop the violence.  They cannot address the profound sense of alienation and despair driving some Palestinians – especially young people.
The full force of the law must be brought to bear on all those committing crimes – with a system of justice applied equally for Israelis and Palestinians alike....
Palestinian frustration is growing under the weight of a half century of occupation and the paralysis of the peace process....

The growth of anti-semitism is the responsibility of Israel and it's continued invasion into Palestinian territories. Israel has the capacity to end hate rather than propagate it.

The current violence aiming at citizens is new and is occurring under Prime Minister Netanyahu and his pivot to the extremist right in Israel.

Conflict leads to a backlash of conflict. For Israel to begin a hard right turn against Palestine is completely counter productive and violates every diplomatic document that exists in the history of the two peoples.

March 18, 2016

...We need a U.N. (click here) that is a model of equal treatment and anti-discrimination at a time when we’re seeing an alarming rise in anti-Semitism,” she said. “At the same time, West Bank settlement growth raises honest questions,” and undermines the prospects for a two-state solution.

She ended her talk with a series of questions: Addressing the Palestinians, she asked how boycotts or efforts to delegitimize Israel would promote dignity and security for the Palestinian people and further the cause of a Palestinian state. For Israel, she asked what to say to members of the international community expressing honest — rather than anti-Semitic — frustration with the conflict. And she asked for an explanation for continued settlement expansion.

The first-of-its-kind HaaretzQ conference was held at the Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. The gathering brought out hundreds, mainly those aligned with the political left.

After Power spoke, Knesset Member Aymen Odeh, an Arab citizen of Israel and the leader of the Joint List political coalition — comprising mostly Arab members of Israel’s parliament — took the stage to raucous applause.

“Good afternoon my friends,” he said in English, then in Arabic and Hebrew.
“As a Palestinian, I cannot accept a world in which there is no place for Palestinians to shape their own future,” he said. “As an Israeli citizen, I know that Israel cannot be a true and just democracy so long as it occupies another people.”

“The occupation is the Palestinian people’s tragedy, but it’s also Israel’s prison,” he went on. “We must liberate both peoples from the prison of occupation.”
Explicitly invoking Martin Luther King and the civil rights struggle, Odeh spoke about the challenges of being what he called “unwanted” in Israel — of sending out resumes knowing your Arab name will outweigh your academic achievements, or hearing your Prime Minister tell his supporters on election day that Arabs are “coming out in droves.”...

From the Jerusalem Post:

...Meir Huberman was born in 1941 in the Soviet Union, (click here) the son of Holocaust survivors who made aliya in 1950. He hebraicized his name to Dagan and was a man of contradictions and controversy. There was not one Meir Dagan. There were many....

The hopes of peace with Palestine that Ariel Sharon carried in his administration is ending with the loss of a generation of men.

...The person who groomed Dagan's image as a fearless officer and a man of action with a "knife in between his teeth" was Ariel Sharon. The two met when Sharon was head of southern command at the height of his fight against the Palestinian terror groups in Gaza. He appointed Dagan, then a major in the artillery as a commander of an elite jeep unit that at its outset was coined the "Balloon Reconnaissance Unit" because of the jeeps' large tires that allowed the vehicles to pass through sand. Later its name was changed to the "Rimon Reconnaissance Unit."...
...The acquaintance with Sharon turned into a real friendship that lasted their whole lives. It blossomed especially in the sands of Sinai and the Suez Canal during the Yom Kippur War....
...However, more than anything, Dagan will be remembered as a brave man who did not hesitate to express his opinion, his truth and his world view, even if it meant that he butted heads with his superiors, especially Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who he did not hold in very high esteem, saying, "I do not believe in his leadership."...

The example of Dagan cannot be ignored. He was a man that fought in the worst of battles for Israel's sovereignty. He paid the price to Israel in putting his life on the line for his country. Yet, such men with strong ties to the Holocaust cast aside the leadership of Netanyahu. This is not an extremist view. It is a view of which many in Israel hold as their truth and future.

The USA needs to realize in it's leadership and alliance with Israel, there are many views of life in Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu is an extremist with no respect for the peace many in Israel want above all else.

Estrogen is a rather incredible chemical.

Researchers at American University in Washington, D.C. (click here) studied the rapid response that takes place in the brains of zebra finches in response to trauma and found that estrogen, produced by glial cells in the brain in response to injury, has the ability to control excessive inflammation.
These findings might represent a new approach to control excessive brain inflammation, a condition that has neurodegenerative effects and is associated with many conditions such as Parkinson’s disease.
The research results were presented by study leader Prof. Colin Saldanha at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in Washington, D.C. The research by Saldanha’s group has been funded for more than a decade by the U.S. National Institutes of Health because of its potential application in treating neurodegenerative diseases....

Of course estrogen is a hormone. Hormones are steroids. Estrogen-dependent cancers are dangerous tumors. I think the use of estrogen is a mistake. There are herbal compounds found over the counter is a far better idea. There are also teas that actually result in a mild analgesic. The idea is to consult a herbalist before taking estrogen to reduce the symptoms of breast cancer. The survival rate of breast cancer is always improving. The best way to battle the cancer is trust people that provide the best path and advise. Estrogen dependent tumors should not be encouraged by use of the hormone.

February 22, 2016
The nation's gynecologists (click here) say that breast cancer survivors should have the option of using topical estrogen to relieve symptoms such as painful sex and urinary tract infections.
Women with estrogen-dependent breast cancer are generally told to avoid the hormone because it can fuel recurrence. But topical vaginal estrogen doesn't seem to have those risks, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists said on Monday.
As many as 20 percent of breast cancer patients taking medications to block estrogen quit the therapy or consider quitting because of the side effects, which include vaginal dryness and bleeding, ACOG says.
Topical estrogen is a common treatment for these problems, also known as vaginal atrophy, which can crop up with menopause. Oral hormone treatments have been linked to increased cancer risk, but vaginal estrogen is taken at a lower dosage and doesn't travel through the body in the same way. This local treatment comes in a ring, tablet or cream that goes into the vagina....