Friday, November 14, 2014

To begin with, I think MSNBC is confused to their approach to war by the USA.

Richard Engel, The Battle against ISIS (click here)

"Why We Did It," The Invasion of Iraq (click here) 

That said, the only thing Mr. Engel did tonight was to sell the need for Western Muslims to join ISIS and defeat every other group in the region, including the USA. That means more young people will lose their citizenship in Europe and North America for empathizing with a brutal, totalitarian regime known as ISIS.

Remember this? I do. I very clearly remember this.

General Eric Shinseki stated very clearly the numbers of troops needed to make an invasion into Iraq successful to allow for all the needs of the people would require AT LEAST 200,000 troops.

That was ONLY Iraq. Now add to that Syria. The numbers of troops goes up. 

There are about 30 thousand members of ISIS. It would seem as though General Hayden is as delusional about military reality today as when he was pumping up the egos of "W" and Cheney. Not that Cheney needed much pandering to his ego, but, I think I make my point.  

The USA needs to begin to plan to remove our ADVISORS from Iraq in a timely fashion and soon. Why? Because we aren't going to make a damn bit of difference if the Region doesn't do their part to end the most brutal regime the Middle East ever saw. More brutal than any caliphate in any history books. 

Hayden states his estimate is to send in 5 or maybe 10 thousand American troops into Iraq and Syria to END THIS. 

I don't think so, Mr. Hayden.

The USA has a strategy and it does not plan for vast deployments of our military. The strategy is to disarm the Islamic State from any and all munitions and war machines obtained from Iraq's military abandonment of their posts. 

When the COLLECTIVE known as the Iraq government needed the military to stand up it ran and it ran as far and fast as it could. Some died anyway, but, they died without even raising a finger or pulling a trigger or yelling to their comrades "Where do you think you are going, they'll kill us anyway."

The fact of the matter is the American people are being spoon fed NUMBERS of USA troops to 'get used to' having the USA 'back at it' again. 

Today, Nusra Front was suppose to ally with the Islamic State. That brings the numbers to how many exactly. 

The USA is disarming the region of billions of dollars of American provided equipment so there is a more level playing field for those that actually want to fight for their land. But, the people of the region have to fight. Land to the region is no longer a gift provided by American Blood and Treasure. It is called national building and it has cost the American people trillions of dollars for what reason? To have their young Muslims starry eyed with the promise of a caliphate like Mohammad wanted for them, run away, abandon their citizenship and attend to a hateful regime that will kill absolutely no differently than the Taliban. If al Qaeda has failed to make connections with the Islamic State is because there is no difference between them and the Taliban and why would the Islamic State want to give it all up to the Taliban.

The success of the USA strategy is not about killing people, it is about establishing AUTHORITY that will actually protect the sovereignty of countries such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE, Bahrain, Iraqi and Syrian Kurds, Qatar, Sunni Sheiks in An Albar and Jordan.

Up to now the USA has been the world's police. No more. In order for the USA to WIN this conflict it will have to commit itself to a forever war because the more American forces kill people in the Middle East, the more war there will be and the USA and it's citizens stand as ground zero for nut cases like al Baghdadi.

No more. The region has to fight this with allies from Europe and the USA. They will never be alone or without others that care about their sovereignty or the well being of their people. But, from where I stand the countries of the Middle East know exactly what is going on there and are more than capable of defeating those that want to harm them. 

Tell me for one minute Saudi Arabia ever had a problem with sovereignty or keeping the peace within the kingdom. NOT ONE DAY. And that was with the USA killing people in Iraq every day from March 2003 to December 2011.

There was no case made by Mr. Engel for the USA to ever send troops into Iraq or Syria. It was war correspondence at best. 

The DOD has been talking about nuclear weapon updating.

Guess what I ran across. It just seemed like "Old Home Week."

The two faces of Rumsfeld (click here)

2000: director of a company which wins $200m contract to sell nuclear reactors to North Korea 

2002: declares North Korea a terrorist state, part of the axis of evil and a target for regime change

Then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs states he can't guarantee there won't be American troops in combat in Iraq and Syria. Joking. What American did not recognize this? Dempsey came out of his "No Boots on the Ground" closet because he wants Congress to do something.

The American people are going to have to get used to a government that doesn't care about their opinions or need. The 113th Congress will lead into the 114th Congress that will simply railroad their priorities through. Why did Dempsey wait until after the elections to make that statement? 

Two words.

Republican Neocons.

There will be efforts by the Democrats in the House and Senate to intercede for Americans in the next two years, but, the Republicans are too anxious to pay their debt back to their cronies. The President will do his part, but, what it comes down to is that organizations of Americans will have to ban together to hire lawyers to protect their interests. 

Lawyers for the next two years are going to be a fact of life for a majority of Americans.

Lawyers and the international community. China will have to hold the USA's feet to the fire on climate at the very least. It was interesting to see the testimony of Michael Brown Jr.'s family at the meeting in Geneva. It was met with witnesses related to the parent's own investigation being asked to testify at the Grand Jury. 

When people work together and find qualified attorneys sometimes mountains can be moved.

Where did all the critics go?

Sierra Leone Surgeon With Ebola Coming To U.S. For Care (click here)

And what was Beck and Limbaugh talking about? Ebola?

I guess it just doesn't work for them anymore.

I just can't let this one go by.

Krauthammer is a journalist of one venacular or another. In this segment he is listening to Kelly 'make the deal' for presidential impeachment. 

Clip is here.

The argument is irrelevant to reality, but, take a good look at Krauthammer who prides himself on the stiffness of collar. 

He looks like "Weekend at Bernie's." Right? Yeah. 

Nonsense personified.

The post election behavior of the right wing press. It is almost predictable, isn't it? They can't continue to use old political issues for their hype, so they latch on to something new. 

Ed Schultz nailed Glen Beck about health care. Beck tried to work on the sympathy of his listening and viewing audience to remake himself into a desperately sick person who had to go outside the system to find help for his cause. Schultz thought it was nice to know Mr. Beck was illustrating the need for good quality health care and supportive to the new health care law.

Beck revealed his true intentions for the escapade in attempting to say he pays for quality care outside the average "Western Medicine" system and there is no insurance company that will pay for it. In other words, traditional medicine in the USA is 'on the take' now with the Affordable Care Act when so much better practitioners of 'cures' are available and cost vastly less than any doctor in a traditional field.

The cackling from Beck's radio show was more like 9 year old boys playing a joke on the teacher. I suppose for those that like juvenile radio Beck is entertaining. I won't be returning to his broadcast.

There have been non-traditional forms of medicine for a long time. By a long time I mean centuries. Not all these practices are bad or unhealthy or trivial. Many people facing difficult traditional diagnosis often turn to these other methods and frequently to some extent they work. Why? Because they focus on nutrition and herbs, things like that. Anyone eating the American diet will benefit from departure from it, so surprise there.

The malady Beck was referring to is not all that uncommon in the USA. Fatigue and adrenal gland exhaustion. It is somewhat typical of Americans actually. But, Beck found a neurological clinic helpful. They can be because they refocus the lifestyle and it pays off. I might add many of the 'alternate' therapies have already been incorporated into Western Medicine. Massage, imagery and nutritional support have become common place in most hospitals especially in their cancer centers. Mr. Beck does not have cancer. 

The most interesting addition to cancer therapy came from a disgraced cyclist, Lance Armstrong. The man beat testicular cancer and he did so while being very physically active. That proved to be of interest to Western medicine and they have incorporated physical therapy and prescriptions of 'activity' during cancer treatment. I improves the body chemistry and general health while a patient is receiving treatments.

So, the idea that Mr. Beck has 'found something out' about treating the health of Americans is nothing new, except, to Mr. Beck. Besides the neurology thing has been promoted by President Obama with funding that has been proven beneficial in finding new aspects of the brain and treatment for disease and deformation.

Mr. Limbaugh on the other hand with his struggle to retain sponsors is chasing some idea that Mr. Gruber is actually a money grubbing thief of the American people. While he may have been foolishly playing with concepts, he has done nothing but embarrass himself that might belong on social media. Mr. Limbaugh is betting this is the Golden Ring for his future in radio. 

Mr. Limbaugh is practicing pure nonsense. Mr. Gruber is an esteemed academician that engages in research and also attempt to move foreign societies and governments through his research. 

The statistics are in on the Massachusetts health care law and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. 

End of discussion.

If Russian jets and tanks are stupid enough to assault sovereignty of any country on Earth...

...shoot them down and blow up the tanks. Putin wants war, then give it to the damn Russian. Put him out of his misery. 

There is at least one private zoo owner in Paris that will take over the protection of tigers.

Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- With Russia (click here) flying bombers to the Gulf of Mexico and Nato saying Russian troops have entered Ukraine, Bloomberg's Ryan Chilcote looks at the state of Russia's military might and what that could mean for the stand off in the region. (Source: Bloomberg)

Two Dutch F-16 fighter jets on a NATO mission intercepted a Russian aircraft in the Baltics after it approached Estonian and Lithuanian airspace.

The F-16s intercepted an Ilyushin transport plane that hadn’t announced a flight plan yesterday near the two countries and escorted it out of the area, the Dutch Defense Ministry said on its website. The plane flew in the direction of the Russian Baltic Sea exclave of Kaliningrad, the ministry said....

Next time force the lousy jets to land and take it away from Russia. With the entire world tired of Putin's antics by threatening and killing people, Russia will lose and the world will have a better country to deal with afterwards. There are many Russians willing to serve as a President that can be civilized and become a friend to other nations. I am sure they'll protect tigers, too.
There are several subspecies of tiger. There are three subspecies that have gone extinct. This is a picture of a Siberia Tiger also known as an Amur tiger.

It is my guess this is the tiger that have been seen near Paris. The other subspecies lives in more tropical areas of Asia and far more east and south. This particular species could migrate east from Siberia. It is a long trek, but, considering this species thrives in snow and the cold, this is the most likely to have walked a great distance to insure it's survival.

If this is a young tiger he is a lone male that has been forced from it's normal habitat. That is more normal than one might think.

If one recalls in 2010 there was a huge fire in Russia that killed 50 thousand people. The fire would also be a threat to any Siberian tiger that might have been living in that region. This tiger lives in the farest east of Russia, but, with habitat destruction and pure survival of a young cat could push it east into Europe.

This is a more mature Siberian Tiger. It doesn't matter what species of tiger might be surviving in and near Paris, it is an endangered species. 

The tiger is most probably hungry. It's usual prey include horsescattlepigs as well as wild deer. If the tiger continues to be elusive a trap with an animal within it's normal diet would likely draw him or her in. I would be surprised if it is a female.

When looking for this tiger, check the trees, too. 

Competition (click here)
As tigers compete with humans and industry for land, they find less and less to eat. Local people hunt the same prey as tigers do, pressing tigers to resort to domestic animals and, on rarer occasions, even humans. (Tigers are one of only two animals–the other is the polar bear–that are known to stalk humans.)

I know this sounds glib, but, if he had to be alone in the wild and wandering for habitat, I am glad it was into France and ultimately Paris. At least he will survive the hunt for him. I am also not surprised he was seen by people at this point. Tigers are scared of unfamiliar activity. He has probably used his instinct to survive to this point and avoided being seen to this point.

There is another less romantic notion of where this tiger came from. He could have been a pet and turned loose when he began to long for mating and the hunt. Tigers will remain passive and dependent for awhile, but, as soon as the tiger is capable of hunting it will become aggressive and unfriendly. I doubt the owner will voluntarily come forward, but, asking him or her to come forward might give ultimate handlers a clue to the tiger's behavior.

The reason to know whether this was a domesticated or wild tiger will provide insight to where he should live. Either maintain him/her in a zoo or return the tiger to the wild. If it was a pet the idea of survival in the wild might be unrealistic.

I can fully imagine a French citizen finding a way to protect a least one tiger from demise. It is possible if the tiger was a pet, it was conducted out of compassion for the species. 

If a pet, the owner may have been attempting to return it to the wild without much information or resources to bring the animal to east Asia. If it is a pet, it could be any of the subspecies as well.

Good luck.