Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Another mistake by the US military. More soldier arrive in Iraq dn the suicide bombs increase, now this. There is more recruitment by Daesh.

Troops out now!
We don't belong in Iraq.
We never did.

If this sets Syria back on fire, the entire world has a right to ridicule the USA!!!! Russia has a right to make objections to the UN General Assembly. 

The United States has been in Iraq for more than 13 years. They can't it done. This is another Vietnam where it should have never happened in the first place. There needs to be a cohesive military effort that can actually defeat Daesh. That means Russia works with Syria, Iran and the Iraqi Shi'ites. Russia should work with the Kurds from a strategy of stabilization. If Russia works directly with the Kurds it brings the issues we have seen before with Turkey. The middle east doesn't need NATO creating more confusion. I am sure the Arab League, including Saudi Arabia would welcome a cohesive strategy. Russia is already working with Egypt.
Neocons like Lindsay Graham are war mongering. It is a point of pride with these jokers. Enough. In the USA this is about POLITICS and not human life. Progress has been made with Syria and a ceasefire, there is no reason to disturb that all over again. This escalation is new and it needs to stop before it gets started.

An elite U.S. Navy SEAL was killed Tuesday in an attack by Islamic State fighters in northern Iraq, highlighting the evolving nature of the Pentagon’s mission in Iraq (click here) and how American troops are serving closer than ever to the front lines.
The SEAL, whose identity was withheld until family members could be notified, was killed by enemy fire about 9:30 a.m., U.S. military officials said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release information publicly.
The death occurred after Islamic State fighters north of Mosul penetrated a front line of Kurdish peshmerga forces by about three miles, a U.S. military official said.
The SEAL was the third U.S. service member killed in combat since the U.S. military campaign against the Islamic State began in June 2014.
Congratulations, Mr. Trump. 

It is a decisive win. Was there ever any doubt?

From the Indianapolis Star (click here)

Is this true? I sincerely want to know. This is not nothing.

It doesn't have to be a disability to Ted Cruz ambitions, but, this needs to be cleared up.

It is a real part of reality that needs content. I feel bad for Ted Cruz. This is really terrible, but, it needs to be cleared up. He can't simply turn his back on this. This is important for the country to establish as a falsehood or a valid issue.

If this is true, the National Enquirer has done the country and Ted Cruz a favor. What if someone from the past decides to make this an issue and he feels pressure to conduct legislation due to a shadow from the past. No Senator should be facing that. 

A US Senator is a very important person. No Senator should have problems form affiliations of other family members that could taint his career. This is FBI stuff.

Coal miners need to be encouraged to move on for their best interest and their families.

Morgantown, W.Va. — After almost two decades of reports, hearings, failed proposals and political wrangling, federal regulators on Wednesday announced sweeping changes to protect coal miners from black lung disease...

It is a mistake to apologize to coal miners.

In all the fifty states there is a total of 49,509 underground mining jobs. The reason that is the case is because coal mining is nearly mechanized to 100 percent.

In all the fifty states there is a total of 30, 705 surface mining jobs. These jobs are antiquated and should have ended a long time ago. Surface mining is frequently under attack for environmental reasons and rightfully so; ie: coal dust and coal ash ponds that endanger the lives of Americans.

The coal companies are going bankrupt because they have overstayed their welcome as an energy source on Earth. This industry is among the most polluting not just of greenhouse gases, but, also particulate pollution to the communities around them. They also pollute water supplies. The industry is antiquated on a planet severely under stress due to it's warming climate.

The lingering of the coal industry is a disgrace to American greed.

Americans in the industry that have been put on unemployment need to be encouraged to move along with training into a new career. The chances they will be going back to work in a coal mine is slim. The country still offers loans for higher education if the person feels that is where their future lies, the states offer retraining into jobs that exist and are waiting for them.

THERE IS NO REASON TO APOLOGIZE to any miner currently out of work. That work should have ended a long time ago. It is time for them to step up and claim their place in work important to the country. The miners are wrong to continue to play the political game, the country is tired of their lingering attitudes.

We treat drug addicts in the USA to help them back to a life with quality and healthy habits. Why isn't the same help provided to coal miners too attached to their jobs and pay. It is time to find a job that can pay better as well as protect their well being.

Enough of this already. I lost a grandfather to black lung from working the anthracite mines of Pennsylvania. Anthracite was considered the cleanest burning coal on Earth. The coal is gone now. There are no anthracite mines left in the USA. Let's keep the miners alive without disease that effects everyone including their families.

No, there is no such thing as a climate crisis.

The entire coastline of the USA 'is' changing today. This is a map published in the Times Picayune. (click here)

Realize the Mississippi River is at a higher elevation than the Louisiana wetlands.

Understand this much. The only time those lands will be above sea level again, is when the Climate Crisis passes and moves toward an ice age. I am talking thousands if not tens of thousands of years and human beings might be around to witness it.

This is what happens when scientists are ignored for the sake of corrupt politics.

Tell those families their heritage and inheritance will not be populated by their family for ten thousand years. Go ahead. Tell those families how corrupt their government is. 

May 3, 2016
By Coral Davenport and Campbell Robertson

In January, (click here) the Department of Housing and Urban Development announced grants totaling $1 billion in 13 states to help communities adapt to climate change, by building stronger levees, dams and drainage systems.
One of those grants, $48 million for Isle de Jean Charles, is something new: the first allocation of federal tax dollars to move an entire community struggling with the impacts of climate change. The divisions the effort has exposed and the logistical and moral dilemmas it has presented point up in microcosm the massive problems the world could face in the coming decades as it confronts a new category of displaced people who have become known as climate refugees.
“We’re going to lose all our heritage, all our culture,” lamented Chief Albert Naquin of the Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw, the tribe to which most Isle de Jean Charles residents belong. “It’s all going to be history.”   
The stragglers or "W" would call them "dead enders" in the Republican race for the presidential nomination are masochists. 

I am convinced of it, especially after seeing Ted Cruz yesterday. 

"It hurts so good."

The other ambitious Republicans decided to maintain their dignity. The display of desperation of Cruz and Kasich is astounding. Everyone knows what they are doing. They love being punching bags.