Tuesday, November 22, 2011

President Obama could never be heckled by #Occupy because he listens and has listened.

It is not my intention that 'idea' of his 'listening' be condescending so much as true. There isn't any way hecklers from #Occupy could pay the President a greater tribute than being at a speech. Sincerely. He proved to them this evening he is a participant in understanding their needs. Not only that, but he signed some helpful Executive Orders, which he didn't mention.

The Republicans on the other hand have only insults and really stupid 'ego defense' comments about the protesters. There really is no comparison to the response the protesters are getting from the President and his administration and the response of Republicans.

The Republicans are not going to deal with the reality facing the country, they are simply laying blame at President Obama's feet while obstructing every measure he has put forward to change the circumstances people are facing. Calling the protesters bums and lazy and O'Reilly stating 'its over, they are gone,' are wishes and not the truth. The Republicans wish these citizens were bums, lazy and gone.

President Obama is the people's President. He always has been. I am not worried about a #Occupy Protest showing up at his public appearances. He has a dialogue for them when no one else does.

I find it really interesting though that #Occupy Movement is showing up everywhere, even at the Republican Debate. The Movement are the 99%, there are plenty to go around and they are being heard everywhere. That was really cool. New Hampshire must have more members than anyone recognizes for them to be so distributed to functions of both parties.

Nice! Congratulations! Absolutely. Who knew two months on the movement would be what it has become?

Obama visits NH, urges passage of Jobs Act (click title to entry - thank you)

MANCHESTER — He may be trailing in the polls in New Hampshire, but you'd never know it from the enthusiastic reception President Barack Obama received at Manchester High School Central on Tuesday.

It was Obama's first visit to the state in nearly two years, and his first to Manchester since becoming President in 2008.

He began his speech at Central with a few shout-outs.

“Hello, Little Green,” he yelled to wild applause, referring to Central's team name...

President Obama, the First Lady, Vice President Biden and the Second Lady need to offer interviews to Rush.

"Uppity" is only one of the words "Lame"baugh uses to describe our beautiful First Lady.  First Lady Michelle Obama is gracious, honest, compassionate, loving and dedicated to her life as the First Lady, Wife and Mother; not to mention devoted daughter.

This is an unfortunate incident and completely unfair, but, it does prove where the audience to this extremist invest their time.  I don't believe NASCAR ever intended Mrs. Obama, Mrs. Biden and children they escorted to be exposed to such rude and drunken behavior.  But, now that it occurred it could be a opportunity for Rush and his audience to apologize to the ladies and the children.  I don't believe the ladies should be unescorted either, their spouses could be present so there can't be any more insults or bigotry leveled at the ladies expense.

Rush calls the First Lady names on a very regular basis.  He has a verbal caricature of First Lady Michelle Obama that he spews nearly daily, or at least everytime she steps on a plane.


This is NOT the first time he has maligned her.  To my best recollection the children have never been involved.  No, that isn't true.  There is at least one time the children were talked about as employees of the President in order to have their 'fare' paid on a vacation. 


Rush's 'pet name' for our wonderful First Lady is "Mooch"elle.  MOOCHER.  The caricature is of a woman indulged in luxury at the cost of the taxpayer.  No cost is too much, no comfort questioned.  I believe it is retaliation for the media talking about Sarah Palin's 'comfort list' when she speaks, including bendable straws.  Rush has been doing this for some time now.  It doesn't matter the excuse, there should not be caricatures of any of the First or Second Families, they are wonderful people with admirable character.  Joe Biden alone has more years in service to the USA than Rush could ever hope to have a radio program.

Sad, but, true. 

Look, these extremists don't forgive anyone or 'get over' any of their hatred.  Palin's 'star quality needs list' has been off the gossip columns for a long time and probably won't return, but, that doesn't mean there aren't pay backs.

I recently saw a list of the people Republicans hate the most and first place belonged to Jane Fonda.  There are people in this country that would ask the question "Jane, who?"  They hate and they hate intensely and they like verbalizing their hatred.  I am sure Rush hopes his maligning of the First Family helps defeat a second term and probably brings in a lot of listeners.  Obviously, there was enough at a NASCAR race to make a significant noise.


North Dakota Coal Pollution- Toxic Hot Spot and that is not all.

BISMARCK - North Dakota health officials (click title to entry - thank you)
have cited an Oklahoma oil company, accusing it of polluting state waters and failing to quickly clean up the spills.
The state Department of Health announced Tuesday that it issued violation notices to Continental Resources Inc. for two separate incidents in April. Continental is one the oldest and biggest operators in North Dakota's booming oil patch in the western part of the state.
Court documents show that about 10 barrels of drilling mud and oil overflowed from a waste pit at one of the company's wells in Divide County and contaminated soil and water. In the second incident, about two barrels of oil spewed from a well in Williams County and spread to water, where one dead duck was discovered. A barrel is about 48 gallons.
Continental spokeswoman Kristin Miskovsky said the company received the notices of violations late Monday and could not comment on them.
Dave Glatt, chief of the health department's environmental health section, said fines could run up to $5,000 daily for violations. The company has about two weeks to respond to the violation notices, which include polluting state waters and failing to clean up the spills in a timely or sufficient manner....

Some of the residents are complaining that the USA EPA wants to make autonomous sampling in regard to fracking.  According to the people complaining the State of North Dakota always was involved in the sampling.  Sounds corrupt to me.  Why is it the current EPA has to be involved with any State agency where legitimate concerns for the citizens exist?  North Dakota can take their samples and the EPA can take theirs. 

I am confident the EPA will bring state of the art testing to North Dakota while the quality of the State's sample is yet to be known.  Just because excellant technique is used to obtain the sample that does not mean the ANALYSIS is state of the art.  The State labs charge for their analysis services and it is expensive for individuals.  If the EPA can collect samples that will bring peace of mind to citizens then it needs to be done.  If the EPA can bring 'objective' sampling where citizens might be apprehensive regarding the State's interest in the petroleum industry that is more reason for a separate analysis.

The US EPA doesn't practice junk science and if the State of North Dakota insists it does then where is the proof?

Novmember 17, 2011 at 2 AM.

The Environmental Protection Agency's study of fracking (click here) needs to be North Dakota-specific. The study data needs to be verifiable and the process needs to be transparent. To that end North Dakota, wisely, has been aggressive in maintaining oversight and preparing for the possible consequences of the study.
The state's action has been prudent.
Historically, the EPA and the state would partner to gather data for a study. But that's not how the present EPA fracking study got started. The EPA wanted to do its own collection samples and do its own tests.
Gov. Jack Dalrymple and other state officials successfully protested that decision, and the EPA agreed to roll back its data collection so that when federal workers gather samples, a representative of the North Dakota Health Department will observe the work and collect a like sample for the state.
"Trust but verify" is how Dalrymple put it....

If the State of North Dakota can accept federal funding for their roads and rivers, which will probably need dredging to prevent future flooding, then the federal EPA has a vested interest in the outcome of the quality of those waters!

BISMARCK, N.D. — North Dakota's Congressional delegation (click here) says more than $31 million in federal grants have been awarded to North Dakota to repair the state's flood-damaged roads.
In a joint statement, Senators Kent Conrad and John Hoeven and Rep. Rick Berg say the road repair work is one more step in the state's effort to recover from flooding.
The delegation says the funding comes from the U.S. Department of Transportation and is intended to help with the repair work on federal highways and roads.
The North Dakota Department of Transportation and the Devils Lake Basin will each receive $10 million in grant money. The West James River Basin will get $5.8 million, the Southern Mouse River Basin will receive $4.5 million and the Sheyenne/James River Basin $1.1 million....
"Main Stream Media" never presents this correctly.  They like to report about the money, but, not the SIDE EFFECTS to the environment and human health.  When the media reports on these issues there is only ONE SIDE for the public to understand.   When the media reports on these issues, there is a SINGLE ARTICLE or SINGLE REPORTING while the price of "Sweet Crude" receives substantial reporting.

In case no one noticed PEAK OIL happened in 2005; six years ago; there might be a REAL reason why the prices go up and never come down.  Huh?

The FLOODING in North Dakota is highly significant.  It is not an OCCASSIONAL flood.  It is not a 1000 year flood.  The flooding of the Midwest is ongoing without abating.  If the flooding strong enough to destroy roads, it is strong enough to destroy a oil line.  The last thing the Midwest needs are oil spills and gas explosions in the most productive agricultural land in the world.  I thought said that one before.  I guess it was worth repeating.


B-L-O-C is the correct spelling for 'Political Bloc' or 'Bloc Party.'  There are voting blocs as well.

A 'bloc' is a group that protects their interests.  That is the basic understanding of bloc.

"Interests" can mean many things, but, in most global understandings a 'bloc' is an interest group not necessarily in power within the government.  The most classic example was "The Easter Bloc" of the Soviet Union.  The Soviet Union no longer exists. 

The Republican Party has become rigid in what it believes to be 'their interests.'  I suppose it could be debated they are simply trying to win elections and they believe their strategy will win the day.  That is an interesting thought from the stand point of the electorate to realize why the Republican constituent is very angry all the time.  Their politicians 'propagandize' the electorate and once in office don't deliver on their rhetoric.  I believe the most extreme example of this is Texas politics and the candidate dependence on extremist religious POLITICAL organizations.  The 'pac' as is often referred is a political bloc.  It's requirements of candidates never change regardless of the reality of the country or citizen's circumstances.

There is significant evidence that points to the fact the Republican Party is a bloc.  They rely on outside sources of legislative action such as ALEC.  Their governance is based on sameness and not addressing the citizens that elected them.  Once in office they adher to specific ideological goals while disregarding the citizen's voice. 

The propagandizing of citizens' votes is a strategy to focus the power of spending monies in elections.  It is 'nice' to go to an election knowing the 'mind speak' will all be the same and the outcomes will follow.

Can anyone say the same about Democrats?  There isn't evidence pointing to that fact.  Most political pundits state, "Having Democrats come together as one is like herding cats."  Seriously.  Then to realize the 'composition' of the members of the Democratic Party is to realize exactly what diversity means.  Diversity is not allowed in BLOCS.  It doesn't work.

It is almost comical to realize the GOP is stating as their claim to being a better government, is CONSISTENCY, so the Wall Street forces are able to predict the future.  Predicting the future politically and for their cronies is high priority for the GOP.  It is more a religion with a dogma and not an understanding of what makes things work.  It is why the USA is a disaster today.  The GOP actually believes nothing has to change so long as they are in power and make things work in 'the same' venue as always.  They sincerely believe what works for one works for all. 

To illustrate how completely indoctrinated the GOP is when it comes to ideology they actively accuse Democrats of treating Global Warming as a religion with its high priests.  I have heard Grassroots Constituents say the same.  It is a bizarre way of thinking, but, to those that know 'the truth' from an Evangelical Point of View, any other sincere and consistent 'belief system' is religious in its character, therefore, the consistent statements of scientists are like that of religion as it delivers 'a cause' to be a political bloc and control government monies.  Understanding Global Warming, listening to scientists is as religious to the GOP as understanding the Bible and finding God in every aspect of life to validate their belief system.  With Evangelicals, failing to have the country as 'it should be' is not an option.

There are reasons to examine the INFLEXIBILITY of elected officials in the USA.  Officials that consistently place filibuster before country, ideology before country and financial dominance before country have to be scrutinized.  The USA is about its Middle Class.  It is not a small country consisting of one precent of its current populous. It is about the majority of Middle Class people and the Poor improving their 'lot in life' as is their birth right.  That has been and always will be THE BEAUTY of this country.  The Original Thirteen had Plutocrats ruling them, they didn't want them then and we don't want them now.  The revolutionary spirit of the USA is more or less to inspire 'the individual' to the PROMISE.  To encourage citizens in hope, freedom and change to their circumstances through opportunity.

What does a President do when opportunity has been removed from THE PROMISE of a birth right?  Ask 'pretty please' of the private sector to provide that opportunity again as the country stood behind them when they needed them?

The needs of a people are not the same as the needs of stockholders.  That does not equate and never will.

I could reasonably understand complaints by the GOP of any taxes of the wealthy IF the burden was unjust.  It is not.  There is nothing that is going to happen to the wealthy in the USA because they are asked to pay a surcharge to fund infrastructure projects, educational opportunity or better health care outcomes for the people.  It is the responsiblity of government to provide for the common good.  The government does that through taxation. 

Ideologues are not capable of governing and the GOP has proven that over and over and over again.

People aren't voting for ideology, they are voting to make a living.  What's so difficult to understand?

The Republicans have no right to deprive the American People a resolve to their problems or concerns.  NONE !

Speaker Boner states the failure of the 12 members of the Supercommittee belongs to President Obama.

Right on cue, Speaker Boner. 

This was predictable, was it not?  Anyone that actually expected a resolve of $1.2 Trillion in deficit spending to actually have happened is not in touch with reality.  The Right Wingers were in 'verbal spasm' after the LAW was passed stating it would set up a committee and there were parameters set to stop $600 Billion in military spending.  The Republicans on the committee BEFORE the committee was even formed has resolved the outcome before it happened. 

It would have been historical if the committee was actually successful.  There is no defeating the GOP.  If they had to make military concessions to get effective cuts where they wanted them, then there had to be a way out of it as well.  The people of this country are hostage to these idiots, why Democrats actually believe they can do something is hideous.

When the Supercommittee asked for hearings with The Reform Gurus, Bowles and Simpson, one of the Democratic members went out of her way to point to the fact that any REFORM has to be met with revenues.  Both the gurus concurred.  All it would take is for the Supercommittee to have seven votes to agree.  There was at least one Democrat that was willing to do exactly if reforms were met with revenues that would mean leaving the Middle Class alone.  But, the revenues the GOP put forth were based in tax reduction for the wealthy by putting on the backs of the Middle Class.  When is this immorality and ideological horseplay going to stop?  It would seem it isn't going to stop until the GOP is removed from any sincere power to influence REASONABLE outcomes.  The Democrats have proven to be reasonable to benefit the country.I see no reason why President Obama had to hold anyone's hand here.  Boner stated, "He did everything he could."  He wasn't on the committee.  This is a legislative responsbility and not an executive branch responsibility.  Let's see, ? Everything ? he could.  Probably not, since the members did not meet with him personally in his office for negotitations that might break the deadlock.  Boner didn't do anything.  Everything?  That is nothing more than political rhetoric.

John Boehner: 'I did everything possible' (click title to entry - thank you)

Sadly, the so-called supercommittee was unable to reach agreement because President Obama and Washington Democrats insisted on dramatic tax hikes on American job creators, which would make our economy worse....

That entire paragraph is ideological mind speak.  There is no substance to that statement.  "So called" is an adjective a House Speaker uses in his official capacity?  No, that is political horseplay.

The responsiblity for failure ONLY belongs to President Obama and the Washington Democrats.  I don't believe there were any Washington Democrats on the Committee were there? 

The official title of the colloquial name Supercommittee was United States Congress Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction.  So, the statement by Boner is inconsistent.  If he was insulted by the colloquial name stating the 'so-called' then whom exactly are The Washington Democrats?  Understand?  Boner throws around language use for his political convenience.  Patty Murray, Co-Chaired, and she is from Washington, but, that is only ONE Democrat.  If she is the one Boner is referring to, then what happened that was so terrible she and President Obama could have stopped eleven autonomous people?  Tell us, do.

Nay, this is all political swaggering for Boner and the GOP.  President Obama was very wise to remain out of a legislative process that would have escalated in to time consuming insults about Democrats and the President if he were involved.  The GOP was sitting on the Supercommittee, Republicans weren't.  This indictment of Democrats and the President by Boner is PROOF of the political intent of the GOP in government today and further proves the elected Republicans as as a BLOCK and not as autonomous agents for their constituency.

The Supercommittee was never suppose to be successful, it was suppose to fail in hopes the GOP can reclaim a political majority in the House, Senate and Executive Branch in 2012.  Anyone seeing it differently is completely void of any understanding of reality today.  The evidence is clear.

To clairify some of the assessments on the 'air'...

The COLOR of the pepper spray speaks to the concentration of the active ingredient. It could be artifically color, TOO, but the active ingredient is most likely carrying a pigment from its natural state, so the higher concentration will result in a more intense color. The 'lot' number should contain all the chemicals the students were exposed to.

This could easily be considered a chemical burn, especially, where a person was vomiting blood. The 'tissue' within the mouth, pharynx and potentially the LUNGS could be irritated enough by the active ingredient to cause bleeding. My concern is that some of the tissue exposed to these high CONTACT concentration may cause scar tissue which is 'non-functioning' tissue. While that may be benign result to some, the 'idea' that lung tissue could have been exposed, irritated to bleeding and scarred is not an option. Lung tissue does not regenerate itself. The student bleeding should have a broncoscopy to determine the damaged tissue and if any lung tissue were damaged that is a permanent injury.  Any damaged lung tissue does not regeneate and while that might seem, too bad, to some; as people age their 'need' for abundant capacity of organ tissue in their youth provides venues of longevity.

The fact this occurred at all proves the police are grossly underprepared for their jobs.  The students locked their arms to prevent removal from the protest and the police didn't know how to break them up.  That is what resulted in using pepper spray.  It was a very strange method to choose.  The police were hoping the sensation from the spray would move them, but, that isn't what pepper spray does to the psyche, necessarily.  Pain, in humans, paralyzes the 'idea' of moving.  The first natural human reaction to pain is to stop and relieve the pain.  So, the police had the students in a position where they were going to crouch further in their posture, they weren't standing up so they could move away from the pain to examine their body, they simply dug in more to shield from it.  The students didn't have any choice at that point in option.  The more they could guard from it the better.  The police never assessed the circumstances, they simply tried brut force to remove them.

Also, I heard a protester state he was told by the police officer with the pepper spray that if they didn't move the police would shoot.  The protester did not know what they were going to be shot with, told the others, the others didn't know what they were going to be shot with and they simply held on tight for what could be their final minutes in life.  That is an unbelievable resolve considering 'shoot' could have meant something far more than pepper spray.  The police had an easy target, too.  Students sitting still without recourse. 

I heard the observation that the police officer initially administering the pepper spray used up all the liquid inside the can.  That is correct.  He not only emptied the entire container, he then motioned to the other officer to dispense his can as well.  The first officer then tried to break the locked arms to no avail.  He should have realized before the pepper spray they needed a negotiator with the protesters.   That 'idea,' of a negotiator never once entered the scene anywhere in the country, yet alone UC-Davis campus.  It is safe to say that authorities have no 'ideas' to begin interaction with the protesters OR more the case, they already know why they are protesting and they have no answers, except brut force.

This is a seriously disturbing exchange between police and protesters of which 'strains' of this can be discerned across the spectrum of the interaction of government with the people.