Monday, July 23, 2012

The Second Amendment of the USA was never to be a danger to the citizens.

The 2nd Amendment states 'a well regulated militia...'

The reason the militia/military of the USA is well regulated is so they do not become an enemy to the citizens.

Nowhere in the 2nd Amendment is there an understanding the people of the USA should arm themselves to be stronger and more powerful than their military. The people aren't suppose have to achieve that 'citizen' agenda. It is "W"rong to believe the citizen has to arm themselves enough to defeat the USA military when it turns on them. THAT IS DEMENTED! The USA military is comprised of our sons and daughters. It is completely demented to believe they would ever attack the citizens of this country.

There are laws in the USA requiring the government to confiscate any munition build up within the country's borders that threatens the sovereign authority of the USA. There can't be oligarchs in the USA that own their own fighter jets, pilots and army. That is not possible. The USA military is the sovereign authority defending this country.

There is absolutely no sovereign right for arms ownership by any one citizen to facilitate the ability to wipe out populous of people. That was the intent of the gunmen in Aurora, Colorado. He wanted to wipe out a populous of people to the number of 6000.

"...the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." That statement is about the right of a person to own arms and ACT in cooperation with others to defend their country. There is no way the Second Amendment gives consent to one person having so much munition power to cost the lives of so many. Quite the contrary, the Second Amendment provides for citizens to always be armed to provide for a well regulated militia. It is a coming together required by the Second Amendment to justify arms of citizens, not the sole ownership of them to assault of other citizens. It has nothing to do with justification of arms that could assault the authority of the government at any level.

The interpretation of the NRA regarding the Second Amendment is bizarre, contrived and an attack against the government's sovereignty. The NRA's definition of the Second Amendment is demented. I challenge the gunman to appeal to the Supreme Court his right to own guns and munitions in the number and deadly force he did.

"Gee that is too bad. It's just one of those things that happens in the USA."

That is basically the assessment of the former Governor of Massachusetts in regard to the shooting in Colorado. It is hard to believe he was ever Governor of Massachusetts actually. How can Romney ask anyone to believe he actually stands for ANYTHING when his political views in 2012 have swung far to the right compared to where he was in Massachusetts. 

He is not a reliable partner for the electorate. He doesn't respect those dead and certainly no respect for the future of this country. How can he simply ignore the violence that took the lives of two of our military and state they can be killed in public on leisure time, but, need armor while in the field. Never, in the history of this country was the opposite dynamic a need to be respected of our military. Never before were they dead for not wearing their armor in the civilian world. What does that say about gun rights as opposed to human rights?

Our military go to war to protect the country and their loved ones. What occurred in Aurora took away the promise of their service of at least two of our soldiers. Romney finds nothing but disrespect for that outrageous understanding of violence within our borders. Our soldiers live and die with the civilians within the country's borders while they served so it would never happen.

Brett LoGiurato | Jul. 23, 2012, 2:37 PM
...In the wake of the Colorado movie theater shooting last Friday,(click title to entry - thank you) some politicians and advocates have renewed the call for the candidates to define where they stand on gun control. As Romney's speech to the NRA this year indicates, the Republican presidential candidate has hardened his position on gun rights since taking the national stage.
The flip-flop was prominent fodder for Romney's Republican opponents in both the 2008 and 2012 presidential primaries. Opposition research for Sen. John McCain's 2008 campaign, obtained by BuzzFeed, cites Romney's 1994 run for a U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts against Sen. Ted Kennedy, during which Romney took a stance that put him at odds with the NRA — and insisted that he didn't care....
Romney is blindly ambitious for his own reasons. He doesn't care about the country or the people in this country. That was demonstrated even further with a so called misunderstanding with the Australian Prime Minister. I guess Romney doesn't speak as good Australian as he does French.

July 24, 2012

''I met today with the Foreign Minister of Australia. (click here). He said something, and I said 'Can I quote you?' and he said yes. He said, 'America is just one budget deal away from ending all talk of America being in decline','' the Politico website reported Mr Romney said.
''And this idea of America in decline, it was interesting he said that, he led the talk of America being in decline. See that's not talk we hear about here as much as they're hearing there.
''And if they're thinking about investing in America, entrepreneurs putting their future in America, if they think America's in decline they're not gonna do it.''
Senator Carr had previously made the same remark in April during a speech at a Washington think tank.
A spokesman yesterday said Mr Romney's interpretation was not correct.
''Senator Carr was arguing the case that America's economy is stronger than it is given credit for,'' he said. He said the Foreign Minister had offered the same diagnosis to World Bank chief, Bob Zoellick....

Of course, the limited Romney always assigns economic underpinnings of a failure to the current administration. He never assigns moral content to any words spoken anywhere in the world. It is all dollars and cents to Romney.

'America is just one budget deal away from ending all talk of America being in decline'

The Prime Minister refers to the LACK OF CONFIDENCE the divided US Republican House instills in the American economy. It is a moral statement, not a fiscal one.

Romney is extremely limited in his focus. He has no insight and he certainly doesn't care about allies and their desire to be involved in the USA economy, purchasing USA Bonds and the CONFIDENCE that should accompany that when fiscal stability comes to the forefront of the RESPONSIBILITIES of the USA House.

Romney's ambitions are so blinding to him there is no way anyone can trust him with the future of the country, either in protecting citizens from heinous violence or with fiscal stability.

These are the heroes of the massacre. The President is correct, the story is completely remarkable.

I think the stitches on her neck can be seen. She would have died if her girlfriend didn't risk her own life. It is a remarkable story.

We have incredible young people in the USA. We can all be proud.

And, more reason to protect them.

President Barack Obama hugs Stephanie Davies, (click title to entry - thank you) who helped keep her friend, Allie Young, left, alive after she was shot during the movie theater shootings in Aurora, Colorado. The President visited patients and family members affected by the shootings at the University of Colorado Hospital July 22, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

The judge will probably provide more time past the 48 hour requirement to charge to arraign the defendant.

The dangers within the apartment is still unresolved. There is no way of knowing the extent of his lawlessness at this point. What is of greater extent was the degree of lawfulness accompanying this atrocity.

He'll be charged with many counts of murder at the very least. The death penalty will be sought. It was heinous and there is no way the death penalty will even be in question.

But, there are many more people still suffering from their wounds in the hospital, some with permanent injuries that are debilitating and disabling. Injuries that have to be realized by experts if lives will be shortened.

There are families destroyed. Children have lost parents. Parents have lost children. Lives are changed forever. This was an assault against the people of Aurora. It was random. It was against people and not people at a political meeting. It was an attack against people that the gunmen never had a grievance, except, in his own demented reality. 

The extent of the charges will be lengthy and the gunmen will no nothing except a path to prison and resolve of his life. I am confident of that. The degree this assault against the people of Aurora was acted out has implications of Homeland Security. Mr. Holmes from here on will never know anything except prison and his own fatal actions. To the degree a trial will help heal 'the people' is a possibility, but, there is no way he can declare innocence. He is an enemy of that is decent in the USA and the capacity he was successful is completely unacceptable.

Deepest sympathies to the community of Aurora and all those attacked by random anger.

Prosecutors (click title to entry - thank you)  likely will seek the death penalty for James Eagan Holmes, 24, who is accused of killing 12 people and wounding 58 during a midnight showing of the new Batman movie Friday, numerous lawyers said Sunday. And, they said, his attorneys are almost sure to pursue an insanity defense....

What is apparent is the FACT the USA gun culture has dissolved any measure to stop a militia from existing OVERNIGHT to carry out heinous attacks against a community!

The Assault Weapons Ban reduced the value of assault weapons in the hands of collectors.

...We're not against guns or the Second Amendment.(click title to entry - thank you) But we are against how the gun lobby and their supporters have distorted the Second Amendment — not as a freedom for a citizen to own a gun, but as permission to own as many guns as he wants. Reasonable limits or controls on stockpiling firearms, for whatever reason, become curtailments of precious "rights" and "freedoms."...

The is an American phenomena that occurs when an event of mass killing occurs with guns; the 'market place' lights up.

There are a lot of social dynamics revolving around the gun culture in the USA. The gun lobby loves to sequester statistics that work in their favor. They taint the reality of gun laws. The gun control laws work. The Assault Weapons Ban worked.

The Assault Weapons Ban starts with The Cleveland Massacre. Below are the dead victims of that massacre. They were children.

Rathaner Or, age 9

Ram Chun, age 8

Sokhim An, age 6

Oeum Lim, age 8

Thuy Tran, age 6

Assualt weapons were very valuable. Their price increased because they were a focus of power and will. Immediately before the Assault Weapons Ban there was a huge run on assault weapons. There is always a market run on anything gun, munitions, ammunitions after a massacre in the USA. It is a consistent dynamic. 

The Right Wing Gun Nuts become frantic that their fears of a zombie attack will happen and they won't be armed to the maximum in order to survive. They start to buy up every weapon, every bullet, every means of fire power in the area. I am sure it is happening now. Every bizarre maximum load clip will be bought and ordered by the idiots before the week is out. They won't stop to pay tribute to the victims, the good people. They will continue to fill their narcisstic, self-righteous paradigm to their graves. This dynamic was true before The Assault Weapons Ban. There were huge stockpiles of guns absorbed by gun owners before the ban.

The bulk of the assault weapons purchased before the ban ended up in the hands of collectors primarily. You can define collector any way you want. At any rate, the value of assault weapons decreased after the ban. They lost their lust. There were more assault weapons on the collector market than necessary to hold their value. Basically, the narcisstic drive of the Gun Lobby Group worked against their best interests. Their collections lost value by their own paranoia.

The most bizarre argument I have heard justifying the expiration of The Assault Weapons Ban during Bush's years was the fact deaths decreased across the nation but less so in states having their own assault weapons ban. 

The fact there were less murders across the USA was not a result of the expiration of the Assault Weapons Ban. There were not citizens armed with assault weapons fending off attacks by criminals with assault weapons. It is a hideous argument and has no basis in reality. 

The fall in murder rates decreased AT THE SAME TIME as the expiration of the Assault Weapons Ban because of 'the times' in the USA. It was post September 11, 2001 and it was different in society at that time. The fact the murder rate decreased at a slower rate in states that continued their own assault weapons ban had nothing to do with their ban. The states were going to have slower reductions because they have large cities with increased murder rates to begin with. States like New York have a higher murder rate than the nation due to New York City. But, the idea all these statistics drastically changed overnight as soon as Americans could get their hands on assault weapons is nonsense. It is not the experience of the population at all. They are manipulated statistics to provide an unrealistic argument.

To put it simply, "The Mood of the Country Changed" after September 11th. It was palpable, more community and more protective of each other. There were anthropological reasons for the change in murders, not simply because assault weapons were not available. Call me crazy but I didn't run out to get an assault weapon to protect myself on a trip to downtown.

The federal ban on assault weapons ended on September 13, 2004, three years after the terrorist attacks on the USA. The country was different. The difference in the populous of the USA after the attacks in 2001 lingers yet today. It was a culture the nation embraced. Being responsible to each other in benign ways of everyday life was something the people believed was a good safeguard.

The debate over these bans have already begun.

...But Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.), (click here) appearing alongside Feinstein, said such legislation would do little to curtail mass killings and instead would "reduce America's freedom."...

One aspect overlooked by this debate, is the fact if gun shops could not sell assault guns in the USA anymore, it would reduce police deaths and it would curtail the drug war at the southern USA border into Mexico.

While the political Right Wing wants to persecute a very effective Attorney General they won't dare stop the sale of assault weapons in the country. The anger with the AG is hideous when one considers if the weapons were not available to the Straw Purchasers the desperate 'gun walking strategies' of the ATF would not have even been conceived. Straw Purchasers buy assault weapons and munition legally in the USA no different than the gunman in Aurora.

The opposition to the Assault Weapons Ban is because of money and plenty of it. 

The argument that the USA will convert into a communist dictatorship without assault weapons is THE most hideous of all arguments. When one considers how one man could ultimately kill 6000 people with his sole capacity had he been better 'practiced' the idea there is going to be a subversive movement to turn the USA 'sour' in some ways is stupid. 

If one man could do this, master guns and bombs in a matter of a couple of months, imagine if he were joined by five others, like the attack in a movie theater in Russia years ago. The Russian theater assault didn't seek to kill people initially, it was about taking hostages.

36,000 dead people is more than 10% of the populous of Aurora. Would the city ultimately surrender to end the killing? You betcha.

I mean the scenarios that can occur under the current gun and weapon market in the USA has astounding potential. It is already fueling a war in Mexico and has destabilized an entire government. When one speaks of the drug cartel deaths in Mexico they can look at the American gun market to its dynamics. The political Right Wing has no argument here. They cry about border control. What about gun control to end the trafficking across that border?

Something needs to be done in the USA. There is no basis to a sincere debate about the issue. Senator Feinstein has many of the issues surrounding the gun market in California including its southern bordeR and drug gangs in Los Angeles. There are virtual 'no go zones' in Los Angeles with the violence spilling out to the surrounding communities killing children there, too. Is there any reason to wonder why she would be among the first to speak out?

There are far too many GUNS ON THE STREET in the USA and even with a renewed assault weapons ban, it will a long time before this disasterous paradigm is cleaned up. Over 300 million guns on the streets of the USA. Over 300 million. The price tag to that number is staggering. But, to believe the nightmare will end with The Ban, is not realistic. The argument will be criminals will always get their weapons anyway; well, for some time after The Ban law abiding citizens can buy them up, too!

Holy cow! Batman pulled over by police (on the way to a children's charity event.)

Hickenlooper is making the favorite NRA argument. He should be replaced as Governor.

The next thing we'll hear is about now the gunman had a psychological break, probably schizophrenia, and how there is nothing anyone can do to prevent this.

This is not a mental health problem. THIS IS A GUN PROBLEM.

Sometime soon there will be a 'gun event' in Aurora by the NRA. This propaganda is TYPICAL after a violent event in the USA. There will be a 'feel good' even in Aurora so everyone loves guns again.

The discussion in the media regarding respect for the dead is a typical methodology. Oh, don't make it political because people won't be re-elected. That is power over this nation and we ARE the victims of the NRA and its nauseating power over the right of the citizen to live a happy life.

The people slaughtered in the massacre in Aurora didn't have a chance. If they lived through it, it was a mistake. The odds didn't roll out the way they were stacked. There are people in the hospital that wouldn't walk again. There are families fragmented and destroyed. This isn't an incident that is going to go away and only the good people will be remembered.

The people slaughtered in the massacre in Aurora were good people, they were in a theater for entertainment. There were trained soldiers from our military in the audience that died. Does anyone actually believe there is nothing to be worried about and everything will be okay?

There is no legitimate reason for these WEAPONS in our society. There is not one solid reason.

The victimized citizens of this country aren't suppose to talk about this incident out of the respect for the dead, BUT, the NRA was out on the radio IMMEDIATELY after the incident. I mean immediately. I was pulling into a parking deck to shop downtown when I first heard this the news. I purchased my goods and returned to the parking deck to return home within an hour. The radio station playing was unchanged from the trip to downtown. The only words I heard were that of a gun rights supporter explaining how we cannot over react. Don't tell me I can't do the very same thing!

This is from Murdock mania. I suppose the real test of sanity with this ATTACK against citizens in the USA by the powerful NRA is to outlaw masks and posters. The 'Hollywood Set' should keep control and statistics to know who buys their paraphenalia so the bizarre can be prevented.

The NRA has become an enemy to the people of this country. I don't care if the guy make a million bombs. The fact remains the same; the society is too violent to the point of demented, the arms business is too loose and the opportunity to kill unarmed and innocent citizens is hideous and beyond reason. 

According to Murdoch's maniacal propaganda machine all Batman enthusiasts are suspect today.

Colorado massacre suspect heads to court as Batman mask, poster found at apartment (click here)

The suspected gunman in a massacre at a Colorado movie theater heads to court Monday as investigators reveal he is refusing to cooperate. 
24-year-old James Holmes, who is accused of killing 12 and injuring 58 in a shooting massacre at a packed theater of moviegoers watching the premiere of the latest Batman movie, will be moved to a courtroom for a 9:30 a.m. MDT hearing where the charges against him of suspicion of first degree murder will be read.
Holmes has "lawyered up," and will not speak to investigators,  Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates said Sunday.
"He's not talking to us," the chief said....