Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This is the current UNISYS Water Vapor satellite of the USA. (click title to entry for 12 hour loop - thank you)

May 25, 2011
UNISYS Water Vapor satellite of USA

Let's hope all that 'odd phenomena' in an image by satellite is nothing more than thunderstorms.  It might be a wicked night.  I dearly hope not.

May 25, 2011

Weak tornadoes touch down near Kansas City, Mo.  (click here)

2 twisters lifted soon after touching down, setting off warning sirens; No immediate reports of injuries, damages

...Meteorologist Julie Adolphson says there were no immediate reports of injuries or significant damage resulting from the tornadoes reported in suburban Overland Park, Kan., and near Harrisonville, Mo., south of Kansas City.

Adolphson says the tornadoes at issue are short-lived and are considered at the weakest end of the rating scale. Such tornadoes don't pack winds greater than 75 mph, in many cases amounting to a swirling dust devil....

After such severe storms in the past few days, the troposphere over the country may have cooled enough to give us a break in the action.

From Central America to the USA through Mexico's Drug Wars.

US Begins Giving Illegal Immigrants Free Flights Home  (click here)

August 23rd, 2009

MEXICO CITY - The U.S. government has begun flying illegal migrants caught in the Arizona desert back to Mexico under a voluntary repatriation program.

Mexico’s Foreign Relations Department says the twice-daily Tucson-to-Mexico City flights began Friday. It said Sunday that the annual summer program will run through Sept. 28.

The U.S. federal government launched the program in summer 2004 after years of record-setting migrant deaths along the state’s border with Mexico.
Authorities say the goal is to save lives and discourage repeat crossings by transporting migrants closer to their homes in Mexico, instead of simply deporting them across the border.

Now, the government of Mexico seeks to control its southern border.  In making it more difficult to cross into Mexico the traffic to the USA is reduced.

New immigration law takes effect in Mexico  (click title to entry - thank you)

2011-05-25 11:06
MEXICO CITY, May 24 -- A new immigration law took effect in Mexico on Tuesday aimed at better protection of undocumented migrants passing through Mexican territory on their way to the United States.
The new law will permit undocumented migrants to obtain a special visa when entering Mexico from either Guatemala or Belize and tries to enact reforms in the country's immigration ministry, which has been implicated as complicit in criminal acts such as kidnapping migrants.

"Today, Mexico is doing its part to improve the immigration system in North America," President Felipe Calderon said during a ceremony in which he signed the law.

"This, without doubt, is advanced legislation, bold legislation, immigration legislation with few precedents in the world," he said.

Migrants have been attacked and kidnapped in increasing numbers in Mexico. The National Human Rights Commission has reported that 11,333 migrants were abducted by criminal groups, including Los Zetas, during a six-month survey period in 2010.

A good amount of the media coverage about the people impacted by the tornado featured pets.

A lot came to mind in regard to the people and their pets as I watched the media episodes of the area. 

l.  Were people survivors because of their pets?  In the case of Ms. Pugh it would seem as though having her cats with her as a protector to their lives added to her need to find safe haven within their home.

2.  There were also pets, and I believe that is true of this cat, that appeared 'shell-shocked,' for lack of a better term.  They appeared traumatized in the arms of their owners.

Animals, especially domesticated animals, play a very important role in the lives of people.  As time goes by we learn more and more about that relationship.  In this case, I am fairly confident Ms. Pugh finds relief from the reality of the tragedy surrounding her life knowing she was a hero to her three companions.

Fri May 20, 10:21 am ET

Adorable lady finds missing cat during interview outside tornado-ruined home (click title to entry - thank you)

By Liz Goodwin

...Pugh cheerfully told local station WIAT that she rushed to the hallway with her three cats when the mile-wide tornado hit. The roof fell on top of her, but miraculously she and two of her cats were all in one piece. "I tried to get to my hands and knees but I couldn't. I heard the young men calling 'Ms. Judy, Ms. Judy, are you in there?'" she recalls....