Friday, December 24, 2010

On Christmas Eve 2010, I reflect on those that remain with broken lives and shattered dreams.

The 'cost' of capitalism as a core economy to any society sincerely exists.  While extremists take to posturing there needs to be an emphasis on learning from the past.  The effects of the financial collapse of 2008 are still evident in the economies of many countries, the USA is not an exception. 

Unregulated greed leads to sincere impacts on innocent people.  The compensation system of Wall Street of their CEOs results in complete abandonment of decency and loyality to the people that consumer their goods, resulting in economic problems and a rise in corruption and crime.  Those qualities of captialism are profoundly real.  What occurred during the 'extremist' agenda of the Bush/Cheney administration resulted in corruption of the USA values of truth and justice while increasing marginal and covert economic trends that were a direct result of 'looking the other way' and incorporating corruption into the definition of decency. 

While all that may seem like nothing more than partisan words, I reflect on the reality Americans face on the Eve of the Chrisitan Christmas.  The words are real, the facts and evidence exist.

My sincereest wish to all those experiencing the pain of captialism's exploitation of all that is possible; is for them to forgive themselves for their circumstances and latch on to the reality of their lives.  You are important people.  Probably the most important people to the democarcy of the USA.  You are the truth resulting from the false values.

My thoughts are with you and no one else.

Merry Christmas to those whom's dreams are shattered and lives broken and in ruins, your lives are the most precious as a testiment to what was once the American Dream.

With abiding faith in the ability of all Americans to endure the unthinkable.

My gratitude to Secretary Lisa Jackson, she has been a miracle worker.  She refelcts my values and upholds my dignity.

By DAVE MICHAELS / The Dallas Morning News

WASHINGTON – The Environmental Protection Agency (click title to entry - thank you)  said Thursday that it will seize authority from Texas to regulate major emitters of greenhouse gases because Gov. Rick Perry and state regulators refused to implement the rules.
The move caps a long dispute between Texas and the EPA, which have clashed over the Obama administration's push to regulate industrial sources of carbon dioxide emissions.
State officials complain the rules will unfairly punish Texas and its energy-hungry industries when they take effect Jan. 2....