Sunday, May 07, 2017

Americans tend to be arrogant about the perfection of their country. Not true.

FAO Publication (click here) 

The global community works on their own problems and is not waiting for the rescue of the USA. We do not hold power over decision making in their science. They is vast expertise in the world and it is not all in the USA. The narcissism that exists in the 'mind speak' of the media is way off base. Rather than giving the USA real measure of it's disrupting politics, the media plays to people to hold their attention as it blows smoke of the citizen's skirts.

2 September 2016
A new and interactive tool released by FAO allows farmers, (click here) policy makers and scientists to calculate meat, milk and eggs production as well as greenhouse-gas emissions from livestock to make the sector more productive and more climate-friendly.  
GLEAM-i, the Global Livestock Environmental Assessment Model interactive, provides answers to a wide range of questions. For example, as a small livestock keeper or a pastoralist, how can you get your animals to produce more milk, meat or eggs? If you’re a policy maker, what practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from livestock should you support?...
A computer tool for farmers to help them regulate their costs including greenhouse gas production. A computer program and the USA thinks it's farmers are doing a superior job to everyone else? When Kansas burns it's winter wheat production it is time to "Wake up, America! You ain't all that anymore."