Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pitch your tent somewhere else. Muammar. The people of Libya aren't frightened of you anymore.

Muammar has 'a thing' about planes no one appreciates.  He needs to stand trial for Lockerbie.

I believe with the added aggression against the people of Libya and his knowledge of his own guilt, the United Nations Security Council needs to convene and issue a resolution against Libya's leader to prevent mass refugees into already unstable civilian venues in surrounding countries.  The Libyan people are scared when they need to stand their ground.  The Libyan military needs to find generals sympathetic to the people's movement to organize an effort of 'relief' for the people and 'limiting' the Colonel from acting against the people any further.  The Libyan generals can do this.  They need to take control and seek relief for the people under their own Marshall Law.  The military leadership needs mentoring to have a favorable resolve for their people.  They are unfamiliar with theses dynamics.  They can take control long before any UN Resolution takes effect.  Time matters.  But, the UN needs to react to the violence ordered by the Colonel, there can be no more loyalty toward him if he is killing his own people and using advance weapons to achieve that goal.

Mass Libya evacuations as Qaddafi digs in (click here)

The United States has sent a ferry and planes to Libya's capital, and Turkey has already rescued 5,000 nationals – making it the biggest evacuation in Turkish history.

By Drew Hinshaw, Correspondent
February 23, 2011
Libya s mass expatriate exodus has begun, amid escalating violence as embattled leader Muammar Qaddafi employs mercenaries to prolong his spectacular, 41-year-show of autocracy and eccentricity....

Establish an alternative voice of authority and the people will follow.  It is tricky in that they should not be lead into deceptive situations to find themselves facing death or prison.  The best approach is Marshall Law and people remaining 'safely' within their own homes while the Libyan military establish relief efforts and organize its distribution.  The Generals of the military have to sequester the Colonel and his supports and order them to stop their fighting otherwise their will be consequences.  Muammar is not stupid, he'll know his time is finished.  Some kind of alternative radio and possibly television, but, the message has to reach the people and radio is probably the best way.  It has to be an authority they recognize and trust to consolidate their understanding of their safety.

Libyan opposition reportedly seizes city of Misurata  (click here)

Opponents of Moammar Kadafi's regime reportedly take control of Misurata, which would be the first city to fall in Libya's western half, where Kadafi traditionally has maintained strong tribal support.

February 23, 2011, 8:51 a.m.

Anti-government protesters claimed control of their first major city in Libya's far west Wednesday, a significant expansion of their popular uprising a day after embattled strongman Moammar Kadafi vowed to defend his regime "to the last drop of blood."

Gunfire echoed intermittently in the capital,
Tripoli, and residents said police in some neighborhoods had abandoned their posts. Pro-government militias were roaming through residential streets and shooting from Land Cruisers, they said."We don't know who is in charge," Najah Kablan, a teacher, said by telephone. "It is very frightening."...

It would not hurt at all for a European and/or American voice was the best alternative to be sure their is an understanding to the authority to trust.

It's a mess.