Thursday, April 28, 2011

This is another climate system that supported a huge tornado.

It would be a significant event if ONE of these climate systems existed, but, this occured in multiples.  To measure the severity of the climate we are now witnessing, is to realize not just 'the number' of tornadoes, but, the size and vorticity as realize how gigantic this dynamic actually is.  One tornado takes a great deal of 'energy' to sustain a short duration with a narrow funnel cloud or vortex, but, to realize the enormity of the actually tornadoes, the size of the climate system supporting each and every one of them and then to realize they are occuring in multiples is to realize the incredible heat these systems are now existing within.

The 'physics' of this single EVENT is off the scale.  For any one media person to sit in a studio and mimize the dangers of the Climate Crisis is more than irresponsible, they contibute to the deaths, damage and impact of on the economy.

"Whole neighborhoods of housing [are] just completely gone," he said. "Churches, gone. Businesses, gone."  (click title for audio as well as video - thank you)

From Tuscaloosa, Pat Duggins of Alabama Public Radio says it's "a scene of utter devastation in certain portions of town," with trees and power lines down, and buildings damaged. The tornado that hit the city was an estimated mile wide.

Caught on Tape: Traffic and the Tornado

This video shows the 'width' of the CLIMATE SYSTEM which resulted in a tornado touching down. The climate system is well organized and is huge which supplies 'strong support' for the tornado and its longevity. 

This is not the height of the season. 240 'estimated' to be dead.

When is enough going to be enough to convince the Right Wing Regressives they have to do something about Human Induced Climate Crisis?


I don't care if gasoline prices never come down.

The 'central' vortex is so strong it literally incorporates its peripheral vortexes into the central funnel.

Morons lie to gain political advantage while citizens die.

January 06, 2009 4:36 pm ET

SUMMARY: Lou Dobbs (click here) again questioned the impact of humans on global warming and suggested that solar activity may be far more responsible for global warming, ignoring the conclusion by the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that "it is extremely likely [>95% chance] that humans have exerted a substantial warming influence on climate" and that this "estimate is likely to be at least five times greater than that due to solar irradiance changes."

Sunspot activity had nothing to do with the tornado outbreak.  This is the sun today.

The Sun Today (click here)

A SNAPSHOT OF SOME EXTREME EVENTS (*) OVER THE PAST DECADE  (click title to entry - thank you)

6. Hurricane Ivan hit the Caribbean causing flooding, massive destruction and deaths. (2004)

8. Warmest summer on record in central Canada (2005)

11. Most active Atlantic hurricane season on record. Hurricane Katrina hit the southern United States killing
more than 1300 people, and was considered as the deadliest hurricane to hit the country since 1928. (2005)

14. Severe to extreme drought was present across large parts of western United States, as well as in the
southern plains. Devastating fires caused massive destruction and millions of hectares burned. (2006-2007)

17. Massive flooding in Mexico in early November was considered the worst weather-related disaster in the
nation’s history. (2007)

29. Extreme cold waves and record snowfalls were observed during winter 2009/2010 in Europe, and large
parts of the United States. (2010)

For currently having the wealthiest economy in the world, nearly half of our federal leadership in the US Senate and Congress are Regressives that are killing people and destroying our economy while inflating the debt out of control.  The Regressives are THIRD WORLD quality leaders.  They believe nothing they are told by competent sources while creating their own colloquially derived reality. 

The deaths that have occurred in the southern USA is in the year 2011 with State of the Art warning systems and weather data never before available to assist the citizens of the USA to stay alive.  State of the Art and there are still over 240 deaths. 

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Confronting Climate Change, with Al Gore (click title to entry - thank you)