Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Karen Hanreddy's mouth needs to be tasored.

This evening on Murdoch's Hannity show she stated, "I would give every teacher in America a tasor for their classroom."

This is Murdoch and his mindless staff threatening terror against school children to instill a bizarre sense of control.

Then they wonder why they are ridiculed.  Perhaps Ms. Hannreddy should contemplate that as a reflection of her depth of understanding of children.  Leading to me wondering what do Neocon women actually understand about them.

Her bizarreness was in response to this incident.  They have been ranting all day long on their network about this level of idiocy in order to try to start a 'grassroots' groundswell that would displace a President and his Congress.

Just once, Murdoch's tribe should try to reach for excellence in reporting within proper social comment rather than always, always trying to inflame rhetoric that has some of the poorest insight on the planet.

PHILADELPHIA - A fan has run onto the field at Citizens Bank Park during a baseball game in Philadelphia, one night after a teenager was Tasered in the outfield.
Security did not use a Taser to apprehend the man on Tuesday night. He gave himself up without incident.
The Philadelphia Phillies were leading St. Louis 1-0 in the top of the ninth inning when a guy hopped over the fence in left field and ran along the warning track waving his arms. The sellout crowd booed and he was soon captured. 


There was a child, 13 years old, tasered by police.  He now has seizure disorders.  I mean for real already. 

...While the teenager will be charged with criminal trespass, police are also investigating whether the incident was an appropriate use of force. (click title to entry - thank you)

Anyone advocating potential life long nerve tissue damage as punishment because someone picked up a towel in a STUNT on a baseball field is a nut case.  Just that simple and so long as Murdoch's maniacs continue to 'play that role' in the media they remain bizarre and out of touch with REALITY.

Murdoch media, they were once coined as 'fair and balanced.'  The story they have been PROMOTING all day never received adequate coverage and their viewers never received sold information about the dangers of tasoring.  And now, the brain storm of Hannreddy is to tasor children in classrooms.  There are no words to express the moronity that exists with Murdoch's News Corp.

April 16, 2010|By Demian Bulwa, Chronicle Staff Writer
The BART Police Department stripped its officers of Tasers on Thursday, days after a sergeant fired the electric darts of his stun gun at a 13-year-old boy fleeing from police in Richmond on his bicycle, sources told The Chronicle....


Are these, like Murdoch's runaway networks, reasonable people doing unreasonable things, or simply people out of control themselves?

It sounds like the 94-pound lad was in the midst of an epic fit. He'd hit his day care providers and refused to cool out when officer Darren Johnson and Captain William
Jennings arrived.

But instead of restraining the kid -- which would seem ever-so-doable, seeing as how he's just 94 damn pounds -- officer Johnson decided to taser the young boy's ass, while Captain Jennings slapped him in the face.

The kid wasn't injured, save for a mark on his arm where he got juiced. But police Chief Jon Davis isn't too happy. If his officers need to zap a 10-year-old, what would they do if confronted by an uncontrollable 13-year-old girl? Gut-shoot her and beat her with black jacks? 

Tasors save on 'man hours.'  That is why the bureaucrats what them.  It has NOTHING to do with appropriate use.  In the case of the 'basefield dash' it only took ONE officer to 'down' the FAN.  Rather than two to three officers to stop and arrest the man and place him in a straight jacket if necessary.  Whatever happened to the good ole' days?  Is every American a terrorist?  The FANS pay enough for the tickets, one would think there would be more tolerance of them.

Let's everybody carry tasors.  School teachers, garbage men, nurses (that would be an interesting one), doctors, lawyers, school children, too. Then when everyone gets used to carrying tasors they can use the 'one step at a time program' and carry weapons.  Guns on campus, guns in parking lots, guns at work, guns in the parks, guns in the classrooms and the USA can go around killing each other rather than using up expensive judicial court time by exercising the First Amendment. 

Maybe the Neocon moms would rather just tasor their children to sleep.  I mean no one hands out praegoric anymore.

Interesting statistics on Taser abuse.
 Chicago: Pregnant Woman gets Tasered after pulled over for speeding and she refuses to sign speeding ticket.

Seattle: Pregnant Woman gets tasered after being pulled over for speeding.

Ohio: 12 year old Boy is Tasered by police officer on school bus.

Ohio: 16 year old Teen Tasered after cops say he refused to follow officers instructions

Florida: 15 year old Girl Tasered by Police after becoming verbally abusive.

Arizona: 13 year old Girl Tasered by Police after yelling obscenities in public library.

Florida: 14 year old Girl Tasered by Police during a disturbance in class room.

Florida: 14 year old Boy Tasered by Police after breaking a window and trying to run away.

Seattle: 16 year old Boy Tasered 4 times by Police after traffic stop over faulty headlight. Cops say he made a furtive move in the back seat.

Arizona: 9 year old Girl Tasered by Police while handcuffed in back of police car.

Florida: 6 year old Mentally Distibured Boy Tasered by Police.

Chicago: 14 year old Boy Tasered by Police and went into cardiac arrest.

West Virginia: 82 year old Man Tasered by Police after unirnating in a park and walking away from police.

Florida: 13 year old Drunk Girl Tasered by Police.

Oregon: 71 year old Partially Blind Woman Tasered by Police.

Harris County: Elderly man in a wheelchair tasered by police for refusing to follow instructions. The man was sent to the hospital.

Hallandale Beach: Two police officers repeated taser a many who was already under arrest, handcuffed and in a holding cell.

Baytown: 59 year old Disabled Woman Tasered by Police after continuing to knocking on Brothers door after house sitter doesnt answer door. She had called cops to help her get in. When they refused she continued to knock on the door which led to Cops requesting her to stop etc. Cop indicted of excess force.

Washougal: Woman Tasered by Police after being refusing to sign ticket for a Dog violation. She spoke very limited english and asked the police officer for a translator before signing ticket. The cop also threatened her 11 and 12 year old boys if they interfered. He was a Taser instructor and had Tased her 12 times within 91 seconds. Officer eventually demoted.


The President asked that we all keep open minds about programing we normally wouldn't watch.  I always do, but, Mucdoch's networks always fail the test.  Now, they are advocating tasors in classrooms?  I don't think so and there should be a limit to the patience any rational American has with such idiocy.

Deliberate Idiocy !!!!  Sir !

Mr. Ahmadinejad is asking to expand the role of the IAEA, however, he is also aluding to sovereignty issues.

Ahmadinejad urges creation of independent body to control nuclear stockpiles 

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called for the creation of an independent international body to control the number of warheads produced by nuclear powers.
The statement came during Tuesday's news conference in New York, where a review conference on nuclear non-proliferation is under way.
On Monday, the U.S. revealed that the country had a total of 5,113 nuclear warheads in its stockpile.

The fact there are five nuclear countries is always the frustration of the non-nuclear countries.  By disclosing the number of nuclear warheads to the world that the USA possesses the country risks nothing.  I imagine the issue of 'legitimacy' will haunt the nations that are non-nuclear before the other five nuclear nations will work on complete reduction to a reasonable level of stockpiles.

Iran is understandably upset at the idea that other nations can reach their Shi'ite nation while feeling helpless, however, it has allies that are very strong and capable nuclear nations.  The fear Iran has is unreasonable.  I have no doubt Iran will try to hold the USA by the throat to say it needs to work on reducing its stockpiles before any other nation should cooperate.  That is a ridiculous demand considering the TRUTH and facts to the issue that Iran has aspirations that are outside the definition of Non-Proliferation.

The obvious reality is that any nation, nuclear or non-nuclear actually compromise their nation's safety by maintaining a nuclear stockpile.  If a country is not armed it is not a first strike target.  THAT reality should be a focus on any country with plans to avoid the proliferation of its own vulnerabilities.  Just maintaining a nuclear weapon capacity does not 'insure' a nation's safety at all.  Any nuclear nation is vulnerable, the only reason nuclear capacity is important at all it so maintain its government and military infrastructure.  The idea that the populous of even a nuclear country is safe is hideous to believe.  The most vulnerable in any nuclear attack is the populous, not the military or the government.

There are great incentives to disarm from nuclear capacity for the people of any nation, including the nuclear nations.  The first step to such safety for a populous is to have treaties that state, any confrontation between nuclear countries will be dictated by conventional weapons in any first strike.  It limits a nation from surprising another resulting in a barrage of nuclear warhead exchange that could have been averted.  The idea that any first strike capacity should be completely limited to conventional weapons allows a populous to prepare and protect from any future exchange of weapons far greater.  

The Geneva Conventions are the citizens' best friend.  Conventional engagements are supposed to be used only at disabling the military infrastructure and the civilians are not suppose to be the targets.  To have nations agree to limit the use of nuclear weapons to 'last measure' decisions is to insure in a greater capacity the safety of a nation's populous.  

The idea of limiting any nuclear exchange seems like a distant goal, but, in reality it is as soon as the summit that completes the agreement and the verification of its legislature with 'mutual inspections' of fail safe arrangements of weapon deployment that insures 'first strike' is never nuclear.

...The Pentagon said it had 5,113 nuclear warheads at the end of September 2009 which represented an 84 percent reduction from its maximum stockpile of 31,255 at the end of fiscal year 1967 -- three years after the Cuban missile crisis....



Ahmadinejad Calls U.S. Arsenal Disclosure ‘Positive’ (Update2)

May 04, 2010, 5:14 PM EDT
(Adds Ahmadinejad on U.S. relations in last paragraph.)
By Bill Varner
May 4 (Bloomberg) -- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the U.S. disclosure yesterday of the size of its nuclear weapon arsenal was “a positive step forward.”
The Iranian leader, speaking to reporters today in New York, called for an “independent supervisory body” to verify the U.S. nuclear figures. Ahmadinejad criticized the U.S. yesterday in a speech to a United Nations nuclear conference during which Iran came under pressure to allay international concerns it is pursuing the development of an atomic weapon.
“They want us to prove something that does not exist,” the Iranian leader said of the suspected nuclear-arms program.
Disclosure of the U.S. bomb tally is part of an effort by President Barack Obama to set an example of transparency and willingness to pare its nuclear weaponry in hopes of compelling other nations to follow suit....


Hillary Clinton claims Iran is non-compliant, putting world at nuclear risk 

May 4, 4:00 PM
Isabelle Zehnder
May 4, 2010 - In an effort to build support for new United Nations sanctions on Iran, Clinton said Tehran evaded responsibility, is non-compliant, and is putting the world at nuclear risk.
NBCreported U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said that Iran is in violation of a treaty designed to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons.
Clinton addresses the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) conference at United Nations headquarters, Monday.
"Iran is the only country represented in this hall that has been found by the IAEA board of governors to be currently in non-compliance with its nuclear safeguard obligations," Clinton said in a speech to a Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) review conference at the United Nations.
"It has defied the U.N. Security Council and the IAEA and placed the future of the non-proliferation regime in jeopardy, and that is why it is facing increasing isolation and pressure from the international community," she said.


China kicks off reconstruction in quake-jolted Yushu

YUSHU, Qinghai - Reconstruction work began Tuesday in quake-devastated Yushu County in northwest China's Qinghai Province, bringing many homeless residents a hope to move into better, safer houses.
The 7.1-magnitude earthquake on April 14 destroyed most of the structures in the county's Gyegu Town, the quake's epicenter.
Governor Luo Huining declared the start of the reconstruction program Tuesday morning at a foundation-laying ceremony held for the new neighborhoods to be built in Trangu and Ganda villages of the town.
The rebuilding of the two villages will be a pilot project for the whole region's reconstruction program, according to the governor.
The two villages were almost completely razed to the ground in the quake, which killed at least 2,200 people while leaving more than 100,000 homeless.
The new rural neighborhoods will be built on the debris of the two villages with planning, first-rate infrastructure and beauty, Luo said....

Taiwan pledges not to seek US help in war

By Xie Yu (China Daily)
Updated: 2010-05-04 07:22
Comment from leader a demonstration of better cross-Straits ties
Beijing - Mainland experts on Monday hailed Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou's pledge that the island will never ask the United States to help fight a war with the mainland, saying it demonstrates Ma's determination to push for better cross-Straits ties.
In a CNN interview, conducted entirely in English via video conference and broadcast on April 30, Ma, speaking from his office in Taipei, said that "we will continue to reduce the risks so that we will purchase arms from the United States, but we will never ask the Americans to fight for Taiwan. This is something that is very, very clear."...


It is called, NORMALIZING Ties. 

Taiwan opens first tourism office on mainland

Updated: 2010-05-04 20:59
BEIJING - Taiwan Strait Tourism Association (TSTA) opened its first tourism office on the mainland here on Tuesday.
At the opening ceremony, mainland-based Cross-Strait Tourism Exchange Association (CTEA) announced that it would open a counterpart office in Taipei on Friday. "The establishment of the two offices is to help create a service channel, intensify promotion and increase service quality for cross-Strait tourism," said Janice Seh-jer Lai, head of the TSTA.
Shao Qiwei, the chairman of the CTEA, said the offices show that tourism between Taiwan and the mainland has entered into a normal and regular stage.
The number of Chinese visitors to Taiwan reached 385,000 during the first quarter, and could top 1 million by the end of this year, Shao said.
A total of 1.212 million mainland tourists have visited Taiwan since the it lifted a ban on mainland tourists in June 2008....


Drought causes 'irreversible' damages

By Li Yingqing , Guo Anfei in and Wang Qian (China Daily)
Updated: 2010-05-04 07:28

Animal and plant life in Yunnan might not be able to recover
KUNMING - The worst drought in 50 years in the southwestern province of Yunnan has damaged local diversity, provincial forestry officials said.
The severe drought has affected about half a million hectares of natural reserves, with shrinking wetland and water shortages for wildlife, according to the latest figures from the Yunnan provincial forestry bureau....


There is "Slick" and Rick.

Governor Rick Perry and Governor Sarah Palin in San Antonio this week. Governor Perry is holding his framed lifetime membership to the National Rifle Association. Governor Palin is also a lifetime member of the NRA.

Perry backs offshore drilling, calls spill 'act of God'  (click title to entry - thank you)


I don't care if a trigger spot is hit within 5 feet of such an incident or 500 miles from an incident, it still is a trigger spot that destabilizes geological dynamics 'INHERENT' that region.   The leadership in these countries take 'advice' from other government leaders and I can only begin to imagine who recommended this one.

The United Nations needs to 'standardize' the rules surrounding drilling and mining.  Absolutely.  These small countries that DO NOT have their own 'brain trusts' and 'think tanks' that are nationalized to their countries need guidance and the global community has to provide a 'neutral third party' to them.  And whatever they do they should NOT allow such recommendations to be taken seriously from the 'track record' of any poorly performing country or company, such as the USA in its relationship with BP. 

The Right Wing Republicans should 'keep it comin' / 'bring it on'; so we can get this over with.

Dick Cheney is lobbying Senators Mike Enzi and John Barrasso to write a bill that requires water boarding before marandizing.

 To be completely HONEST about this arrest, it gives huge credence to the Peace Movement !  Think about it.

Times Square bomb suspect arrested in New York (see link below)

A man suspected of attempting to detonate a car bomb in New York City has been arrested.
Faisal Shahzad, a US citizen of Pakistani origin, is accused of driving the explosives-laden car into Times Square on Saturday evening.
He is due to appear in court in Manhattan later.
US Attorney General Eric Holder said Mr Shahzad was arrested at John F Kennedy Airport attempting to board a flight to Dubai.


I don't know how meaningful the poll is, it wasn't done by a 'standard' news agency, but, it may very well illustrate the fact that people are concerned about their rights if they were ever mistakenly arrested.  The point is well taken when searching this man's identity.  About five pictures come up, which could be the same person, but, probably not.  One of the photos is this:

A photo of a wedding party.  So, you decide.  If an American citizen attempts to be this stupid and think he can get White Supremists angry enough to follow in his foot steps should he be marandized?

I hope the FBI has the right man and I hope he goes away for life. But, let's just say for one minute this guy is in this picture.  How many of his close friends feel the same way he does?  

This sort mimics the 'Fort Hood' soldier that put himself in an 'Allah Funk' when he killed his friends.  The only thing that separates any American at this point from an attack by a Jihadist is what the USA government can do to limiit the effect of such extremism. 

Be grateful the USA ATF has taken their role in all this so seriously.  I am confident we are doing all we can do in the USA to prevent extremism from causing citizen deaths, but, there is absolutely no way any one American can read the mind of another, now is there?  All we can hope to do is make the USA as safe domestically as it can be internationally.  Life on the edge of a volcano can be dangerous.  It is the USA.  We have enemies of all kinds.

...The poll finds that a big majority, 65%, supports the decision to Mirandize the Christmas bomb plotter. But it gets better. The public also thinks all terror suspects should be Mirandized as a matter of policy:
As you know, the police and FBI agents always inform suspects of their constitutional right to remain silent and to have a lawyer present during any questioning. Do you think law enforcement officials should or should not follow this practice for people who are suspected of attempting to commit an act of terrorism?
Should 56%
Should not 43%
The Cheneyites have been aggressively criticizing the Mirandizing of terror suspects in order to prove that Obama doesn’t have the right mindset to take on the terrorists and is treating them as common criminals. But the above numbers show that majorities don’t have a problem with what the Obama administration is doing on this front....

Here we go, the incompetents are at work in Arizona AGAIN.

...According to a United States Senator (John McCain) and recent major party presidential candidate, if the established law of the land was actually followed by the law enforcement agency that made this arrest, our national security is now at risk....


Next stop Waterboarding ! 

Here we go, the "Oily Carrot and Stick." Cheaper oil because of a boom in the harvest.

The sad truth about the Petroleum Industry Propaganda.

Yeah, yeah I heard they caught the 'lame excuse' for a terrorist.

...U.S. crude for June fell 36 cents to $85.83 by 0516 GMT, after striking an intraday high of $87.15 on Monday, the strongest front-month price since $89.82 traded on October 9, 2008, also pushed up by a possible short-term supply crunch linked to a massive oil spill off the U.S. Gulf Coast....

...U.S. crude inventories likely rose last week as the widening contango structure of the futures curve spurred refiners to import more for storage, a preliminary Reuters poll showed on Monday.

Ahead of weekly inventory data from industry group, the American Petroleum Institute (API), and the U.S. government Energy Information Administration (EIA), analysts forecast crude stocks increased by 1.2 million barrels last week....

The Petroleum Industry will increase production, REGARDLESS, of the actual 'long view' to supply and demand when their 'image' is dimmed by such an incident.


Because they will create an event whereby a corrupt politician will 'move' away from acting as Governor Schwarzenegger has so they can continue to be corrupt themselves.  They want to be without any oversight, so they have this mess down to a science.

Mind you, this is only for a week, maybe two why BP is heroically putting together cement structures that will 'hopefully' stem the image issue.

Most Republicans would NEVER take a strong verbal approach to any of their cronies as if  'Pavlov's Dog' to the stimuli that they know will be coming to 'placate' the populous.  Republicans also USE THE EXCUSE that 'being nice' will 'get more' out of the company in question than pursuing them.

Like I said, it is a pre-programmed response.  I mean that sincerely. What would be 'the words,'  Oh, Yeah, "The wiser man gets the best deal." (I don't want to hear how BP can simply walk away and the USA will have to 'go it alone.'  THAT is too big to fail and quite frankly if an oil company EVER did that?  They would have their leases pulled FOREVER.   And if that doesn't matter they can hand over every asset they have and the USA could do the job handily.  I sincerely doubt an ally of the USA would ever look the other way either.)  Basically, Ahnold is the exception to the rule, most Republicans lack a spine.  You'd rarely know it as they never take off their suit coats.

Take this one step further.  Image now that this incident didn't happen in the USA, but, Equator or Nigeria where the populous has absolutely no power with their government.  Will the oil companies simply accept the fact they have to 'nudge' the poplous back off its 'attack' against them?  


They will simply 'tweak' the government in one method or another when 'the natives' get restless.  The Petroleum Industry will use intimidation with such governments as well threatening them with scandal for the 'papers' they signed or court action against the government 'due to their inability and experience' to know how to 'handle them.'  The country in distress might turn to the USA for advice, but, if it is a Republican in office it will be a matter of stating 'it isn't our concern.'   If a USA politician ever decided to intervene, then I am sure there is a political campaign to SOMEONE ELSE the Petroleum company must be more interested in.

I admire the Senator from New Jersey for being 'potent' to the issue even while under such severe political attack at home.

Like a said, they have this down to a science.  

After a short run at a higher production and absorbing 'easily' a lower price at the pump, they can return to a 'shortage' when the 'crying dies down' and call it a residual effect from 'the leak' (its not a spill - please get that right) and hike their prices up again.

They have no morals.  NONE.  

In all honesty, 'the market' with oil as a commodity is corrupt as well.

OIL is a finite commodity.  The 'futures' should be based more in that reality than the 'inventories' 'in play.'

With an escalating cost estimated at $15 billion, ecologists are profoundly worried to the outcome of the Gulf and a larger picture, outside the Gulf.

Ecologists brace for oil spill damage

Published online 3 May 2010 | Nature | doi:10.1038/news.2010.217
Corrected online: 4 May 2010

Deepwater Horizon disaster looms over the Gulf coast, and beyond.

Amanda Mascarelli

As oil still flowing from a ruptured pipeline into the Gulf of Mexico starts to lap at the Louisiana shore, ecologists and coastal residents are preparing for an environmental catastrophe that could unfold over the coming months....

...Wider impacts

With the economy of the Gulf states dependent on clean coastal water, seafood and tourism, estimates of the cost of the spill have already been put at $14 billion. It is also shifting politics on President Obama's hopes of ending a moratorium on new offshore drilling; late last week, Obama put those plans on temporary hold.
Officials have the additional concern that the oil slick could get picked up by a warm ocean current called the Loop Current, which shuttles warm water northward from the Yucatán Peninsula up the Gulf of Mexico before veering up the eastern tip of Florida. If the oil slick became entrained in the Loop Current, oil could get dispersed to the shorelines of Mississippi, Alabama, the Florida Keys and the east coast of Florida....

I want to thank Governor Schwarzenegger. He could not be more CORRECT.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger no longer supports a plan to allow limited drilling for oil off the state’s coast because of the Gulf of Mexico spill, said Aaron McLear, his spokesman.

The Petroleum Industry has to face hearings and not just BP.  All of them are 'skating' by without sufficient regulation.

The Petroleum Industry has absolutely no respect for government and even less for citizens.  They are pure unadulterated, 'money machines' for greed.

They knew this was going to happen.  If BP claims ignorance, then Transocean knew.  They cut corners and don't give a hoot about the economy of the USA.  If anything, THEIR tragedies only make it more important they stay in business and conduct it with abandon.

All the Petroleum Industry has to due is 'line the pockets' of political machines and treasuries 'enough' to make it worth the governments while to allow it while making excuses to the populous.

We can power the nation without them, I promise you.  GM no longer has the corner on electric cars either.  And we don't need natural gas, either.  The government HAS TO TRUST its scientists.

Governor Schwarzenegger's bravery on this issue should be emulated across the country.  Literally, the 'coastlines' of the USA could be made 'sterile' by this industry and we would have a national crisis beyond any wildest imagination.  I admire his initiative to protect the economy of California.

I don't want to make this sound 'extreme' but if he wants to completely rollback the danger, he needs to assess the areas that are being drilled even experimentally that have NO safeguards.  Inspections and where there are NOT guarantees, I AM NOT TALKING MONEY GUARANTEES, that an event like this won't happen with RECORDS and RESEARCH to back it up, verified by third parties and California Universities; cap the wells UNTIL it is proven to be completely safe.

The Wager is NOT worth the income !

STERILE OCEANS serve oil barrons' best interest.

This could be 'By-Catch." - Desperate Fisherman that have thrown down the guantlet OR the self-righteous that just want to kill.

A veterinarian would know these things.

...Think of Dr. Ziccardi, a professor at the University of California at Davis’ School of Veterinary Medicine, as the Bay Area’s wildlife rescuer on the scene in Louisiana. Last week, he flew, as he put it in a blog post, “from the Left Coast to the Gulf Coast,” to assist in the Deepwater Horizon spill response from a command post in Houma, La....

It could be argued that people are acting in irrational manners due to the extreme nature of the circumstance, but, doing so is taking the law and the 'final outcome' into their own hands and completely "W"rong to do.

The scientists that track these turtles would know the route they would be taking.  This time of year, especially, that 'vital habitat' would be illegal to fish in and would be protected.  

The USA has 'set aside' the special areas on its coast line to protect such species, it is rich with fish all year round.  It would be a fisherman's 'joy ride' to simply take this 'opportunity' to fish in replenished seascapes.

Those would be the protected areas that were set up during the Clinton Administration.  I am not saying there aren't chemicals of many kinds throughout the water column, but, if the dead turtles aren't 'tainted' with anything that would kill them then they were destroyed either as 'by catch' or viciously for the 'demented joy' of it. 

With that a possibility, all the enforcement personnel anywhere in the USA that 'work' in these areas and throughout the fisheries should be taking extra precaution and vigilance to a potential 'upticks' to these occurrences. Exclude NO species.  These bozos will kill protected Bottlenose Dolphins as well.  They don't care, they love the anger and hate.

I would even say, 'give effected fishermen' special access to the protected areas, but, that would be tragic.  They are going to be subsidized anyway.  If their subsidies and/or lawsuits are too slow, then they should have made available to them 0% loans with an agreement that payments from any monies coming through the petroleum industry will first satisfy the indebtedness.

The reason one cannot fish these areas is because the creatures themselves have literally 'set up' housekeeping within the 'peace of protection.'  To disturb that would require years to decades to have them return.  The marine life will leave and become vulnerable again.  Fishermen in protected areas (sorry for the analogy) are like 'bush drivers' in the Jungle sending a tiger to the hunters.OR, in this case, 'the poachers.'