Sunday, January 27, 2013

And the media could not even get it right on a movie.

War politics is that important? The Right Wing actually has to pervert the content of a movie to justify their bizarre idea of what is right and wrong? Seriously?

I want to thank Michael Moore for bringing sanity to the subject of torture and the USA. Where would we be without him?

In this article by Michael he also talks about the women involved with the picture, including, the main character.

...But then we learn a piece of news: (click here) The CIA has had the name of this guy all along! For ten years! And how did they get this name ten years ago? From "a tip." A random tip! No torture involved. But, as was the rule during those years of incompetency and no desire to find bin Laden, the tip was filed away somewhere in some room – and not discovered until 2010....

...But back to the controversy and the torture. I guess where I part with most of my friends who are upset at this film is that they are allowing the wrong debate to take place. You should NEVER engage in a debate where the other side defines the terms of the debate – namely, in this case, to debate "whether torture works." You should refuse to participate in that discussion because the real question should be, simply, "is torture wrong?" And, after watching the brutal behavior of CIA agents for the first 45 minutes of the film, I can't believe anyone of conscience would conclude anything other than that this is morally NOT right. You will be repulsed by these torture scenes because, make no mistake about it, this has been done in your name and mine and with our tax dollars. We funded this....

The conflict in Syria is reaching the end.

In an interview in Davos, Prime Minister Medvedev of Russia was not optimist about Assad's power. Russia's position remains that all factions should be at negotiations. PM Medvedev seems multi-party talks as a means to stabilizing the country. I suppose time will tell.

Iron Dome batteries moved North as IDF brass increasingly concerned over Syrian civil war, Assad's chemical arsenal. (click here)


01/27/2013 20:12

An army spokesman confirmed that batteries had been deployed to the North, including one in the Haifa area, but claimed the move was "routine."

Syrian rebels clashed with forces loyal to Assad in southwest Damascus on Sunday, forcing the closure of the main highway to the southern town of Deraa, activists said.

The fighting came as United Nations humanitarian chief Valerie Amos visited Syria ahead of a UN aid conference which aims to raise $1.5 billion for the millions of people made homeless, hungry and vulnerable by the 22-month-old conflict, which the UN says has killed 60,000 people....
The fighting is in southwest Damascus and Assad is not worried about leaving? I guess Assad will live and die in Syria. I would think as a Shi'ite he could seek safe refuge in Iran. 

Has Obama found an accord with Iran?

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

East of Iraq is Iran a Shi'ite nation. I believe Khamenei loves his people enough to want them to have better lives. I also believe he has a strong influence within his country.

I cautiously believe Iran and the USA may be turning the corner on escalation of Iran's nuclear program. 

If that is the case, then Russia also had something to do with this. Russia services Iran's nuclear facilities.

...The marginal utility of further escalation is rapidly declining. (click here) The White House is on the record opposing additional sanctions at this point, arguing that it will undercut their strategy. Sanctions have had a devastating effect on the Iranian economy and helped create medicine shortages, but there are no clear signs yet that sanctions have softened Tehran’s nuclear stance. Similarly, the Iranians appear to have realized that further escalating and accelerating their nuclear activities by increasing enrichment levels beyond 20 percent, for instance, will not provide Iran with added leverage. Rather, such measures would risk transforming a chicken race into a street fight with no honorable exit options.

Behind the tough rhetoric emanating from both sides, veiled hints at a major compromise can be found. In just the last few days, editorials in both the New York Times and the Washington Post have argued that a deal should be made which accepts limited enrichment in Iran under five percent and the lifting of some sanctions in return for unhindered inspections. The Obama administration has also hinted at this. If implemented, this would be an acceptance of Iran’s red line and the most compelling force generating a reciprocal step from Tehran (far more so than the pinch of sanctions)....

This is southern Iraq, Kuwait and western Saudi Arabia.

These images of Iraq, Kuwait, (click here) and parts of Saudi Arabia and Iran were acquired by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on the Aqua and Terra satellites on March 20 and 21, 2003.

Those were the days when the USA first invaded Iraq.

Dust and fires. The red dots are fires.

But, there was that other war that came first.

Kuwait Invasion 
August 2, 1990

...Saddam Hussein claimed the Iraqi invasion was in support of a planned uprising against the Emir, but murders and abuses of Kuwaitis who resisted the occupation were common.
Several hundred foreign nationals were held as human shields at Iraqi and Kuwaiti factories and military bases, but were released before the allied campaign against Iraq....

Gulf War I was to stop Saddam in Kuwait and it did. But, I find it very strange that all of a sudden the Prime Minister of Iraq sees Iraq in many different regions.

Iraq inks oil exploration deal with Kuwait (click here)

A contract was inked with Kuwait Energy and Dragon Oil of the United Arab Emirates to explore a 900-square-kilometre block thought to contain oil in south Iraq, near the country's border with Iran.
The contract was signed by Abdul Mehdi al-Amidi, the Iraqi oil ministry's head of contracts and licensing, a representative of the state-owned South Oil Company, Hussein al-Mosawy of Kuwait Energy and Mark Sawyer of Dragon Oil, according to an AFP journalist present.
Kuwait Energy has a 70 per cent stake in the project, with Dragon Oil holding the remainder. The companies have agreed to be paid a service fee of $US6.24 per barrel of oil equivalent eventually extracted....
Now, let me get this straight. Turkey originally had the oil exploration agreement of southern Iraq. But, their agreement was negated to provide a favor to a Kuwaiti oil group. Then Maliki tells Exxon-Mobil to choose either the north or south to explore for oil, but, not both. 
Regardless of the Iraq constitution, it sure looks like there is a division of power in Iraq that is sustainable and expected. One or other, but, not both and Turkey needs to take a hike because they are closer to the Kurdish oil fields. 
See, if I were Maliki and wanted to avoid a war with the Kurds while being limited to two terms in office, I would want to live in southern Iraq without Turkey having an interest in the country's borders.
It could be that Maliki also sees Turkey going to war with Kurdistan and he simply does not want any part of it.

But, at this point, Iraq is finding it necessary to be three autonomous regions in order to stop ethnic oppression and/or war. When the Prime Minister can't go into a Sunni province without killing demonstrators, there is something really wrong. I don't believe there is much hope that country will remain as one sovereign nation. Just as well.

I like President Talabani. I thought he was wise and fair. I am sorry to hear about his health.

Iraq President's Office: Leader recovering from stroke (click here)

The Associated Press 
Published Saturday, Jan. 5, 2013 9:06AM EST

...Talabani, a 79-year-old senior Kurdish leader, was flown to Germany for treatment more than two weeks ago. The Berlin hospital where he is being treated declined Saturday to comment on Talabani's health, citing patient confidentiality. It would only confirm that he is still being treated there...

Jalal Talabani is Kurdish. Getting the picture? He sympathies with the Kurds and the right for them to propagate an autonomous region with oil reserves. Okay?

Now, with the worries about President Talabani's health, the Prime Minister is left to carry on without him. The Prime Minister is Nouri Al-Maliki. I always considered al Maliki a bit of a hot head and low and behold as soon as the President is out of the picture he attacks Falluja with troops because they were protesting him.

By Kamal Naama | Reuters – Sat, Jan 26, 2013
FALLUJA, Iraq (Reuters) - Thousands of mourners rallied (click here) on Saturday at funerals for Sunni Muslims shot by troops in demonstrations against Iraq's Shi'ite Prime Minister. 
Troops on Friday shot dead five people in Falluja, in the Sunni-dominated western province of Anbar.
Sunnis have taken to the streets since December to protest what they call mistreatment of their minority sect, heightening fears Iraq may return to the Shi'ite-Sunni bloodletting that killed tens of thousands in 2006-2007....

See, the ethnic divide is too much for them. The Sunnis fear the Shi'ites and as soon as Talabani was missing the Sunnis were worried about their safety. They engaged in demonstrations so Talabani knew where he stood.

Now, this is where it gets really interesting. Talabani, being Shi'ite hails from southern Iraq. The place where the wetlands are. So, like what is this mess in seeing the country in sections when it comes to oil? 

North - Kurds

South - Shi'ite

And Exxon Mobile can't be in both. Hm?

Sunday 27 January 2013 13:43
Islam Times - The Iraqi parliament has passed legislation seeking to limit the number of terms Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki may remain in office.
The bill was passed on Saturday by lawmakers from three major Sunni, Kurdish and Shia blocs - all members of Maliki’s unity government. 
The bill restricts the posts of the president, prime minister, and parliament speaker of Iraq to two four-year terms.
Maliki’s supporters dismissed the move as unconstitutional and vowed to refer it to a federal court. 
Despite the parliamentary vote, it needs the president’s approval. 
The parliament’s move comes amidst weeks of anti-government protests. 
Maliki was first elected as prime minister in 2005, and was consequently reelected in 2010.
Go, figure. I get the feeling as though Maliki is not a likable guy.

Just one more thing about Iraq...

How about a little Americana for a moment? Compliments of the Catholic Church.

It is a very sad story. There is no way this story states anything except profound loss. The man has a lovely daughter, but, he has lost his sons and wife it what may be tragic neglect and/or malpractice. The details are not clear. He is in terrible grief over all this.

What is the reply of the Catholic Church. When the law states a child is not a child until it is born according to the statues of the USA, then that is fine for the church, too. However, even the Catholic Health Initiatives believe life begins at conception.

They are correct. Life begins at conception, but, citizenry does not begin until birth in the USA. As it should be. Pro-life likes to confuse the issue as it surrounds abortion. A fetus is life, ask anyone. But, to state it is a viable life backed up by murder statues is crazy.

What bothers me is this man was not seeking to change the meaning of the words of the USA laws, but, simply hold those that oversaw the death of the pregnancy of twins responsible for the loss. Now, why that can't be a viable complaint and the judge simply allowed the church to wash their hands of it, is beyond me. I am fairly sure Colorado has emergency room liability laws.

She died at age 31. Her unborn twin boys perished with her. (click here for video)

...That was New Year's Day 2006. Stodghill, left behind to raise their then-2-year-old daughter alone, sued the hospital and its owner, Catholic Health Initiatives, for the wrongful deaths of all three.

After about two years of litigation, defense attorneys for the hospital and doctors entered an argument that shocked the widower.

They said that under state law, an embryo is not person until it is born alive, according to court documents. The Stodghills' twins were deceased when they were removed from their mother's lifeless body.

"I didn't even get to hold them," Jeremy Stodghill said. "I have an autopsy picture. That's all I've got."...


Oh, they are still dying in Iraq. Nothing new there. But, since we left the daily death toll is far less now.

by Margaret Griffis, January 26, 2013

...In Falluja, (click here) mourners attended funerals for demonstrators killed when soldiers fired upon them yesterday. Three attacks, that were likely in retaliation, took place across the city. A sniper shot and killed a soldier on the outskirts of town. Gunmen killed another soldier during an attack at a checkpoint. Four more soldiers were kidnapped. Other clashes were reported. Also, two civilians were wounded when soldier fired upon them just south of the city.
An I.E.D. killed three soldiers and wounded a fourth in Seniya.
A woman was killed at her home in Arab Jabour.
A police official was shot dead in Tuz Khormato.
In Mosul, gunmen wounded a preacher during an attack on a school.

This was Falluja. It was the Thanksgiving Massacre. Now, why is it that Iraqis do better? Won't you be happy with less death, than the death that reigned then?


Published: November 8, 2004

...Hours earlier, Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, (click here) faced with an expanding outbreak of insurgent violence across the country, formally proclaimed a state of emergency for 60 days across most of Iraq. The proclamation gave him broad powers that allow him to impose curfews, order house-to-house searches and detain suspected criminals and insurgents.
The first of several thousand marines in tanks, Humvees and armored personnel carriers began taking up positions on Monday morning along the northern edge of the city to prepare for an attack, and American jets began bombing targets.
Between 10,000 and 15,000 American soldiers and marines backed by newly trained Iraqi forces were besieging Falluja for what American commanders said was likely to be a brutal, block-by-block battle to retake control and capture, kill or disperse an estimated 3,000 to 4,000 hard-core insurgent fighters. The battle could prove the most important since the American invasion of Iraq 19 months ago....

So, like I stated so long ago, Iraq really is three distinct regions and will, in time, become distinct countries. I am fairly sure of that.

It is getting to be rather comical in Iraq. This is going to take a few entries.

To the left is a map of the Kurdish Autonomous Region. It is easy to see that the geography extends past the borders of four separate nations.

Now, I love it when a plan comes together. The Kurds have lived under the former no-fly zone and they have built themselves a nation. 

Now that the USA is out of Iraq there are no more Palace Soldiers to send to Kurdistan to oppress the Kurds and it is getting very interesting.

BAGHDAD, Jan 27 (Reuters) - Iraq has told Exxon Mobil (click here) it must choose between working in its southern oilfields or in Kurdistan, and Baghdad expects the U.S. oil major to make a final decision in a few days, its oil minister said on Sunday.

"We made it clear to Exxon in the last meeting that the answer we expected from them is either to work in the Kurdistan region or to work in southern Iraq," Oil Minister Abdul Kareem Luaibi told reporters.

"Exxon Mobil cannot work in both fields at the same time."

Exxon was the first major oil company to sign agreements with the government of the autonomous Kurdistan region in the north, a move that increased tensions between Baghdad and the Kurds in a long-running dispute over oil, territory and political autonomy....

Now, one might ask what difference does it make if Exxon Mobile is in both regions at the same time? Right? I mean Halliburton is everywhere regardless of the permits issued by Iraq, but, like "What is this?"

Marcos legacy still haunts Philippine human rights victims

Democracy is not easy. It is hard. It is far easier to follow rules and stay out of trouble in a society than to actually live a life of freedom and moral conscience.

There have been many dictatorships the USA has allied with in the past. That does not make them right.

So, for those in the USA that would see Egypt's revolution as a 'mistake,' in actuality it is not for us to say. If intervention was to procedure in any burgeoning democracy anywhere in the world it would be out of our own fears and not that of the people seeking freedom of oppression.

President Morsi is in over his head. He is unable to contain his brothers within Egypt.

Egypt was once a partner to Jordan is brokering a peace between Israel and Palestine, but, today there is no internal peace and the people will not tolerate their new oppressor much longer.

Families and supporters (click here) of those accused of soccer violence from the Port Said soccer club react to the announcement of verdicts for 21 on trial in last years Port Said stadium incident which left 74 people dead, in Port Said, Egypt, Saturday, Jan. 26, 2013. Egyptian security officials say at least 8 people have died in the Mediterranean city of Port Said after a judge sentenced 21 people to death in connection to one of the world's deadliest incidents of soccer violence. (AP Photo/Mohammed Nouhan, Shorouk Newspaper) EGYPT OUT — AP

...Dr. Abdel-Raham Farah says Mahmoud Abdel-Halim al-Dizawi, a soccer player in Port Said's Al-Marikh club, was shot three times and died.
He says Tamer al-Fahla, a soccer player who used to play for the city's main Al-Masry team, was also shot dead on his way to Al-Marikh club.
The club is near a prison residents tried to storm Saturday to free defendants in the soccer trial. The military has been deployed to try and restore security.
Two deaths occurred in the soccer incident. I am not saying it was right, but, there were 21 defendants now sentenced to death and that, given the state of affairs in the populous, is leading to greater fear of the changes in the government.
January 26, 2013|By Jeffrey Fleishman and Reem Abdellatif 
CAIRO -- Deadly clashes (click here) erupted in the Egyptian city of Port Said after 21 soccer hooligans were sentenced to death for killing rival fans in a riot last year that became a dangerous subplot to the nation’s wider unrest and political schisms.
Gunshots and tear gas volleys rang out between security forces and supporters of the Masry soccer club after the verdicts were read. Relatives of the accused attempted to storm the jail where soccer fans and former police officials charged in the 2012 stadium melee are imprisoned....

Now, the 2 soccer deaths were increased to 21 sentenced to death has resulted in at least 33 deaths in riots in Port Said alone. I would think President Morsi would not be in a rush to execute anyone. There needs to be a complete investigation to the two initial deaths to understand whom exactly pulled the trigger. Certainly, 21 people were not holding the gun.
President Morsi has ushered in radical changes to Egypt. I hope the CIA has read the new Egyptian constituion. I have not. Supposedly it was to create a permanent and more fair democracy, but, the people are not accepting. Even Mohamed ElBaradei is calling for unrelenting opposition.

They are afraid of the changes to their country. They are worried their country is going to end up being ruled by something so foreign it belongs to the Taliban. President Morsi is not instilling confidence in his people.
President Morsi's speech was "very tough", says the BBC's Aleem Maqbool in Cairo

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has declared a state of emergency in the cities of Port Said, Suez and Ismalia after days of deadly unrest. (click here)
27 January 2013 Last updated at 15:36 ET
A daily curfew from 21:00 to 06:00 will be imposed for 30 days from Monday, he said in a speech to the nation.
At least 33 people died over the weekend in Port Said, where a court judgment sparked rioting.
Unhappiness with Mr Morsi's rule fuelled unrest elsewhere.
In the capital Cairo, anti-government protesters clashed with security forces near Tahrir Square for a fourth consecutive day.
The liberal opposition accuses Mr Morsi of being autocratic and driving through a new constitution that does not protect adequately freedom of expression or religion....

The article below is VOA in Indonesia in translation.

7 killed and 450 injured in 2 Years Warnings upheaval in Egypt

Violence erupted across Egypt on Friday (25/1), the second anniversary of the second uprising that ousted President Hosni Mobarak.

At least seven people (click here) were killed and MENA news agency reported that more than 450 people were injured in the incident.

A health ministry spokesman said six victims were killed in Suez, where protesters threw stones and bottles at security forces, armed, before the government forces took control of the city early Saturday. The seventh victim died in Ismalia.

In Cairo a battle on the road between protesters who threw stones and riot troops fired tear gas erupted Friday in Tahrir Square and lasts for several hours near the Interior Ministry, state television facilities and the presidential palace. Riot occurred in Alexandria, Port Said, Mahalla and Ismalia.

Parties tend to be secular political opposition called for protests Friday against President Morsi Muslimis Brotherhood and its allies. Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei sent a message on Twitter that called on the protesters to "ultimately achieve the goal of the revolution of 2011."

Targeting the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary elections, which began April possibility, urged his supporters to stay away from protests and mark it with a national charity fundraising campaign.

No more Poppies to fund the war? The Blight. The Poppy Blight was more than they could tolerate.

The illicit trafficking of tobacco is a multibillion-dollar business today, fueling organized crime and corruption, robbing governments of needed tax money, and spurring addiction to a deadly product. So profitable is the trade that tobacco is the world’s most widely smuggled legal substance. This booming business now stretches from counterfeiters in China and renegade factories in Russia to Indian reservations in New York and warlords in Pakistan and North Africa....

5:30 AM Monday Jan 28, 2013
By Jamie Doward

For many years (click here) Mokhtar Belmokhtar was little more than a footnote in the intelligence reports analysing the increasingly muscular presence of Islamist groups in Saharan Africa.
The man whose al-Qaeda-inspired Signed in Blood Battalion led the attack on the In Amenas gas plant in Algeria, in which at least 38 people were killed, was considered a relatively unimportant figure in the political ecosystem of the vast region....

Police were called to the firm's holding yard at Wetherill Park early on Saturday morning after employees discovered it had been broken into and four pallets of cigarettes had been stolen.
Police allege that CCTV footage at the yard showed three men breaking into the premises at about 1am (AEDT).
The trio then used a forklift to remove the pallets before placing them in a waiting truck, police said on Sunday.
The truck was later found burnt out at Minchinbury.
While the cigarettes have a wholesale value of about $746,000, police said they would retail for approximately $1.87 million.
A similar incident occurred at the same location a couple of weeks ago and detectives believe they are linked.
On January 13, three pallets of cigarettes were stolen from the holding yard after a number of men gained entry.
The cigarettes stolen during that break-in also have an estimated wholesale value of approximately $746,000....
When a get away truck is burned to conceal evidence, this is called organized crime. Given the fact this is New Zealand, there is a good chance the culprits are operating from Indonesia.

The article below is from "Indonesia Tobacco."
November 18, 2012

The number of cigarettes (click here) bought in the UK which have avoided duty and taxes is set to soar, one of the country's top three manufacturers has warned.

Japan Tobacco International, the owner of UK-based Gallaher, conducted a secret shopping trip around north-west London that revealed a huge range of counterfeit cigarettes and rolling tobacco being sold for around half the retail price. 

These include well-known brands of cigarettes where the packaging is written in Spanish (or any other language that is convenient) but the tax stamp is Belgian and rolling tobacco which contains large amounts of impurities.

The firm believes that after two of the largest duty hikes in the past two Budgets – a total of 70p on a packet of 20 – the rate of smuggling and production of counterfeit cigarettes will soar....

King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein has never ended his work for a peace for Palestine.

Hamas chief Meshaal makes ‘historic’ visit to Jordan amid Islamists’ praise (click here)

King, Mishaal to meet in Amman today (click here)

by Taylor Luck | Jan 27, 2013 | 22:16

AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah is scheduled to hold talks with Hamas politburo chief Khaled Mishaal on Monday, officials said on Sunday.
A Royal Court source said the issue of Palestinian national reconciliation will top the agenda of the meeting.
Government Spokesperson Samih Maaytah also confirmed the meeting, saying various aspects of the Mideast peace process will also be discussed.
According to the Hamas media office, Mishaal arrived late Sunday in Amman as part of a three-day visit to Jordan.
Regional issues, including the Syrian crisis and the fate of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees residing in Syria, are also expected to be among the topics of discussion, according to an Islamist source close to the proceedings.
The Islamist resistance group’s return to Amman, where its offices were shut down in 1999, is not expected to be among the subjects tabled for the talks.
Neither Hamas officials nor Maaytah could confirm whether Mishaal would meet with other Jordanian officials during his visit.
Monday’s meeting marks the third between the King and Mishaal in less than a year and comes amid a gradual warming of ties between the Kingdom and Hamas.
Following Qatar-brokered mediation in early 2012, Jordan and Hamas held a series of talks over implementing a reconciliation agreement between the movement and its rival Palestinian faction, Fateh, with Amman allowing several senior Hamas leaders to relocate from Damascus to Jordan.

It's Sunday Night.

Why is it Americans are so afraid of losing their freedom?

That fear is preventing them from achieving peace.

Nicki Minaj - Freedom (Explicit) (click title to entry - thank you)

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