Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The House of Representatives has time to watch movies, huh?

I actually thought the picture the GOP chose was quite tame compared to what I sincerely believe characterizes the Tea Party more and more.  If watches the Quintan Tarantino trailer of , "True Romance," at about 1 minute and 20 seconds the picture portrays the actual 'standoff' character of the Tea Party.  It is just a partisan effort to decide who the good guys are and who the bad guys are, or as President Obama might say,."... if there are any at all."

All I have to say about the Tarantino film is, Alfred Hitchcock did it better.  I never bothered seeing another one after this.

Oh, yeah, the scene where everyone is screaming 'put it down' while holding guns in each others faces, most of them end up dead, except of course, the star actors and actress.  They live to tell the tale.  The scene where she is held hostage to her returning husband is absolutely brutal.  She wins the day, but, oh babe the blood never stopped flying.

At the beginning of the calender year (12/28/10 map) the majority of this map (91.14 percent) was considered 'abnormally dry.'

I'll tell you want bothers me more than anything else.  The area is now profoundly in the state of drought.  One year ago the same area, that was one year ago this week 74.23 percent exhibited no drought what so ever at all.

Drought is a strange thing.  By definition it is a lack of rain and water.  But, in physics of the Earth, it is a long process.  It takes a lot to dry out an entire area until the soil cracks and is unproductive.  The 'heat wave' that, or I guess everyone was calling it a "Heat Bubble," spread to nearly the entire Midwest and East of the USA. The physics of Earth always, in my observations, gives a hint to the future by observing the present.  What often seems like an anomaly in 'passing' weather, not climate but weather, is a foretelling of the future.

This season I posted an increase in the depth of the drought and the reach of the drought.  It is my estimation that where the 'bubble' made itself known to the citizens of the USA is a foreshadowing of what is to come in the years ahead.

If I could wave a magic wand and Homeland Preparedness included tracking drought and its potential for future emergencies for the water supply of the country I would have done it this year, because, I sincerely believe we are going to see worsening drought in the next decade.  We witnessed a dry Lake Lanier.  It is a threat to reservoirs.  I don't believe I should morally withhold these concerns either.

Since the 'Heat Bubble' the 'abnormally dry' drought conditions extend into New Jersey, Western New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana where the severe heat reached its northern boundary.

Evidently, the Tea Baggers are sacking the country in 2012 and getting rid of my favorite Republican Speaker of the House...

I like Speaker Boner.  He tries to write reasonable legislation, even if he has to rewrite it.  That was a good attempt the the Speaker, rarely to Republicans actually write a bill that deals with difficult issues of the day.  They usually rely on rhetoric to be re-elected.  I am very pleased Speaker Boner gave it his best try.

Oh, I know I use the name "Boner" instead of "Baynor," but, I sincerely believe he is not using his name correctly.  Look, if the Republicans call The Affordable Care Act, "Obamacare," then I have a write to call who ever and what ever I want the name that sounds right to me.  Besides, "Boner and the Tea Baggers" has an interesting ring to it.

But, I found it interesting "The Old Guard" in every way has to go according to the Tea Baggers, especially after the mess they are causing over SIMPLY raising the Debt Ceiling which should be a paragraph long.  I mean they are not following Georgie's Manifesto.  He reduced the ABM treaty to three pages after all.

Tea Party Leaders Cite Member "Concern" about Speaker Boehner's Leadership

If there is a sure fire way to save on the National Debt, the much maligned Rep. Howard Coble has his own method.

6th District of North Carolina U.S. Rep. Howard Coble sporting a hat proclaiming the State Championship of the West Rowan High School football teamshares a laugh with Susan Hoffner at the family farm near Mt Ulla. Coble toured several locations in Rowan County on monday. Photo by Jon C. Lakey, Salisbury Post.

Why I would think the House Right Wing Republicans could not get this bill to fhe floor fast enough.

Washington, Jul 26  (click title to entry - Thank you)
        (Washington, D.C.)----Saying he’s not ready to give up on his career-long quest to reform the congressional pension system, U.S. Rep. Howard Coble (R-NC) announced today that he has introduced new legislation to change how the system operates.  Congressman Coble, who has refused to participate in the congressional pension program, said his new bill would change how quickly new members become vested.
        “When all the debate in Washington is about sacrifice and how Americans may have to do more with less in the future,” Rep. Coble stated, “members of Congress are noticeably silent about what sacrifices they are willing to make.  I think it is imperative to show the American people that we – as public servants – are serious about changing the free-spending culture of Capitol Hill.  We can begin by reforming the lavish congressional pension system.”
          Coble says his bill would require new members of Congress to serve for at least 12 years before they vest into the congressional pension program.  Under current law, members become eligible to receive lifetime pension benefits after only five years of service.  It also makes conforming changes to ensure that members cannot receive other pension benefits until they have served 12 years....

Representative Coble is what the Tea Baggers are calling, "The Old Guard."  Of course that would mean they are the only fiscally responsible New Guard.  

Rep. Coble has been tryint to save the USA money for a long time, it is just that it was never in fashion and let's face it, the 'Retirement Fund' is rarely talked about and hardly known to exist by the people of the USA.

The 'humble' times of the Murdochs and their companies continue to be very revealing to the power brokering inside News Corp.

I want USA officals investigated for their close affiliation with this media empire.

We are living in a time of extreme national security, like, ah, what the hell is this?

The USA and the UK are allies through NATO.  I want this investigated and cut off right now !!!!

The extraordinary access (click title to entry - thank you)  that Cabinet ministers granted Rupert Murdoch and his children was revealed for the first time yesterday, with more than two dozen private meetings between the family and senior members of the Government in the 15 months since David Cameron entered Downing Street.
In total, Cabinet ministers have had private meetings with Murdoch executives more than 60 times and, if social events such as receptions at party conferences are included, the figure is at least 107.
On two occasions, James Murdoch and former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks were given confidential defence briefings on Afghanistan and Britain's strategic defence review by the Defence Secretary, Liam Fox. A further briefing was held with Ms Brooks, Rupert Murdoch and the Sunday Times editor John Witherow....

Who's side are they on, Pakistan or China?

Speaking of oppression. Ever get the idea that Republicans are sincerely SCARED of democracy?

Walker Makes It Harder to Obtain Voter ID, Shuts DMV Offices in Dem. Areas (click title to entry - thank you)
by Mike Hall, Jul 26, 2011

In May, Gov. Scott Walker (R) signed a Voter ID bill that could disenfranchise tens of thousands of students, seniors, poor and minority Wisconsin voters who don’t have drivers’ licenses or state-issued photo IDs.
Now it appears as if the Walker administration is going a step further to keep voters who aren’t likely to be Walker supporters (see list below) away from the polls.  He’s closing 10 Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices where residents can obtain the photo IDs they will need before they are allowed to vote. Supposedly, the move is to free up DMV employees to staff offices that will have expanded hours to provide ID services.
But state Rep. Andy Jorgensen (D) says it appears the decisions were based on politics, with the department targeting offices for closure in Democratic areas and expanding hours for those in Republican districts. In an interview with The Associated Press, he asked:
What the heck is going on here?  Is politics at play here?
He probably also doesn’t believe the claims by Walker and his Republican cohorts in the legislature that the new law is necessary to stop voter fraud….
The information in the article speaks for itself.  The Wisconsin Republicans are afraid of democracy.  The way in which they are conducting the State governments it almost looks like they know the default is on its way.  Just a strange coincidence I guess.

The Capital Times |
Posted: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 5:20 pm

On Thursday, Gov. Scott Walker is scheduled to speak(click here)  at the 45th anniversary of a fast-growing Wisconsin company with a long history of helping the disabled.
But Walker's appearance at Fort Atkinson-based Opportunities Inc. has been overshadowed by a whistleblower's claims the company runs an "American version of a Chinese sweatshop" where workers make $7.50 an hour with no benefits, no vacation and little hope of a raise.
In a letter to the Daily Jefferson County Union, Robert Heussner, a three-year employee, says he's disappointed the firm has "embraced the type of work environment that Gov. Walker is bringing to Wisconsin."
Walker is visiting at the company’s invitation….