Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Louisiana Governor Jindal states he is in a war against oil. Heck. He should have thought of that one a long time ago before their product lined his beaches and fisheries.

Jindal the inspirational speaker.  Typical Republican lawmaker.  Pander to Wall Street and become the quintessential emergency coordinator when disaster strikes.  Does Jindal EVER reflect on the fact HE is as much Louisiana's problem as BP !!!  PREVENTION.  Think prevention, Louisiana.

..."You know, when you're in the middle of a battle, a lot of times it is easy to be skeptical about victory, " Jindal began as he stood on a makeshift stage at the Fort Jackson Wildlife Center in Buras alongside Saints owner Tom Benson and Coach Sean Payton, among others. "Indeed, we all remember the Saints overcame the odds, they overcame the critics, they overcame the skeptics. . . . We all remember that onside kick. We all remember that interception.

Share "Well, you know what, Louisiana? We're in a battle right now to save our coast. This is a war to protect our way of life in Louisiana. And just like the New Orleans Saints overcame the odds, Louisiana is going to win this battle...

That is what is amazing about Republicans, they use opportunity to make money of their citizens.  BUT, it ain't taxes, though.

Louisiana doesn't have a Brown Pelican anymore.  The ones still alive are now residing in Florida.

From Melinda Deslatte, June 9, 2010 - 08:05 AM
Lawmakers send Jindal bill to remove $15 license price hike, despite governor's opposition  (click title to entry  - thank you)

By Melinda Deslatte
BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - The decision of whether to repeal or keep a $15 increase in the price of a Louisiana driver's license now rests with Gov. Bobby Jindal.
The Senate gave final approval to reversing the price increase by a 29-5 vote Tuesday, sending the measure to Jindal, whose administration repeatedly tried to kill the bill as it wound its way through the Legislature.
Jindal wants the $13.6 million to be raised by the license hike annually to help cover costs for state police in the upcoming budget year that begins July 1.
If he vetoes the bill, Jindal will be taking ownership of the price boost even as he has repeatedly talked about opposing tax hikes to fill budget shortfalls and the need for the state to "do more with less." If Jindal lets the bill become law, that shrinks state revenue....