Wednesday, February 04, 2015

The IS video would be rated XXX for the level of violence in it.

The media IS uses is about power. It is not about God. It is not about Allah. It is about the power a man has over the people. Not God, but, a man.

I haven't seen the video. I don't care to.

I saw four Buddhist monks light themselves on fire in Vietnam. I don't need to understand the pain and loss there is in such a horrific act.

When is the Seante putting him in office. It has been too long already.

February 4, 2015
By Helen Cooper

WASHINGTON — Ashton B. Carter, (click here) President Obama’s nominee for secretary of defense, told senators on Wednesday that he would consider increased American military assistance to Ukraine, including the sale of lethal arms, as part of the country’s effort to fight Russian-backed separatists in the east.
Mr. Carter’s comments, which came as he cruised through a confirmation hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee, echoed those of senior administration officials, who have indicated in recent weeks that the White House is rethinking its opposition to arming Ukraine in what is turning into a proxy war with Russia....

The United Nations needs to come up with diplomatic measures between Russia and the USA in regard to Ukraine. There are plenty reasons for the USA and EU and Russia to talk even outside Ukraine.

There needs to be a United Nations diplomatic measure with Assad and the USA and Russia. Everyone has to be at the table and if that means France, Great Britain and China then do it. If Assad needs more Arab representation at the table, then ask Saudi Arabia or any other stable government that wants peace in the Middle East. 

The United Nations needs a diplomatic measure between the USA, Israel, Palestine and Hamas. This ridiculous. It's been decades and the Palestinians are losing ground every day. If the UN needs to have reality come to the Palestinian issue with the World Courts stating the paths open to that nation of people then it needs to be said and plans made. 

These can't be minor diplomatic measures. They move from the United Nations to the leadership of the countries involved. 

The new Secretary of Defense has to be briefed on all these issues as well as the arms problem coming out of Libya, too. The United Nations has a lot of intelligence on these issues. For the part the USA plays in many of these theaters, the Secretary of Defense has to consult with them. Let the new secretary bring US military intelligence with him.

Solutions have to be found in regard to all these issues and the US has to have a legitimate reason to act in any of this mess. I sincerely believe the uprisings in places like Yemen occur because of the high number of deaths by drones. The UN Security Council needs to come to terms with drones and bring resolutions to their use. The stress level among these people have to be outrageous. My take on drones. They might be good as spies IN A WAR THEATER, but, this mess they have now is way out of hand.

I don't know when I shed as many tears as I did this evening.

The Robert's Court walked on the lives and graves of these people. We need a minority congress and it has to be the Democrats that do it in 2016. The Dems need to run as many Hispanics as possible, where that is not possible then African American, where that is not possible then Asian Americans, etc., etc., etc.

We need our country back. At the end of every week, I am going to look at the monies in my accounts and I am going to make a donation to the Democratic National Party. No nonsense. No silly devotion to issues that won't win the elections.

We already know the lady that is going to win the White House. She needs a minority Congress to bring about the change this country needs. It is time to get serious. 

I don't know what is wrong with Hollywood. Maybe it isn't time for Brad Pitt to be Producer of the year, but, they are wrong. There may not be a lot of gadgets and whistles in this picture, but, there is a profound human story being told. This is the USA. This is a story about the one most important and precious power we can give our citizens. There isn't anything more important. Go figure.

I think the NTSB does a through job, but,... this case they need to start with the type of car on the tracks and it's level of repair. Americans aren't necessarily purchasing new cars to protect from poor condition and needed repairs. The Americans working for poor wages purchase what can be called a clunker. What kind of repair are cars in in the USA?

It doesn't sound as though she was interested in suicide if she was outside the car attempting to move it off the tracks.

This tragedy was caused by a car that stopped crossing railroad tracks. Unless there was malfunction of signals there is only one reason why it happened. Velocity is velocity, unless commuter trains are suppose to crawl along every crossing with roads there needs to be different interaction between the train and the cars. Put the trains on elevated railways and then the infrastructure for magnetic electric trains will exist.

But, part of the issue here is the car and why it stopped on railroad tracks. 

SUVs are tough cars. This is a true story. A friend had a problem with his 4 wheel drive truck. He was crossing a minimally marked railroad crossing along a dirt road when a train hit him. No lie. He lived to tell the story. The truck had balloon tires and literally bounced along tracks in front of the train. The train stopped and the truck was undrivable but the driver lived. Some of the vehicles on the road are tough. This isn't about manufacturers. These vehicles can be modified by their owners. 

In this case the SUV caused the fast moving commuter train to leave the track. When a train takes flight there is no blaming anyone except the driver of the SUV. Trains move fast. They were designed to move fast. No one within the train industry could be held responsible for this.

Start building elevated rails and crossings are a good start because our infrastructure is sadly outdated. Eliminate this potential into the future.

February 4, 2015
Theresa Juva-Brown, Matt Spillane, Khurram Saeed and James O'Rourk

VALHALLA — The National Transportation Safety Board (click here) has taken control of the train-SUV crash scene where six people died and 15 were injured Tuesday.
"We've got several busy days ahead of us," NTSB board member Robert Sumwalt told reporters at a Wednesday morning briefing. "We intend to find out not only what happened but why."
The investigation will include experts in fire science, signals, and crossings, to name a few. The team will review events recorders that monitor the Metro-North train's speed and brakes. They will also have access to video from the crossing....
The Transasia jet was pilot error. It stalled. It didn't have enough air speed to continue it's flight at take off. We saw this once before in the private contractor carrying large and heavy equipment from Afghanistan. The jet didn't have high enough air speed to carry it's freight.

The jet that previously crashed into the sea should have been allowed to turn around to return to the airport for the level of air turbulence in the area. Indonesia has a problem with storms all the time, but, it's aviators need to discern severe storms and air turbulence from those that are navigable. 

Statistical Loads Data for the Boeing 777-200ER Aircraft in Commercial Operations (click here)

The lost Air Asian jet was probably cabin failure. These jets have been flying at altitudes of 45,000 feet. 45,000 feet is the stratosphere. The outside air pressure doesn't even come close to the inside air pressure. The jets are probably experiencing too many extremes in pressure and cracking. Eventually, as in the case of the lost jet it gives way and the cabin fails. That is what I think occurred. 

The airlines are taking the super-jumbos to higher altitudes to increase the number of jets able to fly over one spot on Earth. If commercial jets start to take on higher and higher levels in the atmosphere, the jets can be stacked thick.

Let's say a jet was allowed to occupy airspace every mile in altitude. That means at 45,000 feet there can be eight jets/planes below it. Now, how cheap can airfares become if an airline can operate on a per hour rate with nine jets piled into the same geographical spot. I really think the characteristics the commercial airline industry is taking is beyond dangerous. Ask oneself how many 'near misses' are there with these jets per day. 

One other thing. If ANY crack is noted in the inside cabin of the jet, report it and start a online site to report each crack of each jet. The community needs to start a site for each jet in the commercial industry and report any problem at that site be it service to the customer and/or any physical defect in the cabin. People have a right to know.

The Undocumented Community has a problem. The Gay Community succeeded, but, it started in Massachusetts.

The electorate has it wrong about electing any Republican as president in 2016. What is the sense in electing a Republican president when the legislature won't pass any Immigration Reform? That's the problem. The electorate if focusing on any potential a Republican president could pass immigration reform. That isn't the issue. 2016 needs a Democratic president to sign the bill, but, Congress has to be majority Democratic in order to first pass the bill. The Undocumented Worker community has a huge task before them. It isn't enough to have a president friendly to them, it takes an immigrant community friendly Congress. And not just immigrant friendly, but, also Undocumented Worker friendly.

I am astounded the hatred that is leveraged against any Democratic initiative. Healthcare is now under attack by Republican lawyers. These lawyers have systematically gone through every word of the ACA to find a flaw based in the words "state exchange." Two words, not even an entire sentence. That is unbelievable. The hatred of any Democratic initiative is unbelievable. 

The majority Congress today is trying to mask itself as friendly to Democratic values in order to appear to be 'good people,' yet before their majority they were completely hostile to Americans. They were willing to bankrupt the government in their tirade over their minority status. 

Republicans live to destroy Americans ability to be wealthy. That emphasis extends back to the post Civil War era. The Republicans that create a hostile environment for the Middle Class is a direct attack against local government. If no one owned property where would the local governments be? Would there be any service from local governments? 

Republicans are a problem for the majority of the country.