Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thank you, President Obama, it was the correct decision.

Alberta, Canada, where the world's largest oil companies are building massive open pit mines to get at the oil sands. photo: AP (2008)

This is NOT a political decision.  There is a lot on the line for the food supply of the USA.  Need I remind there is excitement in the farming community regarding ethanol. 

The dangers to the Midwest in regard to the changing climate was never so evident as this past year.  The flooding caused the Army Corp to destroy levies and vital farmland lay under water in order to save lives and a town.  There is just no room for error anymore.  The petroleum industry has never been vigilant about their practices causing destruction of the Louisiana shrimp beds, polluted waters in the Gulf, substantial damage to the economies all along the southern border.  We can't risk it anymore.  Our nation's farmlands in the Midwest have never been more important. 

The potential for farmers to grow prairie grass and other ethanol crops right next to fields and fields of vital food grains and crops is a wonderful use of these lands.  There should not be more stress placed on these lands or any more danger in the way of adding more greenhouse gases to the troposphere causing drought. 

This was not an easy decision for President Obama.  He could have thrown caution to the wind.  It would have been the easy and politcally lucrative thing to do. 

I can't thank him enough and I hope this will also give the Canadian government pause to realize those oil sands will always be there.  If the oil from those sands are vitally needed, would it not be more prudent to protect them now as a 'safety net' for the future and profound oil shortages. 

There may be profits in the process of oil sands to extract oil, but, there is a negative energy return for the cost of the process.  Generations have to inherit the future.  We need to give them a future to inherit.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, Nov 10, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Environmental and citizen groups in British Columbia (click title to entry - thank you) say the federal government review process of the proposed Enbridge Gateway pipeline must include tar sands expansion and climate change impacts.
The groups are reacting to a decision by the State Department and President Obama to delay the proposed Keystone pipeline to include a new review of alternative routes and wider environmental impacts, including climate change.

"The State Department and the Obama administration's decision to delay the Keystone XL pipeline sends a clear signal to Canadian decision makers," says Nikki Skuce, Senior Energy campaigner with ForestEthics. "In the context of the climate change threat, credible pipeline review includes climate impacts."

A federal joint review panel is scheduled to begin hearing citizen testimony on Enbridge's proposed Gateway pipeline in January of 2012....

How much was "Waste Management" paid from Rumsfeld's DOD?

The John D. Dingell VA Medical Center (click title to entry - thank you) is a 2.2 million square foot full service medical center in Detroit Michigan that provides primary, secondary and tertiary care including acute medical, surgical, psychiatric, neurological, and dermatological inpatient care. We also run mental health clinics that include substance abuse treatment, a day treatment center; a community based psychiatric program, a nursing home care unit, and a Health Care for Homeless Veterans (HCHV) program....

I had an uncle that suffered from diabetic neuropathy.  He was a military veteran, received disability after his back was ruined while working in a VA facility.  He was literally picked up by a patient in a mental health ward and slammed into a wall.  When he no longer could work for the VA taking care of other veterans, he sold American flags part time for the local VFW.

He was a nice man.  Great uncle.  He has passed away some years ago.  But, as time went by his diabetes seemed to become more brittle and he began to have problems with circulation in his lower legs.  He eventually would have both amputated.

After the first surgery I went to visit him.  He was out of surgery less than a day, but, was permitted to get into a wheelchair to go to the lobby and visit with me while getting a diet soda.  This is a true story.  Swear.

After we got to the lobby and I found a sunlite area I went to the coffee shop and bought a diet soda for him and a ginger ale for me.  I returned to him as he pulled a small box from his bathrobe pocket.  I sat across from him in a comfortable chair without saying much.  He started the conversation.  He asked me if I knew what was in the box.  It seemed like a sturdy plastic box.  I told him no, I did not know what was in the box.  He told me it was his lower leg.  The box was given to him that morning by his surgeon when making rounds.  I asked if I could hold it and he let me.  It was sealed.  I could not open it.

When my Uncle Len went home the box was on top of his dresser and he showed it to everyone.  It was sort of like a badge of courage.  After a time and with some rehab he went back to selling American flags.  The cremated lower limb never left the top of his dresser.  His lower leg was still with him, but, in a different place, that's all.  When he lost his second lower leg the second box was stationed next to the first and when he died the two boxes were buried with him.

His surgeon and surgery, both of them, were performed at the Detroit, Michigan Veteran's Administration Hospital.  My Uncle Len (Leonard) went there regularly for any of his medical needs, received any medications there and he was always treated with dignity.

I apologize to all the veterans, families, friends and those feeling violated by the very real desceration that occurred by Waste Management.  I am only beginning to understand why Secretary Gates welcomed President Obama as Commander and Chief.  I don't know what can be done, if anything to correct this wrong, but, I am confident Secretary Panetta and Secretary Shinseki will do all they can.

Remains of war dead dumped in Virginia landfill (click here)

By Craig Whitlock and Greg Jaffe

The Dover Air Force Base mortuary for years disposed of portions of troops' remains by cremating them and dumping the ashes in a Virginia landfill, a practice that officials have since abandoned in favor of burial at sea.

The Dover mortuary, the main point of entry for America's war dead and the target of federal investigations for alleged mishandling of remains, engaged in the practice from 2003 to 2008, according to Air Force officials. The manner of disposal was not disclosed to relatives of fallen service members....

It is my feeling all the remains once cremated should have been boxed and placed together in a casket  or other burial container and buried in a common area separate from other tombstones in a national cemetary in the USA.  A place where people could know about for peace of mind. 

It was always about money, not morality.

The fans, students and alumni have a right to feel demoralized from their hero. Was Joe Paterno really a hero though?

He went up the chain of command as the university system demanded, but, he never took the abused children seriously. This isn't just a matter of jilted lovers. This is about an adult man maintaining boys in his easy reach to satisfy his sexual drive. This is about pedophilia.

One could say the chain of command was the problem, but, they were simply conspirators in the same deception.

Right now, the students and alumni have the most on the line. Not because they lost their head coach and might have a few bad years of football, but, because the 'reputation' of Penn State has been smeared. A college is more than its teams and their standing in their divison, it is about having a reputation and the value of the degree by the greater society.

I am confident some of the joy of being from Penn State revolved around its incredible record and a man by the name of Peterno. Walking into an interview often the first 'ice breaker' is reflecting on the athletic accomplishments of the university. That isn't as rewarding an ice breaker anymore.

I believe the reality of pedophilia within the ranks of coaches at Penn State was handled poorly, as was the scandal, as are the decisions that overshadowed the university last night. It seems to me the value students and alumni place on this university and education were never reflected on, but, only the 'liability' that the school would face. Expeditiously removing the coach and president from the university was more or less a legal maneuver and not thought out in a way that would have best served its reputation now or in the future.

It is all about money. It has been from the beginning with the success and legend of Joe Peterno and it is still about money in his dismissal and disregard to the students and alumni.

If I could make a wish it would be to calm the students and remind them about how important their future is to not just themselves, but to their university's reputation and the contribution they will bring to a country that cares about them. I wish they could find a way to settle their hearts on their own well being and set new priorities for making that happen with a focus on graduation and the enjoyment the future holds.

If nothing else this episode teaches everyone it doesn't matter what monies involved, but, living true to one's morality and the reflection of innocence in the faces of the victimized is more rewarding.

Any students involved in disturbing episodes of anger should be given the benefit of the doubt, any charges removed in lieu of a counceling session at the Student Health Office in realization of the poor handling by the administration from the very beginning.

The favored party of the 1%. Either Americans want a government and one that works or they don't.

Two years ago, November 2010,  McConnell (click title to entry - thank you) made a speech to The Heritage Foundation declaring war on President Obama for ideological reasons.  I don't recall President Obama speaking to The Heritiage Foundation or any other prominent Democrat.  The party is closed to 'ideas' at all.

 National Rifle Association (click here)  CEO Wayne LaPierre said President-elect Barack Obama’s vows to protect the Second Amendment might be little more than a wave of empty promises.
“I predict he’ll break his campaign promises,” LaPierre said Friday, just before speaking to a packed auditorium at the Bristol Public Library....

The Republicans are bought and sold by the Plutocrats of the 1%. 

And the one person missing in this particular picture is the only one that sincerely cares about the USA and should be leading the Republican polls, Governor Jon Huntsman.  And why should Governor Rick Perry remember the department he wants to destroy; he wants to destroy it.  It shows how insignificant any alternative energy priority is to that man.  It takes government working with the private sector and research to support the private and public sector to develop better alternatives for the people of the USA.  If that isn't a blatant and complete disregard for the well being of the American people, don't ask me what is.  All the priorities of the Republicans are ideological.  They don't make sense, they make money.

Yesterday, in Ohio, Kasich (did I spell his name correctly) made a consession speech after his attempt to destroy unions failed.  He said he got the message and he understood the priorities of the electorate.  Those statements are incomplete thoughts.  He may have got the message, but, he should verbalize the EXACT message he got because for decades there seems to be a real communication gap between the people and Republicans.  He stated he understood the priorites of the electorate, but, AGAIN failed to verbalize EXACTLY what those priorities consist of thus failing to communicate well with his citizens. 

Rhetoric and cliches are the way of the past.  Last night Governor Huntsman had no problem communicating his understanding of priorities to the people in the audience. THAT, may be his downfall.