Monday, May 27, 2013

Who knew? Oh, by the way, if McCain was seriously acting in the interests of national security I would ask the same question?

The current, but not new, anti-immigrant rhetoric in our news and in our legislation process has made Maria Cristina’s teachings more relevant for U.S Latinos and Latinas. It is hard to create a sense of belonging or to call a place “home” in the midst of antagonism. Your parents are labeled as “criminal” and you an “anchor-baby” which is the epithet used by some news companies to talk about U.S.-born children from parents without legal status. What is more, these infamous labels are confirmed as your neighborhood is raided and Immigration Services (ICE) preys on your parents....

What is the expression touted by the legal profession? "Justice is blind." It must be frustrating for Sheriff Joe to see the problem right in front of him and not be able to haul in every Mexican within a hundred miles of the border.

Judge Finds Violation of Rights by Sheriff (click here)

Published: May 24, 2013

...At 142 pages, the decision is peppered with stinging criticism of the policies and practices espoused by Sheriff Arpaio, who Judge Snow said had turned much of his focus to arresting immigrants who were in the country illegally, in most cases civil violations, at the expense of fighting crimes.

He said the sheriff relied on racial profiling and illegal detentions to target Latinos, using their ethnicity as the main basis for suspecting they were in the country illegally. Many of the people targeted were American citizens or legal residents.

“In an immigration enforcement context,” Judge Snow ruled, the sheriff’s office “did not believe that it constituted racial profiling to consider race as one factor among others in making law enforcement decisions.” In fact, he said its plans and policies confirmed that, “in the context of immigration enforcement,” deputies “could consider race as one factor among others.”

The ruling prohibits the sheriff’s office from using “race or Latino ancestry” as a factor in deciding to stop any vehicle with Latino occupants, or as a factor in deciding whether they may be in the country without authorization....

President Obama was in Arlington National Cemetery where 300,000 Americans are buried from the wars fought.

President Obama greets Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran Eilene Henderson in the Arlington National Cemetery during his Memorial Day visit there Monday.
Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

This is an amazing statement by the Neocons favorite newsprint, The Christan Science Monitor.

The number of Americans who serve in the US military – especially those sent to combat – has gone down dramatically in recent years. Critics say civilians need to assume more responsibility for the moral burden of war as well as for the other costs of fighting.

The current estimate of the two wars begun under Bush/Cheney is $1,442,729,700,000 with Iraq costing nearly $810 billion and Afghanistan nearly $632 billion. That isn't assuming responsibility. I mean what kind of a state is that?

By Brad KnickerbockerStaff writer / May 27, 2013

...“Regardless of reason, (click here) this truth cannot be ignored that today most Americans are not directly touched by war,” Mr. Obama told a crowd of dignitaries and military families gathered to mark Memorial Day. “As a consequence, not all Americans may always see or fully grasp the depths of sacrifice, the profound costs that are made in our name, right now, as we speak, everyday.”...

I think the Middle Class and the impoverished in this nation know exactly the cost of war and have carried far more of the responsibility than any one else. So, when those that want to criticize the citizen about the burden of war, they first have to criticize the people most responsible for fighting them.

It is true the majority of Americans are not directly touched by the death of a soldier, but, I do believe we significantly can understand how we don't want them to die and the best way to prevent American soldiers from dying is to never enter into wars for oil, profit, bad habit or revenge. 

I can't think of a better way to keep less people from being buried at Arlington, can you?

We have no troops in Syria, so what was McCain thinking? Seriously. There was no valid reason for him to go into Syria, except, to stir up trouble. Turkey doesn't know what is occurring the other side of it's border? Israel doesn't know what is occurring? McCain wants another Iraq War. I don't think so.

More political fodder for the rhetoric. This isn't going anywhere without Russia.

John McCain's office has declined to comment on the outcome of talks he held with rebel leaders during a surprise visit to Syria. Photograph: Allison Shelley/Getty Images

I don't doubt it was a dangerous journey to meet with Rebel leaders, but, I thought they were in Turkey.

The leaders former Secretary Clinton has been meeting with were in Turkey, not Syria.

In light of that reality I don't know what is to be gained.

This was somewhat to be expected. A Neocon on the hunt for a war.

Secretary Kerry has been meeting intensely with all sides of this civil war and has been making in roads with major powers. I hope this doesn't do anything to stop the process already started.

Perhaps Senator McCain has also met with those seeking to bring humanitarian aid to citizens of Syria. I would be interested in knowing how well that is going and how it can be improved.

Neocons would not be Neocons if they didn't feel they were in charge of a burgeoning threat to the USA. They won't leave it alone. Where was McCain when Rwanda occurred? McCain has been in office since 1987 and the Rwanda Genocide occurred in 1994. Where was he then?

Monday 27 May 2013

...The Arizona senator (click here) has been leading efforts in Congress in recent weeks to force Barack Obama to intervene in Syria following reports of alleged chemical weapons use by forces loyal to Assad....
Red Tape is often not a bad thing. 

It sincerely is a matter of the point of view. 

It all matters whom is writing the rules.

Former Representative Barney Frank never correctly articulated the importance of FANNIE and FREDDIE.

Beside being the champion of Middle Class mortgages there are a lot reasons the nation should be proud of it's government programs.

To begin, it is important to understand whom in Washington, DC is writing the rules.

President Obama congratulated Representative Melvin L. Watt, left, after nominating him on Wednesday to lead the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

Sunday, May 26, 2013
WASHINGTON — Here’s a heads-up (click here) for the growing ranks of seniors whose post-retirement monthly incomes aren’t sufficient to qualify for a mortgage under today’s tough underwriting standards: Thanks to a rule change by the largest players in the home loan business, you may be able to use imputed income from your 401(k), IRA and other retirement assets to qualify for the loan you want.
That, in turn, could open the door to a money-saving refinancing to a lower-rate loan or a downsizing purchase of a new home.
Top credit officials at Freddie Mac — the giant federally controlled mortgage investment company — said last week that a “little known” policy revision now allows seniors and others to use certain retirement account balances to supplement their incomes for underwriting purposes — without actually tapping those balances or drawing down cash....