Friday, December 23, 2011

I TOLD YOU SO !!!! Iraq will break into there provinces and nothing is going to stop it. I said that in 2003 !!!!!

An aide to Iraq's top Shiite cleric says (click title to entry - thank you) the ayatollah is holding the country's politicians responsible for the devastating bombings that tore through mostly Shiite neighborhoods of Baghdad and killed at least 69 people.

Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani contends that conflicts among Iraqi political leaders have created a crisis that threatens the nation and allows for such attacks.

That's according to al-Sistani's representative, Ahmed al-Safi. He spoke during a Friday sermon in the holy city of Karbala....

The Grand Ayatollah is a man of peace, but, evidently the Prime Minister is not.

December 23, 2011

Iraq Prime Minister Nuri al Malikicalled, (click here) on Thursday, to promptly kit out Iraqi forces with necessary equipment and machinery. The US Army Chief of Staff for his part stressed that his country is will to cooperate with Iraq through training, preparing and army forces....


I don't think so !!!!!!!!!!

There are mercenaries over there, also known as Private Contractors, they are hanging out at the USA embassy.  They can become Maliki's henchmen now, the USA is OUT OF IRAQ FOREVER !!!

If I had it my way the USA would not be laying out money to private contrators either !

Prime Minister Maliki is not in the position to simply rid the country of its second in command, a Shiite.  So, it would seem we have a Prime Minister in treason of the Iraq Constitution.  Evidently, Mr. Maliki is intent on drawing still yet another line in the sand in the Middle East without the openness to the people and the full legislative branch of the government.  I do believe he has jeopardized his own authority in proceeding the way he has causing sectarian violence within his own country and then calling for increased weaponry and aggression against the innocent people of Iraq.  What is his next move, ethnic cleansing?

Iraq'sMaliki urges Kurds to hand over fugitive vice president (click here)

Al Jazeera, Qatar
Presenter, Female #1
Maliki called on the regional government of Kurdistan to hand over the Iraqi Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi. The Iraqi prime minister strongly warned against what he referred to as "politicizing the case."

Guest, Male #1 (Nouri al-Maliki, Iraqi PM)
We ask our brothers in the regional government to take responsibility and hand over the accused to the judiciary, especially since they are familiar with this case. Refusing to hand him over or allowing him to escape may cause trouble. We do not want the regional government to appear to have facilitated or helped someone wanted by the judiciary. I'm not saying otherwise, I'm only saying he's wanted. As for politicizing the case, as I said to you, it is rejected....

This occurred immediately upon the USA withdrawal.  It was planned and deployed.  Mr. Maliki has chosen a very poor path for himself and the potential for violence and aggression in the region considering the majority of other countries are Sunni and far better armed than Iraq.  With Maliki now exhibiting extremism he is not only arming Iraq for more violence, but, Iran as well, another sympathizing Shi'ite nation.  The USA WILL NOT send arms or escalate this violence.

WILL NOT !!!  There will be no arms shipments to Iraq to they can trickle into Iran.


Maliki is an extremist and needs to be removed from office.

BAGHDAD — Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki (click here) said on Wednesday that his government had agreed to extend a year-end deadline for the removal of Iranian dissidents housed in a camp northeast of Baghdad.
Camp Ashraf, which is home to around 3,400 Iranian refugees hostile to the regime in Tehran, is now set to close in April, Maliki said at a news conference in the Iraqi capital.
The camp is controlled by the People's Mujahedeen, which the United States blacklists as a terrorist group.
"The secretary general of the United Nations presented a suggestion for the Iraqi government asking to postpone (the closure)... and we agreed," Maliki told reporters....
It would seem as though Mr. Maliki has more mercenaries than he can handle right now and there will be no escalation in the region because of a power hungry idiot. They are not only mercenaries, they are terrorists as well, enemies of the USA.  I'll be darn.

Maliki this week sought Sunni Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi's (click here) arrest on terrorism charges and moved to fire a Sunni deputy. On Thursday at least 72 people were killed in Baghdad by bombings in mainly Shi'ite neighborhoods.
The events threaten to splinter Iraq's fragile sectarian and ethnic faultlines and highlight the risk of the country tumbling into the kind of bloody slaughter that a few years ago led the OPEC oil-producer to the edge of civil war.
After Friday prayers, with Sunni imams warning Maliki was seeking to foment sectarian divisions, protesters were on the streets of Sunni-dominated Samarra, Ramadi, Baiji and Qaim, many waving banners in support of Hashemi, and criticizing the government.
"The charges against Hashemi were orchestrated behind closed doors. Maliki is trying to remove Sunnis from power to get a tight grip, like as a new dictator of Iraq," said Ahmed al-Abbasi, a+ protester from Samarra....
The Sunni Imams are calling for PROTESTS, not guns and bombs.  THAT is legal and important, the USA will not participate in violence in Iraq AT ALL !
No weapons, no bullets, no tanks, no planes, no spy planes, no soldiers and NO MORE RETURN to being the Global Police!

Ever get the idea Republicans hate the Middle Class Tax Payer? The backbone of their own economy.

There is a profound problem with the New Republican.  They don't care about people.  There is still no tax increase for the wealthiest Americans while the country still struggles to rebuild its economy and reduce its debt.

The Republican House made the point they didn't approve of the two month extension only, but, there was simply a half measure to add drama without much sincerely on the line.  Why make the controversy in the first place when there was little or nothing they could do about it?

The reason there are short term extensions is to play with the economy long enough to effect the elections and to further a Republican agenda which is nothing but a backlash against the people.  That is what it comes down to.  The American people know there needs to be tax increases and yet there is absolutely no resolve what so ever in the Republican Party to carry out the will of the people. 

The rant from the Right during the first year of the Obama Administration when they were seeking to pass health care reform was that the nation didn't want it.  They stated the President wasn't listening to the country.  The Affordable Health Care Law has turned out to be the best thing that has happened to this country and I can't wait for the State Exchanges to begin in 2014.  But, when it comes to listening to the country in regard to tax increases it falls on deaf ears for the Republicans.  They are not interested in the people of this nation unless they believe it will create a political wedge for them, otherwise, we can all go to hell.

December 23, 2011
After weeks of bickering and doubt, (click title to entry - thank you) Congress delivered a last-minute holiday tax cut extension to 160 million workers Friday along with further unemployment benefits for millions laid off in the nation's fierce recession and weak economic recovery. It was a convincing victory for President Obama, a humbling retreat for House Republicans.
Back-to-back voice vote approvals of the two-month special measure by the Senate and House came in mere seconds with no debate, just days after House Republican leaders had insisted that full-blown negotiations on a full-year bill were the only way to prevent an immediate tax increase on Jan. 1.
Most members of Congress were already gone for the holidays, leaving behind just a few legislators to take formal action. Obama was leaving in the afternoon for a delayed vacation in Hawaii....