Saturday, September 19, 2015

Not all Daesh sympathizers carry guns. People are undergoing a good deal of policing.

September 19, 2015
General Security (click here) has arrested five mukhtars accused of forging documents on behalf of foreigners to enable them to obtain Lebanese passports....

General Security (click here) said Monday it had arrested 18 people over the past week suspected of forging travel documents....

TRIPOLI: Turkey is introducing visa requirements for Libyans, (click here) Libyan officials said Tuesday, pushing the North African country deeper into isolation.
Turkey had been one of the few countries which Libyans could without a visa and became a major holiday destination for Libyans seeking to escape the chaos and violence gripping the oil producer four years after the ousting of Moammar Gadhafi.
Libyans have struggled to get visas for European or Arab countries since most embassies left Tripoli a year ago when a rival faction to the recognised government seized the capital, Tripoli, expelling the official prime minister to eastern Libya.
Mohamed Tawil, a Foreign Ministry official from Libya's Tripoli administration, said Turkey had notified the Libyan embassy in Ankara that Libyans needed a visa from Sept 25.
"We don't know the reason," he told local al-Nabaa TV, adding that Libya would now also require Turks to get a visa....

Lebanon’s General Security (click here) announced Monday that it had arrested an ISIS militant who had a role in the twin suicide bombings that struck the Tripoli neighborhood of Jabal Mohsen in January, leaving nine dead...

Mourners carry the coffins of men who died in a cafe where a suicide bomb attack took place in Jabal Mohsen, Tripoli.

Substance abuse is realted to crime.

This fact sheet is very dated, but, relates the story. I witnessed the son of a very dear friend of the family disintegrate into substance abuse. 

September 1994
Drugs are related to crime in multiple ways. (click here) Most directly, it is a crime to use, possess, manufacture, or distribute drugs classified as having a potential for abuse. Cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and amphetamines are examples of drugs classified to have abuse potential. Drugs are also related to crime through the effects they have on the user’s behavior and by generating violence and other illegal activity in connection with drug trafficking. The following scheme summarizes the various ways that drugs and crime are related 

The young man had a sibling younger than he and was struggling with cancer. The family was dedicated to the ill child and in the meantime the older sibling, I will call Sam, was growing up in a normal and healthy body.

Years of exacerbation of the cancer and treatment would ultimately rid the boy of the disease. In retrospect the costs of the cancer went far beyond the treatment into the dissolve of the family. 

As the afflicted son when through his therapies, sometimes days in the pediatric intensive care unit, the family disintegrated. The father divorced his wife, both were working and the older brother turned to substance abuse. The mother received custody because of an adulterous relationship by the father that later would fall apart.

Eventually, Sam's abuse of alcohol was so bad he was put out of the only home he knew. He was about 17 at that point and his grandparents took him in and decided it was Sam's turn for their dedicated attention. 

The course of Sam's addiction took him past alcohol and into heroine addiction with a girl friend that became pregnant. He was in way over his head and sinking fast.

The grandparents took him by the hand and helped him get a job at a local fast food restaurant and set limits on his time away from home. He was given a new SUV to help him with his work schedule. They began to ask for information regarding his ability to learn and possible education in college.

A high school councilor responded to their inquiry. She stated while his grades have deteriorated over time, he was a very bright young man with high aptitudes of success. He maintained a good standing with his high school and achieved graduation, but, realized he would have to rehab his GPA in a community college before seeking scholarships or admission into what he saw as a very ambitious college career. 

Sam wasn't a bad guy and had a family with resources to bring him to a life they wanted for him. What he didn't have was the ability to turn completely from substance abuse. The grandparent's plan was working to some extent, but, Sam was then faced with a girlfriend that had a miscarriage. They were planning to get married. The family didn't see the girlfriend as any part of the problem, but, she was his enabler. 

After graduating from high school and working to pay for his own expenses the grandparents attended an open house at the local community college. Sam was excited about all of it. He really wanted it. It was obvious in every conversation anyone had with him, including me. Then comes the phone call. 

Sam had broken the law. He and his girlfriend were caught breaking windows of cars on a dark street. They were arrested with articles taken from the cars. It was the first time for both of them. I was surprised, but, what I didn't know is the particular character of his addiction.

When I heard about the arrest a family member told me Sam was addicted to heroine. I knew that was nearly a death sentence. The family left him in jail rather than paying his bond. 

After two days, the grandparents asked a lawyer to visit him and see what could be done, but, they were not interested in any actions that would endanger his life or return him to a life of damnation. 

The attorney set a court date with the county judge and it was decided the two young people would not be charged with a crime and start a police record that would rob them of their future. 

The judge ordered the young woman probation for two years and during those two years she was not to have contact with Sam and vice versa. If they returned to a relationship that obviously enabled the drug addiction she would return to court and be sentenced to prison. 

The same provisions were leveled for Sam, however, he was remanded to an out of state and unknown drug treatment facility. The facility would contact the grandparents as they were seen by the court as Sam's best option for support.

He was to stay in the rehab program for 3 months and during that 3 months he would find work and a residence for himself. After the treatment program he would be required to maintain his employment and report to probation for two years. 

Currently, Sam is in compliance, his grandparents know where he is and the couple does not have contact with each other. He is in rehab about two months now. He no longer has a new SUV and it was sold.

Drug addiction and crime go hand in hand. Heroine is among the worst drugs to be addicted to. It takes lives with overdoes all the time. It is a profound problem for the USA. Drug addiction has to be addressed if the USA is ever to have a country with far less criminal content.

When are most car accidents and deaths occur?

A nation wide comparison of alcohol related problems should be conducted by that mayors. What works and what doesn't.

September 17, 2015

BOSTON (AP) — Anyone pining (click here) for a return of the happy hour in Massachusetts bars and restaurants won’t be happy with Gov. Charlie Baker’s support for the three-decade ban.
During his monthly ‘‘Ask the Governor’’ program on WGBH-FM Thursday, a caller asked the Republican if he'd consider lifting the state prohibition against discounted drinks served at certain hours.
Baker said that although it might make him an ‘‘old fuddy duddy,’’ he said he had no problem with the ban.
He recalled that the 1984 law was passed after tragic accidents involving people who had been ‘‘over-served’’ during happy hours and other drink promotions.
Massachusetts is among a few states that still have such bans. Illinois recently repealed portions of its 1989 law that restricted discounting alcoholic drinks.

Gloucester seeks empowerment over perscription drug addiction.

What is the percentage of Big Pharma's profits from superscription drug addiction?

September 17, 2015
By Dialynn Dwyer

In a post (click here) on the department’s Facebook page, Gloucester police posted the names, salaries, and contact information for five of the highest paid CEOs of pharmaceutical companies and urged readers to make some calls:

 “Now...don’t get mad. Just politely ask them what they are doing to address the opioid epidemic in the United States and if they realize that the latest data shows almost 80% of addicted persons start with a legally prescribed drug that they make. They can definitely be part of the solution here and I believe they will be....might need a little push.”...

Prescription drug addiction caught media attention in 2010 with the rise of Ambien abuse, though it has been wreaking havoc for decades. Rx abuse is a particularly dangerous epidemic because of the stigma surrounding pills. Many people believe that prescription pills are not as dangerous as heroin, meth, or the like because they are prescribed by a doctor. That is unfortunately not the case; in fact, quite the opposite is true -- data reports show that as of as of 2012, more people die of prescription drug overdoses a year than heroin, meth, and, cocaine combined....

Police have been taking increasing roles in the  fight against drug addiction. The development of this "started with police/public safety officers carrying "Narcon."

"...impact tears the whole family apart...he is waking up from the dead...surreal...all races use drugs...we are not going to arrest our way out of this. We need to help the people....

February 3, 2014
By Donna Leinwand Leger

...Since Quincy officers (click here) began carrying a nasal form of the drug, known commonly by its trade name, Narcan, in October 2010, they have administered the drug 221 times and reversed 211 overdoses, say Lt. Detective Patrick Glynn, commander of the narcotics unit and special investigations at the Quincy Police Department.
As opiate overdoses have soared nationwide, more police departments are taking a hard look at equipping their police officers and other first responders with naloxone instead of waiting for paramedics to arrive. Police are often the first to arrive at the scene, and experts say those early minutes can be the key to saving a life.
The public safety department in Espanola Valley, New Mexico in early 2013 became the first police agency in the southwest to equip its police and first responders with naloxone, says Chief Eric Garcia, director of public safety....

When an addict is at the place where the addiction becomes his or her life the family becomes estranged, hopeless and helpless. The very people needed in the life of a drug addict are not available in many cases. Police have been succesful in turning the corner for the entire family.

September 17, 2015
By Dailynn Dwyer 
Officer Sean Hurley’s actions (click here) on the evening of August 17, 2015 changed the life of one man in Portland, Maine.
The 30-year-old recovering heroin addict said, in a letter to the Portland Police Department, that he had just used and was contemplating suicide when Hurley’s empathy—including a hug and an offer of help—made him reconsider his current path.
“I’ve been clean since that day,” he wrote. “ ... You’ve become a hero of mine. I honestly don’t even know if I’d still be here today if it weren’t for what you did for me on that day.”...

The Kelly Twins reach important benchmark.

This week, (click here) my twin brother Scott Kelly reached a milestone: the halfway point in his nearly year-long mission aboard the International Space Station.
For 173 days (as of my writing), Scott has served our country in zero gravity, floating inside the International Space Station as it orbits 250 miles above our planet at 17,500 miles per hour, far away from his family and friends. On this flight alone, he has already traveled 72 million miles around Earth.
For 173 days, Scott has lived in a tough, unforgiving, and unchanging environment. The lighting hasn't changed. The temperature and humidity haven't changed. The humming and whirring of the Space Station hasn't changed.
For 173 days, there has been no warm sunshine, no cooling breeze, no thunderstorm, no patter of a rain shower, no sound of waves hitting the shore. Nothing....

Thug is not a racial term.

September 18, 2015
By Adam Wagner

SURF CITY -- In front of a small group of supporters Friday morning, (click here) Mike Halstead refused to apologize for the Facebook post that led to his sudden retirement even as he clarified his message.
Standing near a curb across the street from Surf City town hall, Halstead addressed parts of the Facebook post, in which he called the Black Lives Matter movement a homegrown terrorist organization, urged his officers to take whatever steps necessary to protect themselves and addressed the perception that officers are in greater danger now than ever before.
"I wish to clarify the meaning of 'thug.' It is not a racial term. It is not defined as a race of people," Halstead said. "Police have been using the term thug since the '60s and '70s. A thug is a person who steals what you have earned, kills, maims, rapes and robs."
State NAACP officials and others questioned the racial undertones of Halstead's post, and the chief retired abruptly Tuesday during an emergency meeting of the town's council. Since then, Halstead's supporters have questioned why town officials acted so quickly and, they say, harshly toward the 35-year veteran who had been on the Surf City force for 17 years....

She is the Omsbudsman and not ICE. There is an online conference people should pay attention to.

This conference is about normal traffic for legal immigrants. She can testify to Congress the extent backlogs are occurring. Congress should get her testimony on the record. She is probably the best historian to the dysfunction of immigration. The Republicans focus on ICE, it is time to bring reality to the real dysfunction of immigration into the USA.

CIS Omsbudman Offical Website (click here)

In this role, (click here) Odom leads the Office of the Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman. The Ombudsman’s Office is dedicated to improving the quality of citizenship and immigration services delivered to the public by providing individual case assistance, as well as making recommendations to improve the administration of immigration benefits.
To carry out this mission, Odom works with community leaders and immigration professionals across the country to understand current issues and explore solutions to problems faced by individuals and employers seeking citizenship or immigration services.  Under her leadership, the Ombudsman’s Office serves as a visible, accessible and reliable resource to the community.... 

Save the Date 
Fifth Annual Conference
National Archives and Records Administration
Washington, D.C. 
November 5, 2015

8:30 am – 4:30 pm 

We invite you to join the Office of the Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman for our Annual Conference on November 5, 2015. Registration is free, and will be advertised online a month prior to the event.

The conference will include keynote speakers and panel discussions with federal officials and stakeholders from the public and private sectors. Please review the attached agenda for additional information on conference topics, which will focus on trends in family, humanitarian, and employment-based immigration.

The Ombudsman’s Office, created by Congress in the Homeland Security Act of 2002, assists individuals and employers encountering difficulties with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.  In addition to our work on individual requests for case assistance, we also make recommendations to address systemic issues in the delivery of citizenship and immigration services. To learn more about our office, please visit our website.

She understands and is eminently qualified to prove the need for advocacy in immigration. I searched on C-Span and didn't find her testimony. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist, but, simply not in my search. Steve King was everywhere in my search criteria. That means he has been a chief instigator or the immigration dysfunction.


Leave it to the Red States to espouse hate toward a minority movement.

The lies about "Black Lives Matters" is nothing short of racism. Police departments where such lies are tolerated and encouraged should need counseling for racism and the power of the police in society.

In listening to Attorney General Lynch there needs to be a separate movement entitled "Let them Vote." I will also state, the New York Times for as long as I can remember has advocated for a return of 'the vote' when time in prison is complete. 

When a prisoner has paid their debt to society they should have their voting rights returned at the very time their incarceration is complete. Before a prisoner leaves the prison they should be handed a voting card for the location of the prison with instructions as to how to change their residence if they move out of the area. 

A prisoner will have been a resident of the area and that should be reflected when they leave. Citizen rights includes voting.

September 19, 2015
...In the wake of the fatal shooting of Eric Harris (click here) by a reserve deputy in April, the group We the People Oklahoma mounted a petition drive that led to the impaneling of a grand jury that is now investigating the Sheriff’s Office.

Former Reserve Deputy Robert Bates has pleaded not guilty to second-degree manslaughter in the fatal shooting, which occurred during an undercover gun sting. Bates has said he thought he was using a Taser and not his revolver when he pulled the gun’s trigger.

Full-time paid deputies will provide security for the Tulsa State Fair this fall, as opposed to the volunteer reserve deputies, who traditionally have provided the service.

Deputy Justin Green, who serves as Sheriff’s Office spokesman, said Glanz had attended a briefing earlier Thursday. One of the topics that came up was a peaceful protest conducted by members of the national Black Lives Matter movement at a state fair in Minnesota.

“Unfortunately, the information got misconstrued between the briefing and last night,” Green said.

Green also noted that to his knowledge no credible threats have been made recently against Glanz, his deputies or the reserve deputies.

“We have no previous knowledge of any type of threats coming in that would raise concern or security emergencies here in our area,” he said....

It looks like Ms. Davis will revisit the jail. She keeps this up, she'll be in prison with some serious time to serve.

She really needs to resign. She is not capable of handling the responsibilities without causing herself problems. The people need a competent person to work in this office.

She wasn't suppose to interfere with issuing of marriage licenses. Removing the documents to apply for the license and replacing them with her own creation is definitely interfering. She is playing with fire. She, once again, is in contempt of court.

Code Of Ethics (page 6 - bottom of page, continues on page 7)
...Each code must contain standards of conduct, financial disclosure requirements, a policy on nepotism, and the designation of a person or group to handle enforcement....

I am fairly sure she can be removed from office. Her conscience is not an authority of Christian charter. She can say the change in form will satisfy her conscience, but, she is not an authority on Christian conscience. Judge Bunning will enforce the state law that states a specific state department is responsible for issuing documents like the application for marriage. But, if her lawyer wants to say the new form will satisfy her conscience he'll fail. Every person is not an authority on the Christian conscience. They are an authority of their own conscience, but, a minister would have to make testimony to the soundness of the Christian conscience reflected in a document.

Removing her from office will be doing her a favor. She is unable to discern her job duties from her church affiliations. She needs to move on to do something else.

I wouldn't want to be her when she faces Judge Bunning again. She is even interfering in opposite sex marriages. This is crazy. I do believe she is in some major trouble this time.

402.100 (click here)  Marriage license -- Marriage certificate -- Confidentiality of Social Security numbers. Each county clerk shall use the form prescribed by the Department for Libraries and Archives when issuing a marriage license. This form shall provide for the entering of all of the information required in this section, and may also provide for the entering of additional information prescribed by the Department for Libraries and Archives. The form shall consist of:

The state government needs to update their marriages laws. The statues regarding same sex marriage is out of date.

Ms. Davis cannot arbitrarily change the form.

September 19, 2015
By Adam Beam

...On Friday, (click here) Mason's attorney told the judge that when Davis returned to work Monday she "confiscated all the original forms" and replaced them with forms that delete her name, the name of the county and all references to the deputy clerks. The new form has Mason's name and a place for him to write his initials but not his signature.
"It also appears to this counsel those changes were made in some attempt to circumvent the court's orders and may have raised to the level of interference against the court's orders," attorney Richard Hughes wrote. "Mr. Mason is concerned because he is in a difficult position that he continues to issue the licenses per the court's order ... which had some remote questionable validity, but now with these changes may in fact have some substantial questions about validity."...

A marriage license is a legal document with sincerely serious statues to the rights of a husband or wife. This is not something that can be toyed with. If her substitution of the application won't hold up to legal standards, it might be invalid. Judge Bunning will have to decide the legal standing of the applications that have resulted in the issuance of a license. This is a very serious infraction by Ms. Davis. Now, I am worried.

An authority of the Christian conscience preaches to that fact at least once a week. She is not a valid authority on creating a form she approves of. I've heard of God asking for paperwork at the pearly gates.

If she'll go this far, I can't help but wonder what else is wrong in the office. The county clerk's office is responsible for assembling documents for the Grand Jury. She oversees voting and voting machines. I think all her duties need to be reviewed for any unauthorized activity.