Wednesday, March 04, 2015

The South Korean government is increasing the security for the USA Ambassador. Perhaps the USA should be returning the favor to the South Korean embassy and Ambassador by increasing security until all this settles down. The world can be strange at times.

The server is at the residence of the Clinton's in New York.

The Clintons left the White House and moved to New York. She was not First Lady when they lived in New York but for a short while. If the server was started in New York it was when she was a civilian.

Perhaps the Former Secretary has not spoken about this because she herself has to understand what exactly happened with this server. I think she did the country a favor by using a server no one knew existed. It probably was more secure by it's absence in government information. 

Basically, no one knew it was there. Not bad for a strategy. This is going to be an interesting investigation into an Oops. I think we have stumbled onto something interesting, "Safety and Security by unknown existence." 

The Clintons might want to review whom exactly was responsible for this mess? 

As of this evening any government employee and their family will need better spyware, virus detection and fire wall. They can forget about "Work from Home," too. I thought once the computers from Los Alamos (click here) were found to be unsecured this was all solved for the federal government. Evidently not. 

Quite frankly, employees of the government regardless of position should not be held responsible for the security of their computer system. They don't have the knowledge or the inkling to worry. They aren't thinking about computers, that is the place for government to provide security for the country. Asking a Secretary of State or any other government employee to be an expert to the security of their internet is a bit moronic. 

The issue at hand is securing the emails of Former Secretary Clinton, that is not her direct responsibility either, what is she expected to do bring a thumb drive to the archives? Reality dictates government services to carry the responsibility for these issues. 

Legally, the communications are the ownership of the people. Securing them in archives is the responsibility of the people in a non-partisan dynamic. Employees of the government serve at the pleasure of the people. The people pay their salaries and expenses. Computer IQ is not a job requirement necessarily.

The country needs to get this straightened out once and for all. I don't see that a private server for someone like the Former Secretary should be an issue. There is no reason why that server can't be covered by government employees that bring documents to the archives. 

I know this will not go over well, but, I think the Former Secretary should be given an apology as the USA never took it's responsibility seriously enough to provide the security it needed in regard to her service to our country. 

March 4, 2015
By Katie Glueck

If it seems like the GOP (click here) presidential field has been unusually silent this week as scrutiny mounts over Hillary Clinton’s email practices, there’s a logical explanation: Many of them are tormented by their own email demons.
At least a half-dozen 2016 Republican prospects have felt the sting of sustained negative press coverage over their email practices, with the common denominator being an attempt to sidestep public scrutiny attached to official government accounts. While the scope and scale of the controversies range widely — and they’re not comparable to the Clinton circumstances — their histories with electronic communications have left them with their own unique vulnerabilities on the issue....

This is worrisome.

It is worrisome for the attack and the injuries to the Ambassador, but, also because a USA Ambassador was attacked by a South Korean activist. I find this odd. The Ambassadors are usually held in esteem. What is this activist so angry about that he needed to attempt a death to our Ambassador?

March 5, 2015
By The Korean Times

Prime Minister Lee Wan-koo (click here) expressed regret over the shocking attack on U.S. Ambassador to Seoul Mark Lippert on Thursday, ordering diplomatic efforts to prevent any negative impact on bilateral relations.

The 55-year-old progressive activist Kim Ki-jong cut Lippert's face and wrist with a razor blade as the U.S. official was preparing to give a lecture at a breakfast function in central Seoul.

The assailant was immediately arrested while Lippert, bleeding, was rushed to a nearby hospital. The U.S. state department said his injuries are not life-threatening and strongly denounced the violence.

"It is regrettable that an incident like this took place," Prime Minister Lee Wan-koo said of the attack. He ordered utmost efforts for the treatment of Lippert....

According to Mr. Cleary, the activist opposed the military presence of the USA.

March 4, 2015 
By Tom Cleary 

Kim Ki-jong (click here) has been identified as the man suspected of attacking the U.S. Ambassador to South Korea, Mark Lippert in Seoul, according to Korean media reports and the New York Times. His name has also been spelled Ki-joong in some reports.
The attack happened while Lippert was attending a breakfast event organized by the Korean Council for Rehabilitation and Reconciliation at a central Seoul lecture hall, according to the Associated Press.
Lippert, who has been ambassador to South Korea since October, was seriously injured and taken to the hospital. Local media reports showed Lippert bleeding heavily, but conscious and walking under his own power....

Mr. Cleary istated the assailant was to have thought of himself as a guardian of the Dokdo Islands. There is a long running argument between Japan and South Korea over these islands. The assailant to the Ambassador once tried self-immolation.

Dokdo Island (click here) (also called Liancourt Rocks by some nations and Takeshima by Japan) is 215 kms from mainland Korea and 250 kms from Japan proper....

This aerial photograph of Dokdo Island shows both the East Islet (right) and West Islet. The East Islet has a watchtower and living facilities for the ROKs Police Guards as well as a hellicopter pad. The West Islet is home to Dokdo’s long-tme permanent residents, Kim Seong Do and his wife Kim Shin Yeol.

This is part of the problem in the Pacific. There are many small islands and island chains of which countries argue is their sovereign land. The problem here is both South Korea and Japan are USA allies. Why was this man so upset with the USA Ambassador? Is he simply unstable or is the USA doing something wrong that is harmful to the affections of the South Koreans of these islands?

The reason these arguments exist is the islands add territorial rights to waters. In the waters are fish for the fishing industry, but, also vantage points to spying, supposedly. If one recalls the Bush Administration annexed islands near the Hawaiian Island Chains. I suppose that was just a way for the USA to add to the tensions throughout the region. The islands added to the Hawaiian chain are really interesting biologically. It is important they are protected actually. This is the dilemma. Ah, yes.

Thank you to all those that advocated for an independent policy regarding nudity on Blogger.

This week, (click here) we announced a change to Blogger’s porn policy stating that blogs that distributed sexually explicit images or graphic nudity would be made private.

We’ve received lots of feedback about making a policy change that impacts longstanding blogs, and about the negative impact this could have on individuals who post sexually explicit content to express their identities.

We appreciate the feedback. Instead of making this change, we will be maintaining our existing policies....

I don't know how all that came to pass with Blogger, but, it was completely out of character by Google when it comes to the open forum of Blogger. 

Google does a great service to the people that access Blogger. It is a place to start for many that may go on to build their own blogs and income. Blogger provides the opportunity to earn real money if that is what they want. 

For someone like me is the fact these entries are as permanent as Google's commitment to Blogger. By permanent, I mean, there is the capacity of this server. Google has one of the best servers in the world. Having Blogger within the control of Google provides a great deal of reassurance to the permanence of these entries.

Time will go by and there will be changes in society and the business of computers and the internet and someday Blogger may become obsolete and the information may become too ancient to be a part of the real world. But, for now working with Blogger is the best option I can have to participate in any discussion.

I choose to not receive income to make a statement about the entries. I do this for myself, but, also being conscience of the enjoyment of others in coming to this blog. I sincerely believe people want to read about my ideas and opinions I would like to think it makes the world a little bit better. In that it has become a part of me and my world.

I thank Google for their fairness and commitment to Blogger. They are great. (Tears in my eyes as I write this,)

What is to come of the Easter Bunny?

March 4, 2015

The World Health Organization (click here) recommends consuming less than 50 grams of sugar a day for the sake of preventing obesity and tooth decay.
The ‘50 gram’ amount is equal to 12 teaspoons of sugar. If that sounds like a lot, bear in mind that a single can of soda already contains around 10 teaspoons.
The WTO recommendations that this limit include all types of free sugars such as glucose, fructose, table sugar added to processed foods and drinks and those naturally present in fruit juices, honey and syrup.

The Republican Subpoena

I don't see how any House Committee can subpoena any records directly from Former Secretary Clinton. It is not her's to release. 

The documents from the US State Department are the owners of their employees work. It is the responsibility of the State Department to be clear they have all the documents from her work. There are going to be some documents they can't release because of the sensitivity of the content. That means Executive Privilege comes to bear on those documents. That is not obstruction it is the way the USA Constitution has been constructed. The Executive Branch has a great deal of autonomy from the Legislature AND the Judicial Branch.

If there is content reserved by the Obama State Department as Executive Priviledge that simply returns the dysfunction of the legislature back to a House Committee that was unwilling to accept the work of the independent investigation on Benghazi because it doesn't serve their politics.

Trouble in the Pacific as Mr. Snowden begins dialogue to return to the USA.

March 4, 2015
By David Fischer

EXCLUSIVE: (click here) GCSB collects phone calls, emails and internet data from NZ's closest and most vulnerable neighbours, secret papers reveal.

New Zealand's spies are targeting the entire email, phone and social media communications of the country's closest, friendliest and most vulnerable neighbours, according to documents supplied by United States fugitive and whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Snowden's files reveal a heavy focus on "full-take collection" from the Pacific with nearly two dozen countries around the world targeted by our Government Communications Security Bureau.

Information from across the Pacific is collected by New Zealand's GCSB but sent onto the United States' National Security Agency to plug holes in its global spying network, the documents show....

Hacking is okay, but, leaking is not. Edward Snowden is a whistleblower and for that he is potentially facing treason, but in contrast, an invasive individual continues his hacking with impunity.

March 19, 2013
By Adrian Chen 

An Illuminati-obsessed hacker (click here) is breaking into the email accounts of Washington, D.C.'s political elite, and sharing what he finds. Who is Guccifer, and what's his motive?

This weekend, the hacker who goes by the handle "Guccifer" reportedly leaked confidential memos longtime confidant Sidney Blumenthal sent to Hillary Clinton regarding the September 11, 2012 attacks on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya. According to the Smoking Gun, the cache consists of four emails, recreated in Comic Sans font to apparently maximize the humiliation. Guccifer sent the emails to dozens of politicians and journalists this weekend, after he'd broken into Blumenthal's AOL email account last week. (Nobody has published the emails yet; this might be another effect of the Comic Sans.)...

The problem with lying under oath; case in point:

March 5, 2015
By Nicky Hager, Ryan Gallagher
...The documents, (click here) provided by US whistleblower whistleblower Edward Snowden, reveal that most of the targets are not security threats to New Zealand, as has been suggested by the Government.

Instead, the GCSB directs its spying against a surprising array of New Zealand's friends, trading partners and close Pacific neighbours. These countries' communications are supplied directly to the NSA and other Five Eyes agencies with little New Zealand oversight or decision-making, as a contribution to US worldwide surveillance.

The New Zealand revelations mirror what the Snowden documents showed in Europe, where the US and Britain were found to be spying on supposedly close and friendly neighbouring nations in the European Union....

If the leaked documents by Edward Snowden were of no consequence to national security, there can be no charges suggesting same in the face of FULL TAKE collections.

How does the NSA spy on nearly everyone with a handheld or computer? There is a name for the program: 

XKeyscore: NSA tool collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet'(click here) 

Whoever builds the wall to this program and others like it will be a trillionaire over night. Wall Street alone with love her.

It is the no legislation necessary end of government surveillance of this nature; it one can afford it. This technology should not be accessible to criminal or terrorist organizations if it is to be considered a legitimately serious security program. If there is a breach the program becomes worthless. I still don't believe there exists or will exist a program that can withstand any breaches. I don't believe there is anything that secure in computer programming.

The Speaker's leadership in the US House was caused and not chosen.

In the early days of 2010, John Boehner was challenged by the Tea Party Republicans by demanding he have no daylight between himself and the new extremist members bought and sold to the Koch Brothers.

They leaned on leadership to the point of breaking. The Hastert Rule was employed as the definitive method of legislation. In that any DAYLIGHT between the Speaker and the House OTHER THAN the Tea Party Republicans was not respected. There are members in the Conservative Caucus of the Congress that do not agree with the Tea Party extremists, yet their words and votes are never noticed until the Democrats vote with them in agreement.

The reason the Speakership was compromised by the Tea Party Republicans was because the Koch Brothers sprinkled their money all over the Republicans so they would be pressured to back the Tea Party Republicans. The corruption is more than clear. 

The ability of Majority Leader McConnell has become obvious within the week. The House Speaker should take notice. Harry Reid is somebody.

The hostage taking  of the country is more than obvious. The Tea Party Republicans have destroyed the legislative process under the US Constitution. How many bills were passed by Congresses with past Presidents? How many legislative bills were passed since 2010? What extremes was the Congress at before the leadership had to allow a bipartisan vote? 

The only difference between past Congresses and the Congresses since 2010 is the fact there is a minority President AND the fact the Kochs have bought Republicans across the board.

Do not confuse Koch Money with Wall Street Money. Koch Money comes from one family. They have no shareholders. The extremism of the Congress however, feeds the purpose of Wall Street cronies such as Citi Bank. That is corruption that should not exist either. The best way to return function to Congress is bipartisan cooperation, it will end the extremism and satisfy the Constitution and end the threat of coup.

The fortune tellers.

The chatter and tone about the Supreme Court hearing is exactly why the Congress can't get anything done. This is power brokering intended to persuade political outcomes.

The Republicans have to move past their extremist members who are more anarchists than anything else and work with Democrats to move the country forward.

The Democrats have to have written legislation that can correct any manipulation by the Supreme Court. It doesn't have to pass anything, it has to be ready to implemented. Make it real. The same goes with immigration reform.

The real danger to the country is the continuous swing of standards in the country. We have witnessed the For Sale Republicans carry out amendments to financial service corruption and now they want to destroy health care reform. We can't go on like this. The country suffers problems when economics are not stable.This constant willingness by extremist Republicans to play games with laws that protect consumers as well as citizens in need of health care is outrageous and demonstrates what happens when Plutocrats are in Congress. If the laws of the USA could be erased, it would suit the Plutocrats without a doubt. They are ultimately anarchists.

It is unconscionable to take health care insurance away from Americans. This really shows where the focus of the Republican extremists lie. They rather see people dying of lack of health care then living their right to a quality of life promised as a birth right to everyone. 

The extremist Republicans are creating inequity and hardship to the majority of the country. Look to the funding of DHS to realize how extreme these Republicans continue to be even with a majority in the House and Senate. It is documented how extreme they are willing to be in order to satisfy their financiers. 

It is corruption, it is documented and it is real. There is nothing corrupt about the health care law or the immigration reform law already passed by minimally the Senate, yet the policies of corruption continually manifest. It has to stop, they cause too many problems.

Up to now I have been rather disappointed over the DOJ's findings regarding obvious danger to our minorities.

The truth is many instances in the USA where an unarmed citizen is killed at the hands of police officers, the citizen is denied their constitutional rights. This applies to all ethnic minorities and the economic minorities of the homeless.

The findings for Ferguson, Missouri is important. It is important not just to the city of Ferguson, but, lawmakers both state and federal. These municipalities are still rebounding off fear and have armed their police as if military. There should be clear definitions of constitutional rights of minorities and the homeless and what that means to the police that enforce the laws of all levels of government. It has to translate into employment policies to be aggressive in hiring minorities officers. It also has to govern the clear misinterpretation of the laws that bring about death to citizens in need of a citation and/or escort to jail and/or a home. 

When police become feared in a community we have witnessed minorities taking the law into their own hands as in New York City when two police officers were assassinated as they sat in their police vehicle. 

There are all kinds of topics that can be addressed including minimal standards for officer safety including bullet proof glass in their vehicles and bullet proof vests in their uniforms. It may be states will have to tap their federal lawmakers to find funding to make these vital changes so police are protected to carry out laws in effective ways whereby the USA Constitution applies to all citizens lives and minor infractions of law doesn't translate into trial by police officer met with a death sentence.

March 4, 2015
By Julia Edwards

(Reuters) - The U.S. Justice Department (click here) has concluded that the Ferguson, Missouri, police department routinely engages in racially biased practices, a law enforcement official familiar with the department's findings said on Tuesday. 

The investigation into the police department began in August after the shooting of unarmed African-American teen Michael Brown by a white police officer in Ferguson sparked national protests.
Analysis of more than 35,000 pages of police records found racist comments from officers as well as statistics that showed African-Americans make up 93 percent of arrests while accounting for only 67 percent of the population in Ferguson, the official said....

The Climate Crisis and childhood education.

I challenge the states and local governments to know the demographics of their children.

We are hearing again the imposition of weather problems on the education of children in some areas of the country. This problem is not temporary; it will revisit states and local governments many, many times.

We have witnessed the change in school schedule by economic factors. Some schools have become creative and taken school days to a longer length while reducing the number of days per week children attend school. 

The challenge of states and municipalities has again manifested to bring about a functional school year. Many schools require 180 days of attendance per year with holidays and average absences figured into that attendance requirement. This is becoming a problem not just to educators, but, also to parents and the support systems tapped to require childcare.

The administrators of school systems should be gathering information from their teachers to the impact children are effected in their education by the Climate Crisis. A decision process has to developed to bring about the best outcomes to our children. 

We know when children are on summer vacation they experience a reduction of their retention of their previous year's education and the first weeks of returning to school are a review for the most part. It is my concern this sort of problem now exists with schools facing repeated and unplanned days off due to the Climate Crisis.

The collective understanding of administrators and teachers as well as input from parents and their support services invited to attend School Board meetings regarding what exactly a "School Year" looks like should be considered to change the calendar. 

Continuous school standards are important and frequent interruptions in learning will set American children at a disadvantage. That has to come forward as an agenda item at the local level.

Are children best served by a full year of classes with shorter school days while the support system to parents picks up the slack? What happens to that support system when it is interrupted with weather problems? What cost increases when parents have longer support system needs brings about hardship to the Middle Class and the Poor? 

I am sure these issues are only the tip of the iceberg, but, teachers are professionals and often with untapped potential to help administrator and parents to solve problems to a child's learning.

I wish every child happiness with their lives and their time in school.

The truth about any adverse outcome to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

If the Supreme Court interferes in politics in the USA by attempting to punish Democrats, that is not necessarily a bad outcome. The people of these Red States have to learn their leadership does not protect their lives. 

We know as a fact that the largest number of bankruptcies in the USA occurs due to health care costs. I guarantee the number of bankruptcies in this category are in these very states. When are the Red States in the USA going to finally change their evil ways? Their politics are well PURCHASED by the cronies dominating the political standards practiced within their borders.

By Eric Posner
King v. Burwell, (click here) which will be argued before the Supreme Court on Wednesday, is the most important case you’ve never heard of. The plaintiffs hope to take down Obamacare, and they may well succeed.
The Affordable Care Act gave states the authority to set up “exchanges,” online marketplaces where people can buy health insurance from insurance companies. The law requires people to buy health insurance if they don’t already receive it from their employer or other sources, and makes them pay a penalty if they do not. To ensure that low-income people can afford health insurance, the law gives them a subsidy in the form of tax credits....

The states bringing the ACA to their people will not be effected by an activist Supreme Court. The defense of the current standard is the IRS interpretation of the law. There is every indication the words of the law was well developed by the agencies involved and carries no unconstitutional standard.

The people receiving this health care standard are doing better and their futures are more stable. They are accepting their financial burdens by bringing health care insurance into their lives. They want longevity and not simply an existence. This will be the best political wedge than ever existed before. 

We have witnessed deaths of citizens since the ACA was passed of citizens in these states that could be avoided if they had the benefit of the law. It isn't just those that are receiving subsidies where this travesty exists, it is also evident throughout the population where the working poor make more money than they would qualify for the financial subsidies. The exchanges are denied them and it shows.

The Democrats have to be prepared with an agenda to defeat the political activism by the Supreme Court. They cannot simply accept such outcomes. They have to introduce legislation across all spectra of federal, state and local governments where it applies. The people have to have something solid to hold onto when they vote. They are voting to protect their lives and their portion of the American Dream for themselves and their children. This has to be the new movement within the DNC. The Democrats have to believe in their own priorities and agenda to bring those in the periphery of our society to the center. It is a responsibility the USA has and if the Dems are best to carry that banner than that is their strength and those with little power available to them to change their outcomes in this democracy. And say that. Make sure the MORALITY of the standards and agenda are part of the that truth.

NO ONE IS KILLING BABIES. That is already against the law. Unwanted pregnancies are part of the inequality women face by their gender alone. It has translated in the denial of opportunity and the lack of equity in pay is that a woman's reality.

Where is our brain trust when women are forced to make choices not in their best interest? It is all part of the best outcomes of our families and our country. 

The political right wing demands the reduction of social programs, but, do so while denying women equity in our country. That is a reality. The majority of our families have women as head of their households. What do Republicans think they are doing? Are they forcing women to be trapped in relationships that lead to domestic violence, guns and death? Get real about this stuff already.

My idea of important.

Here is a survey that can lead a very important discussion. It is about the truth of how families are structured and how that effects the equity of women.

"Who is more important in protecting the family, Mom or Dad?"

The legitimate survey will include interviews with Mom, Dad, Step Parents and Children, first as individual and then as a group called family. It will reveal how the American family is functioning to balance the power of parenting along cultural dynamics.

This is not a casual survey, anthropologists will have the best methodology and outcomes. 

The idea can be applied to any country, but, the methodology will be dictated by the culture and it's structure of family with gender discrimination. If the survey is too delicate a process within any society it should be guaranteed FIRST by the leaders that can defend the reason why it needs to be conducted. The anthropologists should never feel they are under threat as it will result in false results. 

Kindly recall, the abilities of women across the globe can be enhanced by micro-loans. Their potential is benevolent to any country seeking better economies; so the results can be very enlightening to move national reforms.

Hill and Bill

The Clintons are constantly scrutinized by the political vapors. Some love them, some hate them, but, there is never those in the middle of the road on these folks. As a reaction to Bill's presidency the international community embraced a man that was able to transform the international tone between countries and then came "W" and his fear mongering Vice President.

The UN seals came off the North Korean nuclear reactor under "W" and Cheney. The list of violations of global trust by the "W" White House is historic.

Now, it would seem as though Cheney now has storm troopers in the USA House in the name of Scalice. How very convenient to have the right wing extremists of the USA Congress carry the most paranoid man in the universe at their side. Cheney now has his presidency. He holds a link between outside cronies and inside wackos.

My, my, how special.

The Clintons and their supportors have to be as transparent as possible because there is this 'mind think' about the cover-up is more important than the facts. Their greatest protections to the political sphere of their lives is the truth and beating the media to the punch. The country loves these people. They need to trust us more and seek to be perfect far less.

The Clintons are loyalists to the struggles of those marginalized and to that end seek to protect themselves too much. Why compromise those most in need of their loyalty by feeding the gossips of the right wing?  

Oh, the Scalice picture? It is on his election page (click here). The New Cheney, his bigoted self and the saga continues.  

When Bill Clinton left office the world was traumaized. He was crowned once again with the Clinton Global Initiative. We have not let go of him yet. He is one of the most treasured presidents in history on a global stage. 

When Cheney left office he became covert. 

End of discussion.

Lazy activism is not allowed.

March 3, 2015
Bob Cesca

Political Twitter (click here) is ablaze with outrage over a front page story in Tuesday’s The New York Times detailing how Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State, used a private email account for all of her email correspondence, apparently in violation of the law. Given the statistics, however, roughly 43 percent of the Twitter users debating the story probably didn’t read beyond the first couple of paragraphs. If they had, they might not be as outraged.

On the surface it sounds damning. The Secretary of State potentially sent top secret information through her personal account, even though there’s evidently a law that says she’s not allowed to use a personal account for government business — sounds outrageous. But like many of the bombshell news stories we’ve witnessed in the last couple of years, it all falls apart under the most cursory level of scrutiny.

Here are some items from the article (or not) that are either exculpatory or unclear....

Bob Woodward is correct in stating the new laws requiring the storage of all government emails could grow into a nightmare for the average citizen and the implication on legislative outcomes. In many ways it removes Executive Privilege and borders on a security breach for the USA. His observation was my first thought. How much oversight is too much oversight. We have witnessed a considerably more politically motivated legislature which would compromise the powers of the President. If Congress had it's way after the Netanyahu speech, the entire Iranian meetings would be cancelled and the USA withdraw from those talks.

If there are lazy activists anywhere in the USA they are in the legislature today. They lead from behind in the legislature and not out front speaking the truth to their constituents. The US House is among the worst members of the legislature when it comes to leadership; there is none. The House leadership are cowards and completely bend to monies of their politics in cronyism. It would seem as though Scalise has a dependency on Cheney in leadership and brings him into the House chamber as if an open door policy. The US House legislature has lost all credibility in it's extremism and forced a more legitimate vote of the DHS funding.

I don't have a problem with saving the information, but, there has to be a limit to their exposure so they move into history and NORMAL journalism access to most classified information. I simply do not trust the legislature to conduct itself morally in a way that would prohibit the communication information for use in their political theater that is now the entire Congress. 

One has to recall other allies aren't happy with the records already contained kept by the USA. It was not along ago Chancellor Merkel was appalled at the spying of the USA on her communications in her capacity of governing. Now, our allies are horrified that their emails within the USA government system or out will become part of record they have no control. The USA has to be open to communication period and not simply communication by government system. 

These new laws, which does not apply to Former Secretary of State Clinton, has to be scrutinized in hearings as to the benevolence of the law and the reality of the world as it exists today. National Security can be compromised in such laws. The one place in national security that is served by these laws is detecting the lies of those that lie to Congress under oath. That is troubling and may have been the primary driver to the passage of them. 

There have to be consequences to laws when breached, not simply a slap on the wrist.

The Deep Secret that remains invisible to the truth.

The truth is Netanyahu's politics is a lie. 

Deep beneath desert sands, (click here) an embattled Middle Eastern state has built a covert nuclear bomb, using technology and materials provided by friendly powers or stolen by a clandestine network of agents. It is the stuff of pulp thrillers and the sort of narrative often used to characterise the worst fears about the Iranian nuclear programme. In reality, though, neither US nor British intelligence believe Tehran has decided to build a bomb, and Iran's atomic projects are under constant international monitoring. 

The exotic tale of the bomb hidden in the desert is a true story, though. It's just one that applies to another country. In an extraordinary feat of subterfuge, Israel managed to assemble an entire underground nuclear arsenal – now estimated at 80 warheads, on a par with India and Pakistan – and even tested a bomb nearly half a century ago, with a minimum of international outcry or even much public awareness of what it was doing....

Few if any countries in the Middle East are threatened by Iran with or without a nuclear weapon capacity. . There already is a balance of power. Iran is best to do as every other nation in the region does and use nuclear capacity ONLY for generating energy. To be honest Iran could lead the world in solar and wind if they put their effort behind it. 

Citizens around the world are urging their leaders to use electric power as generated by alternate methods to supply their societies with COMPLETELY BENIGN energy. COMPLETELY BENIGN energy. Why worry about nuclear waste and cooling pools that put future generations in danger? It is what the people of the USA want and we are sincerely hopeful it is what all other citizens are demanding of their governments.

Iran needs to be a world class citizen, not a nuclear power.  

Iran needs to expand it's relationships beyond the P5+1 to strengthen it's presence in the region. Iran has beneficial powers to the region as demonstrated in the conflict with barbarians that has taken over Syria. By participating in that war Iran has experienced the idea that a nuclear weapon in the region is hideous and ridiculous. Iran can build on it's benevolent presence in the region in many ways and set aside any nuclear capacity as do other countries. 

Iran can be a benevolent ally to many of the other countries and build ties that will dissolve a sour reputation since the revolution that took the country back to the people. The region is experiencing the need for all nations of their people to be strong and TOLERANT of differences. They need each other for the first time in history. God is listening to all and the opposition forces will not fail. A strong Middle East is one that protects its borders and people with respect to trade.

Iran's economy is mostly untapped by the global economy. There are absolutely beauty in many areas of the country, but, Iran has to stop it's paranoia and empty it's jail of foreign visitors that can be judged best in their home countries. Dangerous persons cannot be released by some of the people in Iranian jails sincerely are more ignorant to Iran's laws and borders than anyone wants to admit. Iran has to be open to establishing more neutral policies in regard to borders and foreign visitors. In this sense Iran is it's own worst enemy.

The carpet section of Iran's Grand Bizarre (click here). Tehran is a beautiful city and breath taking at night. 

Iran's Foreign Ministry has a lot of work to do in offering tourism and cultural exchanges.