Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Gricar case sincerely bothered me the more I thought about it.

Former Centre County, Pa., prosecutor Ray Gricar went missing in April 2005. ('Patriot-News')   (click title to entry - thank you)

I don't care if it is or isn't connected to any other crimes at Penn State.

His keys and wallet were missing from his car parked in a parking lot 50 miles from his home.  It could have been destroying the laptop with the background set in a potential Penn State scandal might appear as a crime, so he probably went missing of his own choice.  If he went missing of his own accord I would think there would be evidence somewhere linking him to someone that he would disappear with, but, I haven't heard of any.  The possibility he sought shelter from threasts and succeeded in staying at a safe house somewhere; a friend, relative, etc.

He was conducting himself normally if he took his keys and wallet when he got out of the car.  I am sure there are better minds than mine that have examined every angle, but, it appears to me as though he was there to meet someone or some reason.  He took the keys from the ignition, had the wallet in his pocket and either took the laptop with him or it was removed after he exited the car.  Most people don't leave a laptop in a car.  It is an expensive item and if it was issued to him by the DA's office it would be neglectful to leave it in a place where it could be stolen.

Why would he drive to a parking lot 50 miles away to begin with and then to realize there are people mulling about in a parking lot, he would assume the 'meeting' at this location would insure his safety.

I think it is strange for someone who was anticipating to disappear to take his car keys with him.  If he wanted to destroy the laptop himself so he could not be traced because he made airline reservations or bank deposits, why bother with the keys to the car?

Whether he was paid off and he disappeared or went into hiding due to threats against his life or that of his family or he was removed unwillingly from that location, he knew who was meeting him there.  Considering the meeting place he was worried for his safety.  Considering there is no character information that states he was unstable, shadowy or suspicious, then he was probably murdered.

There has got to be a connection somewhere to his work, his personal life or otherwise that ties this all together.  I believe he knew who he was meeting and I believe he was concerned for his safety and I believe he expected to get back in his car.