Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Florida Secretary of State is non-compliant with The Electronic Signature Act of 1996.

AND, where voters pay to mail their ballots in it is a Poll Tax.

Florida voters will have long ballots to complete on Election day (click here)

Published: September 11, 2012 
 — Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau

TALLAHASSEE -- Brace yourselves, Florida voters: The election ballot you'll see this fall is longer than ever.
It's so long that voters will have to fill out multiple sheets with races on both sides, then feed those multiple pages through ballot scanners, one page at a time.
It's a pocketbook issue, too: Some people who vote by mail will have to dig deeper and pay at least 65 cents postage and up to $1.50 to return their multi-page ballots in heavier envelopes....

Read more here: http://www.bradenton.com/2012/09/11/4194723/florida-voters-will-have-long.html#storylink=cpy
The Electronic Signature Act of 1996 contains a section on Paperwork Reduction.

i. Paperwork Reduction Act (click here)
During the 1992 legislative session, chapter 282, Florida Statutes,
was amended by the passage of the Information Resources
Management and Paperwork Reduction Act.28 The Act placed special
emphasis on reducing the government’s paperwork burden.29 The
amendments called for the specific reduction of paperwork associated
with the collection and dissemination of government information
to and from individuals, small businesses, educational institutions,
state agencies, and local governments....

The ballots in question add length to the ballot for no valid reason. If citizens want to receive more information about the ballot and want to read all the provisions there needs to be an ONLINE site for them to go to and read the ballot in full length before balloting. The Florida long ballots are ILLEGAL !

It is more than common practice in the USA for local governments to MAIL ballots to voters for review before voting. Voters can be carrying these ballots with them to the polling place to expedite casting their ballot.

In the case of Florida, the Paperwork Reduction Act of the Electronic Signature Act stipulates clearly there needs to be far less paperwork in any government accounting and/or document while using online resources, INCLUDING THOSE IN PUBLIC LIBRARIES, to comply with this law.

The lengthy ballot is a violation of this Florida Statue, hence they are illegal. They need to be discarded and reprinted with sufficient information as to where the specific referendum issues can be found. The elections boards have to prepare paper ballots and mail them to their voters for preparation of this very lengthy ballot this season. The ballot itself should only contain a very brief summary of the referendum issue and a clearly indicated place to register the vote!

Read more here: http://www.bradenton.com/2012/09/11/4194723/florida-voters-will-have-long.html#storylink=cp

It is time to take to the streets. Demonstrations until election day and the Supreme Court afterwards.

Romney is consenting to rigging the elections.

A voter casts her ballot in a predominantly Latino neighborhood of Los Angeles in 2008 (AFP/Getty Images/File, David Mcnew)

I have never witnessed such wide spread bigotry before in the USA. There is no proof of voter fraud that would ever support such an action. This is pure unadulterated racism.

Americans are being removed from the voter roles on the basis of racism. The Republicans should do it for White Men as well. If the Hispanic Community is removed from their rightful place to vote, the idea of The Dream Act disappears and the young people now protected by President Obama's Executive Order will fall victim again in two years.

There is no doubt in my mind, this is blatant racism with an agenda of hatred.

Hispanic voters may be disenfranchised by voting laws (click here)


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – New voting laws in 23 of the 50 states could keep more than 10 million Hispanic U.S. citizens from registering and voting, a new study said on Sunday, a number so large it could affect the outcome of the November 6 election.
The Latino community accounts for more than 10 percent of eligible voters nationally. But the share in some states is high enough that keeping Hispanic voters away from the polls could shift some hard-fought states from support for Democratic President Barack Obama and help his Republican rival, Mitt Romney.
The new laws include purges of people suspected of not being citizens in 16 states that unfairly target Latinos, the civil rights group Advancement Project said in the study to be formally released on Monday.
Laws in effect in one state and pending in two others require proof of citizenship for voter registration. That imposes onerous and sometimes expensive documentation requirements on voters, especially targeting naturalized American citizens, many of whom are Latino, the liberal group said....

Like I said, Unions want their members to be the best of the best, not the best of the worst.

Packers-Seahawks: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker backs 'realrefs' (click here for video)

September 25, 20123:49 p.m.
...After the state's Green Bay Packers had a victory snatched from their outstretched mitts by an outrage-inducing call on Monday, the current governor and one of his erstwhile opponents in the fight over collective bargaining found common ground, agreeing that it was time for the NFL to end its labor morass and bring back the real umpires.
Republican Gov. Scott Walker, who successfully pushed the anti-union bills through the Legislature, threw the red flag onto the political field, challenging the referees’ decision that gave the Seattle Seahawks the victory....

Human trafficking are human rights violations and it happens in the USA.

Brittany Phillips (left) was taken in and eventually adopted by Ruth Buckels of Story City after Phillips was rescued from human traffickers in Chicago. Phillips, now 20, was recruited into prostitution at age 15 in Eastern Iowa. She now speaks about her experiences in an effort to bring awareness to the problem.

Trafficking victim hails awareness (click here)

Recruited into prostitution in East Iowa at the age of 15

25 September 2012 
Her words, “I saw many things a 15-year-old girl shouldn’t see,” provide an unconventionally-wise commentary on the true story of her experience as a victim of human trafficking.
“I saw lots of drug addicts, people walking around with guns,” Brittany Phillips, now 20, wrote in an email to The Gazette in which she shared her story and agreed to have her name be used. “I was dropped off with (another girl) at a crack house where we slept on a floor in a house infested with roaches.”
Phillips, at age 14, was taken from her mom’s home in Des Moines, where she was sexually abused by her mom’s boyfriend, and placed in a treatment facility in Iowa City. She ran away with a friend and ended up in Cedar Rapids, where she encountered a series of men who repeatedly tried to sell or trade her for sex....
Go ahead, try to educate that !

Be sure and get the parents involved, too.

Romney has a very mixed message on education of our children.

The idea funding can be linked to the student is populous and won't work. A school system cannot be a student of one and expect to deliver a quality education. School systems operate as democracies do with collective interests in our Brain Trust, good to excellent outcomes and a joint effort through common treasuries to achieve what ONE cannot do alone.

His vision is wrong. It is wayward in that it seeks to incentive our collective classrooms with a traditional understanding, while decentralizing funding for our schools destroying delivery of higher qualities of education.

The USA has never turned out CLONES of an ideal in any educational paradigm. So to believe demolishing our system by dividing up funding to whatever idea parents and students have as ideal is nonsense.

There are plenty of private schools of varying themes across this country. My oldest son attended a private school. It was his choice. We did not receive a subsidy from the public educational system to send him there. It was the decision of the family to allow him his dream come true. My youngest son liked being at home, although he missed his older brother at times, and he attended the public school where he received attention to his needs and received a very good education.

The idea students are connected to funding individually is only hurting our brain trust and not improving it. The quality of our education has to come through reform that works, not destroying the classroom into individual paradigm of ideals that will never serve the best interest of the student or their country.

Romney loves talking down at the Poor. He states it is the parents that are the problem to the failure of schools. He believes, although not stated, that poor people are stupid people. Not in all cases. If anything I can look at him and his peers and the failure of their businesses, the chronic bailouts and the loss of American jobs to outsourcing to know who the real failures are. If he is going to open up a paradigm whereby the 'educational system' 'treats' the parent; that means counseling has to occur. That is what Social Services are for. The parents do not need classes to be parents.

In the USA, after over forty years of Republican policies, parents have to hold down two to three jobs to support their children. That is especially true in the Southern USA. The reason is low wages and long work hours. Those dynamics remove parents availability to their children. It is wrong. Building a strong Middle Class of good wages is the only way children will have parents AVAILABLE to help with the homework. If a child is overwhelmed by school because he / she assists with their younger sibling or spends most of their young years raising themselves with the 'image' of their parents wishes in their heart, that child will not succeed in a way that is meaningful to their future.

The answer to failing schools also lies in understanding the failing Middle Class, the loss of good paying jobs and QUALITY OF HOMELIFE as a means to an economy we all understand and value. Romney's ideas remove the quality of education, the quality of life in the Middle Class and assign government interventionism with adults as a means of improving children's performance. It is ideological, removed from reality and unattainable.

President Obama's words today are very bold at the United Nations.

The words he is using in regard to women and daughters can be very dangerous territory to diplomatic relations. They can easily be misinterpreted to give false meaning. Sometimes it is in the translation as well.

If I can be as so bold as he to allow slight insight to the canyons of difference Secretary Clinton faces everyday in her missions.

Women are a commodity in some nations. The meaning of their 'person' / 'their body' carries different meaning for different people, hence, different nations. 

One of the most extreme differences occurs with in the Islamic faiths. Sunnis and Shi'ites are not simply ethnic divides they are very, very profound religious divides. To akin it to something the average American can understand: To ask a Sunni to accept the Islamic value system of a Shi'ite is a violation of their foundation precepts. It would be like asking the Catholic Pope to accept nuns as priests.

There are hierarchies of 'paths' to godliness. Clerics and Imams and Ayatollahs have to have a genetic path to Mohammad. They cannot be ordained in the way a common person can be ordained as a Catholic priest. 

In the Sunni faith it is only the male children of the genetic path to Mohammad given validity to become clerics, etc. In the Shi'ite faith any child, male or female, are valid paths to Mohammad, yet, their holy men are men only and not women at all. It is the genetic path that is different between the two Islamic faiths.

When President Obama states women must have equality, it can easily be interpreted as an endorsement of the Shi'ite faith over the Sunni faith. 


Because these nations do not separate religion from governance. So, to state women need equality even as girls to education, is to say to a Sunni Muslim their daughters are the correct path to all that is great with Mohammad. To govern is to be right with god in many instances. So, it is very tricky. 

Today, at the United Nations, President Obama is seeking to break down barriers for the values we hold dear in the USA. To allow a new ability to value women and girls. Not to threaten faith in any way but to see the god given potential in their female children. To provide for greater dignity of women within their societies and end the deep misunderstanding of faithful purpose of women and their bodies in relation to their abilities to serve and govern. He is asking nations to expand the potential of their brain trusts to include all their citizens regardless of gender. 

His speech is huge. Let's hope all leaders at the United Nations today are up to the challenge.

Secretary Clinton has her hands full, but, I have never known her to ignore a chance to commune with women of any nation to bring home the message they are valuable and she cares about them.

Romney is too dangerous.

Nations exert their authority over their people in a variety of ways. The entire of the world is not about capitalism. What Romney is talking about in his speech are human rights abuses of people trying to support their families.

I resist to continue to use China as an example, but, its internal structure is very different than the USA. Their national policies do not necessarily filter down to the individual citizen across the entire of China. We know for a fact local authorities and provincial authorities impose power over Chinese citizens inconsistent with their national policies. Hence the real challenge of China to impose a single currency on their people. Literally, to change their currency to the international currency of China would send provinces into disarray with worsening poverty. The internal currency in China is not valued the same as their international currency. China is a very complicated picture, but, their leaders have come a long way in a relatively short period of time when the USA began relations under Nixon.

Capitalism is not the answer for every country. So many countries have very rudimentary economies existing in subsistence. There are African nations watching their people scratch out an existence after land has been divided due to inheritance into parcels far to small to support the family living on it.

When the USA takes a policy of imposing capitalism on a nation it is a hostile act to many economies which are not prepared for it. The USA currency is a strong currency regardless of its competition with the Euro, but, to ask other nations to impose capitalism as a way to improve their circumstances is not the way it needs to occur. In Afghanistan alone, we are witnessing wide spread corruption. When the USA people demand the USA military stop the drug economy in Afghanistan, the reply has been, "They have no other economy but their drug economy."

We have had a presence in Afghanistan for over a decade. The USA cannot impose the will of its economy on those of other nations. It is a hostile act. We did it in Iraq under Bush and he had to fly USA dollar bills into the country on cargo planes in order for there to be a currency the USA could recognize. It is hideous. We will not impose war on countries in order to achieve a Damned Economic Outcome ANYMORE!!

If Romney wants to talk about improving the lives of people in foreign nations he needs to talk about human rights abuses and not economic vitality.

California, Illinois, New York and Texas (alphabetical order)

Governing is not a beauty contest, but, with Trump involved the GOP believes it is!

These states are viewed as the ones that will determine the majority in the Congress. Personally, I don't believe any Congressional seat is a guarantee considering their very poor rating these day.

...About 30 congressional seats (click here)  in those four megastates are up for grabs, according to Sabato's Crystal Ball, the website of University of Virginia government professor Larry J. Sabato. These "orphan states" could well hold the balance of power in the House, where Democrats must pick up 25 seats to replace John Boehner as speaker with Nancy Pelosi....

The Congress has been a real problem since 2010. What does that say about the GOP? They simply aren't ready to govern in a time in this nation's history when there is so much to decide. Placing Republicans back in any majority is a mistake. It happened in 2010 and the USA's credit rating was downgraded. Congress can't get anything done with Republicans constantly fighting. They fight between themselves and their Democratic peers and they fight the President. They are horrible.

One of the statements the political Right Wing likes to dangle as their mandate in any election whether it was a mandate of not, "Elections have consequences." Really? Let me get this right. Elections only have consequences when they are the Republican consequences for the nation, like wars, imploding economies and corporate welfare.