Thursday, April 15, 2010

The difference between the USA Constitution and the Bible is like a spinkler in a chapel.

NOT EVERYTHING is left up to god.

This is a sincere tragedy for Poland and NATO is rattled. It happens sometimes.

...As Poland's national unity fractured over plans to bury president Lech Kaczynski in a castle alongside kings and heroes, officials in Warsaw and Moscow released the first results from analysis of the plane's black box flight recorders.

"The crew was aware of the inevitability of the coming catastrophe, if only due to the plane shaking after the wings hit the trees -- which we are certain happened," Poland's chief prosecutor Andrzej Seremet told commercial radio.

Colonel Zbigniew Rzepa, a Polish military prosecutor, said the pilots were aware of the imminent crash as the last seconds of the voice recordings "were dramatic", but did not elaborate.

The Polish presidential Tupolev Tu-154 crashed in thick fog Saturday near the western Russian city of Smolensk while taking a delegation to a memorial service for a World War II massacre.

All 96 people on board were killed....

The Holder Justice Department needs to clear out the obstructionists and close Gitmo. Just that simple, otherwise, this will go on forever.

...It began in the first hours of the administration, when Obama pledged to close Gitmo without a plan for doing so. It got infinitely worse in November, when Holder announced that 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed would be tried in New York City.
So when Holder came before the Senate Judiciary Committee for questioning Wednesday morning, Democrats and Republicans confronted the attorney general with the same question: What's the plan? And Holder had no answer.
Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) asked Holder about the administration's interminable deliberations over what to do with the detainees. "How far along are we?"
"Well, that is something that we're still working on," Holder said, turning on his verbal fuzz machine. "Needs to be a process . . . initial determination . . . task force . . . principals' committee . . . ongoing review . . . still working through in the interagency."
Cardin reminded the attorney general that "we're looking forward to some broader recommendations."... 

The Moussaoui Trials is the best model the USA Justice Department has.   Attorney General Holder needs to do his job and get these men behind bars permanently or on death row.  Either way it needs to be handled.  Whatever information the Gitmo detainees have is old and invaluable.  We don't need them sent back to their homelands after we settle issues in Afghanistan.




a/k/a "Shaqil,"
a/k/a "Abu Khalid al Sahrawi,"

Leahy Opening Statement on DOJ Oversight Hearing 

By Leah Nylen | April 14, 2010 10:18 am
Statement Of Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.),
Chairman, Senate Judiciary Committee,
Hearing On Oversight Of The Department Of Justice
April 14, 2010
Attorney General Holder appears before the Committee today for the fifth time in this Congress.  I want to thank him for his continued responsiveness to oversight requests from the Committee; it has been a marked improvement from the previous administration.  I also congratulate the Attorney General on his successful trip last week to Spain, an ally that has also suffered devastating terrorist attacks, where he finalized an extensive security agreement of cooperation against terrorists and organized crime
Because we need a strong and effective national security policy, I hope that Attorney General Holder will honor my request to implement the increased oversight and accountability provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act Sunset Extension Act, which was reported by this Committee with bipartisan support.  I am enthusiastic about working with the Attorney General to improve the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to make our Government more transparent and accountable to the American people.  I look forward to hearing from him this morning about the Department’s efforts to increase antitrust enforcement, combat financial fraud and health care fraud, and renew our enforcement of core civil rights laws.
I commend his resolve to use every tool in our arsenal to combat terrorism around the world and keep America safe.  Our system of justice is part of that arsenal.  It reflects our strength, our values, and it helps keep us safe. The Obama administration’s counterterrorism approach has led to many national security victories on the battlefield and in the courtroom.  The professionals in our military, our intelligence agencies, and in law enforcement are doing their jobs and are essential partners in this effort....

We knew this was coming. Hell fire and brimestone. The devil is about to erupt right out from hell. Ooh, lugga. lugga, ooh, lugga, lugga.

The Holy Vaginas

The political Right Wing are a bunch of wakos. It wasn't just Cheney. "W" was the same way.

Perhaps I need to make this really clear.  The USA, under Republicans, is a Plutocratic experiment to prove once and for all that market stresses can rule people without laws.  It is treason.  Their political purpose is based in treason and idiots like Palin are highly marketable and they buy into it.  They defend it to the end because to realize how much of a puppet they are only reduces their victory at the polls.

Al Gerhart, co-founder of the Sooner Tea Party and founder of Oklahoma Constitutional Alliance, is shown in the showroom of his business, The Carpenter Shop, holding a "Sooner Tea Party" poster from their 2009 convention, Monday, April 12, 2010, in Oklahoma City. (AP Photo/Bill Waugh) 

They won't listen when they are told they inspire people like McVeigh and the Holocaust Museum Killer.

The Virginia Governor wants to rewrite the Civil War surrender by Lee, the Oklahoma Governor wants to set up a State Militia to oppose the federal government, Jeb Bush believes if the wall between church and state is knocked down there will be the second religious coming, Bachmann will do and say anything for a vote, but, they sincerely believe this mess.

Palin rants on and on for her paycheck that the only thing they need in life is their GUNS, Constitution and Bible and there is no real discernible difference between the Bible and the USA Constitution.  Somehow the Founding Fathers knew this moment would come and they preserved it for them to carry out their mission with god.

They are genuine religious wackos that believe in violence and they believe the powers of the USA military are theirs to conquer the world in the name of the evangelical god.

They are all coming out of their closets now.  Why?  Because Murdoch and Limbaugh stated it is time to play the 'anything goes' card to win elections.  Realistic or not, they were hired to stir up trouble and it was reported yesterday in Politico.  I want to know when the FCC is finally going to put the final nail in the Murdoch coffin over this.  He aims to drive every other news agency out of business, he doesn't care how he does it, even if it means the USA is in shambles while 'reasonable' people try to live their lives while disregarding these jerks.

Attempting to over throw the USA government is no joke and it needs to be contended with and it should begin by shutting Murdoch down.  There are never facts reported by their COMMENTATORS, there are only half truths and lies and it is produced with a 'result' in mind, not just a 'reporting' of the facts.

They have no equity in their programs.  None and this is the result.

...Just days after the first widespread tea party demonstrators (click here) hit the streets a year ago Thursday, Joe Wierzbicki, a Republican political consultant with the Sacramento firm Russo Marsh + Rogers, made a proposal to his colleagues that he said could “give a boost to our PAC and position us as a growing force/leading force as the 2010 elections come into focus."... 
One of the first stops of the Tea Party Express was in Wilmington, North Carolina.  They proclaimed at their rally that they were not making 'one thin dime' off their efforts.  We knew what they were about, but, proving it was a different story.  Curtis Wright and his political activism stated the entire mess on "The Big Talker" radio along with Boortz and Hannity and the Murdoch war machine. 
It is corruption to the core of the media industry and they need to have their licenses pulled.  They are irresponsible and they don't care.  We have violence, bigotry and prejudice within our political system and within our society to prove it now.