Friday, June 18, 2010

Halliburton, as I write this and since the explosion is mitigating their own liability. All Halliburton has to do is dodge the homicide charges.

Halliburton was on the Deepwater Horizon within 24 hours of the explosion.  Literally, their negligentful practices in their work and safety standards have lead to their ability to earn millions, hence, profiting from the work that contributed to the rupture and eleven deaths of employees of Transocean and profiting from the clean up work facilitated while contibuting to the disaster.
Halliburton should have been out of business a long time ago.  Cheney kept it afloat during his Vice Presidency to prevent liability from cooking the books that was assigned to Cheney when he was CEO.  Halliburton overcharged the USA for the work it did in Iraq.  Halliburton has caused injuries and deaths of USA miltary because of shodding work.  Halliburton was called in to do 'oil well field' rehabilitation within the first week of the Iraq invasion.  Halliburton's work in Iraq has been so poor it has caused problems with citizens of that country as well.

When does this stop?  When does the USA 'get relief' from Wall Street industries that continue to destroy the concept of dignity, honesty and integrity. 

Now, we have to pay a company to be obtained by Halliburton to profit off its own mistakes.  Mistakes that take livelihoods from USA citizens and profoundly hurts the USA economy. 

Enough already.  We don't want them practicing their 'blood money' strategies within the borders of the USA !

...According to a report at the Christian Science Monitor Friday, Boots and Coots (click title to entry - thank you) is now under contract with BP to help with the oil spill. The company "focuses on oil spill prevention and blowout response," CSM reports. Halliburton's purchase is not yet a done deal -- it's still awaiting regulatory approval, though few observers think the purchase won't pass muster.

"[Mergers and acquisitions] in the industrial and oil services sectors is totally normal," writes David Anderson at The Inspired Economist, "but the timing in this case, is not. Boots & Coots sure seems like the perfect company to own if it would soon become necessary to get more involved with some oil disaster....

Halliburton ducks oil well disasters with new company purchase. Where are the regulations for this?

Tim Probert (r.) of Halliburton is sworn in along with officials from BP and Transocean before May 11 Senate hearings on the Gulf oil spill. (click title to entry - thank you)
Tim Sloan/AFP/Newsroom

The USA is OUTSOURCING all the oil industry jobs.  Get over it.  We don't need this mess causing problems within the borders of the USA. 

The Petroleum Industry has now decided it is OKAY to be negligent in their practices since it will never touch their bottom line.

These small companies are 'service companies' no different than AIG was to the investment banks.  They are insurance to the recklessness of the petroleum industry.

Halliburton, quite literally, has openly stated they don't know what they are doing.  To solidify that understanding is now a company that will follow in behind Halliburton's work to 'clean up' their disasters.  Halliburton is an example of some of the most hositle business practices within Wall Street. 

If Halliburton has a clean up company then why not keep them profitable as well?  Halliburton and the petroleum industry will attempt to find ways of 'sheltering' their stocks by putting companies in the way to liability.

There are companies in the Gulf that 'service' the rigs and the industry and are whining about the slow down to their businesses because of the moritorium.  Too bad.  They need to think outside the box if they don't want a law suit with BP.  They can 'follow the rigs' and go where they go.  Sort of like gypsies or carpetbaggers.  The real dangers to the USA and its economy by the Petroleum Industry can't be ignored and the corruption of their business practices are getting worse instead of better.

We don't need it.  Canada and Mexico can supply whatever oil the USA needs.  Our fisheries and tourism vacation spots are important, MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE OIL.

The leases to 3% of the world's oil belongs to future generations of Americans when the CO2 levels have returned to normal and the USA has 'state of the art' alternatives in energy and transportation.

ENOUGH !!!!!!

...The firm, Boots and Coots, focuses on oil spill prevention and blowout response. Now, it is assisting with the relief well work – under contract to BP – to help stop the Gulf oil spill.

What appears to conspiracy theorists as more than a coincidence is nothing out of the ordinary, say oil-industry experts. Increasingly, oil-industry titans are buying up smaller companies that provide all manner of services.

But this trend is worrying in itself, the experts say. As companies grow and work both to drill wells and potentially clean up their own mistakes, the result can be unintentional but riskier decisionmaking over time due to a lack of focus – particularly in an industry that is poorly regulated.

Moreover, there is concern that – as the Gulf oil spill shows – big bureaucracies are not nimble enough in an emergency....