Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Arab League Foreign Ministers will meet on Saturday to discuss the tragedy playing out in Syria.

...The United Nations (click title to entry - thank you) high commissioner for human rights, Navi Pillay, said on Monday that the death toll reached 5,000 people since March, when the uprising against Mr. Assad broke out. The toll includes civilians as well as army defectors and soldiers who were shot dead for refusing to shoot at protesters....

This is a regional problem that will require a regional solution.  The Arab League assisted a great deal with the transition of the Libyan people; I am sure they will find a solution for Syria.  This more or less aligns with the Russia approach of ceasefire on all sides to stop the killing.  The escalation has been significant in Syria, it is spilling over to its neighbors, there is a refuge influx that is also destabilizing while they seek help through demonstrations there. 

The escalation has resulted in the many deaths of children.  These children were killed vicisously and some while attending funerals of the dead.  These are not simply unfortunate deaths due to escalation of violence, these killings stand out as deliberate and planned. 


CAIRO- Arab League (AL) foreign ministers (click here) will meet on Saturday to discuss a response to Syria's conditional acceptance of an Arab peace plan aimed at ending a crackdown on protesters, Egypt's official MENA news agency reported on Saturday.

Meanwhile, AL's special ministerial committee following the Syrian situation will also convene to decide on the Arab response to Syria's recent positive stance toward the AL observer mission, the agency quoted an AL official as saying....

Arab League (AL) foreign ministers will hold an extraordinary meeting at the end ofthis week to discuss the Syrian situation, Egypt's official MENA news agency reported on Saturday, citing an Arab diplomat...

The 22 Countries of the Arab League and the year of their admittance

1. Egypt (1945)
2. Iraq (1945)
3. Jordan (1945)
4. Lebanon (1945)
5. Saudi Arabia (1945)
6. Syria (1945)
7. Yemen (1945)
8. Libya (1953
9. Sudan (1956)
10. Morocco (1958)
11. Tunisia (1958)
12. Kuwait (1961)
13. Algeria (1962)
14. Bahrain (1971)
15. U.A.E. (1971)

16. Oman (1971)
17. Qatar (1971)
18. Mauritania (1973)
19. Somalia (1974)
20. Palestine (1976)
21. Djibouti (1977)
22. Comoros (1993)

Thank you, President Obama. If were up to others we would still be there.

The Tax Cut Bill should be made an amendment of the Federal Funding Bill.

Put it all together and everyone goes home for the holidays by Friday.

...So, McConnell is trying to help Boner’s negotiating position by trying to take the spending bill off the table.

“There’s agreement on the funding bill, but no agreement and no plan at all about how we’re going to pass the payroll tax cut extension,” McConnell said during a tense, nearly 30-minute exchange with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). “We ought to finish our most immediate concern first.”

Funding for many agencies and programs, ranging from foreign services to environmental initiatives, expires at midnight Friday, so time is running short before fears of a government shutdown again intensify.

Reid denied that congressional appropriators had reached complete agreement on the bill to keep agencies funded through next September and instead urged Congress to pass a short-term funding bill to keep the government running through next Wednesday. McConnell objected to the request.

“As soon as we put this useless partisan charade behind us, we can negotiate a solution that protects middle-class workers,” Reid said, referring to the House GOP payroll bill....

Violent criminals walk the streets because North Carolina prosecutors find extradiction beyond their expertise.

Where is the North Carolina Attorney General when it comes to removing criminals from the venues of citizens?

Where is AG Roy Cooper and the State Bureau of Investigation?  They can do better than this!

There are far too many police killed on the streets of this country every year, I can't believe that when other states and cities call about a known criminal North Carolina is unprepared to act.  I am quite surprised.

...Each time, (click title to entry - thank you) Mr. Kelly said, the police noticed that Mr. Pride was wanted for the shooting in North Carolina, but that the arrest warrant could be served only in that state. A New York police officer called the authorities in Greensboro, N.C., after the second arrest, in November, Mr. Kelly said, because of “a concern about a violent felon going back on the streets of New York City,” though a spokeswoman for the Greensboro police disputed Mr. Kelly’s chronology....