Saturday, September 12, 2015

The next great moral dilemma, who gets to live forever?

Controversial specialist Sergio Canavero from Italy will partner with Chinese surgeon Ren Xiaoping to carry out the operation on Valery Spiridonov (pictured), a 30-year-old computer scientist who has muscular atrophy

9 September 2015
By Sarah Griffiths  

A Chinese surgeon (click here) has joined forces with an Italian doctor to prepare for what would be the world's first human head transplant.
A Russian man who suffers from a serious medical condition is set to become the first person to undergo the controversial procedure, devised by Sergio Canavero and Ren Xiaoping.
Dr Canavero said that the operation will change the course of history and could lead to cures for previously incurable conditions, such as Valery Spiridonov's muscular atrophy....


The eastern hemisphere sees over 300 million people to market to in the USA and realize wealth. That is completely flawed. It is a one way market place. Nothing produced in the USA will sell to dirt cheap labor. AND Nothing produced with dirt cheap labor will provide a viable market place in the USA. The entire eastern hemisphere is diluted to think a trade agreement is going to provide wealth. It won't.'

Countries have to establish a Middle Class of consumers before trade agreements can be written. 

How does it do that?

There is manufacturing, yes? Set a minimum wage to improve the quality of life of the laborers. What is so difficult about this? There are really great unions in the USA that would love to have international members. 

Product quality cannot be compromised in anticpation of selling to the USA. Human beings are human beings, a safe world is the same for everyone. Now, if the eastern hemisphere doesn't value human life to insure Occupational Safety and Health, then the USA should not be trading with them anyway. 

Clean Air, Clean Water, Concern for Earth and emissions of greenhouse gases and human beings valued for their worth and not treated as slaves with a work stipends.

The paradigm of the Third World with a market place in the First World has no viability. 

Countries need to compete in the real world without the USA compromising it's quality of life to poverty. Poverty's consumer is about subsistence and not disposable income. 

OMG, they earn more than their house payment and weekly groceries; how did that happen?

Where is the study published?

I already know it is invalid. Where are the deficits and what did the Marine Corp due to correct the deficit? 

September 10, 2015
WASHINGTON — A Marine Corps study (click here) that found all-male ground combat units more effective than teams that included women has raised new concerns about the Pentagon's push to open all jobs to women next year.

A summary of results released Thursday from the unprecedented study showed that all-male ground combat squads were faster, stronger and more lethal in most cases than units that included women.The women also suffered higher injury rates during physically demanding training.

The Marine Corps and other services face a deadline the Pentagon has set for requiring military branches to open all specialties to women, including infantry and special operations forces, beginning next year.

The services have until the end of this month to request an exception to the order for some occupations....

To begin, there can't be units that are compromised to allow higher incidents of injury or death. The Marine Corp are the first to respond to any combat issue and to simply say women are in or women are out is not correct. So, to begin with the Marine Corp has to first reset it's standards to where members of a combat unit have the optimum outcomes. That means initially women are excluded, however, that is not a long term vision for our military.

...Administration officials have said their intent is to open all jobs to women and have set the bar high for waivers. "The department's policy is that all ground combat positions will be open to women, unless rigorous analysis of factual data shows that the positions must remain closed," Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said last month....

Administrative decisions is not where this belongs. I want my son and/or daughter home safely, that comes first. In recognizing one study to assure a man or woman's well being within the Marine Corp is not valid in decision making. However, it is valid to make a path to success for women to achieve rank for now.

There needs to be subsequent studies that provides for compensation of a woman's ability to meet the unit's goals.

The military is a man's world and it always has been, but, in the year 2015 that is not a realistic outcome for the USA military. There is nothing saying women are not going to be a larger percentage in the future and the need for them significant. Subsequent studies have to take into account the fact the future is not set and women are just as important to a combat position as a man. No one is going tell me there aren't women that aren't stronger than some men in the military either. That is inconsistent with any measurable population.

Subsequent studies can't be worked out on paper, they have to be met in training sessions and realized by the unit itself. A unit knows how it functions. Today's USA military unit is emotionally closer and more dedicated to the well being of every member. The best assessment for any study is going to be within the unit itself. The women have brains, right? Then the study of these results were garnered from have to have assessments. There needs to be assessments by the women and where the US Marine Corp failed their requirements to participate. To think women are going to be thrown in the mix and meet any standard without accommodation is invalid. 

There is an abuse of a woman's participation in most professions that have belonged exclusively to men and that is women are not met with a welcome that includes their success at the standard that already exists. Within the study where are the accommodations for women? Where did the USA Marine Corp fail their participation?

As an example: Today in the real world in the USA there are two bathroom facilities, men and women. Where is the Unisex bathroom that provides privacy for transgender? And even for having that Unisex bathroom does there have to be exclusion of these members of society from either men or women's bathrooms? How does the society police that? And in including transgender men and women in a bathroom where does perversion enter the standard of abuse? Now, I realize the American public is not the Marine Corp, but, the same applies. The answer to the people concerned about perversion in American bathrooms is to realize neither men exclusively or women exclusively bathrooms provides for naked exposure by anyone. 

Having a qualifier within the place for women in a unit to be allowed to fail already insures their failure. What the USA Marine Corp has done is to guarantee they do not have to change any methodology for success and simply threw women into the mix without compromise.

The USA military has to be a place of excellence, because, otherwise people die. A dead soldier is not reasonable as a standard or is it efficient and provides for a victory in combat. So, what the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs has to do is make soldier safety and survival a high priority. That comes first. The country will accept his assessment and the study of women and HOW THEY ARE accommodated in the Marine Crop needs to continue but not by compromising the battlefield or the survival of the country's soldiers. The efficient unit as it stands today is paramount, the future holds a different and more sophisticated vision.

This study is not invalid. It is the first step. 

The Marine Corps PCP (click here) has two main components - The Physical Fitness Test and the Body Composition Program.

I think I am disappointed. No. I know I am disappointed. You mean to tell me any official page of the US Marine Corp during this study never incorporated the image/picture of women in their training requirement? The picture doesn't even include women. The physical picture at this website does not include a woman.

The Marine Crop knows women have different abilities, but, they also know AGE delineations are legitimate. They recognize the difference in a human beings capacity and are considered acceptable ranges. Why didn't it work? 

You mean to tell me women are unable to accomplish three pull ups? I find that odd.

New York City Marathon

Overall Women (click here) 

US Placed Fifth - Desiree Linden - Michigan - 2:28:11

Overall Men (click here) 

US Placed fourth - Meb Keflezighi - California - 2:13:18

If women in the USA Marine Corp are not even required to meet the same tests of strength the unit will fail to perform to standards. I know women can do three chin ups because there are physical fitness teachers all over the USA that require that for a grade for report cards. And if they don't because their students are 'girls' then they are mislead and have compromised a woman's excellence in physical ability. I can't believe they are not required to do chin ups. The leadership of the Marine Corp compromised a woman's ability to compete and to lead. We need to try this again. I don't want dead or maimed people, so the methodology needs to include EXPERTISE from the civilian sector.

The study has to be reviewed by non-peer groups that are exclusively men, exclusively women and then a meeting of both teams. 

Studies are not to make the Commander and Chief happy for elections, it is to meet requirements for a fit and excellent combat unit that brings everyone home without injury.

See, the first study is always the worst. That is not unusual. As a matter of fact it is very normal. The standards for the first study is based in estimates and thought standards. When each study is completed it will reveal the real world in more perfection.

The requirement for women in the military at all levels of excellence has to be realized. There is no NOT having such standards of excellence. What does the weakest man look like and how have they performed? What does the strongest woman look like and how have they performed? The standards above have overlapping requirements of each gender. The outcome to this study is in question.

The timeline for women to be inclusive extends into the future, there is no dead line for ultimate decision making. Ultimate decision making is incompetent in it's inception. This has to be an ongoing to study until redundancy is all too obvious.

A military has to win. So win. No dead soldiers. Get rid of acceptable losses. The American people demand better. There is no such thing as acceptable losses. That only insures a compromise to a higher standard.

I mean you've got to be joking when realizing the USA military is fighting people from the stone age.

The Taliban and Daesh are not ethnic standards. They are militias no different than the Third Reich. They have no overlying protections based in humanity. What is the problem? Kill or be killed, that is the only reasonable assessment. There is no politics for the USA when dealing with protecting its' valuable personnel. We should be finished with all this already. I guarantee you Russia and Assad won't be kind and say pretty please. There is a common enemy for everyone in Syria. It is not Hezbollah or any other Shi'ite group. It is Deash. Surrender or die.

Realizing there is no standard that is going to bring about national security for Iraq or Syria because the soldiers simply run away and keep running away in the face of the USA's best efforts, the strategy has to change. The USA came home to peace time after WWII. What's the problem? 

The USA doesn't compromise because some figurehead leader decides he wants to maintain his office and money and corruption if he enlists enough bad guys in an election. We protect our military from such corruption itself. What has gone on in Iraq and Afghanistan is a travesty to the final outcome of governments that are self sustaining and able to maintain borders. The idea Turkey has finally decided it's border with Syria and Iraq is important after 14 years of USA supervised war is hideous. 

Do you know what happened in Berlin after WWII? The occupying forces took over and removed all propaganda and educational materials and instilled their own. That is what happened when the bad guys of the Third Reich finally fell. And it is believed Hitler committed suicide. Well, good for him. 

Daesh cannot stand without munitions from outside sources. What the hell is going on? Pretty please don't supply the murderers? Yes? I don't think so. Where is the impenetrable wall that ends all supplies into Daesh? This is crazy. The coalition has to end the war with cave men. 

When the Third Reich was defeated it was the most powerful military on Earth and occupied north Africa. Therefore?

If the people of the middle east can't find the will for a military win, then so be it. We handled Saddam with No Fly Zones. ?????  

Deash is an outcrop of the wayward war in Iraq. I even knew there was going to be a surge in jihadists after the USA left. If no one cares but us, there is no reason to be involved.  

The Iraq War is an abject failure. Even H.W. knew better. Iraq continues to be a failure. No more. A failure is a failure, the USA doesn't go back and repeat it. 

No one is that stupid except Dick Cheney. There is nothing stopping him from leading the FOX 5000 militia on a tour of Iraq. We don't keep repeating Vietnam over and over. We need to be finished once and for all without nation building, it leads to corruption and defeat. War is war, it is not occupation. War reparations after victory is far cheaper and better than nation building. Nation building is bigotry and racism.

One single payment for what the USA destroyed and not what the country wants to replace of what was destroyed. Iraq should be governing with it's natural resources, having pilgrimages, improving on human rights, educating their people and a government or religious leader that can get the job done. How it achieves that is their own business. ie: Vietnam wants to trade with the USA. It is worried about China stealing it's offshore natural resources. There is something dysfunctional about that due to the USA invasion? No, there isn't and the peace within Vietnam exists.

Vietnam needs to compete for USA's market fairly and without a stupid trade agreement with the eastern hemisphere. 
Meb Keflezighi