Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Leave this poor woman alone. She is a wife, she works nearly all the time to support her family. She is very intelligent in hiring lawyers to protect her and her child. I am sure they are receiving death threats. Enough already, we are a civilized society.

By Svea Herbst-Bayliss and Scott Malone
PROVIDENCE, R.I./BOSTON (Reuters) - The wife  (click here) of the dead Boston Marathon bombing suspect is assisting authorities and in absolute shock that her husband and brother-in-law were accused of the deadly blasts, her lawyer said on Tuesday....
There is no family mafia here. Absolutely there isn't.
A mother's plea is exempt from scrutiny. This is nonsense and just an excuse for sensationalism.

The family is mourning their losses. They have a right to privacy.
SWAT teams enter a suburban neighborhood to search for the remaining suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings in Watertown, Mass., April 19, 2013. REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi

These are the people to be grateful for. 

Boston will begin to do the same thing New York has done since September 11, 2001. New York City set up their own intelligence department that will work in cooperation with the FBI.

New York does their own international intelligence. 

What is this? You know the answer. It is a local economy. Okay? 

If there was a local man in Cambridge that was questioned by the FBI, Boston Intelligence should have been notified, possibly Cambridge intelligence. They are sometimes called detectives. There are very valid and competent ways and people that can secure the USA, but, it requires Homeland Security, the CIA and the FBI to disseminate information to the local level. 

The concern here is the possibility of local governments over stepping their boundaries in citizen surveillance, the funding needed, the chance of getting carried away and LEAKS. But, it can be done. New York City proved that. 

Should Homeland Security include a model that disseminates information from the FBI when they have come to initial conclusions about a citizen? It's a big change in the way intelligence would be handled in the USA, but, it widens the base to the numbers of eyes, ears and brains working on the security of the nation.

Training and new levels of 'shield accomplishment and promotions.' 

Who is most invested in the outcomes of surveillance? Who loves the people more? Who wants to protect the local economies more than anyone in DC?

Bring them all the cookies they can tolerate without sugar shock.

Stop struggling with all this. Stop accepting war as the only answer to these dynamics. The answer is not that difficult.

The government is welcome to explore all the bombing making in the USA all they like....

littleBits are like Legos for circuit boards (click here)

...but, if the government expects me to believe there is some kind of jihadist training somewhere else than the internet involved, they have a very long way to go.

So, if the government believes it is a real challenge to put together a circuit board that won't 'travel' well in a backpack, they need start over again.

I have a nephew that cut his teeth on this stuff and now works as a well paid and successful mechanical engineer.

The item below can be purchased off the internet for less than $4.00. It lights up to test the flow of electricity. Electricians, auto mechanics use them all the time. My Dad used one to test the electricity in the train set at Christmas time.  Who you trying to kid?

I've said it before, if talking heads don't have something to say they don't have a job. No different than Lindsey Graham running at the mouth. At some point in time, a reasonably intelligent person has to stop listening to the propaganda and dismiss it as DISCREDITED. 

If a person asks to borrow money they have to pass a CREDIBILITY check called a Credit Check.

Same thing. If people give propagandists repeated opportunities to 'get it right' the propagandists will 'fine tune' their messages. Enough. These reports are discredited. The nonsense Lindsey Graham espouses is discredited. How many times will these sources of propaganda go on to 'get it right' and 'make it believable?' Don't be stupid.

An Arctic Oscillation Maximum. This vortex is gigantic. Hemispheric.

It is nearly entire width of the northern Pacific.

UNISYS Water Vapor GOES West Satellite Image (click here for 12 hour loop)
April 23, 2013
2130:20 z

When examining the 'water vapor' trail of the vortex below it extends across the entire of the North Pacific. 

UNISYS North and West Hemisphere satellite (click here for 12 hour loop)
April 23, 2013

This illustration to the right is where the Arctic Circle exists. The vortex reaches from the Arctic Circle in Canada to the tropical regions of Earth at the equator. It's reach is below Hawaii (the tiny red dots of the lower right image.)

This is taken from the hemispheric image from UNISYS above. The red dots in the lower left are Hawaii. The deep white water vapor that looks like ribbon just north of Hawii, is reflected in the same physics of the uneven shape of the vortex itself. The edges of the vortex are not defined as well as smaller vortices because of the size and span of larger wind and air definitions. It is sincerely a definition of OSCILLATION within this dynamic.

This vortex crosses wind belts. It's upper tropospheric dynamics allows it to overpower the nature of Earth in a strong reaction to planetary heating.

There is no Jet Stream there.

Look out!

That is a lot of air turbulence. 

April 23, 2013 
2215 gmt
The Weather Channel Current Temperatures

April 23, 2013
2207 gmt
The Weather Channel 24 hour temperature change map.

The role of religion when it comes to random killing.

Islam does not have an exclusive corner on that definition. 

We can go back as far as anyone wants to find religion as a basis of random killing. Henry the Eighth formed his own church as an excuse for bad behavior. 

Hitler carried an aberration of Christianity before he gave up religion completely when he decided to kill randomly. And, of course, his SCAPEGOAT to justify his killing were protestants in the beginning and then ultimately in mass numbers Jews.

So, when one wants to isolate a religion that justifies killing they have to be very careful.

We know for a fact there has been religious hazing at the US Air Force Academy by Evangelicals.

There is nothing within the Muslim faith that acts to radicalize it's members. If that were the case, then Indonesia would not exist.

What exists on the internet and in Jihadi networks are PLANS to overthrow civilization and instill a radical authoritarianism masked as a religion. The Taliban are not an ethnicity, they are a militarized entity easily akin to The Third Reich. Taliban is not an ethnicity. There is NO genetic basis for being Taliban. They have no homeland rights in Afghanistan or Pakistan. They are a military society. Same goes for al Qaeda. They have no ethnic basis and have no sovereign claim to a homeland.

These are military entities that seek to destabilize sovereign countries to replace freedom with oppression. Oppressing the impoverished is an easy thing to do, especially when the oppressors use the pillars of Islam as a mainstay to their oppression. It is not the fault of any Muslim that the Taliban, al Qaeda or Somali radicals use the faith as an excuse to seek power.

Any faith can radicalize a man or woman. Islam is not exclusive to that outcome. 

The violence that occurs in the USA is an American phenomena dictated by a culture of violence.

The USA culture of violence is deadly to Americans because of the AVAILABILITY of the weapons.

These idiots always want to save civilization from itself. They want to oppress and seek some kind of greater justice. It has nothing to do with religion, it is about SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS and power.

More definitions from the Assault Weapons Ban Amendment

``(I) All of the following pistols, copies, duplicates, variants, or altered facsimiles with the capability of any such weapon thereof:

"All AK-47 types" is a language to protect the legislation as well as the people from the manipulative capacity of the gun industry. Bayonets will still be legal, but, the guns they accompany will not. 

The thing is this about bayonets; they are attachments to assault weapons, no different than silencers. There are several attachments I have yet to notice in the definitions so perhaps it is best I mention them here.

Bayonet mount

Senator Feinstein didn't wake up one day and decide she didn't like things such as grenades and all that mess, they are usually affiliated in some way with assault weapons. So, the mention of them in this legislation is related to the fact it is a defining characteristic. So, in the case of bayonets, where they attach to an assault weapon / military style weapon they are outlawed. Now, can they be sold as a curiosity or an antique? Yes, however, there are state laws about what kind of knives a person can carry 'on the street' or 'on their person' to limit the length of those blades.

This is an example of North Carolina case law and gun control advocates are going to laugh at this one. North Carolina restricts the length of the blade a person can carry. Now, there is nothing stating a citizen can't own a lenghtier blade and display them or have them at home, but, they can't carry them. Semi-automatic guns, no problem. Blades, problem.

"Knife about 4-1/2 inches (click here) in overall length which, when folded, was clearly designed for carrying in a pocket or purse, was an 'ordinary pocketknife' as defined by this section." (1989)

Every state in the nation, through their justice system, will accommodate a citizen if they were acting out of ignorance. That is the case with knives in most states. So, this definition above describes the law in relation to enforcement through the justice system. Usually, first time offenders are told their responsibility in a court and may or may not pay a fine, but, as a misdemeanor it will usually not be a matter of having a record. Now, should it be that lenient? I'll let gun control advocates decide that, because, if there is a FELONY record of any type BACKGROUND CHECKS would prevent gun possession.

Let me state that again. if there is a FELONY record of any type; not misdemeanor, BACKGROUND CHECKS would prevent gun possession. Misdemeanor, no problem. Felony, problem. Might want to think about that in the state legislation as well.

Hey, I heard New Jersey is helping out New York and Connecticut to stop trafficking. Good. Proud of 'em.

Just in case anyone is interested in using a state's knife law as a hideous example of 'gun tolerance': State Knife Laws (click here). This is ridiculous. Theater goers can't be killed or wounded in large number by a person wielding a knife. If anything the dangerous person would be subdued by the crowd. So, the idea there should be more lenient rules for owning guns over knives is pure insanity.

Most of the mass murderers such as Columbine or Boston or Aurora were not prepared for close combat. That is what knives are all about. Other than paring an apple. But, soldiers, when in combat will be carrying close combat weapons. That is what bayonets are. They are close combat weapons. They were vital to the outcome of many soldiers, especially in World War I.

Grenade launcher - Below is a M7 grenade launcher with 22 mm grenade fitted on the end of an M1 Garand rifle. Get the picture? So they are illegal under this amendment. 

One more thing about the issue of close combat, other than this ain't it, the mass murderers never prepared for it and shows exactly their intent in their attacks, how intimate they were with their victims in regard to survival and their very sane attacks. All of the them, across the board, used the same methodology. They ain't crazy. They were angry with poorly defined masculinity mired in a violent culture, had money and acted out as some kind of 'justice hero.' All the same. All just as stupid. They weren't crazy, they were a result of their American culture with easy availability of weapons.

Flash suppressor - can also be known as a flash guardflash eliminatorflash hider, or flash cone. It attaches to the muzzle of a rifle that reduces its visible signature while firing by cooling or dispersing the burning gases that exit the muzzle, a phenomenon typical of carbine length weapons. Its primary intent is to reduce the chances that the shooter will be blinded in low light shooting conditions.

This is a military issue flash suppressor. It seeks to hide the soldier from the enemy, too. This was also nothing the mass murderers were interested in. They were out to kill unarmed and/or helpless people to result in them being the last man/men standing. This was not their concern. They knew they were detectable, but, in their warped 'video game' thinking they were always the victor. Reset to default. But, these attachments are on the market.

       ``(i) All AK-47 types, including the following:
       ``(I) Centurion 39 AK pistol. What a babe this is, huh? This will prove those bullies wrong. 100% American made, too. Hey, a real patriotic weapon.
Here it is as a Sporter Rifle.
``(II) Draco AK-47 pistol. I have to check, but, I think this one is Chinese made. It is fitted with a drum clip. This is a pistol. No, not made in China. The name "Draco" is dragon in Chinese. The gun is manufactured by Century. It is a cheaper choice at about $500.00 without the drum clip.
``(III) HCR AK-47 pistol.
One thing a critic has to keep in mind when examining these weapons is the VERSATILITY they bring to the American street. What do we know about carbines? They are carbines BECAUSE they have a shorter gun barrel. Well, heck, look at the barrel length of this one. Think about THE OVER ALL LENGTH. Think about where they can be hidden on a person. Think about it's ability to be controlled by the gunman/woman. Think about the ease of 'spraying' the ammunition. These are DESIGNED for close range. There is no hunting anything here, except, people.
``(IV) IO Inc. IO, Inc. is a company (click here)
Hellpup AK-47 pistol. (click here $750.00 online purchase. There was another location where they were selling for $499.00, but, they were sold out. SOLD OUT.)
``(V) Krinkov pistol. This sold online for $1375.00 (click here)
``(VI) Mini Draco AK-47 pistol. (click here)
These weapons just want to make me drop my panties, ya know?

More tomorrow. Thank you for your interest.

Turn the televisions and radios OFF !

Reading material can be selective. 

It is over. 

How many times can a person listen to the same news over and over and over again without realizing they are being stupid and feed sensationalism rather than quality information.

Turn 'em off. Do yourself a favor. One is dead and the other one is imprisoned for the rest of his life. They didn't think we would find out. They carried out their extremism with weapons available to any American and went back to their lives. They never expected they would be caught. It was that naive understanding of life that radicalized them. There isn't anything else to understand. The USA has a violence culture. This has happened before. There is nothing new here. Change the culture. That is the only way out of this preposterous culture of violence and fear.
Last year in March 2012, the heat bubble that resulted because of the Texas drought moved north. In Northern Michigan it caused a complete evaporation of snow resulting in a very dense fog. The melting occurred so fast there was no water run off into the rivers, lakes or steams. It went from snow to water vapor immediately. I know because I witnessed it.

I followed that heat bubble out of North Carolina. I caught up with it in Ohio as it traveled north. It is on this blog from last March.

The Michigan Cherry Crop was 90% less than in previous years om 2012. After the Texas Heat Bubble arrived the cherry trees started to bloom. Then after the residual heat moved off and the arctic flow returned, the 'normal' freeze returned. Ninety percent of the cherry blossoms froze and the crop was lost.

The unregulated and fossil fuel dense Texas that promotes the same destructive economy for the entire nation and world for that matter; first destroyed it's own biotic content and then exported it to the nation. That is the legacy of deregulation. It kills and destroys. Deregulation turns the USA into a third world economy where people grapple for a life line rather than earning upward movement in a free society.

Oh, yeah. Wall Street? Well, you know the more sparse the commodity the higher the price per unit.

What every other state can learn from Texas.

Look this real easy; Texas completely disregards human life and opts for profits.

There isn't anything else to learn about or from Texas. Texas is among the most immoral states in the nation. They hide under the cloak of "God." It is a successful shroud. The people actually believe it.

Texas doesn't have cattle anymore. They have no pasture land. Their drought effected the entire country, including, the Mississippi.

Get over it. Texas is the worst state in the nation. It gave the USA the worst Presidents in history, the Bushs and Johnson. War. Economic failure. Abuse of power. Human rights violations. The forests of Vietnam never returned. Not like they were.

Texas never even had regulations to evacuate the vicinity in a circumference around a very dangerous industrial plant. Evacuating after the fact is not good governance. People died.

I shake my head at the stupidity of people. They never read an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) to their work places? They never challenge their right to a safe work environment? They are too afraid of losing their jobs, so they put their lives on the line and they let Wall Street get away with it? Heck, let them pay more for fertilizer for god sake.

So, now the American consumer can be proud they have cheaper food but dead people along the way. Where does that come from?

I buy local. I know my local environment and the lack of toxins that exist there. I don't ask people to die so I can eat.

Emergency workers evacuate the elderly from a damaged nursing home following an explosion at a fertilizer plant Wednesday in West, Texas.
Rescuers evacuating more than 130 elderly people (click here) from a nursing home during a fire at a nearby fertilizer plant were suddenly confronted with chaos and danger when an explosion ripped apart the building....

The staff in the nursing home was well versed in evacuation of their residents. I betcha they didn't expect this reason to use it though.

Conservation has value. Shhhhh...Wall Street hasn't discovered it yet. We kinda like it that way.

The economic impacts of Outdoor Recreation, Natural Resource Conservation and Historic Preservation activities in the United States annually generate at least $1.7 trillion in economic activity, returning $211 billion to Federal, State and local governments through tax revenue, and supporting 12.8 million jobs.

Economic Impacts:

- $1.7 trillion = total economic impact and conservation investments made in the U.S. economy annually from outdoor recreation, natural resource conservation, and historic preservation in the United States.1,2,3

- Federal spending of $33.3 billion on natural resource conservation, recreation and historic preservation is the seed money that helps generates this $1.7 trillion economy.4

- This sector of the US economy is larger than the US auto and pharmaceutical industries combined.1

- The outdoor recreation economy grew approximately 5 percent annually between 2005 and 2011 during an economic recession when many sectors contracted.1

Return on Federal Investment:

- $211 billion in federal, state and local tax revenue is generated annually from this economy and the annual $33.3 billion Federal investment in natural resource conservation, recreation and historic preservation.

The Most Reliable American Jobs:

- 12.8 million = The American jobs dependent on outdoor recreation, conservation and historic preservation.1,2

- These jobs are almost exclusively non-exportable because they are dependent on America’s public lands, parks, wildlife refuges, forests, natural areas and historic places.

- These jobs are largely rural. In many cases they provide the only employment activity for some rural areas.

Sources of information:

1 “The Outdoor Recreation Economy”, 2012, Outdoor Industries Association, as measured by Southwick Associates.

2 “The Conservation Economy in America: Direct investments and economic contributions,” Southwick Associates, 2013.

3 Southwick Associates, “Combined Value of Outdoor Recreation, Natural Resource Conservation and Historic Preservation, 2013”, April 8, 2013.

4 Office of Management and Budget, FY 2012, outlays by Subfunctions 301, 302, 303, and 306.
It was completely obvious the Judge set up Mr. Tim DeChristopher to be found guilty as an example to his peers to prevent anyone from acting on their conscience ever again. That is the only reason he went to prison. Not because he was guilty, but, because he scared the petroleum industry to death.

The United States of America cowed at the face of it's own corrupt practices by a pure heart of a citizen.

Symbiote! Yes, indeed, this is what a media symbiote looks and sounds like.

I find what occurred in the media today disgusting. The President is carrying out his responsibility to the nation according to the law of our constitution. His decisions are above reproach. No one seemed to be able to get that point across?

I think this says it all. Senator Lindsay Graham flip flops for political convenience.

WASHINGTON -- US Senator Lindsey Graham (click here) said this morning that the FBI told him it was initially unaware that Tamerlan Tsarnaev had traveled to Russia early last year because of a clerical error: His name was misspelled....

Everyone needs to get over themselves and realize the USA has a profound problem with violence and the accessibility to weapons. Now, either the USA faces it's problems and stops seeking to blame any other entity or this will happen again. The odds are there.

This film has to be seen. There are many surprising facts.

The West Virginia Mountain Top Mining Community is impoverished and does not have employment through this type of mining. Whiteville, West Virginia is surrounded by four mountain top mines and the city closing down because there is no economy from the mining enterprise.

Think about it. Mountain Top Mining and Canadian Oil Sands have that aspect in common; they do not produce employment, they produce profits. 

Both these industrial activities do not require people, they require huge machine driven by ONE PERSON. There are no large lunch time crowds. There aren't that many employees, the profits are exorbitant.

There is a new group facing huge problems protecting their national parks and natural areas. Mormon Environmental Stewardship (click here for Facebook.) They need help protecting their public lands from exploitation.

Tim DeChristopher will be attending Harvard Divinity School for three years. I am happy for him.

The lack of defense in his case is astounding. The trail was delayed four times, the last one being at the time of the Gulf Oil Spill. How would it look after all if he went on trial at the same time the Gulf Leases were leaking relentlessly?

The federal government really owes him an apology. At one point the jurists were given flyers that stated they could vote their conscience in the jury room. The reason that happened is obvious, the judge in the case provided extremely restrictive guidelines to the jury. But, that isn't the best part.

After the jury was handed these flyers by who knows who, the US Attorney wanted to declare a mistrial and start all over again. While that might be a good idea and have a change of venue besides, what the judge did instead is to have the attorneys for both sides and Mr. DeChristopher assemble in his chambers.

Then the judge called each juror into his chambers and stated they could not vote their moral conscience, but, only could vote according to the directions provided which of course would lead to a guilty verdict. Mr. DeChristopher's attorney was never allowed to present any defense for him. The judge decided ahead to the trail that Tim was guilty and he just had to make sure the hearing was conducted to the proper end. See, Tim wouldn't say he was guilty and settle out of court. The judge didn't like that.

So, rather than a mistrial, the judge held these cozy little meetings in his chambers and a guilty verdict was realized. 

The facts in the film are absolutely astounding. The leases in question were the old Bush leases. I have a feeling the problem faced by The Mormon Environmental Stewardship have the same problem. The Interior Department, Bureau of Land  Management really needs to stop all auctions and review the leases up for bid. The land were these leases are being auctioned in some of the most majestic lands this country has. And the petroleum industry is going to drill holes in the land, pollute, drive off all the wildlife from the pollution, turn the public waters on these lands in to cesspools and make life hell for the people that live there.

But, see this picture. You won't believe it. Some of the facts I listed here were from the premier of the film and a live feed following the film from the theater where Tim was willing to take questions. But, the government really owes him an apology. He is unchanged after his two years in prison. He is fine.