Monday, April 02, 2012

Still yet more innocent people dead with bullets from a gun in the USA.

This is what the Second Amendment has brought us under the guidance of the NRA. What was the gunman's complaint this time? Certainly, not self defense this time, right?

7 dead, 3 injured, suspect caught in college shooting (click title to entry - thank you)

...Police captured the suspected gunman inside an Alameda grocery store five miles away from the shooting site at Oikos University after he allegedly walked to the customer service counter and told employees, "I just shot some people."...

Another nutcase uncontained. Oh, gun laws won't let that happen, nah, how could this happen over and over and over again?

We have poor gun laws in the USA and this is yet another proof of same. There are too many guns on the street and they are so easily sold along with their ammunition that everyone can get their hands on them.

My guess is the gunman used a small 9mm with at least ten bullets in the clip. It could have had 12 and he missed a couple of times. 

I love this ad. It is so completely irrelevant it can't be undone. Maybe a burp and fart would have been more pertinent.

Look, the one person in that courtroom who made foolish comments was Judge Scalia. He admitted he wasn't expected to have reviewed all the provisions of the bill and referred to a Corn Husker Kick Back that was removed from the bill a long time ago.

Someone needs to look at Justice Scalia's time card, it looks as though he rarely punches in.

Wall Street actually sees oil stocks as a sustained investment. Amazing.

Wall Street has no intentions of letting the American people, or any populous for that matter, off the mat. They will wrestle with unpopularity forever if they can get away with it dragging global economies down without a thought to the morality of it all. It is up to the people of any nation to make choices and proceed with a value system that works for them.

It hasn't been enough to prove the damage fossil fuels do and have done to the environment, not to mention the damage drilling does to the land, these companies have no intention of stopping their drilling, fracking or oil sands processing. They are interested in profit at any cost, regardless, of how impoverished it makes their customers.

It is up to the people of the USA to stop using fossil fuel energy and make choices that will change their quality of life. The era of fossil fuels is over and their government should have been preparing the country for the time it was unrealistic to continue. This is completely ridiculous and the decades of Republicans with lack of vision for the USA has stranded its people to the ravages of Wall Street.

...If you listen to the daily noise, (click title to entry - thank you) you could end up buying at the highs when the markets are up huge and everything looks great, but then you could end up selling with a loss when markets are ugly and fear of a financial collapse from Europe is hitting the headlines. While the world economy faces multiple and serious challenges, recessions don't last forever and the global population continues to grow. Eventually that means more need for housing, energy, food, etc. Oil stocks could be one of the best sectors to invest in as the world economy recovers....

Halliburton charged with selling nuclear technology to Iran (click title to entry - thank you). Do we really need Wall Street welfare?

The GOP needs more than Murdoch

She is a journalist by education, so her political career finally led to a job she wanted for years.

I don't watch the Today Show and that won't change.

But, look, the books didn't work, the movie was a bust and she has bills to pay as well as an image to change. I think the word is resourceful, but, that is the venue of the GOP anyway. If they loss they 'find a way.'

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