Friday, March 02, 2012

The civilized world has failed in Syria.

From the Los Angeles Times.

An antigovernment protest Friday in a town in northern Syria. (click title to entry - thank you)
(Rodrigo Abd, Associated Press/March 2, 2012) 

Assad is forever playing brinkmanship.  His latest ploy to allow greater killing in Syria is to appease the relief effort.  Today, Assad is stopping the relief from reaching the people.

"She had so much sex she could not afford the medicine." That is what is called a lie.

Sandra Fluke is a victim of the irresponsible policies of Clear Channel Network.

Rush Limbaugh is a liar.  Rush Limbaugh is a manipulator.  Rush Limbaugh is a Right Wing Opportunist.

Rush Limbaugh is at least as much a liar, manipulator and Right Wing Opportunist as Glen Beck, and every other Right Wing Infotainment Media Star that actually effects election outcomes in the USA because they are believed to not be lying.

Those that seek this type of Infotainment like hating the people Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck lie about.  

Clear Channel has a liability in allowing their Stars to lie with impunity.  The FCC needs to pull licenses and end this travesty that has lived among the electorate of the USA for a very long time.

Clear Channel propagates lies, hatred, racism and bigotry.  The allow their message to bring in revenues for profit.  There is something very "W"rong here and the FCC needs to put an end to it.

Victimizing women when they are asserting their civil rights to protect against Right Wing practices of legislation that promotes hatred and victimization which has the intention, the full intention, of returning discriminatory practices to citizens' lives is an act against the USA government as well as its people.  

Clear Channel Network is guilty of promoting hate speech that is suppose to lead to harm of women.  It is the obligation of the FCC to stop such things.  Women will suffer.  Women, especially Ms. Fluke, are suffering for the campaign of hate allowed at Clear Channel Network.

It is enough already.  Lying to victimize and promote political agendas of hate should never be allowed.

Heck, the word 'infotainment' in the way Clear Channel allows its use is a lie, a manipulation and a Right Wing opportunity.

According to Merriam - Webster the definition of infotainment is :  a television program that presents information (as news) in a manner intended to be entertaining

Bill Maher, Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show" and Steven Colbert of "The Colbert Report is what fits into the MW definition.  Those three men at least have IQs.

What Clear Channel is doing isn't infotainment, not by a long shot.  

That vortex over Canada and North Dakota dominated the outcome.

March 2, 2012
UNISYS Water Vapor Satellite of the North and West Hemisphere (click here for 12 hour loop)

The vortex absorbed the energy from the system and consolidated it into a very powerful system.  
Handout image (click here) courtesy of the NOAA Environmental Visualization Lab shows the dipping jet stream which is helping create unstable weather and tornadoes across the southeast portion of the United States on March 2, 2012. REUTERS/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/Handout

NASHVILLE, TENN. - Tornadoes, high winds and hail battered the U.S. midsection on Friday, with reports of nearly three dozen tornadoes causing damage across five states and prompting urgent warnings to take cover across the region.

No deaths were reported, but seven people were hurt by suspected tornadoes in northern Alabama. Additional tornado sightings were reported to the National Weather Service in southeastern Tennessee, and along the Ohio River Valley in Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky....

It could have been worse. People have to pay attention and BE SAFE. This is a very dangerous troposphere.  

People have to accept there are dangers, they need to be cognizant of the potential for those dangers.  People cannot live in bliss of denial of the possibility today is the day the storm could come to me.  They have to be willing to act and to have a plan.  School children practice drills for fire and people have to have a plan no different than if there was a fire in their homes or office.  Citizens have to not only be 'aware' of the warnings that will come, but, to act on those warnings to protect their lives.

From the New York Daily News

Tornadoes wipe out two Indiana towns and spread fear and havoc across much of nation (click title to entry - thank you)

...Authorities reported the three deaths in southern Indiana, where Clark County Sheriff's Department Maj. Chuck Adams said the 1,900-person town of Marysville is "completely gone." Extreme damage was also reported in the nearby town of Henryville, home to about 2,000 people....

...The rural town about 45 miles north of Louisville is known as the home of Indiana's oldest state forest and as the birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken Founder Colonel Harlan Sanders.
To the northeast, Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport was closed briefly because of debris on the runways. By late afternoon, one of three runways had reopened.
Forecasters at the National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center in Oklahoma said tornado threats as serious as Friday's only happen several times a year.
"Maybe five times a year we issue what is kind of the highest risk level for us at the Storm Prediction Center," forecaster Corey Mead said. "This is one of those days."
The powerful storm system was also causing problems in states far to the south, including Alabama and Tennessee where dozens of houses were also damaged. The threat of tornadoes was expected to last until late Friday. The outbreak comes two days after an earlier round of storms killed 13 people in the Midwest and South....


Women being attacked by the Right Wing is of course about politics.

There is no basis for any of it otherwise.  

There are no physicians coming forward to make testimony to a House or Senate Committee about the dangers facing women in regard to the legislation being passed in some of the states.  There is also no basis for such actions by any of the states.  There is no foundation for any of the legislation oppressing women and removing their civil rights.  This is all a social conservative agenda without any sound reason for it to proceed, but, the GOP doesn't care about that.  They care about wedge issues and that is what all this is to develop into.

I heard a statement that was truly uninformed and basically stupid.

"If the government can force insurance to carry contraception coverage, can they force any to purchase it and use it?"

Well, to the least talented among the media, THAT has already been decided.  One of the questions asked of attorneys when Roe v. Wade was heard, "Can the government order the imposition of abortion on women?"  Yes, one of the nine asked that question. 

The answer was, "No."

Given Roe v. Wade is the law of the land in the face of States believing otherwise, that is PRECEDENT and such questions are irrelevant to the topic of states removing Civil Rights from women.

Yes, all the legislative agendas of the Right Wing even though they pass the State government boils down to Civil Rights for women based in privacy and self determination of one's life.

Somewhat related is Governor McDonald?  Yes?  The Radical Right Governor.  I really see him running for Veep with Romney.  He is positioning himself to carry the Tea Party because Romney can't.  The social conservatives are McDonald and the fiscal conservatives are Romney.

The GOP HAS TO GO THERE, otherwise, they won't even have their base turning out in the national elections.  It is also easy to argue if McDonald and Romney stay on this strange message of right extremism, they sincerely aren't interested in winning the Federal Executive Branch, so much as maintaining and advancing the GOP in the states.  Romney is looking to pivot from this disaster he is in, but, in reality he is most probably stuck with his current image, message and agenda especially given his choice for energy consultant.

The exchange of the Chairman of the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Chairman and Fed Chair Ben Bernanke validates what President Obama has been saying about the USA economic recovery.

You might remember Senator Johnson, he suffered a stroke not long ago.  We are lucky to still have him.

Senator Johnson did not ask partisan questions.  They were forthright and important to actually define what occurred with the USA economy and why the lethargy exists.

He didn't pull any punches and what Chairman Bernanke stated was exactly what President Obama has been saying the entire time.  I don't believe Chairman Bernanke was coached by the President.  

I thank Senator Johnson for his determination to over come all odds to serve his country.  He does make a difference and dearly it is only he that could.

Ben Bernanke testified (click title to entry - thank you) on the U.S. economic outlook for the year and the future of economic growth. In his remarks he said that the domestic economy would grow modestly despite higher oil prices and turbulence in Europe. He also said that Congress should aim to reduce the deficit over the next 10 to 15 years to reach a point where revenues cover all costs except interest payments.

Sadly, the questions of Fed Chair Bernanke by the GOP members of the committee were to get 'talking points' verbalized.  There was no interest in the GOP members, expect, to word their questions and demand answers that would make good 'sound bites' both for campaigns and Murdoch's power brokering.  The USA has lost expertise and loyalty to its citizens from the GOP.


March 1, 2012
WASHINGTON – Today, Senate Banking Committee Chairman Tim Johnson (D-SD) held a hearing on the Federal Reserve Bank’s Semiannual Monetary Report to the Congress. The Committee heard from Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, and discussed the ongoing economic recovery.
Below is Chairman Johnson’s statement as prepared for delivery:
“Today I welcome Chairman Bernanke back to this Committee to deliver the Federal Reserve’s Semiannual Monetary Report to Congress. 
“There are reasons to be optimistic about our nation’s economic recovery.  The U.S. economy has expanded for 10 straight quarters, and private sector employment has increased for 23 straight months.  Private employers added 2.1 million jobs last year, the most since 2005. ...

Neil Cavuto Giddy About Tim Johnson's "Stroke" (click here)

Reported by Melanie

December 13, 2006

At 4:10 p.m. EDT today (December 13, 2006) Neil Cavuto interrupted his "business news" show with this:
Alright. I just want to bring in this alert that's come into our newsroom right now. U.S. Senator Tim Johnson, he's a Democrat of South Dakota, has, we're getting reports that he had a stroke at his office today and is being hospitalized. That's all we know at this point. Nor do we know the 59 year old's condition. This happened just today.
Keep in mind that the new senate takes over on January 4 and it's right now 49 Democrats, 49 Republicans and 2 Independents, but ostensibly it will be a Democratic body.
We don't know how the fallout from all of this or, again, the severity of Senator Johnson's condition. We'll keep you posted....

Gee whiz, so much for valuing human life in the form of a Democrat. 

Europe is playing politics with General Motors

I guarantee you, General Motor's CEO is receiving a huge amount of pressure from Wall Street to maintain its factories in Europe.

Private capital companies can make decisions more interesting for a CEO.  Without manipulation of a corporation the  likes and size of  GM their ability to dilute their risks are waning, hence the IPO offering.

GM needs to maintain its liquid capital, hedge its own risks and move forward with new technologies such as the Chevy Volt.  Quite frankly, Nissan's Leaf is already looking like a better INVESTMENT than the Volt to that 'class' of purchaser.  Why? Because the American consumer is making their own investments in Light Sweet Crude and it is the electric car.

Europe has problems and the American consumer cannot afford to bail them out AGAIN.  If there are auto companies in Europe unable to maintain their heads above water then they need to close up shop.  I am quite sure GM, Ford or Chrysler will be more than willing to open car dealerships in Europe of any product manufactured in the USA.  

I would like to think of it this way.  The USA is the "New Japan" when it comes to exports.

The Unions now know the way it works.  Liquid asset companies, like private capital firms with names like Bain Capital, Blackstone, Carlyle approach a company newly recovered by the American people, protecting itself from problems by holding onto liquid assets, namely cash, and seek to influence that corporation to use its cash in brokering deals that will result in supposedly better stock prices and higher bonuses.

Now while that private equity firm doesn't leak 'the goods' about the deals it is brokering when the information is finally released to the public Wall Street goes to work hacking away at the profits the companies 'of the deal.'  The companies, their stockholders and their CEOs will no longer make those profits and there is no investing in the companies themselves which would be reflected in their stock prices.  Wall Street monopolize elements of 'the deal' and will run the cost of raw materials, etc., through the roof so any 'deal that was a dreamscape' is no more.

The companies I am exampling are Peugeot and GM.  They will go forward with their plans and CONTRACTS, but, they won't see the benefits they planned for because those anticipated incomes/savings are now in the hands of draconian greed merchants that will benefit.  Greed merchants like the Bain Capitals of the world.

The CEOs have to 'get over' their Old World ideas of bonuses and seek to really improve the market share for their products.  In Europe, if companies like Peugeot are up against the wall because they have lousy CEOs that have no 'rescue capital' then it is too bad.  If GM again slides into 'making an easy buck' idea, they will return to bankruptcy and we are off to the races again with greed merchants holding all the monies all over again.

Right now.  The liquid assets GM holds are burning a hole in the pocket of it's CEO.  Those liquid assets are insurance for the continued SMOOTH and sustained operation of General Motors.  Those assets are OPERATING ASSETS and NOT investment assets.  The future of any company is not draconian ideas of 'quick money' but Research and Development, reclaiming Market Share removed by 'second life' parts manufacturers and Marketing of products the consumer is looking for.  These corporations should not be giving their products away either.  They need to make a 'reasonable' profit to continue to grow their liquid assets, insure their future at least a decade out and bring consumer confidence back as a asset and not 'a risk.'

GM, Ford, Chrysler, railroad companies, bus companies need to realize their own liquid assets will empower them to become their own Bain Capitals and return their market share to THEIR PRODUCTS without the whims of greed merchants that could not care less about destroying them for their own benefits.  GM should be looking at their liquid assets as a potential for the development of security for its employees providing their own Private Capital Investment.  

Get the picture yet?  The companies in the USA are targets for their asset of a 'government buoyancy' in the USA treasury and the need of the people to have work.  It is a SYMPATHY ASSET.  A sympathy asset that is real, resilient and coveted.

American corporations need to work to reclaim their stability and expand their 'cash' assets.  Removing liquid assets from the 'cash flow' of Wall Street will secure the company and dilute the competitions ability to have '2nd life' companies ( I am not talking about recycling items either).  The reason there are independent parts companies for autos and aircraft and shrinking market share for corporate manufacturing is because those companies siphoned off the assets of corporations to 'rebuild' their own dreamscape of wealth at any cost.  These companies don't care about American labor and the quality that labor brings to the product and the market share of the very companies they depend on for their own incomes.

Example.  This is only an example:

Chrysler has shut down it's part division because an independent company has been able to 'tool and dye' a plant in China, India or Iraq.  The company now making those parts will not hire American labor and if it does it will be non-unionized, pay dirt cheap hourly wage, create poverty and destroy not only the market base for Chrysler's products, but the very parts they produce.  It is draconian.  It will insure the failure of the market place and American corporations will be in a vicious cycle of self destruction.  

ie:  "Boeing in South Carolina"

If people can't afford to fly and expand tourism the future of Boeing is very bleak. So why even conceive of 'The Dreamliner,' stick with government contracts.

If GM wanted to take an interest in Peugeot they should have first insured it was GUARANTEED it raw materials 'at the price' that would insure the well being of both companies.  That wasn't done and now it is too late.

GM will either settle for its 7% share in Peugeot and hope it improves with an injection of cash or it will 'play the game' of 'save the CEO his job' and consolidate labor and manufacturing, hence, destroying its own market share.  I strongly suggest GM 'take it on the chin' with Peugeot and the CEO absorb a bad decision as poor advise and ever elastic market pressures.

...UK industry analysts believe GM will combat (click title to entry - thank you) over-capacity in Europe by axeing two plants – possibly one in Bochum, Germany, and another in either Spain or Britain, which leaves the Cheshire factory vulnerable. "We could be at the sharp end of it," one analyst said. A closure announcement would be damaging for the Government, es-pecially as it could be made around the time of the Budget on 21 March. Amid signs that the UK may escape a double-dip recession, George Osborne, the Chancellor, will set out measures to boost growth, including a credit easing scheme to provide loans to small and medium-sized firms....

Here we go. It begins. The sun is up and the air masses are converging.

March 2, 2012
UNISYS Enhanced Infrared Satellite of the USA Central Plains (click here for 12 hour loop)

In the 12 hour loop it is easy to discern the two air masses converging their boundaries.

March 2, 2012
UNISYS Enhanced Infrared image of USA 

UNISYS Enhanced Infrared Satellite of North and West Hemisphere

It is noted how there is a stronger formation of straight line winds from the Pacific System.  However, there is the convergence.  Now, if the winds are high enough in velocity it will literally push the convergence areas too fast to form tornadoes.

UNISYS Water Vapor Satellite of North and West Hemisphere (click title to entry for 12 hour loop - thank you)

I think it is clearer in this image of the North and West Hemisphere to see the effects of the Pacific System.  It has a pushing dynamic that will result in increased movement of the two air masses.  

About three years ago or so I was crossing the coastal plain of North Carolina from the coast heading west when there was an Emergency Warning on the radio for tornado activity.  It was dark.  There isn't much lighting the coastal plain of North Carolina in areas except stars and the moon, so it was difficult for me to visualize the activity of the air overhead. What I did see from moment to moment were faint funnel clouds overhead.  There were many of them, BUT, the upper winds were moving so fast they didn't have the opportunity to form into strong enough systems that would touch down and none of them did.  There was no damage to NC that night.

I am hoping the Pacific System has mixed enough hot and cold air to neutralize turbulence and to produce only straight line winds or better yet winds strong enough to move the two air masses across the country to prevent the possibility of tornadoes.  It is looking way so far.

The Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment of the USA Constitution are now violated.

This is a trend the country is seeing in regard to Constitutional Rights and long standing precedent with the Vote of 2010. There is a title for you, "The Vote of 2010."

Now, add to the assault against the US Constitution and long standing precedent legislatively throughout the country at State and Federal Levels, the Robert's Court and its willingness to be the sledgehammer to finalize the destruction of our rights.

THE VOTE OF 2012 is about returning the status of our Constitution to its sovereignty. These legislative initiatives seek to destroy the USA sovereignty and use it's facade to enact an oppressive government seeking to hand control to the Plutocracy. It will be the end of the Middle Class and our freedoms.