Friday, January 22, 2016

Last but not least a "Google Book" that discusses pipelines from the 1970s.

"Developments in Water Science" by David Stephenson (click here)

That is a sufficient amount of information to begin to come to conclusions about the Flint water system. One aspect of this, besides the gross mismanagement, is that utilities are big business. It is anyone's guess at this point what was occurring in back rooms. I don't see how Snyder can be trusted in any way without knowing all the facts about this.

I don't think anyone should be using this for their politics, but, there is room for an investigation to this entire episode. This is just tragic stuff. Quite frankly what did the Michigan Legislature think it was doing by changing the Emergency Manager law into a dictatorship.

This is a reason to judge all those involved in creating the power structure that allowed it to happen. Remember, the lethargy goes all the way to the US EPA. I can't help but wonder if the US EPA was stumped to some degree by the Michigan Emergency Manager law. There is a lot to be recorded and then provided to the people to realize the extent their government was hollowed out of it's democracy.

Kindly protect Flint from further exploitation:

The NDRC has a very interesting booklet to read. It is about building huge and lengthy pipelines that are grossly inefficient and exploitative of waters that really belong to the region.

There are plans that exist to run Great Lakes Water to places like Texas. That is a very bad idea. Right now, Flint is very vulnerable to exploitation. Please be careful in what happens from this day forward.

Detroit Water Department serviced Flint from 1964. Supposedly Flint wanted to build their own pipeline but it was stopped and the Detroit Water Department took over the water operations of Flint. There have to be records with the Detroit Water Department as well. 

There is a trail of corruption that has a history, but, it has no brevity to understanding Flint's water infrastructure history and putting the future on a solid path.

November 12, 2012
By Ron Fonger

...In that long-ago scheme, (click here) Flint businessman Samuel M. Catsman, a millionaire who owned real estate, coal, fuel oil and concrete companies, was indicted for fraud. He was charged with cheating the city of Flint using inside information about the planned pipeline route to buy and then sell land at a huge markup.
The scandal that peaked with the arrest of former Flint City Manager Robert A. Carter and the indictment of Catsman ended with the charges dismissed, a fat profit repaid, and the legacy of suspected corruption tied to the pipeline plans.
Within six months of the Catsman-Carter indictments, the city of Flint abandoned its pipeline project and on June 6, 1964, signed a contract to buy water from the city of Detroit for the next 30 years....

It is interesting reading, but, the only information of any importance are the players that has information regarding the pipeline system and it's construction, etc. There are other records other than the precious pieces of paper in Flint's records. Those pieces of paper, when no longer needed should be preserved in the city library along with it's story.

This is when the poisoning started:

April 24, 2014
By Dominic Adams
FLINT, MI – It will take two days (click here) before Flint residents can taste history.
On Friday, April 25, Mayor Dayne Walling turned off the flow of water from Detroit and officially ended Flint’s nearly 50-year dependence on its neighbor to the south.
Officials said it will take about two days before the Flint River water will completely work its way through the treatment plant and flow from resident’s faucets.
The city plans to use the Flint River until the Karegnondi Water Authority pipeline is built, which will bring untreated Lake Huron water to Genesee County....

Flint's is a member of the Karegnondi Water Authority. They'll know about the pipelines. They probably have old records.

(Click here)

That is the best place to start. They are not responsible for the poisoning. Please recall the pipelines were safe before Snyder took over. The pipes could concrete or steel. I'd think we can be sure the folks at this water authority can help put the puzzle pieces together. It is good place to start.

It is actually a lot of fun working with old and/or ancient records. I'd be happy to help if no one else cares to try.

January 22, 2016
Detroit (AP) — The latest on the Flint water crisis (click here) (all times local):
9:05 p.m.
The Obama administration has denied an appeal by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder for additional aid for Flint through a disaster declaration, saying the program isn't appropriate for the city's drinking water crisis.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency recently approved an emergency declaration, which could bring up to $5 million in direct funding to Flint. Federal officials denied declaring a disaster, which could have brought millions more. On Friday, FEMA turned down the state's appeal.
A disaster declaration is mainly for natural disasters.

The federal government needs to have the US Attorney and US Marshall take the water records of Flint. This is not a difficult task. The old records are workable. While mishandled and the paper old, the information is probably very clear.

Compiling the records in Flint in a way that is discernable to know what the pipelines are composed of and the structure of the pipeline system is not at all difficult.

There is no WILL by the Snyder Administration to carry out the required TASKS. A couple of experienced hydrologists could easily understand the documents along with a US Army Corp member that is able to work with old records and their format from the decades they were produced. This is not impossible. It is probably rather simple. The USA is dealing with a primadonna in Lansing who is now scared to death he is facing real criminal activity for the idiot he is.

I am certified to conduct Environmental Assessment. Anyone who carries out these vital assessments knows there is a historical search that has to be conducted with records that go all the way back to the beginnings of the country or in this case the State of Michigan. If for whatever reason the federal government can't get it done, I volunteer.

There is a very good chance the company that built the water pipe system for Flint is still around and/or it's own(s) retired. This is not an impossible task. The US Army Corp might simply start their reconstruction of records by talking to people. You know, folks that actually served the people in the Mayor and Council from the good ole days. Like I said, "Fun."

Applause, applause

Whoever thought the modern day heroes would be lady and gentlemen weather forecasters.

I love the dialogue. It is pitch perfect. You all are so important and you are brilliant.

We'll get through it. I know that now.

The west coast has some interesting percipitation coming their way.

If there aren't winter warnings, there are flood warnings. The country is effected from west to east.

There are warnings for the Mississippi and it's tributaries. 

Below is the current rain gauge data. 
Red is a good color
Blue is a bad color 

Below left is the current temperatures 

Bottom right is anticipated temperatures tomorrow. Do you see where I am going with this? 

Where the snow and ice accumulate, there may be a very radical change in temperatures in less than a day and all that solid water will be running to the brooks, streams, tributaries and major rivers. There could be catastrophic flooding depending on the watershed. 

The wind is significant (click here for wind map)\

As the temperature changes rapidly there will be higher incidence for tornadoes as well. 

Basically, hang on to your hats, we are in for a heck of a ride. 

Peoples' best friend are their local forecasters. WATCH THE STREAMS AND RIVERS. 

People are better at home. 

Emergency routes have priority. 

I am very happy this is a weekend.

Snyder hasn't responded. He is too busy looking for the cultural background of clean water.

I didn't know water had a culture. The federal government is taking over. Even after all the focus, Snyder is not rising to the challenge. He doesn't know how to govern. If he did this would not have happened in the first place. I don't recall any other Governor stating if there is a problem call the hotline and come directly to my desk. He is eliminating his secretary from the process of making an appointment.

Let's face it he can't get the job done. Michigan communities need relief from emergency managers.

How many homes in Flint use water baseboard heat? Steam heaters?

January 21, 2016
By Mark Berman

The Environmental Protection Agency (click here) said Thursday evening that authorities in Michigan had failed to properly respond to an ongoing crisis involving lead-poisoned water in Flint, Mich., saying it would begin testing the city’s water and ordering an independent review of what happened.
In addition, the EPA announced that Susan Hedman, the agency’s administrator who oversees Michigan, had resigned in the wake of the crisis. Hedman offered her resignation effective Feb. 1 and Gina McCarthy, who heads the agency, accepted it, the EPA said in a statement.
McCarthy wrote a letter to Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) saying that the EPA was “deeply concerned” about the the response in Michigan. She said that there had been some progress being made by city and state officials, but decried “inadequate transparency and accountability” when it comes to the results of water testing and other actions....

Christianity is an excuse to obtain power.

David Daleiden is a monster.

Washington, D.C., January 21, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) - Later this year, (click here) a California judge will rule in Planned Parenthood's lawsuit against David Daleiden. But this morning, Daleiden appealed to a higher court.

As the first speaker at the first annual Evangelicals for Life event in Washington, Daleiden shared the story of his three-year-long undercover investigative work in the bowels of the abortion industry. His videos rocked Planned Parenthood and disclosed its little-known practice of receiving money for turning over aborted babies' body parts for scientific research....

A woman called in to "Washington Journal" and stated she performed her own abortion in a time before Roe v. Wade. She stated Mr. Daleiden didn't understand the power of women and he resents it. She stated men don't like women to have power and the future of their reproductive capacity.

His response to her life and words were, "You can hear the pain in that woman's words for having an abortion...." He is a political hack who actually believes he has a cause that matters.

One thing the woman caller stated is the women providing the fetal tissue should receive the money collected  from the abortion. She also stated she could have used the money.

He is no one to be advocating for "Life." He has no clue about life and the decisions make.

I am not so sure the oppression in Flint, which is obvious, is an isolated problem.

There is a learned disinterest in government in the year 2016. Politicians have learned if they tolerate the people's complaint without resolving complaints, they still are re-elected for office. Why spend the money when problems can be ignored.

Democracy is taking place in isolation. Electronic communication is a conversation, but, never a movement. 

What is absolutely astounding in Michigan is the viciousness of that reality. The voter was dismantled when voting to end the emergency managers authority was on a ballot referendum. Snyder was re-elected in the face of a horrible record and then he turns around after his inauguration and writes law that immediately dismantled the voter referendum.

There is much here that can't be ignored. The government in Michigan not only disregarded and joked about the water problem in Flint, they turned a state wide referendum around in less than a month that would have ended the authority problem in Flint. That is NOT democracy. 

When people are defeated after they worked hard to pass a referendum to end the danger to cities and towns in emergency managers; people become withdrawn and hopeless. They hide in their electronic nitche. How did Snyder ever get elected for a second term? It isn't just Michigan. Democratic processes are failing in the USA. This is an important example of the degree of which democracy is failing.

The indifference of the US EPA simply doesn't make sense.

January 22, 2016
By the Editorial Board

The 274 pages of emails (click here) released under pressure on Wednesday by Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan show a cynical and callous indifference to the plight of the mostly black, poverty-stricken residents of Flint, who have gone for more than a year with poisoned tap water that is unsafe to drink or bathe in. There is little doubt that an affluent, predominantly white community — say Grosse Pointe or Bloomfield Hills — would never face such a public health catastrophe, and if it had, the state government would have rushed in to help.4At every juncture when state officials could have avoided or reduced the harm in Flint, they ignored public pleas and made every effort to dismiss the truth.

The newly released emails show that members of Mr. Snyder’s administration consistently mocked and belittled the complaints of Flint residents and the evidence gathered by independent researchers. Outrage is the only sensible response to this man-made disaster, in which inexcusable decisions, by the state and emergency managers appointed by Mr. Snyder to oversee the city’s finances, led to corrosion of the water pipes and high levels of lead in the water and the blood of city residents. Thousands of children were exposed to water with lead, which could cause long-term health and developmental problems....

No one needs a third party!

Snyder is not a good man!

There is nothing that has to be done here except to get rid of the emergency manager and allow the mayor and council to do their jobs and place applications for the aid President Obama states is available.

Where is the question; "Why did you reverse the Michigan referendum that would have ended this problem!"

Ungovernable. That is such horse shit.

Take a look at the media and then it will be easy to figure how who is talking the rights of Americans way.

There it is, let's get Snyder on television so the people know why their democracy doesn't work. Amazing. Morning Joe needs coffee made with water from Flint!

Breaking News Somali Forces retook a restaurant from terrorists!

January 22, 2016
Somali security forces (click here) have retaken control of a popular beachside restaurant in Mogadishu after a deadly attack there by Islamist militants.
The gunmen had approached the restaurant from Lido beach on Thursday evening, firing on diners.
Twenty people were killed. Militants also detonated two car bombs nearby.
Al-Shabab said it was behind the attack. The group has carried out frequent assaults on the Somali capital....

Outside SourceKenyatta: ''We are at war and we must win'' (click here)

Mystery still surrounds the deadly attack on a Kenyan base in Somalia.

America has been forbidden to say we want it.

...Sanders' spokesperson (click here) prefaced the ad Thursday morning by saying that the commercial shouldn't be considered an endorsement from the folk duo, Variety reports. However, the song was properly licensed, and a rep for Art Garfunkel said the singer did approve Sanders' use of "America."
The "America" ad will start airing in Iowa and New Hampshire, site of the February 9th caucus, on Friday.

Home again to Flint..

January 22, 2016

Amir Hekmati, released from an Iranian prison, is happy to finally be home in Michigan. Photo / AP

A Christian minister (click here) and a former US Marine who were released by Iran in a prisoner swap have returned to the United States after years behind bars in the Islamic republic.
Pastor Saeed Abedini, 35, arrived in North Carolina today, a spokesman for a Christian group said.
Ex-Marine Amir Hekmati, 32, touched down in a private jet at the airport in his hometown of Flint, Michigan, and stepped on to a small red carpet on the tarmac.
The men were among five Americans whose release coincided with the lifting last weekend of economic sanctions against Iran in return for curbs on Tehran's nuclear programme. The White House offered clemency to seven Iranians who were convicted, or facing trial, in the United States.
Hekmati spent more than four years in jail in Iran where he faced the death sentence at one point....

New governance in Portugal.

Lisbon, Portugal (AP) " Portugal's new Socialist government (click here) is promising to lower the country's budget deficit this year, while also scrapping unpopular austerity measures.
A draft 2016 state budget presented to Parliament on Friday puts the deficit target at 2.6 percent, down from an expected 3 percent last year.
But the minority government, supported by the Communist Party and radical Left Bloc, still intends to cut the tax burden. That includes cutting sales tax at restaurants to 13 percent from 23 percent as part of an effort to stimulate consumption.
Critics say the government is attempting a balancing act that is bound to fail because of Portugal's huge debts. It needed a 78 billion-euro ($84.5 billion) bailout in 2011 to avoid bankruptcy.
The budget proposal requires approval from Parliament and Portugal's eurozone partners.
"Against Trump" states he is a tenderfoot that can get rolled.

OMG. What has the federal government become?

It sounds like a gang fight. Jets and Sharks stuff. At least the guards don't let weapons in the building.

Please, can we get new people there. No wonder there is war all the time, no one knows otherwise.

I expected a really intelligence reason why these guys were against Trump and it is nothing short of a tantrum. Well, too bad, I think we are better off without people who are against Trump.
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military man with baby crop
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