Sunday, April 08, 2012

What I find interesting about this artist's idea of the Garden of Eden are animals.

Artist : Jan Brueghel (l)

The animals are those one would find under the ownership of a king or queen. People live what they know.

I found this letter to the editor in the Ames Tribune. It is a letter to the editor.

There is a war on women and it is palpable. 

8:09 am - April 06, 2012

Letter: The right to self-determination

Whose God gave male-centric politicians and preachers the right to tell women what they shall do with their bodies? In my Bible, the Great Spirit created woman. He saw she was lonely. He then planted the seed of man in her womb.
In our great nation, women are not private property for the sexual pleasure, domestic servitude and arbitrary disposal at the capricious whim of their male-centric masters. Women are endowed with the physical ability to bring new lives into this world and a brain to educate and nourish that new life; often at the risk of their own lives.
Male-centric politicians and priests of nearly all religious sects harass and threaten physical harm or death to uppity women who dare to speak for women’s desire for the right to control their unique body functions.
Male-centric priests ordered Joan De Arc burned alive because she dared to question their authority. Rosa Parks heroically sat at the front of the bus to protest racial segregation. Her courage is a good metaphor for the worldwide sexual discrimination of women, not just for those in Muslim nations and those who defy the “Ultra-Orthodox”Jewish community with sit-ins at the front seats of Israel’s “mehadrin” buses, but women everywhere who are denied the right for self-determination and to cross their legs or take a pill at their discretion.
Larry C. Westburg

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