Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The reason Donald Trump is getting attention is because the issue of immigration is finally moving.

The Republicans are being forced left because of Mr. Trump. But, the best Republican candidates are stating is that they don't like the words Mr. Trump is using to describe the Undocumented.

Words are easy to oppose. WHERE IS THE LEGISLATION that will result in immigration reform? 

The Republican establishment wants to stop Mr. Trump. They can do it very easily, they can do their jobs in Washington and pass immigration reform.

The IT is failing in too many instances.

A United Airlines (click here) computer fault that disrupted travel for thousands of fliers began with a router malfunctioning and prevented the carrier from ticketing passengers and dispatching crews.
Wednesday’s two-hour failure was separate from other recent digital mishaps, United spokeswoman Megan McCarthy said. But United’s persistent travails raise the prospect that customers may pick other carriers, according to consultants such as IdeaWorksCompany’s Jay Sorensen....

In testimony to Congress the CEO of CSX stated the software for the Positive Train Control was defective. If that went into operation the nightmare would be surreal.

At a US Intelligence Committee (click here) hearing this afternoon, Sen. Barbara Mikulski confronted FBI Director James Comey with some real talk about the strange shitstorm of tech failures today: The New York Stock Exchange, United Airlines, and the Wall Street Journal all went down, citing technical difficulties.

“I don’t believe in coincidences,” Mikulski said. “Is the FBI investigating these as breaches?”...

Nov. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc (click here) was fined 56 million pounds ($88 million) by British regulators for the 2012 collapse of its computer system that left millions of customers without access to their accounts for weeks. 

US based soft drink company Coca-Cola's IT (click here) system was hacked by Chinese hackers three years ago, but the company kept the cyber attack secret.
According to Bloomberg, the hack came when Coca-Cola was looking to acquire the China Huiyuan Juice for about $2.4bn in 2009.
Bloomberg claimed that the deal, which was collapsed three days after the cyber-attack, would have been the largest foreign takeover of a Chinese firm at the time....

Let's not forget the failure of the federal health care exchanges. 

There is the military problems as well. The number of problems experienced with military IT is an assault on national security. The incompetence in the IT industry is considerable. 

Every year that goes by there are more and more computer engineers coming out of universities across the globe. The number of computer experts do not think alike as their computers are made to do. The variety of computer engineers find their work interacting with other computer programs created by other engineers. The interface is horrible. 

Today United Airlines went down. It was not long after that Wall Street was experiencing problems. That would be a very interesting coincidence and I don't believe in coincidence. 

19 November 2013
By Paul Rubens

...In the height of the summer, for example, the Sabre reservation system used by more than 300 airlines crashed for several hours, resulting in flight cancellations and delays, with some airline staff resorting to paper and pen to check in passengers manually....

...Making the software (click here) more reliable would undoubtedly be possible, but to do so the developers would have to invest so much more time and money that the price of the product would end up having to be unacceptably high....

The New Jersey legislators are stating they will force Christi to resign to run for President.

According to New Jersey State Senator Loretta Weinberg, the New Jersey legislators will pass a bill that will prohibit the Governor to run for another office while serving.

That would make two states that carry that restriction, the other is Kentucky where Senator Rand Paul was debating his approach to skirt the state prohibition.

In the case of Governor Christi, such a law would not take effect until the next election. Governor Christi would be grandfathered into the past legal status of other governors and would not qualify for required resignation.

This new statue might explain this though:

September 21, 2015
By Charles Stile
Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop (click here) is often seen mingling at fundraisers for Bergen County freeholder candidates.

Phillip Murphy, a former Goldman Sachs executive who served as President Obama’s ambassador to Germany, covered the cost for a sophisticated form of polling that helped Bergen Democrats pinpoint potential Democratic voters in Republican towns.

And Senate President Stephen Sweeney, who lives about 100 miles to the south in Gloucester County, made three appearances in Bergen in recent weeks. The Bergen County Senior Citizens Picnic would have been his fourth visit, but it was rained out.

“I told him, ‘Look, we can call up some real estate people and get you an apartment in Bergen if you want,’ ” quipped Bergen County Democratic Chairman Louis Stellato.

Stellato and other veteran operatives of the Jersey political backroom say they can’t recall a time when the pursuit of the New Jersey governor’s office has started this early, and this aggressively. The governor’s race is not scheduled until 2017....

BLM agents are armed. They have to be. They run across poachers and need to be able to defend themselves.

If this is the type of gun used, it will take down a bear. (click here)

July 8, 2015
By Andrew Blankstein

Multiple law enforcement (click here) sources familiar with the investigation into the slaying of 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle told NBC News on Wednesday that the weapon used in murder belonged to an agent with the Bureau of Land Management. They did not immediately identify the agent.

BLM spokesperson Dan Wilson said the service weapon was issued to a ranger and stolen from the agent's car while he was in San Francisco on business. Originally, sources had said the gun was a personal weapon....

The family stated they don't want their daughter politicized. This isn't about politics. It is about the facts and preventing any more deaths in the unnecessary death of Kathrym Steinle.


Donald Trump is winning the debate over his sincereity to office.

 Donald Trump (click here) says he "can't guarantee" that all of the workers he employs have legal status in the United States, and warned that if he were to discover any illegal immigrants working for him, "We would get rid of them immediately."

In an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper on Wednesday, the billionaire businessmen and Republican presidential candidate addressed questions about a recent Washington Post report that said there are illegal immigrants working at the Old Post Office Pavilion construction site in Washington, which Trump is converting into a luxury hotel.... 

This interview with Anderson Cooper, Donald Trump was very engaged in the topic and well spoken to any accusations. He is able to navigate the press and the GOP. He also has real ideas. 

There was another interview today with MSNBC and I have to say the same occurred. He was engaged and in this instance very engaging of the topics discussed. I think Kathy Tur did a great job, but, I bet she never interviewed anyone like that before.

In the Anderson Cooper interview Anderson made an extremely important statement about the workers cited by The Washington Post. Anderson stated, "...several of the men mostly hailed from Honduras, Guatemala or El Salvador..." and Anderson goes on to quote the article in that these men were from war torn countries, etc. 

These are the people most able to get court rulings that would recognize the hazards living within their countries. They would be asylum seekers. If they are working for contractors they would be earning a good wage so they could probably afford an attorney to help them move to a legal status.

The children that came to our southern border were from the same countries. The living conditions due to the drug cartels are horrible. It is these people the USA should be worried about. Mr. Trump should accept the fact these people need compassion and not simply shipped back home to possibly be killed. I am sure these men are capable of a good work ethic and are hoping to help their families facing the conditions they left. 

The USA has a responsibility to help people living in terrible conditions and in cases like this there needs to be a relationship with these countries and a resolve to end the violence, but, there should also be paths for these people as well as our Dreamers born in the USA to citizenship. I hope Mr. Trump will appreciate that fact, too.

We can all agree the circumstances in San Francisco is completely objectionable. The facts coming out are sincerely upsetting. Now we know the gun belonged to an agent with the Bureau of Land Management. Does anyone ever wrap a gun in a tee shirt? I would think any government employee would not be this reckless. But, at any rate, who in the Bureau of Land Management has regular contact with people entering the USA illegally?  

The truth of the matter is if it weren't for Donald Trump we wouldn't be having this conversation and finding out some really odd facts. The questions are many and the end of the path isn't even in sight. 

The man has something to say. He needs to say it. He also stated, "I read the article myself." Wow. A Republican that actually reads current events. Interesting. He isn't meeting with cronies 95% of the time begging for money. That means he is probably one of the best informed Republicans in the field. He doesn't have a staff calling the shots either. That should be obvious. So much for being politically correct.

This is an interesting exchange, but, when Mr. Comey addresses the issue it sounds like FISA. FISA already exists. Congress wants to change FISA?

The Judiciary Committee held a hearing today where we discussed whether the government should mandate that manufacturers must include an encryption key in their smartphones that the government could use to access devices. Tell me if you're worried that criminals could use this access too.
Posted by United States Senator Mike Lee on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wall Street's Golden Calf. No country's burgeoning stock market should be used as a roulette wheel.

This is absolutely outrageous that a promising country should be played with by profiteers.

July 9, 2015
By Elizabeth Knight

Imagine this scenario: (click here) The Australian stock market plummets by more than 30 per cent over two weeks. The government steps in, ploughing billions of dollars into the hands of stockbrokers to bail out customers that borrowed to buy shares. And when that doesn't work, it just halts share trading in almost half the country's listed companies.
It is bizarre to contemplate, but that is precisely what is going on in China this week....

Anyone notice how United Airlines fixed it's global computer network and Wall Street catches a cold at the same time?

Nothing like stating the obvious. Of course this problem on Wall Street is not nefarious. It's a demonstration how stupidity of CEOs have real life impacts on the global web. 

There is no CONSPIRACY. There are a number of people that are completely incompetent and they are called CEOs. 

FOX. The news network first comes out stating there is no nefarious actions in regard to the markets. Then they came out and stated there is no conspiracy. They report what is obvious as if there is something to report. No wonder people are agitated and upset when they listen to the news from FOX. FOX gives no one any credit for an ounce of intelligence.

Amazing. Then everyone wonders how things get so out of hand when issues finally make their way to the mainstream. The nonsense from FOX actually begins to take on character of non-information. People get upset because they are demanding to know the facts about an issue immediately since FOX doesn't seem to be given the truth. It's crazy to listen to this mess. 

Of course, the President stonewalls all the demands from FOX. What do you expect from Obama.

The Obama administration has been historically transparent and FOX comes out with the FACT Obama is stonewalling.  

These guys are a piece of work. I can't take them seriously. If they were serious rather than hysterical I might, but, they drive people's cortisol levels and that is not good for human health. Bye, FOX.

Beth Ann knows what she is talking about.

July 7, 2015
By Chris Ruvo

When it comes to fracking in Bucks County, (click here) lifelong resident Beth Ann Rinkus’ position is unequivocal.
The Buckingham woman firmly believes that the impacts to human health and the environment, particularly water supply, are so detrimental that fracking should be banned.
“It will pollute and ruin the water, and once you do that, there’s no way of fixing it,” said Rinkus.
Her comments drew applause from the approximately 70 people who attended a Tuesday evening meeting about fracking at the Newtown Friends Meetinghouse in Newtown.
Locals, led by Marguerite Chandler, of Middletown, organized the meeting to galvanize resistance to a proposed joint ordinance that would regulate fracking in Newtown Township, Upper Makefield and Wrightstown....

Our National Forests and National Parks are under attack.

July 8, 2015
By Laura Peters
With the controversy surrounding hydraulic fracturing, (click here) or fracking, in the George Washington National Forest, Virginia petroleum experts are arguing the benefits of it.
Fracking in the national forest may add jobs in the area, and tap the United States' natural resources, rather than outsourcing energy needs, say proponents.
The U.S. Forest Service now prohibits oil and gas drilling on almost all the national forest land, according to its final management plan released Tuesday.
The forest service permits drilling on 167,000 acres with existing private mineral rights and 10,000 acres already leased to oil and gas companies....

The petroleum industry has launched a campaign of deceit to the American public. The first fracking well is stated to be 1865 by a Civil War veteran Col. Edward A. L. Roberts (click here) received the first of his many patents for an “exploding torpedo.”...

The exploding tropedo was nitroglycerin. 

The practice was very limited. In 1949, which is where the petroleum likes to say is their beginnings, the earliest oil discoveries, dynamite or nitroglycerin detonations increased a well’s production. The practice expanded, but, the primary method of extracting oil and gas was through vertical drilling. Fracking was very limited in it's use. It is a dangerous technology otherwise it would have been used more widely.

On March 17, 1949 the first commercial hydraulic fracturing of an oil well took place in 1949 about 12 miles east of Duncan, Oklahoma.

In 2005, the Cheney Energy strategy removed all regulations to allow the practice to expand to very inch of land in the USA. The deregulation has been highly egregious. The deregulation is corruption by Republicans.  

The practice is dangerous to the country and the people. The land is destroyed of any reasonable use, even after the gas and oil harvesting is over.  

The maximum of fracking wells in the USA since the first commercial well in Oklahoma was 1500 until 2005.  Why so few wells for such a long time? 1949 to 2005 spans over five decades. That means there was approximately 300 fracking wells per YEAR. 

The practice was very limited and in states that would allow it. Up to 2005 this technology was mostly outlawed across the country. Why? Because the practice was known to break the law in the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act. It was known to emit dangerous greenhouse gases that were more dangerous then carbon dioxide. It was known to cause cancers in the benzine it emitted. There were many, many laws that prohibited this practice, not by naming the practice, but, because federal laws impacted a very dangerous practice. Up to 2005 the practice could not pass the test of federal regulations that protect the American people from harm.

In 2005, corruption hit the USA as issued from the federal government under "W"'s energy committee. The Cheney energy committee removed all the regulations of which protected the American people. Cheney promoted the dissolution of the laws' impacts for the petroleum industry. It specifically put the profits of the petroleum industry over the safety of the American people.

The escalation of the number of fracking wells since 2005 is astronomical. The number of wells in the USA went from 1500 in 2005 to 2 million today of which at least 1.2 million are still working. That is nothing but greed and has absolutely nothing to do with the USA's need for natural gas or any of the by-products of the practice. 

This is a graph from the US Department of Energy. The red line is the production and the blue line is the demand. Let's just say the shortage was hurting the country, which it wasn't. It provided for conservation of energy. But, let's just say the shortage was horrible and more gas wells were needed. 

In 2005, at the time of the deregulation, there was a demand of 22 trillion cubic feet (TCF) and the production was at a low of 18 trillion cubic feet (TCF). Natural gas is measured in cubic feet because it is a gas, not a liquid. 

By 2008, the production exceeded the use in 2005. But, that wasn't good enough for the petroleum industry, they marketed natural gas as an answer to any energy crisis and moved the demand 24 TCF. The demand only recently started to slow and supply is getting closer to demand. 

1.2 trillion wells. Not trillion cubic feet, but, wells are destroying the land in the USA and air quality is very poor as a result of wells. People have died in the USA from water and air contamination. This is not a minor issue. 

Now, mind you this technology was only needed in 1500 wells in 2005. Even with current demand there is no justification for more and more fracking wells. Now the petroleum industry wants to pollute our national forests and national parks with their technology that will destroy the land, kill the trees and pollute the aquifers. 

The petroleum industry is marketing something in a political season that is a very dangerous technology. They don't bother telling the electorate they have plans to destroy our forests and park lands. They want everyone to believe they are supplying a necessary technology and while they might apologize for the pollution and deaths, they purport this is all necessary for national security of the USA.

IT IS A LIE!!!!!!

This is about profits to Wall Street and no other reason.

One might ask why there is a chronic shortfall of TCF from fracking with 1.2 wells in service?


Because the emissions from the wells into the troposphere is significant. So, while the industry is showing greater amounts of production to attempt to meet leveling demand, there is all that much more methane entering the troposphere. If there were productions from emissions on these well, the 1500 wells in 2005 would STILL be all that is needed. 

The petroleum industry is out of control and is causing a great deal of damage to the country and imposes health risks no American should face. This has to halted. It is greed and not necessity at work. Americans should not have these problems with an industry, but, it does. People have to oppose this technology in their cities and towns. That is why Beth Ann is correct. Besides their towns water supply and air quality being at risk, the American National Forests and National Parks are now the next target. 

Probably for the first time in history, the logging industries have common ground with the American people. The fracking technology will damage the forests forever. The private logging industry is allowed to harvest trees from the forests to reduce leaf litter and make for healthier trees and the opportunity for new growth from the forest floor. 

This is exploitation by the petroleum industry and it should not be tolerated today or in the future.

What is going on in China? The TPP?

...The CSI300 index (click here) <.CSI300> of the largest listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen closed down 6.8 percent, while the Shanghai Composite Index <.SSEC> dropped 5.9 percent.

With nearly half the market on a trading halt and another round of margin calls forcing leveraged investors to dump whatever shares could find a buyer, blue chips that had been supported by stabilization funds earlier in the week bore the brunt.

"I've never seen (click here) this kind of slump before. I don't think anyone has. Liquidity is totally depleted," said Du Changchun, an analyst at Northeast Securities....

China is not a TPP member country. With the laws passed in Congress last week, the CEOs are looking to make a killing when the laws come into effect. 

Wall Street should not be so anxious, the process of enacting those trade agreements isn't even close. 

So, this might just be one of the untended consequences the US Congress talks about, huh? 

There are layers of authority the trade agreements haven't even been exposed to yet. If Wall Street is expecting to dive into a done deal, they are more foolish than they know. 

The Emerging Markets Index hasn't missed a beat recently. (click here)

Wall Street is dumping China for fast returns on the TPP. Wall Street is anticipating huge initial returns on the markets of the TPP. If one gets the stocks at a low and the law is enacted the immediate investment returns are very high. That means they are buying now and will sell as soon as the anticipated high is reached. That 'high' will be defined by the brokerage themselves depending on their penetration and ability to sustain a small losses.

I can't state enough how speculation is a foolish approach on a US trade agreement that hasn't made it through the processes of those agreements.

Sometimes investors will leave a fluctuating market to be protected by private banks that provide a more or less record of a safe haven during any perceived crisis.

Brown Brothers Harriman is one of those banks. The banks have assets that can buffer an unstable market.

May 16, 2015
By Robert Milburn

...Such quiet, (click here) attentive conservatism shows up in the firm’s asset allocations; the bank has 18% of its clients’ assets in “strategic reserves,” short-duration, investment-grade fixed income. But adventurous clients are also investing up to 2% of their portfolio in an opportunistic, distressed-debt manager that will pick through energy-sector bankruptcies. “It is in our DNA to be patient,” Meskin says.... 

China needs to market it's new infrastructure bank as a good investment that can match assets of any other bank. China needs to provide reassurance and not simply watch the decline.

China should develop, if not already completed, a portfolio of anticipated growth due to it's increasing Middle Class. The Chinese Middle Class is a sure thing. There will be far more purchasing power for products within China itself. This is a aspect of China's economy now that investors are not used to thinking about. China has a vision otherwise called a mission to carry out growth in China. That vision if backed by Chinese assets will be very attractive to investors. Currently, China's stock markets are based in company performance. There probably aren't any 'futures' investment.

The Chinese Middle Class is free standing. It is not at all like the USA from the past when it disappeared as jobs left the country. The Chinese Middle Class will increase the sale of products no different than a USA Middle Class. Wall Street needs to appreciate an expanding client base for their products. This is not a territory for Day Traders. This is establishing an interest in the Chinese Middle Class and its' growing long term returns.  
...With so many small-cap companies sheltering on the sidelines, the ChiNext growth board <.CHINEXTC>, which has seen some of the biggest swings in valuations, fell a modest 0.8 percent.
The plunge in China's previously booming stock markets, which had more than doubled in the year to mid-June, is a major headache for President Xi Jinping and China's top leaders, who are already grappling with slowing growth.
Beijing's interventionist response has also raised questions about its ability to enact the market liberalization steps that are a centerpiece of its economic reform agenda.
China has orchestrated brokerages and fund managers to promise to buy billions of dollars' worth of stocks, helped by a state-backed margin finance company which the central bank pledged on Wednesday to provide sufficient liquidity....

Wall Street is also engages profit by taking small increments of pennies. Those fractions can add up, too. the ability of Wall Street to take returns away from companies in this memethodology should be outlawed globally. Removing fractions of pennies from any stock market only creates turbulence. It is an underhanded way of making money. 

China needs to run an investigation to what is causing these swings in investment.

I honestly don't see a future stock market with long term stability. This methodology is like an invisible thief that prevents long term stability. 

Rather than regulation a disincentive to this type of investment should be legislated. A tax on these investment monies specifically should be instituted to end the practice. 

This is NOT China. This is the CEO!

July 8, 2015
By Erik Ortiz and Janet Shamlian

United Airlines grounded flights nationwide (click here) Wednesday morning after its computer system suffered a technical glitch, the Federal Aviation Administration said, causing a ripple effect of heavy delays throughout major airports.
"We experienced a network connectivity issue this morning," United said in a statement. "We are working to resolve this and apologize to our customers for any inconvenience."
The FAA specifically blamed the ground stop on "automation issues."
NBC Connecticut said United passengers without a hard copy of their boarding pass were not being allowed to check in at Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, north of Hartford....

How does Bernie do it? He doesn't.

July 8, 2015
By MaryAlice Parks

In a crowd of 7,500 people in Maine, (click here) Shannon McCartney stood out. With her Bernie for President tee-shirt and stickers plastered all over her leggings, McCartney ran up and down the line of people waiting outside handing out signs and getting people excited. 
Bubbly, loud and energetic, McCartney, 25, likes to say that Sanders is “our last hope for democracy.” She works for an advocacy organization to legalize marijuana and now also volunteers indirectly for Sanders’s campaign. She helped set-up a local grassroots group called “Portland for Bernie” that worked alongside the official campaign to spread the word about the event and sign up new volunteers. 
“I am so excited about his message that I want everyone to know about him. Everybody,” she said. “He is for ‘The 99 Percent.’ He is for the little people. He is not a corporation. He is not a billionaire. He for representing the people who work for America,” she continued....
Puerto Rico's economy is a vital part of the USA GDP, too.

Congress cannot fail this US territory.

Puerto Rico is rank at 63 in the public perception  of corruption. 

The Corruption Perceptions Index (click here) ranks countries and territories based on how corrupt their public sector is perceived to be. A country or territory’s score indicates the perceived level of public sector corruption on a scale of 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean). This page provides the latest reported value for - Puerto Rico Corruption Index - plus previous releases, historical high and low, short-term forecast and long-term prediction, economic calendar, survey consensus and news. Content for - Puerto Rico Corruption Index - was last refreshed on Wednesday, July 8, 2015. 

Puerto Rico scored 63 points out of 100 on the 2014 Corruption Perceptions Index reported by Transparency International. Corruption Index in Puerto Rico averaged 59.57 Points from 2008 until 2014, reaching an all time high of 63 Points in 2012 and a record low of 55 Points in 2011. Corruption Index in Puerto Rico is reported by the Transparency International. 

Why is this important? Because the more a people have to manipulate existing law the lower the rating will be to public perception of corruption. None of the businesses in Puerto Rico should be struggling to carry out measures of bankruptcy.

 Puerto Rico relies on tourism and any indication corruption is a problem creates a negative impact on it's economy. This measure by Congress should be expedited to provide US territories a platform to thrive rather than stagnate into poverty. 

June 27, 2014  
By Justin Bachman 

...The U.S. territory (click here) wants to boost tourism’s share of gross domestic product to 8 percent from 6 percent over the next three years, an increase of $1.2 billion. Parts of the plan include adding more than 5,000 new hotel rooms by 2017, luring new flights, and developing two new ports for cruise lines to visit...

...The U.S. territory of 3.7 million people has struggled with meager economic growth and an unemployment rate of about 14 percent, higher than in any U.S. state. Puerto Rico is burdened by more than $70 billion in debt and its credit ratings are at junk level....

US Territories are handicapped in a very competitive world. That has to change. The territories need better governing infrastructure and the sooner the better.

Hillary Clinton calls for fairness of Puerto Rico.

Currently businesses in Puerto Rico has no right to file for bankruptcy protections as any other business on USA soil. Quite frankly, I don't know how Puerto Rico survived the global economic collapse of 2008 without bankruptcy protections for it's businesses. 

July 7, 2015
By Amanda Becker

U.S. Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton (click here) on Tuesday joined calls for changes in U.S. bankruptcy laws that would enable Puerto Rico's public entities to restructure some $72 billion in debt.

In Washington, two Democratic senators hope to move forward within weeks with legislation in Congress that would allow the U.S. territory to restructure debts in bankruptcy court, instead of risking chaos.

Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla of Puerto Rico dropped a bombshell on debt holders a week ago by saying he wanted to restructure debt and postpone bond payments. He urged changes to U.S. bankruptcy laws that currently exclude Puerto Rico.

Like U.S. states, Puerto Rico cannot file for bankruptcy protection. But Puerto Rico's public entities do not have the ability of U.S. municipalities to enlist Chapter 9 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code to restructure their debt.

"As a first step, Congress should provide Puerto Rico the same authority that states already have to enable severely distressed government entities, including municipalities and public corporations, to restructure their debts under Chapter 9," Clinton said in a statement given to Reuters....

Every fact about Mr. Sanchez just reveals more questions.

The gun was from a federal agent and was stolen out of the agent's car. That is outrageous. What was Mr. Sanchez doing in a federal agent's car with the ability to steal a gun. No hand cuffs? What the heck is going on here? 

July 8, 2015
By Janell Ross

...As mentioned above, (click here) immigration is often complicated. At least some portion of the people who do enter the country illegally or overstay the terms of their visitor or student visas also have legitimate asylum claims. Asylum is limited to individuals who can provide evidence that they have faced persecution or might be killed if they return to their home country. And U.S. law says that most people caught inside the United States should be given a chance to make those claims in an immigration court. (For more information on asylum seekers, see Tables 16 and 17 here)....

The Washington Post has an article to help sort out the facts about immigration and where the laws stand now.

It begins with an interesting statement about the legal reason the Undocumented can stay in the USA. If a person is here outside the usual process of immigration they can be granted asylum. That has been the case since the beginning of US law. With so many Undocumented in the USA there is the question do they have legitimate reasons to remain in the USA. The country has tried to deal with the porous border that is a welcome mat to people from the Americas. There is basically one reason why millions are in the USA and that is to work to make a living.

The people that have come here are not illegitimate in their needs to work and find a way to stay alive. The Undocumented are known to be valuable laborers. That is a fact. The USA cannot simply turn it's back on the truth and round up millions of people so we can feel good about the law and our national security. The idea these people are dangerous is nonsense. There are good people among them and that is valuable to the country. But, no different than people born in the USA there will be criminals and some very dangerous criminals. Mr. Sanchez is a very dangerous criminal who finds himself within reach of federal agents guns.

The American people have the right to know what is going on here and the government needs to investigate and report to the people how a man is able to find his way back to the USA five times with seven felony convictions on his record? 

...Now, layer on top of that more than 445,000 people awaiting immigration hearings. Most of these people cannot make a successful asylum claim but might have some other legal defense such as proof of a U.S. citizen parent or grandparent.

Unauthorized immigrants caught inside the United States -- or in some cases at the border -- generally get a hearing in one of the nation's deeply backlogged immigration courts. Wait times now stretch into 2019....

This is the reason why the President has written an Executive Order for "deferred status." Deferred status is suppose to relieve the drag on the immigration courts to provide greater function. The circumstances in the USA regarding immigration is ridiculous. The Executive Branch has to do something, but, the corrupt courts of the Fifth District have decided to play politics rather than return function to the American legal system. The Fifth Circuit has once again stood against President Obama for political purposes.

The Fifth Circuit has been a source of most of the dysfunction in the USA regarding law that is sound and with reason.

...The order, (click here) by a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, appears to be in direct response to the president's comments yesterday about the Supreme Court's review of the health care law. Mr. Obama all but threw down the gauntlet with the justices, saying he was "confident" the Court would not "take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress."...

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act decisions by this court have been overturned by the Supreme Court. The decision by the Fifth Circuit is nothing more than politics. The Fifth Circuit should not have taken the case in the first place.

There needs to be a review of this court to make it clear this court is incompetent in handing down decisions and needs to be scrutinized for the problems it causes.