Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kindly pay attention to river gauges. Thank you.

USGS River Gauges (click here)

This is a continuous reading of the river levels. The red dots indicate the river is rising.

The gauge below is for Morristown, New Jersey. No one would expect Morristown to have problems, but, the rivers are being rained into and not just contained along the shorelines. 

The gauge below shows spikes in the levels and then quickly falls off. The reason the level falls off is because there is good drainage to that area. 

Rivers also receive rain and then will drain of the water and add to the levels of rivers below.

North Carolina has already been experiencing river rise.

Below is a river gauge for a creek in Hoffman, North Carolina. It receives rain and rises, but, then drains quickly afterward. 

One of the biggest dangers with these creeks and rivers is flash flooding.

Daily Streamflow Conditions for the country (click here)

The hurricane is somewhat unexpectedly volite.

  23  30.90  -74.30 10/28/03Z   65   960 HURRICANE-1
23A  31.50  -73.70 10/28/06Z   65   960 HURRICANE-1
 24  31.90  -73.30 10/28/09Z   65   960 HURRICANE-1
24A  32.10  -73.10 10/28/12Z   65   951 HURRICANE-1
  25  32.50  -72.60 10/28/15Z   65   951 HURRICANE-1
25A  32.80  -71.90 10/28/18Z   65   951 HURRICANE-1
  26  33.40  -71.30 10/28/21Z   65   952 HURRICANE-1

There was a drop in central pressure of 9 millibars in three hours. In the past three hours the central pressure has come up by one millibar. It is over the ocean. It is being fueled by water vapor.
The speed of 65 knots per hour is stable because of the size of the storm.
When I look at the eye of the storm it has loft, but, it is somewhat less tight within the past three hours. It might be a slowing of the storm or it might be reorganizing and the eye could tighten again with potential for higher winds and lower central pressures.
Hopefully it is weakening. That does not change the rain volume though. It just means the winds will be less intense for a long period of time.

Well done, Governor. Thank you. There are places for people to seek shelter. Well done, sir. The flooding is dangerous.