Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hi, It's Sunday night. 

I am suspending this section tonight because our Vice President has lost a dear son to cancer. 

The Biden Family is a very special family to this country. They have represented the sincere interests of our Middle Class all their political lives. 

Beau was a veteran to the Iraq War. He is a hero. The least I can do is note the profoundly sad mood in a segment of the USA people. I was very upset when I heard of the death. I want to show I seriously am sad about this loss to the Biden Family and to the USA. 

Beau Biden was a hero in many ways. After his service in the military he went on to become a leader in government in Delaware. The family is remarkable.

Until later.

The Fourth Amendment is on the line. Will we have a future and our children's future without it?

Senator Paul's illustration about the Boston bombing and the call for the Patriot Act to investigate phone records of the suspects is on target. The Patriot Act is being substituted for other more constitutional laws such as the FISA Court. It has been a long time since the Patriot Act was passed with a SUNSET for the very reason that exists in Senator Paul's illustration. If the USA continues it's Paranoia Laws, the country over time will become a very different country. We need to end the hysteria and become intolerant of these laws and elect those that actually care about our constitution and the liberties it provides.

Senator Paul is the singular voice carrying the warning. He is absolutely correct.'

I haven't heard that FISA actually decided collecting all phone data is correct. It isn't. That is the very reason why FISA existed, because, mass collection was wrong. The FISA exists in law because it is wrong. See, this is getting to be a mess beyond any meaning. 

The FISA Court is suppose to mean something and a method closely guarded to allow evidence to bring warrants. "Rubber stamp?" It was never suppose to be. 

Everything has to be looked into now. The Supreme Court is in the mix, too.  

I refuse to state Senator Paul is extreme. He is more than willing to be the voice of liberty of the people and I can respect that. He has done all the research. He quotes the lower courts as holding important values. He is correct in completely examining the power within the law and how the people are burdened by it. He is not willing to concede the idea there is a need for sacrificing our liberties. He is correct. I find very little of what he states as political rhetoric. He is strongly leaning on facts. 

The Paranoia Laws are dissolving the due process statues. 

That also bothers me. Why was Mr. Clapper allowed to continue in his capacity? That is a concern and an overt expression of a political system resigned to imposition of extreme control over the electorate. 

When politics becomes the oppressor of the people, those that maintain control through that oppression seek to keep it beyond any reason to eliminate it. 

IN LAW, the word relevant has impact on PRECEDENT. If all information is collected how does any information set PRECEDENT. Mass collection removes the meaning of LAW. Sure, we all understand that something MIGHT turn up in mass collection, but, in the collection of the data itself the information is lost and not noted to be important UNTIL further evaluation can be discerned, so why not discern it from the beginning? By chance there is something, anything that will prevent another 911. The process of mass collection has yielded nothing. There is no precedent to defend the idea under law.

So, besides all the other reasonable reasons to end the collection of mass data there is a legal reason to do so. The precedent of the mass collection is lost. This plan to end all potential threat is invalid and threatens the very power of the law, under FISA, to uniquely prove there is reason for search and seizure (The Fourth Amendment). 

Senator Paul has deeply studied the reasons why he has concern and I agree with him. We could lose the protections completely of our Fourth Amendment. It is too high a price to pay. 

He also brought to the debate, the problem that could belong to companies when they may or may not collect detailed records and the government decides they need the records. The company than can be indicted if not forthcoming with records. In other words, if a company is not collecting mass data, but, simply billing in minutes of use with a method to count those minutes without phone records; what then happens to companies that don't collect detailed records? The reality today is that many smart phone users pay a flat monthly fee for unlimited use. Why would any company offering that service want to keep detailed information? And if any company did, how long do they have to maintain these records? What cost to companies do detailed records reflect in monthly fees? Again, how burdened is a company and the fees they charge in order to do business because of the occasion of government in seeking information? What happens to the relationship between company and customer?

To boil this down, the entire idea of monitoring the American people is hideous and without purpose.

The Laws of Paranoia, 2015.

There are many reasons why people in the world hate the USA. There are many reasons why they don't. But, if we, as a country wait for the perfect moment when the USA doesn't face threats from within and without we'll never have our country back again.

The Patriot Act was signed into law on October 26, 2001. It has to end sometime. If we are to have our constitution back, these laws, including laws of pre-emption have to be repealed.

The people of Iraq are too busy working about birth defects to their children than to worry about the next caliphate leader.

A known problem (click here)

However, according to Wim Zwijnenburg, policy advisor for security and disarmament for PAX, a Dutch pro-peace organization, and author of the paper “Laid to Waste: Depleted uranium contaminated military scrap in Iraq,” the U.S. is aware of the dangers of depleted uranium because the country has spent millions safeguarding its bases and military personnel from it.

As of 1999, military regulations on how to deal with vehicles contaminated with depleted uranium have been implemented, and in 2005, the General Accounting Office alleged that the Department of Defense was not monitoring the soil in Iraq to ascertain exposure to hazardous materials by American service members. At the time, however, a number of states, Congress members and military service organizations were actively challenging the Defense Department’s assertions that depleted uranium had minimal effect on the lives of the Iraq War veterans claiming depleted uranium poisoning....

Iraqis could not have nuclear material for medical use under a UN Resolution, but, could have their soils contaminated for the benefit of an illegal US war. 

13 October 2014
By Thomas Gaist

Demolition of Iraqi buildings with a US tank, many of which used depleted uranium shells.

In a report presented (click here) at the University of Michigan last Wednesday, “The epidemic of birth defects in Iraq and the duty of public health researchers,” Dr. Muhsin Al Sabbak, a gynecologist from Basra Maternity Hospital, and Dr. Mozhgan Savabieasfahani, an environmental toxicology researcher, reviewed the ever-growing mountain of data showing that rates of cancer, child cancer and birth defects (BD) have reached historically unprecedented levels in Fallujah and other Iraqi cities since the 2003 US invasion....

As a rule the wars of the USA result in veterans having a higher cancer rate than the average American. I want to know what the cancer rate among Iraq War Veterans is and what is being done about it?

The people of Iraq may very well be better off in refugee camps than their homes. 
McConnell must have someone on the payroll.

The only law required is FISA.

The NSA has proven nothing in 13 years. It is not needed.

I go with Option 1, to not renew the NSA program. There is GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTATION stating the NSA is a waste of money!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The NSA program is a political paid for ad by the American people. 

The USA needs new leadership. 

Osama bin Laden is dead and he never used electronic communication.The NSA program would never and did never find him.

Ya think maybe those sincerely determined to harm the USA aren't using electronic transmission and are completely missed by the FBI and CIA because they are too busy chasing their tails with information that yields NOTHING in the way of national security.
Every time a Middle East Bozo raises his head in jihad to aspire to some cockamamie calphate to the dreams of Glen Beck; the American people have their rights violated when Turkey is and remains disinterested in the proceedings immediately across it's border. 

This is nonsense and nothing short of it.
I simply hate the fact the Senate has brought a special session because of the negligence to do otherwise.

This is stated as necessary, but, the only thing necessary is observing silence for the Late Beau Biden, the Vice President's son. 

I don't know if the death came as a surprise to anyone else, but, it was to me and Joe Biden means a great deal to our country besides the fact he is the current Vice President.

This Senate session is a prime example of the complete breakdown of government in the USA. This should have been settled a long time ago. The people don't want the Patriot Act. The USA has had enough. Leaning on laws that violate privacy is simply wrong. I don't care what the courts say, this is wrong. The courts are delivering decisions that undermine our democracy and that is no different today.

The Vice President has portrayed the Middle Class in the USA for his lifetime. He has stood strong for the largest number of Americans at times when they were trampled by the allegiance to Wall Street. 

I don't have the heart today to simply ignore this loss to the Vice President. His losses over his lifetime have been enormous. The average citizen of the USA would have crumbled a long time ago. Vice President Biden is among the most magnificent people in government I have ever witnessed. He is completely detached from the 'image' so many believe is necessary to be called a leader of the Senate. Today he is the President of the Senate. He is unapologetic about his ordinariness. 

I have a heavy heart today. This session by the US Senate is shameful and proves there is no governance, but, only putting out fires. Today, the Senate does not even have a fire to put out. The 'theory' there will be another fearful regime to kill is hideous. The NSA program has been proven to be stupid, ridiculous and without a destination to serve the USA. There has not been one danger removed from the USA because of it and only billions of US dollars wasted when the average American is left to live as the working poor with less benefit of food stamps today than ever before.

The NSA program is shameful and the Senate's session today is equally so.
Senator Paul was allowed to speak for five minutes after the Majority Senate attempted to stonewall him.

The Senate has adjourned until it is expected to reconvened at 6:00 PM.

C-Span is replying the beginning of the session.
Deepest sympathies to his family. 

He is a sincere loss to all those that knew him. 

His parting will be felt by many.