Monday, December 02, 2013

The Pope Family Cheap Markets? They are a problem?

My initial reaction is, where is John Edwards? These are his people. The two class system of North Carolina. The two Americas. I imagine he is satisfied to be left alone while Ms. Hunter is writing yet another tell all book. She is toxic and John should sue her. She isn't going to stop being the bad girl to John's good boy. Never. He should put an end to the exploitation of his name and the victimization of his child.
But, that said it is interesting there is FINALLY a boycott of the Pope Cheap Chain Stores.

While John Edwards was a Senator he worked to end the danger to children's products. Why? Because of the cheap stores like that of the Pope Family. When he worked as a liability lawyer he received some of the highest settlements and judgements in the State of North Carolina primarily regarding children.

The products there are mostly cheap throw aways that no one else wants to sell. I don't believe there is one item in any of those stores made in America. The products he sells for decorations and toys are dangerous, both, in the materials they are made of and the dyes used. I would never purchase a product from that store and I have been in those stores. It is the poor that shop there. 

Here is something interesting. All the children of North Carolina have to purchase their own school supplies. I'll give you one guess where the poor children find their supplies!

I am glad they are taking this action. I hope they are able to make a strong impression about the reality of "The Two Americas" and how the poor are victimized in North Carolina. 

Do you know when the Republicans gained a majority in the NC State House and Senate they passed legislation rejecting Medicare and Medicaid as insurance payment in the UNC Chapel Hill Hospital. I don't know if that lasted because the medical society took it up with the legislature after they did that.

To prove how very toxic people like Pope are, Chapel Hill is a magnificent hospital. I think their Family Practice Clinic is ranked second in the nation. At least it used to be, but, the hospital is where many resident physicians begin their practice. As a result Chapel Hill is a place many poor from the area and across the state come for treatment. Chapel Hill receives monies from the state and has an obligation to care for those that can't pay. At least it used to. But, to even legislate the refusal of Medicare and Medicaid as payment for services is an illustration of the ruthlessness of these no goods in the NC government. Ruthless and cruel with absolutely no conscience about the hardship or deaths it might cause. It is too bad the poor can't seem to get their act together like everyone else.

There may be more ways to make the Pope Family feel the pain they are causing by removing funding to education, health and important services to the poor. Buy making it their purpose to completely privatize the entire North Carolina government. That is their goal. They won't be deterred from it. Promise. But, if there is sincere movement to bring a financial decline to the "Cheap Chain Stores," it might make an impression. Evidently, if Pope is willing to come down of his high horse to speak the the chair of the NAACP in North Carolina he is already worried. More reason to keep on keepin' on. 

Pope is on a mission to prove that government works best when left in the hands of the private sector and he fully intends to line his pockets with North Carolina treasury monies in providing those services. I mean if he is going to rule the USA he has to get his billions from somewhere.
The North Carolina Association of Educators (click here) is calling on shoppers to boycott stores owned by conservative powerbroker Art Pope this holiday season. The teachers are targeting stores in Pope's Variety Wholesalers retail chain, which includes Roses and Maxway, in response to what they call his "anti-public education" policies.
The flier announcing the boycott, which launched November 28, reads:
Conservative, anti-public school businessman Art Pope owns Variety Wholesalers, Inc., the umbrella company for the 8 stores listed. His profits fund anti-public education political candidates and supports anti-public education initiatives that include vouchers, reduced investment in public education, merit pay schemes, and the elimi- nation of professional development programs for educators.
Support the NCAE holiday season boycott.
Avoid shopping at these stores to protest using your tax money to fund private schools and pay for private educations....

Who knew?

I could not believe how much Sasha had grown lately. She was such a peanut at the first inauguration with her Dad peaking over his shoulder to be sure she was okay on that very cold winter day and now she is nearly as tall as her mother. 

It seems as though the public hadn't seen them in a while until they pardoned the turkeys. 

They are good looking family, but, this picture was in the Sydney Morning Herald. Evidently, the Aussies find the Obama girls to be fashion trend setters.

December 3, 2013
Sasha Obama has done it again. (click here) Weeks ago the youngest first daughter wore a sweater in public that ended up selling out shortly thereafter. Now her recent ensemble at her father’s official Thanksgiving turkey-pardoning news conference has also generated headlines, and style watchers are anticipating that it may spark frenzy, too. This would simply mean that the 12-year-old is following in the footsteps of her mother, who is well-known for putting brands and designers on the map.
But aside from their fashion choices, there is another way in which Sasha and her older sister, Malia, may end up becoming role models and trendsetters for a generation of girls. They exude confidence not only in what they wear but also in how they wear it. Both Obama daughters are tall for their age and tall, period, and yet you never catch them slouching as if being tall were a shame. And this is no small feat....

While Hebrews are thinking about gift giving during Hanukkah, Bebe Netanyahu is in the middle of scandal.

Dec 2, 2013

Jerusalem: (click here) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s penchant for scented candles is setting off a stink, with media and politicians accusing him Monday of extravagantly spending public money. 

According to an expense document obtained by a civil liberties group, Netanyahu spent $1,700 on scented candles, $23,300 on flower arrangements and $31,600 on gardening at his official residence in Jerusalem, among other costs totaling about $909,000 in 2012. The group obtained the document following a freedom of information request....

...“When the prime minister presents such inflated and absurd amounts in the expense sheet to the nation, he can’t look at his citizens in the eye and swear that there must be cuts to their welfare, health care, security and education,” wrote Arye Aplatoni in the Maariv daily....

It would seem in this season of giving the people of Israel are less worried about any nuclear engagement so much as the exploitation of their national treasury.

I want to say this all about getting the nation's attention, but, it goes too far.

Pope Francis is a sweetheart. It is a shame Jeb Bush lied to the American people about the US Embassy. I find it interesting no matter how Pope Francis strives to bring people together he is running into the same problem President Obama is having with the American Right Wing. Interesting, isn't it?

Look at this. "Salon" has an article about the 10 worst right-wing statements of the week.
The problem goes a lot deeper than Stu Varney (and Rush Limbaugh) had feared. The Catholic Church itself is infiltrated with Marxists. This conspiracy theory is brought to you by the right-wing, misnamed Accuracy in Media director, Cliff Kincaid.
“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not here to beat up on the pope,” Kinkaid insisted in a video recently uploaded to YouTube. “That’s not my job. But I can read. I can read this document. I can see what he is saying, and I can tell you right now that this is a very, very disappointing document, and it makes me wonder about the future of the Roman Catholic Church in this world and what they’re heading towards.”...

Pope Francis has proven himself in being just about the most humble Pope the Catholics have known. He has endeared himself to the people he seeks to lead in a manner of inclusiveness. He is cleaning up the politics within the church and set new benchmarks for the church. There are very few that can argue with his leadership, unless of course, one is a Right Wing American seeking wedge issues at the expense of slandering a world leader.

I think President Obama needs to address the slander the Right Wing is handing out and it would not hurt to defend Pope Francis either. 

We all know Catholic leaders have taken issue with topics such as abortion, contraception, undocumented workers and the poor. We all know Catholic leadership doesn't see the faithful in the light of a democracy whereby all individuals have rights in ways the church may not approve. Not all Americans are Catholic. We all know the Catholic leadership over extends it's presence in the USA to effect elections. It isn't appropriate, but, it is tolerated because the USA has freedom of speech. So, the Catholic leadership is welcome to voice it's opinions. It is the USA, everybody has to try, ya know?

December 1, 2013 11:05 PM

...Pope Francis released the 84-page document, (click here) titled “The Joy of the Gospel,” earlier this week. While it doesn’t offer new doctrine, it outlines his priorities and passions, which includes a renewal for a church he called “bruised, hurting and dirty…because it has been out on the streets.”...

But, I find it more distressing that this wonderful Pope is being slandered for political fodder in the USA. The Right Wing must be desperate. Pope Francis is delightful. He is welcome by more and more people in his opinion of the human condition in all it's frailty and imperfections. That after all is what religious leadership is all about, isn't it? Recognizing the frailties and failings of the human condition and find ways to uplift people from despair and give them hope, purpose and direction.

President Obama is used to the hate filled speech of the USA Right Wing. Unfortunately, he is used to it. But, Pope Francis? 

The White House stated at the onset of this decision it was made for security reasons. End of discussion. Unless the slanderous bloviaters want to provide additional security so the office doesn't have to be moved, they need to stop picking on the Pope and those serving the USA in the State Department.

When such statements are made it ultimately causes problems for our foreign staff. There are always backlashes for hate speech and we don't need it. The Right Wing owes the State Department, President Obama and Pope Francis an apology. Will they get it? Heck, no, expect more of the same hate speech, they appear not to be able to anything else.

Women are no longer a secondary or minor income to a family.

Not only are they a significant income to a family, they are important drivers to the USA economy. More and more women need daycare for their children.

Every week parents are paying for someone to care for their children in order to support the family. That is a significant expense to American families that contributes to the USA economy. It isn't disposable income, however, it is a necessity.

Pre-K educations in public schools with daycare options would help immensely to providing more disposable income and/or savings to realize the American Dream.

Paying for a half day of daycare rather than long hours of daycare will reduce the drag on Americans' budgets. It is also a strong beginning to a child's education.

Make it a campaign issue and make it happen. It benefits families as well as our economy and upward mobility. It is good policy and good politics.

Fifty-eight percent of women (click here) in the United States age 16 and over participate in the labor force (working or looking for work). This includes 57 percent of White women, 60 percent of Black women, 57 percent of Hispanic women, and 57 percent of Asian women.

Our nation’s 67 million working women4 hold nearly half of today’s jobs.5 Of these 67 million working women, about 52.8 million are White, 8.6 million are Black, and 3.6 million are Asian.6 Women of Hispanic or Latino ethnicity (who may be of any race) make up 9.2 million of the 67 million women workers.

The fact sheets highlight the different situations of the larger populations of women of color in the U.S. labor force. It assembles selected Federal government data and statistical resources to present a picture of the economic status of Black, Asian, and Hispanic women in the labor force. Sufficient data were not available on the relatively smaller populations of American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and other Pacific Islander women in the labor force, so they are excluded....

Drone package delivery will hurt the USA economy.

Same day delivery is not dependent on drones. Currently, companies with good delivery services, especially in large merchandise, have a very effective strategy.

Example: Pianos. They can't be delivered by drones.

With the upcoming holidays, pianos will sell to those longing for one in their home after mastering their lessons. So, in deciding what piano they want they choose, the William E. Steinway Limited Edition. But, they are manufactured partly in Germany and partly in New York. So, like how long is it going to take to have that piano set up in the living room in time for Christmas Morning?

How does overnight sound? But, it has to be delivered to a Colorado address. How can it be here overnight?

Simple, warehouse space. And one might be surprised how local economies benefit from such enterprises. Steinway decided it is best to have an inventory of pianos where their stores are located. So, they took the initiative to store their inventory all over the country. And yes, it can be delivered overnight from a warehouse storage area far from their factories.

Overnight delivery isn't about speed of transportation, it is about smart warehousing and knowing the market. So, as a gift giving holiday approaches companies SHOULD BE checking where their products sell heavily and open up more warehouse space to stock what sells in a given market. 

Amazon, with their dreamscape of drone delivery will be facing an uphill battle to provide cost effective service. A drone is not liked in general in the USA. And to have one at the door with a package is even less desirable. Not only that, but, it is not cost effective. 

When a USPS truck delivers packages in a local economy there are many packages in the truck and the expense is spread over a large consumer base. The drone delivers one or maybe two packages at a time. Not only that but unless every drone has a pilot the infrastructure for pilotless drones is extremely expensive. Cell towers won't allow for successful drone delivery. There would have to be a computer chip at each address so the pilotless drone can find it's destination. The entire enterprise is interesting, but, quite frankly it won't get off the ground.

This is from a 2003 report (click here).

...So how big is this mundane business of delivering stuff? How important is it?
  • The U.S. Postal Service says it "anchors a $900 billion domestic mailing industry that employs roughly one in fifteen American workers." Given a domestic workforce of 143.1 million people in October 2002, more than 9.5 million U.S. jobs are related to the postal system.
  • UPS had profits of $2.4 billion in 2001. In comparison, media and online giant AOL Time Warner lost $4.9 billion, while General Motors had a net income of $601 million and IBM earned $7.7 billion.
  • The U.S. Postal Service has more employees than any domestic business except Wal-Mart.
  • The $584 million profit generated in fiscal 2001 by FedEx was more than six times larger than the $90.4 million in net income earned by EBay in 2001.
  • The parcel delivery market has been the fastest-growing transportation segment in the United States over the past two decades. This market has more than doubled its share of the nation's transportation budget since 1980 and now carries at least 10% of each day's gross domestic product. (Note 1)
While the parcel, package and overnight delivery business is massive, figures from the Colography Group, an Atlanta market research organization which specializes in shipping and transportation issues, show that for the first three quarters of 2000 important industry sectors were dominated by a few major players. (Note 2),

In the "parcel" sector, a category which includes packages weighing from 2 to 70 pounds, UPS collected 63.9% of all revenue. UPS generated more than 80% of the revenue from parcels handled as "ground" shipments.

In the "overnight" category, FedEx took in 58.2% of all overnight letter receipts and 59.3% of all revenue from packages under 2 pounds.
The Postal Service generated 70.4% of the revenue from parcels under 2 pounds that were handled as a deferred air (2-3 day service)....

The recession is globally regional and won't effect Wall Street.

It is crazy, isn't it? The Middle Class is shrinking in the USA and may be entering a recession, but, Wall Street is reaching all time highs. Crazy, right? 

Wall Street is receiving record highs because of new consumers, but, they aren't in the USA.

By Biswajit Baruah, ET Bureau
2 Dec, 2013, 06.36AM IST 

MUMBAI: Indian markets (click here) are likely to edge higher this week on better-than-expected second quarter GDP numbers, according to analysts. 

Flows from institutional investors could also set the tone, with some experts saying the aggressive buying by foreign investors on Friday is likely to keep stock-specific momentum up. "The second-quarter GDP numbers will dictate market sentiment this week. If Nifty trades above 6,210 levels, then the index will invite fresh long buying positions, and thi .. 

The uptick of Indian's GDP is what is suppose to happen, however, it isn't suppose to happen at the cost of the USA's economy. What is crazy is the fact the USA markets are abandoned to foreign investment. Why does any investment hack away at established economies in order to invest in other national economies? That is crazy. Wall Street is playing BUBBLE GAMES with the global economy. There will eventually be a burst bubble in India and then where will we be? 

Investment to improve the standard of living of other nations is correct and benevolent, but, to do it at the cost of existing and stable economies is counter productive to a larger global economy.

An example of this is the China Bubble. That already happened. China can recover when their citizens begin to receiver higher incomes. China will have to legislate a minimum wage in order to recover their GDP.
"Morning Papers" - It's Origins (click here)

The Rooster



"Corporate Profits Are At All-Time Record Peak at 70% of GDP" (click here)

Over 83 percent of the current market trading self identify as Bullish. That is also an all-time high. That means there are more bulls trading today then before the bubble and before the the credit bubble of 2007.

The distribution of the wealth is skewed and dangerous.
By Lauren Coleman-LochnerLindsey Rupp & Leslie Patton
Dec 1, 2013 12:00 AM ET
U.S. retailers eked out a 2.3 percent sales gain (click here) on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, in line with a prediction for the weakest holiday results since 2009.
Sales at brick-and-mortar stores on Thanksgiving and Black Friday rose to $12.3 billion, according to a report yesterday from ShopperTrak. The Chicago-based researcher reiterated its prediction that sales for the entire holiday season will gain 2.4 percent, the smallest increase since the last recession....
There was marginally more money spent by less people. If people are subsistence earners, there is less and less money circulating in the economy. This is a sign of the greed that currently exists within Wall Street and reflected by Republicans unwillingness to pass an increase in the Minimum Wage. The bears are worried about a recession. It may have already begun and the American economy can thank the Republicans for it. Austerity doesn't work and lack of support of the Middle Class is tragedy waiting to happen.

I cannot understand how legislators punish their own citizens. That is more then immoral. When such dynamics exist, it disregards the economic well being of the country and the condition of the people. I don't understand how any citizen can vote against their own best interests. 

"Good Night, Moon"

What if I decided not to say "Good Night, Moon" would it cause disappointment? Or diminished expectations? Or wondering what could have gone wrong that it wasn't part of the dialogue tonight? That is caused culture. 

My expectations of Thanksgiving this year was trashed for Wall Street profits. Wall Street caused hardship in the form of disappointment in the expectations of newlyweds to care for their family on a national holiday. Why is that okay?

Tonight there is a "New Moon" so one won't be featured here. If that disappoints then, too bad. How does it feel?

Instead there is a film by NASA for your collective enjoyment.