Sunday, October 25, 2015

"As long as it continues, it will continue."

Be it nuclear proliferation, the climate crisis, the deaths of African American men in the USA or the different profiles of "The American Family," we have to recognize the paths forward for a moral outcome to communities.

One of the pressures that maintains the status quo or what causes poverty is the idea change is bad. Change will drive economies. 

In the USA, the families are challenged financially beyond imagination. There needs to be a change in the USA when it comes to labor and wages. A person who works 40 hours per week should have a living wage. 

Health care has to be maintained as the best outcome for the country. Health care improves quality of life and insures a high quality work force.

The USA has to refocus on children and EXCELLENT schools where guns are a fantasy from an "Old West" flick. Schools, mental health and achievement have to be a part of everyone's best outcomes. 

The global community has to come together to bring about the world we all long for. It has been generations that have lived under the threat of nuclear war. That is insane in a world where poverty is being eliminated. Why bring people out of poverty to contribute to a vibrant economy if what still faces them is nuclear war? 

"The Deterrent" is a farce which requires huge investment that eliminates the very social programs needed to improve the quality of life and equity for everyone. 

I think Pope Francis is one of the most gifted Popes I have ever witnessed. He welcomes all into a community of wholesomeness and comfort. I like him a great deal and you won't find me ever speaking against him. By the very US Constitution he allowed to exist and there are many reasons why that is the case. It benefits the USA to have Pope Francis as leader of the Holy See. 

"As long as it continues, it will continue."

Do we want change? Then things can no longer continue as they are.

As long as it continues, it will continue.

American Families and Living Arrangements: 2012

by Jonathan Vespa, Jamie M. Lewis and Rose M. Kreider

...This report (click here) uses data from the Annual Social and Economic Supplement (ASEC) to the Current Population Survey (CPS) and the American Community Survey (ACS)/

It capitalizes on the strengths of both data sets, using CPS detailed information about family structure and characteristics over time, along with ACS...

Many state the break down of morality as known in decades and generations past is due to lack of religious standards. But, it is more than that. A piece is economic as well. Marriages often break down when the finances are stretched. 

I wanted to include the topic of families and "The Family" because it was a primary focus when Pope Francis visited the USA recently. He is an inspiration to me and many, many others. It is only correct and respectful to honor his core values when being inspired by his words and actions.

The American Family has been a changing dynamics since at least the 1960s. First is was the women's liberation movement including "The Pill," women's career focus and child care came into fashion. The household was now able to afford many items, luxury, vacations, better health and all sorts of wonderful aspects of financial prosperity. 

Women became educated in larger numbers and they became self-supporting in the idea the could manage their households on their own. I think the woman's movement was among the earliest dynamics on the family. Women didn't have to live in abusive settings or accept subservient roles in the family. Women could be real with ideas, aspirations and achievement. When women changed in the USA their daughters were not far behind them.

So, the American family has changed 'in acceptance' as well. Single parent families are no longer viewed as an unfortunate set of circumstances, but, have become the majority of families in the USA. There are also two parent families that are still in poverty as well, so the idea a single parent was an adverse financial circumstance is nonsense. 

The latest addition to the American profile is the acceptance of the marriages within the LGTBQ community that have created more families with and without children.

The American Family has come a long way over the decades. We as a society are far more tolerant of differences, see different compositions of families and accept change. 

So, when the arrogant religious folks state the American family is gone because of the lack of church values in society, that is nonsense. The American family has undergone a great deal of change because of the awakening of 'the individual' over the status quo.

As long as it continues, it will continue.

October 20, 2015

Miami — The South Florida musician (click here) who was killed by the police early Sunday after his car broke down near a highway exit ramp was armed with a handgun he had bought three days earlier, the Palm Beach Gardens police chief said Tuesday.

The musician, Corey Jones, 31, was shot by a plainclothes officer who had been on the job for six months, Chief Stephen J. Stepp said. Mr. Jones’s handgun was recovered on the ground outside his car; the new box it came in was inside, the chief said.

In a brief news conference Tuesday night, Chief Stepp addressed the swelling questions about how a respected church drummer and housing inspector wound up dead in the middle of the night off Interstate 95, a half-hour from his home. The case, another focused on the shooting of a black man by a police officer, had begun to gain attention on social media, and the department was sharply criticized by a county police union official for not coming forward with facts sooner....

Where are all the gun lobbyists and pro-gun organizations? Where are their demonstrations that state a man of any ethnicity is allowed to carry a gun WITHOUT suspicion of criminal activity? Where are they? Nowhere? When it is an African American the pro-gun advocates are missing in action.

October 22, 2015
By Curt Anderson and Matt Sedensky

Corey Jones had five wounds (click here) — some of them exit wounds — and one shot broke his arm and another entered through Jones' side and lodged in his upper body, his lawyers said after meeting with the state attorney who is investigating the fatal shooting.
"If Corey had his gun out, he never made any kind of offensive action," said Daryl Parks, an attorney for the Jones family.
Jones, 31, was shot to death early Sunday by Palm Beach Gardens Officer Nouman Raja, who stopped his unmarked van to check on what he thought was an abandoned vehicle and was "suddenly confronted by an armed subject," police chief Stephen Stepp has said....

Corey Jones had his gun out because the officer probably asked him if he had a gun with him. That is standard (SOP) anymore. The first question officers have is whether or not there is a gun in the car.

"As long as it continues, it will continue."

It all starts (click here) with becoming a Global Citizen. Get informed, take action, and connect with others who want to do the same. 

It starts with a recognition of a truth and determination to change it.

The proof of the power of the global community is palpable every year when young movers and shakers meet in New York City to celebrate their lives to end world poverty. 

I'll let Hans Rosling tell you the incredible dynamic of a global community that wants EQUITY for all countries in a better quality of life. Quality of life, personal income and freedom to spend that income is what makes a vibrant and stable economy.

Wall Street can't survive without people to spend money on products and services. The more people that move out of poverty and into a strong middle class, the more growth will be realized.

The global community is powerful.

"As long as it continues, it will continue." It is very powerful when it says, "This will not continue." But, that has to happen and it has to happen everywhere and with a single message and a singular will.


"As long as it continues, it will continue."

This is the "Hockey Stick Graph" that has been validated by four different scientists in five different methodologies. It is one of the most maligned scientific evidence of the climate crisis.

February 21, 2005
By David Appell

...That stick (click here) has become a focal point in the controversy surrounding climate change and what to do about it. Proponents see it as a clear indicator that humans are warming the globe; skeptics argue that the climate is undergoing a natural fluctuation not unlike those in eras past. But Mann has not been deterred by the attacks. "If we allowed that sort of thing to stop us from progressing in science, that would be a very frightening world," says the 39-year-old climatologist in his University of Virginia office overlooking the hills of Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson.... 

The Atlantic tried to be helpful in an article about why the "Hockey Stick Graph" was never maligned enough to destroy it.

May 10, 2015
By Chris Mooney

...Back in 1998, (click here) a little known climate scientist named Michael Mann and two colleagues published a paper that sought to reconstruct the planet's past temperatures going back half a millennium before the era of thermometers--thereby showing just how out of whack recent warming has been. The finding: Recent northern hemisphere temperatures had been "warmer than any other year since (at least) AD 1400." The graph depicting this result looked rather like a hockey stick: After a long period of relatively minor temperature variations (the "shaft"), it showed a sharp mercury upswing during the last century or so ("the blade")....

The climate crisis is real. It is extremely evident. The one reason most scientists insist on making this concern front and center is because of the very real danger it presents to Earth and all it's inhabitants. 

The scientists have decided there is a very active "Sixth Extinction" that now involves large mammals, like the Polar Bear. 

The reason there is danger is for a known scientific fact that the oceans cool the land on Earth. The ocean temperatures are mitigated be the presence of ice on Earth. There are a variety of scientific specialties and specialists that monitor Earth for this very reason. This is sound scientific research and LAWS. 

Michael Mann was the fellow who first published the hockey stick graph and it didn't look like the one above. It was a methodology that was simple and straight forward.  Michael Mann has suffered incredible pressures to change his data and end the concern.

Scientists from other disciplines came into the picture because Michael Mann was so ridiculed it was effecting all kinds of dynamics including funding.  Scientists didn't run away from the pressures in their own lives, they embraced it and clung to each other with one reality and the steadfast belief in the truth in research and the laws of Earth. 

"As long as the denial continues, it will continue." It is important the global community including China, India and the USA, end the denial, openly ridicule the deniers and set a path to end the devastating reality we all now face. Human Induced Climate Crisis is the one issue every person on Earth faces. It is time the global community becomes a real community.

We have to stop the emissions of carbon dioxide and the accidental and negligent release of methane from wells around the world. 
Understand this and then I'll go on to apply the idea after this entry.

"As long as it continues, it will continue." 

My Quote.

It is a fairly simple concept and it is measured in INVESTMENT. Not just monetary investment, although the monetary investment plays a very big role in the continuation of such idiot inventions as atomic and hydrogen weapons of mass destruction.

This is an interesting graph of global populations borrowed from Wikipedia.

These are credentials of the graph.
Tga.D based on Aetheling's work - based on file:World-Population-1800-2100.png, but converted to SVG using original data from U.N. 2010 projections and US Census Bureau historical estimates

World population chart, from 1800 to 2100 — showing both estimates and actual population counts. World population estimates from 1800 to 2100, based on: United Nations projections (in 2010) — 

"high" (colored red) 

"medium" (orange)

"low" (green) 

U.S. Census Bureau (historical estimates) — (colored black) 

Actual recorded population figures (colored blue)

According to the highest estimate, the world population may rise to 16 billion by 2100; according to the lowest estimate, it may decline to 6 billion.

Why is this important? Because WMD, weapons of mass destruction, will kill more people per square mile in 2015 than it ever killed in 1945 when it is achieved through the use of nuclear weapons. The population of the world is estimated at 2 billion people in 1945. In 2015 the global population is over 7.3 billion people. The future populations are uncertain depending on disease, food and water supply, housing, medicine and yes, war.

How can any country have a conscience that allows it to use WMD?

Currently, countries with these horrendous weapons state they are deterrents. That is probably fairly accurate considering fewer and fewer people own the wealth of the world. Why should greed stop with a country's borders? And why wouldn't the same wealth merchants have a conscience to never kill masses of people that get in the way of their desires? Who's to stop them? Some might ask who is to stop the USA anyway after Cheney leaned into the idea "limited nuclear war" is survivable. 

Survivable. I could not believe the special program CNN ran about the aftermath of the weapon's use in WWII. They showed disfigurement and defects and people with some degree of unwellness, but, the idea was most of the people of Japan survived the assault of that evil weapon. 

There are no words to describe the indigestion I felt as I watched this evil program that disregarded morality and placed such killing into the realm of moral and just. Pure unadulterated evil was now to be moral and just.

So,  "As long as it continues, it will continue."

Almost there...

It has been seventy years since the only use of nuclear weapons in the world. 

That is a long time. That is just shy of the life span of an Average American. 

October 9, 2014
By Larry Copeland 

...Good news, America: We're living longer! (click here)
Life expectancy in the USA rose in 2012 to 78.8 years – a record high.
That was an increase of 0.1 year from 2011 when it was 78.7 years, according to a new report on mortality in the USA from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics.

The news is a little better for women, a little worse for men. Life expectancy for females is 81.2 years; for males, it's 76.4 years. That difference of 4.8 years is the same as in 2011....

Why? Why are we still in that paradigm?

...The Treaty (click here) represents the only binding commitment in a multilateral treaty to the goal of disarmament by the nuclear-weapon States. Opened for signature in 1968, the Treaty entered into force in 1970. On 11 May 1995, the Treaty was extended indefinitely.  A total of 190 parties have joined the Treaty, including the five nuclear-weapon States. More countries have ratified the NPT than any other arms limitation and disarmament agreement, a testament to the Treaty's significance.... 

The first and only use of nuclear capacity was in 1945 and it ended a world war. Then in 1968 the global community paused to state the weapons were far to deadly to continue their use and manufacture across the globe. Twenty-five years had passed since the first nuclear weapon was deployed and the Non-Proliferation Treaty was written and ratified.

It would take another twenty-seven years to make the Non-Proliferation Treaty permanent. That was 1995. President Bill Clinton was in his first term of office. 

For all those movie buffs that need to relate.

"Godzilla" was released in 2014 (click here)  It was in 3-D this time. The story is about the confrontation of Godzilla and a pair of mating Mutos. All three creatures mutated and grew because of nuclear weapons' release during testing. Godzilla, while huge and destructive for that simple reason is the good guy and the two MUTOs, one male and female were the bad guys.

In the movie the scientists state there is a "...balance in nature...let them fight." That is how Godzilla ended the threat of mating MUTOs. He wasn't necessarily selfless and acting to protect the USA. He didn't want to be lunch for the MUTO offspring actually.

But, in the movie the military is everywhere, including a missing Russian submarine that is a snack for the male MUTO on his way to meet the female. I enjoyed the movie. Pure science fiction or at least we think so.

October 25, 2015
By Jon Stohe

The overall cost (click here) of replacing Britain’s Trident nuclear weapons system would be £167bn, double previous credible estimates, according to new calculations based on official figures.
The Reuters news agency reports that a replacement would cost nearly double the proportion the defence budget as its predecessor.

The revelation comes shortly after the anti-Trident SNP swept nearly every Scottish seat at the Scottish general election and Labour elected anti-Trident leader Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Opposition....

167 billion British Pounds is nearly 256 billion US dollars. A quarter of a trillion dollars to build new nuclear power submarines. 

Okay. Hold on to the 'anti-nuclear movement' for now. Hold on to that thought.

Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

The atomic and hydrogen bombs of the USA were tested in many places. They were rather crude tests, but, the military realized it was a doom's day weapon.

When the USA unleashed this evil weapon it was the first time the world had ever witnessed the ability of one country to destroy that of another. It was the bombing of Japan that ended World War II. The Japanese were vicious fighters and they proved it that day in Pearl Harbor with a concept called a Kamikaze pilot. Today we would call them suicide bombers.

The U.S. looked to a new weapon to put an end to WWII. (click here)

On August 6, 1945 the US dropped an atomic bomb ("Little Boy") on Hiroshima in Japan. Three days later a second atomic bomb ("Fat Man") was dropped on the city of Nagasaki. These were the only times nuclear weapons have been used in war. Reasons for the bombing.

Bear with me now, I have to work through a few concepts.

Around 1939, following the culmination of the above developments, physicists Leo Szilard, Edward Teller, and Eugene Wigner urged Einstein to write to Franklin D. Roosevelt, the then president of the US about the possibility that the Germans, then in conflict with the US, would be attempting to build and use a uranium-based weapon. 

The left is more than one page and has been preserved in the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library.

The Einstein Letter (click here) 

Below is Albert Einstein's desk on the day he died. (click here) there was an atomic bomb here had to be enriched uranium. The project to build an atomic weapon with unknown capacity began in 1939 and it was called "The Manhattan Project." (click here)

Remember I asked a question of any Presidential Candidate to what U-235 was, etc. Well, here it is. Not difficult to find. Now, the 'isotope' concept is rather interesting to understand.

KINDLY remember, the war/defense department of any country with modern day weapons is not possible without science.

The most complicated issue to be addressed in making of an atomic bomb was the production of ample amounts of "enriched" uranium to sustain a chain reaction. At the time, uranium-235 was very hard to extract. In fact, the ratio of conversion from uranium ore to uranium metal is 500:1. 

Compounding this, the one part of uranium that is finally refined from the ore is over 99% uranium-238, which is practically useless for an atomic bomb. To make the task even more difficult, the useful U-235 and nearly useless U-238 are isotopes, nearly identical in their chemical makeup. 

No ordinary chemical extraction method could separate them; only mechanical methods could work.

A massive enrichment laboratory/plant was constructed at Oak Ridge, Tennessee (click here). Harold Urey and his colleagues at Columbia University devised an extraction system that worked on the principle of gaseous diffusion, and Ernest Lawrence (inventor of the Cyclotron) at the University of California in Berkeley implemented a process involving magnetic separation of the two isotopes.

Next, a gas centrifuge was used to further separate the lighter U-235 from the heavier, non-fissionable U-238. Once all of these procedures had been completed, all that needed to be done was to put to the test the entire concept behind atomic fission ("splitting the atom," in layman's terms).

The process of extracting U-235 is a grossly wasteful process. The current places of uranium enrichment are Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA.

URENCO operates plants in Germany, the Netherlands, (click here) the UK and the US, using URENCO's world-leading centrifuge technology to enrich uranium for the use as a nuclear fuel for civil power generation. URENCO's focus is on providing safe, cost effective and reliable.
uranium enrichment services within a framework of environmental, social and corporate responsibility. Our goal is to further increase worldwide market share and to become the leading supplier in the extended global enrichment market.

I am sure they have exceptionally tight security, right?
As I focused on the lives of the four great Americans Pope Francis talked about in his speech, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton; I realized I needed to discuss a premise before I discussed their lives.

It is a premise that has a common threat through the definitions of revolution and revolutionaries. It is hard to believe after all these years it took Pope Francis to bring me into focus of a very important premise.
It's Sunday Night

"Forever Young" by Alphaville (click here for official website)

Let's dance in style, let's dance for a while,
Heaven can wait we're only watching the skies.
Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst,
Are you gonna drop the bomb or not?

Let us die young or let us live forever
We don't have the power, but we never say never
Sitting in a sandpit, life is a short trip
The music's for the sad man.

Can you imagine when this race is won?
Turn our golden faces into the sun,
Praising our leaders, we're getting in tune
The music's played by the madman.

Forever young,
I want to be forever young.
Do you really want to live forever?
Forever, and ever

Forever young,
I want to be forever young
Do you really want to live forever?
Forever young.

Some are like water, some are like the heat
Some are a melody and some are the beat
Sooner or later they all will be gone
Why don't they stay young?

It's so hard to get old without a cause
I don't want to perish like a fading horse
Youth's like diamonds in the sun,
And diamonds are forever

So many adventures couldn't happen today,
So many songs we forgot to play
So many dreams swinging out of the blue
We'll let them come true

Forever young,
I want to be forever young.
Do you really want to live forever,
Forever, and ever?

Forever young,
I want to be forever young.
Do you really want to live forever,
Forever young?

Forever young
I want to be forever young
Do you really want to live forever,
Forever, and ever?

Forever young,
I want to be forever young.
Do you really want to live forever?

The US State Department needs a policy of fuel assessment, storage and stoage access.

This picture shows an underground fuel tank. It also shows leakage from the tank. Leakage should be prevented anywhere in the world, but, leakage can be detected with record keeping.

Other methods of storage can be applied as needed. But, the fuel should be controlled and regularly inspected by guards for tampering that regularly make rounds in the facility. This is not unusual to check secured commodities. 

The US embassies and consulates are not usually in a distant place from civilization. The consulate in Benghazi was not in a distant location or was in the outskirts of the city. So, if there are no or inadequate storage regulations of fuel or an explosive substance of any kind the USA should have their own policy. Such policy should be consented to by the hosting country as either sufficient or substandard to the country's own fire prevention policy.

The storage facility has to be a reasonable distance from any offices on USA property. Basically, there should be a facility, well vented, monitored and standard to USA safety and/or the hosting country if their standards are better.

The lack of policy for fuel storage caused complete lack of security in the Benghazi consulate on September 11, 2012.

Firstly, the smoke caused the death of the last Ambassador Stevens and his protector Sean Smith. Additionally, the smoke and/or fire prevented a path to the building where Chris Stevens and Sean Smith were in a safe room. 

Secondly, the deaths of CIA contractors Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty were caused by gun fire. There were three attempts to find Chris Stevens. Those searches caused a delay in the leaving of the personnel in vehicles that worked reasonably well in the escape. The vehicles were armored, however, the barrage of bullets were proving to much as there was a 'close call' with nearly failing glass.

Thirdly, there was no response to fire by the personnel in the compound. There needs to be fire prevention measures in all US embassies and consulates. Fire prevention is a huge subject that also includes ventilation of any underground storage where people enter to obtain supplies. But, there wasn't the least bit of fire prevention in a government owned building which should include heat sensitive sprinklers. Such a fire prevention measure may mean a facility such as Benghazi might also need it's own water tower. 

The CIA contractors deaths resulted because the personnel were prevented leaving the compound while personnel searched for Chris Stevens. There is a possibility had the four been able to leave as soon as there was any indication of danger they might be alive today. 

So, fire and smoke have proven to cause a huge risk for the US State Department of their facilities and should not be taken lightly of the hosting government either.
Trey Gouti is wrong about Benghazi. He makes the fatal error in believing the deaths of Benghazi occurred because there is a SOMEONE not doing all they could to keep four Americans safe.

That is not the case. The FACT remains there was a lack of preparedness of the USA government to carry out a contingency operation.

He is wrong and his premise is wrong. There is no reason for the select committee. They are biased to find fault with a person, it was a person that was the problem.

TODAY, the danger to US embassies still exist and the highest point of danger revolves around September 11th. Nearly every 270 US embassies in the world has a degree of danger on September 11th. There is no way of providing a contingency to even half those embassies on that day. The military has already stated they are prepared to provide contingencies to seven and perhaps nine embassies on any given day, but, do not have the capacity to provide contingencies for every embassy on every day of the week. It is not possible.

If the Republicans of the select committee want to arm every embassy on any given day that requires an entirely and unrealistically different budget the USA military. It would also require far more 'regional divisions' around the world. THAT IS EXPANDING THE US MILITARY.

President Obama is currently attempting to have all countries provide their own national defense. Considering the flaccid military in Iraq there is no way the USA embassy or personal is safe without a contingency. Iraq could not even defend their own people and recently after four years a USA military personnel was killed while serving in Iraq. I strongly question the reason why. 

How many people believe the USA regional military authority, AFRICOM, is located in Africa?

U.S. Africa Command (click here) (AFRICOM) is located at Kelley Barracks in Stuttgart-Moehringen, Germany. That is Europe in case there is any question.

US Embassies are not necessarily within REASONABLE reach of US military forces. The protection of the late Ambassador Stevens relied on very weak militias from within the recognized Libyan government post Gaddafi. It also relied on body guards provided by the American people to protect his life. The fact is the American people did a great job in protecting those four lives. The fact that caused the four deaths was the fuel sitting within the compound. That fuel became a weapons and an unidentified danger to any violence against the unofficial consulate in Benghazi, Libya. 

I hesitate to use the word witch in describing eight US House Committees, including the latest 'Select Committee," but, that is exactly what this is. The original investigation with highly qualified people was correct and continues to be correct. There is no one or two or three or four or infinite number of people responsible for what occurred. The ABILITY of the USA government to respond to danger in Benghazi was too long a flight distance to even assess it by an unarmed drone that flew immediately after the initial report of Benghazi occurring. The US and their embassies was on alert ALREADY because of the violent demonstrations in Egypt. 

The infrastructure of the American government was not prepared to provide a contingency. Let me state that again, the American government was not prepared to provide a contingency into Benghazi, Libya. When the report came into AFRICOM it immediately began a fact finding mission with an unarmed drone. It was a reasonable thing to do and there was expediency in all actions taken across the American infrastructure.  

The Republican Majority Select Committee is on a witch hunt to effect 2016 elections given the one of the Democratic candidates is Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State at the time tragedy struck our people in Benghazi, Libya. To note the day after the attack of September 11, 2012 the people of Benghazi had their own demonstration to prove the violent militia that set fire to the consulate causing  the late Ambassador's death is not characteristic of the city's people. 

There is NO PERSON to demonize in regard to the fatal attack of Benghazi, Libya. The information to provide a quality statement by the intelligence sources to the American people would not reach them until ten days later when the videos of the compound were examined. NO ONE WAS LYING during the ten days following the attack on the consulate. GOT THAT? No one was lying during the ten days after the attack on the consulate. The FACTS were inconclusive and those assessing the problem were not prepared to endorse an attack for ten days. They knew there were demonstrations at many US embassies and it was caused by a highly inflammatory video. That was the overriding reality to what occurred in a deadly fire of the Benghazi consulate. Did the public statement inhibit the USA response? No. Everything that could be done was being done.

THE FACTS are a dual agency (DOD and State) practice now exists to determine if a vital US embassy is a High Risk embassy in need of a military contingency. That capacity is limited. So, in US embassies across the world every safety measure should be employed, including high walls and effective closed circuit camera that are monitored 24/7.

The committees regarding this issue need to be closed and not repeated any time in the future.

"But, but, but..." is a political paradigm the US House budget needs to dismiss rather than pursue to provide slander of Hillary Clinton. 

Former Senator and Florida Governor Graham has never changed his position regarding the compromised security of the USA.

Senator Bob Graham On Bush-Saudi-9/11 Coverup (This was a live interview with Huffington Post - click here) 

An Op-Ed in the NY Post is raising new suspicions about Saudi Arabia's role in 9/11 and the Bush Administration's role in covering it up. We discuss the cover up with former Senator and Chairman of the Select Intelligence Committee Bob Graham. 


He has been seeking release of the redacted documents for public knowledge since leaving office in 2005. His efforts has spanned ten years. I have no other knowledge about the concerns of Bob Graham other than what I read and hear. 

I will say this. Former Senator Graham has become more and more marginalized by the denial of the American government. He has sought reasonable solutions to his worry and transparency of the 28 pages and otherwise. There is no reason for Bob Graham to continue to worry ten years after the attacks of September 11, 2001, except, for the safety of the American people.

April 13, 2015
By Carl Hulse

Miami Lakes, Fla. — The episode (click here) could have been a chapter from the thriller written by former Senator Bob Graham of Florida about a shadowy Saudi role in the Sept. 11 attacks.
A top F.B.I. official unexpectedly arranges a meeting at Dulles International Airport outside Washington with Mr. Graham, the former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, after he has pressed for information on a bureau terrorism inquiry. Mr. Graham, a Democrat, is then hustled off to a clandestine location, where he hopes for a breakthrough in his long pursuit of ties between leading Saudis and the Sept. 11 hijackers.
This real-life encounter happened in 2011, Mr. Graham said, and it took a startling twist.
“He basically said, ‘Get a life,’ ” Mr. Graham said of the F.B.I. official, who suggested that the former senator was chasing a dead-end investigation....

This issue is not going away. Former Senator Graham wants transparency. It is noteworthy, Saudi Arabia brought Mr. Bandar home and restructured their diplomatic mission. The Saudi Arabia government was not comfortable with the coziness of Mr. Bandar and Mr. Bush when they realized what was going on. I don't know why the transparency is not coming forward. Before the events of September 11, 2001 the Saudi government knews there was funding for terrorists, but, their status of funding an overthrow of the USA government is not accurate. As a matter of fact in recent news there was an attempted attack of the Saudi Arabian Embassy (click here), But, when listening to Bob Graham he reaches past any doubt. The facts and 28 pages have to be released. He wants the investigation of September 11,2001 to be reopened. Will the US House initiate such an investigation? No. 

Originally aired on December 16, 2013

This program was from October 2010. Four years ago. Those that report about 9-11 today is about politics and not the truth.

Previous to the 2016 elections any statement in dissonance to the story line of the Bush White House and carried by major media organizations was nothing more than conspiracy theorists. It must be a disappointment to have the past propaganda fail now. 

Also, The Fed has not had a real response to the lack of jobs and economic recovery of the Middle Class or prevention of the Poor Quotient expansion in the USA. It President Obama and his cash distribution initiatives in lowering SS taxes for years that helped the American people, not the bailout. 

Wall Street received not only a bailout but enormous amounts of liquidity through the quantitative program. Quantitative Easing was a complete departure from historical roles of The Fed. QE was suppose to bring back jobs simply because it existed. Nothing was further from the truth. The Fed too Quantitative Easing in to QE2 and QE3. In QE3 them monies were provided with a stipulation of increasing labor. That was under President Obama. 

The Exotic Wall Street instruments also played into the 2008 collapse. In 2015 when listening to the debate Mr. Henwood has argument is talking about the reality. Mr. Schiff is dead wrong. His statements are rhetorical and provides wealth to the wealthy as if regulation was the enemy. I believe in reflection on the past when it PROVES reality today.

When the current propaganda makes it's way to the debate stage as a legitimate truth, the candidates should remember where those lies first started. 

Currency manipulation in China has proven to be a successful strategy. China needs to grow it's Middle Class and increase the quality of life for it's people. When that occurs by raising salaries and producing quality products China already has the shipping infrastructure to compliment that reality. China can be a growth engine as does India simply by numbers of prospective customers. Exporting jobs to China or India does not grow any economy except the wealthy of those two countries.  

The "Wall Street Transaction Tax" is where the USA needs to focus it's ability to pay off the national debt. When the debt comes down to a far less draconian amount that is predatory on our children's futures then the Wall Street Transaction Tax" can be revisited to reduce it. I point out in order to lower the transaction tax the focus has to be the debt. Kindly remember the Republicans support their trickle down economy by government spending. If that wasn't obvious in the Republicans administration of 2001 - 2009, don't ask me what is? It is so true of Republican that after 2008 the Middle Class was devastated casting the economy into further contraction and the rates of poverty rose to those that were working for a living with more than three jobs to attempt to make ends meet. 

There is a great deal of truth in comparing the past with the present.

When the truth becomes a lie.

The Bushies are out in full strength this Sunday spinning more lies. The American people have heard from inside the White House a long time ago and those people never change their statements based the idea a lie is better than the truth when it comes to politics.

The Reservists were called up post September 11, 2001. The reason was DOMESTIC. The USA didn't need them in Afghanistan. The Backdoor Draft for a relocation of the ware into Iraq started early. We know for a fact from inside the White House Bush and Cheney were demanding a reality for war that was into Iraq. So, this cabal existed long before the American people realized it. 

Here comes Tony Blair rewarding the illegal war into Iraq. War was not the best option to remove Saddam. The United Nations was not finding dangerous weapons, where they were finding missiles programmed to deliver Scuds outside Iraq borders were disarmed and buried in the desert and THERE IS THE FACT Saddam Hussein has his movement contained by two No Fly Zones AND he disarmed of any potential to attack The West.

Their was no reason for war. The United Nations has been successful in removing brutal leaders from power, imprisoning them, trying them and even sentencing them death. It is not only government leaders, it include media as well.

Does Bush and Blair have an interest to oppressing the truth and campaign with new lies? You betcha. 

In the Republican political venue Donald Trump has said he was disappointed in the lack of action from the intelligence available perceiving September 11, 2001. Is Bush, Cheney and Blair shaking in their boots? Yep. An administration, if elected, that would be asked to hold those with responsible to the lack of action that allowed September 11, 2001 IS A THREAT to the Bush White House. There is no statutes of limitations on murder.